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5 Most Intriguing Non-Former Player Return Games

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The 2024-25 schedule will be dominated by the returns of many former Golden Knights and Stanley Cup champions. From Jonathan Marchessault’s emotional return on the final home game of the year to Chandler Stephenson’s visit with the Kraken, Alec Martinez’s appearance as a Blackhawk, and original Misfit William Carrier’s arrival with Carolina there will be plenty of marquee games on the calendar.

However, those are just some of the most interesting games on the schedule for this season. Here are the five most intriguing non-return home games this year.

Utah Hockey Club
November 2nd, 2024

Technically, the Utah Yeti, I mean Hockey Club, are not a new franchise. But, new jerseys, new fans, new ownership, and the proximity of the team to Vegas will make it feel like another new team for VGK fans. Beyond the obvious hoopla of playing a team for the first time in franchise history, there’s also a revenge factor for the 7-4 loss in April in which the Golden Knights allowed six goals in the 3rd period for the first time in franchise history.

Edmonton Oilers
December 3rd, 2024

Despite not playing in the postseason last year, the rivalry between these two teams will still be as strong as ever. Last time the Oilers visited T-Mobile Arena the Golden Knights ended their historic winning streak. VGK still feel like they own Edmonton despite the Oilers entering this matchup as the reigning Western Conference champions. The Conn Smythe winner will be in the building (there should be two, but that’s a different story) and Edmonton will always be a good measuring stick game somewhat early in the season.

Los Angeles Kings
March 9th, 2025

The league hasn’t officially announced the date for the trade deadline yet but it should be either March 7th or 8th. The first game after the deadline is always exciting as the rosters that will compete for the Stanley Cup are finally set in stone. The Golden Knights are always active so we can expect at least a bit of turnover for this matchup and the Kings are likely to be competitive once again so they’ll probably have a new face or two in the lineup as well.

Florida Panthers
January 26th, 2025

A battle of the last two Stanley Cup champions is good enough, but the fact that the reigning champs lost the year before makes it even spicier. There’s still that lingering Matthew Tkachuk vs Keegan Kolesar rivalry that really wasn’t settled last season and all signs point to these two teams being among the league’s best once again, pending health.

Colorado Avalanche
October 9th, 2024

Opening Night is always one of the best on the calendar and while it won’t be quite as special as the one last year, the long wait for hockey’s return after a first round exit will make this one special nonetheless. It’s two good teams that come into the season with something to prove after earlier-than-expected playoff exits and Opening Night typically comes with some of the healthiest teams of the year. The Golden Knights have won five straight season (and home) openers and have only lost the first game of the year once in seven seasons.


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  2. I believe we play 7 out of our first 10 at home, it behooves us to get off to a good start to allay any worries we have about our boys this year, and to instill confidence most importantly to the ones that need it most, the VGK players and coaching staff.

    I also looked at the month of April, they play 9 games to close the year, and each game is a challenge and no cake walk, of course we did end with the ducks this past year…. and and and and…. uhhh never mind!

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    Henderson Silver Knights have signed 3 new players, including 2 tough guys, and a top scorer from the OHL.

    The Henderson Silver Knights have signed centerman Mitch McLain to a two-year deal. The move will return McLain to the United States, after spending the last two seasons with the Calgary Wranglers. He recorded 32 goals, 51 points, and 220 penalty minutes in 119 games over the pair of years. The performances have helped McLain further dig his feet into the role of a high-event forward, after posting 17 goals, 23 points, and 113 penalty minutes in 76 games with the Milwaukee Admirals in 2021-22. He’ll hope his bruting presence can continue to Henderson, where he’ll back a young Silver Knights lineup.

    Henderson has also announced one-year deals for forwards Riley McKay and Braeden Bowman. McKay joins the Silver Knights after two years with the Laval Rocket and a brief stint with Trois-Rivieres. He’s recorded 17 points and 266 penalty minutes in 69 games with Laval – though he’s still searching for the heights he reached in 2021-22, when he managed 27 points and 192 penalty minutes in 51 ECHL games.

    Meanwhile, Bowman joins the Silver Knights as an undrafted free agent, after playing through a four-year career with the OHL’s Guelph Storm. Bowman managed 180 points across 184 games in the OHL and captained Guelph in this past season


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