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5 Most Anticipated Home Games On The Golden Knights 2021-22 Schedule

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After a year that involved 56 games against the same seven teams and sparse crowds throughout, it’s great to be back to a normal 82 game schedule that includes all 31 teams making an appearance at sold-out T-Mobile Arena. Here are the five home games that jump off the schedule as the most anticipated matchups of the year.

5. December 27th, 2021 – vs Colorado Avalanche

It’s a shame the first time these two teams meet won’t be at the site of the Avs demise last season, but there’s no secret these two are likely to be the class of the Western Conference once again. The collision course in the playoffs will probably be played up all year and every game between the two will be highly engrossing.

4. December 21st, 2021 – vs Tampa Bay Lightning

If there’s one thing we missed more than anything else with last year’s horrendous schedule, it was measuring stick games. About a month into the season everyone knew exactly how everyone else matched up against each other in the division, so the remaining 40+ games were essentially useless. This year, there will be plenty of those measuring stick games and this is the king of them all. The two-time defending Cup champions come to T-Mobile after the Golden Knights return home from a tough four-game road trip. VGK vs TBL games have always been a blast, this one should be no different.

3. January 6th, 2022 – vs New York Rangers

The return of two fan favorites, Gerard Gallant and Ryan Reaves, will make this game must watch. Will Reaves take a run at somebody? Will the Rangers play as hard for Gallant against Vegas as the Golden Knights did for him against Florida? What will the videos be like for each, and whose runs first? This will be a fun one both on the ice and off it before and after the game.

2. October 12th, 2021 – vs Seattle Kraken

As if a home opener wasn’t fun enough, this one is even cooler as it’s the first game in Kraken history. This game is oddly similar to the Golden Knights’ first game when they played a Cup contending Stars team in Dallas. The Golden Knights got smacked around in that game but hung in there and stole the win. Hopefully this time the old expansion team puts a hurt on the new expansion team and begins to end the narrative about how amazing the rules were for these new teams.

1. January 8th, 2022 – vs Chicago Blackhawks

Fleury. That’s really all that needs to be said.


Honorable mention: February 1st, 2022 – vs Buffalo Sabres

Either it’s Eichel against his old team or Eichel against what many will still hoping to be his new team. Or… it’s a game against the Eichel-less Sabres in which case it’ll be one of the worst games on the schedule.

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  1. Arnold Rothstein

    Several of Evander Kane’s teammates on the Sharks reportedly don’t want him back for 2021-22.

    San Jose also reportedly tried to trade him earlier this summer, but nothing came of that. Kane’s wife alleged that the Sharks forward bet on his own games and went as far as to throw them to win bets. The NHL is investigating those claims. The Sharks voiced their support of the NHL’s investigation. For his part, Kane both denied that he ever bet on any of his games and he said that he has never thrown a hockey game. It’s still possible that Kane gets traded, but if it happens at all, it will probably occur until after the results of the NHL’s investigation.

    The VGk should get him,
    he’ll fit right in with rest of “fixers” on the team !

    • Scott W

      What does this have to do with the story?

    • B-Rad-Lee

      If Kane can’t be traded before the season starts, I would be tempted to buy out his contract for the cap savings. As an added bunus, all of the money would go to Kane’s bankruptcy estate.

  2. Dean

    With partial season ticket holders getting an email begging them to buy another package, the season ticket waiting list must be down to zero. VGK might need more games that add excitement like these to keep getting a packed house every night.

    • Stephanie

      Haha yea a couple friends are trying to get out or sell and she no takers.

      • With all the happenings that should not be a surprise. Of course you have many posters on this site saying how every player in the NHL wants to come and play for Vegas – what a joke. If they come it’s for their retirement package because in many cases their best rears are behind them – based on how the FO treats people they may want to weight their options very carefully – here today gone tomorrow.

  3. Tim

    Ken your blindness to win a Cup has taken you down the Jack Eichel Black Hole.

  4. Carl

    Yesterday’s podcast was perhaps the most thoughtful one you and Jason have done. It was refreshing hearing your take on how many Day 1 VGK fans are feeling about the team and the headshed after losing MAF and Reaves, and all the other Misfits. I miss ALL of the Misfits, wish the core of that team was around to win the Cup. Trading Fleury – while a good hockey move – certainly has me feeling like I did when my favorite dog died. Knowing that George shit on him like he did Turk and so many others, leaves me angry and fed up with management.

    I am not abandoning the VGK, but it will be easy to cheer for a night for the Blackhawks and Rangers.

    An era is dead. And what an era it was! Here’s hoping the next era is marked by a new respect for fans and players.

    • THE hockey GOD

      nobody shat on anybody (Except MAF’s loser’s agent)

      don’t believe the mob media hype, it’s a bunch of BS.

      And a few short years, doesn’t make an ERA.

      Boy this fan base is easily brain washed.

      • Daryl

        This fan base….. Sounds just like Paulie

      • Carl

        George shat upon Fleury, Gallant, Pryor. You’re flat-out wrong.

        The only hype here is you.

        An era is over. You don’t understand the word era, or its many nuances.

        The old, beat up “fan base” schtick. The device of bigots and the conceited.

        Get a dog. You’ll feel better.

        • Stephanie


        • THE hockey GOD

          Clueless in what really happens behind closed doors or how businesses , sport businesses are ran. And have been run for years.

          Paulie was right, nattering know nothing nabobs of incessant negativity.

          An era has not passed yet, you are using wrong word. Try delusional mindset, instead. it fits better with your lying posts.


