Throughout the entire ticket drive, the organization has released season ticket deposit numbers. The original goal was 10,000. Two days in the number sold was 5,000. A week or so later it was over 7,000. In late March they hit the goal of 10,000. Then 11,000, 13,000, and most recently 14,000 including the entire upper bowl and every

But there’s an important caveat missing in the numbers by themselves. Potential buyers can purchase tickets for quarter season, half season, or full season. If a majority of those tickets were purchased for half or quarter of the season, the number wouldn’t look nearly as impressive.

Well, never fear, that’s not the case.

Over 99% of our total number is comprised of full season tickets; roughly 1% is represented by the quarter and half season deposits. – Todd Pollock, Director of Ticketing, Black Knight Sports and Entertainment

Here’s what that really means.

I have no doubt that we will reach that season ticket cap/sell out every home game for 2017 and beyond.

Also, Pollock noted only 50 deposits have been refunded, which means the delay is not scaring people off the way it possibly could have.

There still may be hurdles the league needs to clear in order to truly feel confident enough to expand their league to Las Vegas, but with this news, I think it’s safe to officially put any concerns of ticket sales to bed.

We realize and appreciate the continued support and patience. Your commitment to us will pay off in due time.

You got it, dude!