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5 Most Anticipated Home Games

We’re just 49 days away from the Golden Knights beginning their quest to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions. Today, single-game tickets went on sale to the general public and there are plenty of seats available right now to see the reigning champs.

Hopefully, you are able to go to all the games, or at least many of them, but if you have to pick just one, here are the five best home games on the schedule this season.

5) December 28th, 2023 vs Los Angeles Kings

First off, this is the final game for the Golden Knights before they head up to Seattle for the Winter Classic. It also falls in a spot in the schedule where there aren’t many games in Vegas. The previous home game is on December 17th and the following one is not until January 4th which means this matchup with the Kings is the only home game for 18 days.

The bigger part of this though is that this is the third and final matchup of the season against the Los Angeles Kings. LA spent a lot of assets this summer looking to upgrade their roster and they are one of the most likely candidates to challenge the Golden Knights for the Pacific crown. It’s a difficult spot against a difficult opponent with a signature game on the horizon. If VGK can win this game, it should be a statement.

4) October 27th, 2023 vs Chicago Blackhawks

This one actually does go beyond Connor Bedard, but for the most part, go to this game to see Connor Bedard. The #1 overall pick in the 2023 Draft is a special player and this is his first trip to Las Vegas this season. Beyond Bedard though, the Blackhawks should be an improved team. They acquired Taylor Hall this summer and have a nice crop of younger players on the come-up.

Finally, the draft lottery instantly reinvigorated the Chicago fan base, one that is often strongly represented in Las Vegas. Games with lots of away fans make for the best regular season atmospheres. This one should have it.

3) February 6th, 2024 vs Edmonton Oilers

Unfortunately, the first time these two meet this year it will be in Edmonton, but that doesn’t mean the second one won’t be a war too. These two teams have really learned to hate each other and I’d expect they aren’t able to settle all their scores in that first meeting. I’m sure Alex Pietrangelo will have to answer some questions for his whack on Leon Draisaitl and the rest of the Oilers likely want a piece of the team that ended their season.

Beyond that, Edmonton is likely the only other team in the division (aside from LA) that can challenge the Golden Knights. These four-point games matter when the standings settle themselves at the end… even if it only determines the location of one extra home game.

2) January 20th, 2024 vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Add this one to the list of emotional games against the Penguins. This time though it’ll be the Golden Knights fans experiencing the emotional return of one of their all-time greats. Reilly Smith was everything and more that you could ask for out of an initial Golden Knight and his return video will likely bring tears to the eyes of most in the building.

Oh, and the Penguins got Erik Karlsson… so they might be pretty darn good.

1) October 10th, 2023 vs Seattle Kraken

Not much needs to be said about this one. Come see the Stanley Cup banner get raised to the rafters of T-Mobile Arena and celebrate the 2023 Stanley Cup Champions one more time before we turn our attention to 2024.


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  1. Jailbird

    Smithy’s game will be emotional. Knights and fans will give him a nice tribute. Plenty of games to look forward to. AVs, Stars, Oilers, LA, Florida, etc……. Will be some fun times this year as allways!

  2. Jeff

    Karlsson will not be a helpful addition to the Pens.

  3. Jailbird

    I agree. I think the Pens still have enough fire power and experience to make another run at a good season. I’m not a Karlsson fan, but he certainly can make an offense more potent if he is on his game!

  4. Stuart & Robert Wyman-Cahall

    The VGN offerings of a “mini” season, 11 game package is SO worth the investment. This is the second year we’ve opted in and the price point saves us a ton of money. Individual game pricing on the AXS Golden Knights website which is NOT resale costs upwards of 30% more than the package. Can’t beat it and we’re in for an incredible season!

  5. JV

    Surprised that the Panthers game on Jan 4th isn’t included. VGK is certainly pricing it as such. $212 + tax and fees per ticket to sit in the last row of the nosebleeds. And that was not a resale price either.

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