          See definitions in:
          noun: era; plural noun: eras

          a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.
          “his death marked the end of an era”

          Now try to use it correctly in a sentence.

        • Daryl

          Carl… One thing you will learn on here is that if “thg” doesn’t agree with your post then you are wrong and clueless. He is the all knowing!!!! He is never wrong, just ask him

          • THE hockey GOD

            that’s right Daryl, and your other brother Daryl. And don’t you forget it !!
            Pal !

            Carl probably voted for Biden, multiple times like his buddy Paulie.

          • Daryl

            Everyone has one character flaw… And that is probably Carl”s

          • Daryl

            Yesterday in Texas a Ford van carrying 24 illegals trying to get past authority’s crashed into a utility poll. 13 were DOA and 11 were in critical condition

      • Thg – No not really brain washed spoiled and soon will be gone and yes that will be many of the true hockey fans besides those who jumped on the wagon to be something or another. I would believe as stated above their season ticket waiting list as evaporated as there are almost daily Emails from the knights about purchasing this package or another.

    • FG

      Extremely well said. Ken for GM.

    • Dylan

      Well said. F VGK GMs.

  5. Richard Santomauro

    I have to add all of the home games vs both the Kings and Sharks. Both teams significantly improved their rosters. Both will be tough to beat, especially LAK.

    I actually am predicting LAK takes the division. Top line is getting old and it showed during the playoffs. Tuch being out makes my prediction of a 2nd or 3rd place finish even more reasonable if the “new guys” are what they appear to be on paper.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like the kings too, but their goalie and defense remains unsettled

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I wouldn’t say FOUR years make and era!

    I must also agree that Fleury’s agent has done a dispictablw but good job in promoting lie that Fleury didn’t know what was going on.

    Trading Fleury (loved it) and Revo (not so much) had to be done. The team has retooled with center and bottom six help. We’ll see how that works out.

    Plus, don’t get Eichel. Not worth the risk or money!

    • Dean

      I find it hard in siding with management when they have a history of showing no class when players are shown the door. It’s a shame that they have not only destroyed our chances of a Cup in the near future with this moves, but to treat players who have given 100% to this organization as objects instead of people in the process is despicable.

      • THE hockey GOD

        anyone who believes these people didn’t know they were being traded or let go, buying into mob media / agent hype>>>has rocks for brains.

    • DOC = certainly agree with the last statement – all that before however is questionable and we will see what happens. I know your love affair with Reaves but lets face the fact he had out lived his usefulness, assuming it ever existed, and was dead weight taking a spot of some one who potentially could do some good. I guess your love affair with the walrus accounts for your statement about Fleury – so sad.

      • Daryl

        Doc has had a love affair with the Walrus the second VGK signed him. And he’s had a man crush on Reaves and defended his pay raise even after he took a knee. It’s sickening

  7. Julie

    Definitely will be a spicy season given all the drama! I heard Gallant was trying for Reilly Smith, extra spicy!

  8. phantom major

    the latest rumor is that Buffalo wants Smith, Krebs, Hague and a #1 pick for Eichel.

    in return, the Sabres would retain 50% of Eichel’s cap hit.
    iow, the Knights would get Eichel for only $5M on the cap.

    • Tim

      phantom not sure where your getting your info. One day Smith to go to the Rangers next day to Buffalo. I’ll be very upset if we don’t get a chance to see what Payton Krebs can do. Like I said they keep jacking around and the fan base will dwindle it’s just a matter of time.

      • THE hockey GOD

        who is “they”? you mean mob media/agents spreading rumors all the time ?

    • THE hockey GOD

      FO would have to have rocks for brains for taking that deal.

      sounds like more mob media hype coming out of NY, or maybe fleury’s agent, or Eichel’s agent (are they the one and same?). I wonder.

  9. Jason S.

    Sold out games right now is wishful thinking because of Delta.

    • Dean

      I agree that Delta will likely interrupt things. However, if it doesnt, sellouts will likely continue as many season tickets are bought by people on an investment basis. They may still make their money back off games against Chicago and New York, but undesirable games will be available on the aftermarket for about $30.

    • Dylan

      Greedy VGK Owner don’t care. See 2021 playoffs for proof…

      • THE hockey GOD

        VGK owner had nothing to do with increasing capacity at
        public events.

        That was called by Goobner Sissypants and the idiots in Carson City ruining this once great state with their repeatedly mis- management of virus situation. These dimwits never consult with the people or businesses in how to get it done right or safely.

        try to get it right, next time.

  10. Dylan

    What’s the Over/Under on the first game that sees them dump a Popular Player — with said player learning of his exile via Twitter?

    I say…Game 18. That owner and the Petty GM have ZERO patience nor perspective.

    What a joke front office. Greedhead Idiot Owner. Real A$$holes.

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Ha ha ….. okey dokey then.

  12. carvegas

    More Honorable mention:
    1) Oct 24 vs NY Islanders, opponent doesn’t matter. It’s the first game on the same day as a Raiders game. Traffic and parking could be interesting.
    2) Jan 2 vs Winnipeg, return of Nate Schmidt (and Paul Stastny)

  13. Daryl

    I’m looking forward to the first game…. My next game I can’t wait for is the Rangers vs the Caps

  14. Daryl

    Penguins just fired their goalie coach… Let’s see if VGK”s FO and PDB are smart enough to do the same thing?!?!

  15. don

    See in Hockey Ive noticed that whey you think a game will be SPECIAL or SO EASY is when we get out hat handed to us and we look real bad and they look awesome while the other team looks good… Never fails

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