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5 Best Wins Of Marc-Andre Fleury’s 500

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Though he’s no longer with the Golden Knights, Marc-Andre Fleury will forever be a massive part of Vegas hockey. Last night he won his 500th game in the NHL, a feat just two other goalies in NHL history have ever achieved.

117 of those wins came wearing a Golden Knights jersey and there’s no better day than today to relive the best of them. Here are my five favorites of the 500 wins in Marc-Andre’s illustrious career.

**Remember, playoff wins do not count in the 500, so we are sticking to just the regular season.**

February 22nd, 2021 – at Colorado

The Golden Knights were coming off an embarrassing loss at Lake Tahoe and were in danger of dropping their third game out of four to the Avs. But Fleury would have none of that. The Avalanche peppered the VGK goal early and often and Fleury kept them out time and time again. He ended up with a 34 save shutout and it was the moment he truly began his campaign for Vezina.

November 19th, 2019 – vs Toronto

This game is really all about one single moment. The diving save. Of course, Fleury was tremendous in the game as a whole, stopping 31 of 33 shots and leading the Golden Knights to a 4-2 victory, but his save on Nic Petan will forever live in VGK lore. Of all the iconic moments Fleury had while in Vegas, this is the one that will always be atop the list. Heck, they made statues of it and gave them away to fans.

October 13th, 2018 – at Philadelphia

The Golden Knights had lost the season opener to the Flyers at home and were struggling a bit to get going to start their second season. It was a tight game all the way through but late in the 2nd period, the Flyers got a breakaway while shorthanded. Scott Laughton made a move to go around Fleury, but then Flower dove back and somehow trapped the puck right on the goal line as Laughton tried to slide it in. It was one of the best saves of Fleury’s career and it almost instantly sparked a Vegas goal on the other end. Fleury ended the game with a 26 save shutout and VGK got their 2nd win of the season to improve to 2-4-0. It could have gotten ugly if they lost that game, but Fleury wasn’t going to allow it.

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

December 14th, 2017 – vs Pittsburgh

His first game against the Penguins was always going to be a massive one, but no one knew how it would actually go watching the former #1 overall pick play against the only franchise he knew before the Golden Knights. In typical Fleury fashion, he was electric. Like most of these games, there was a highlight moment involved as well. On a loose puck, Fleury skated out almost beyond the circles, dove, and knocked the puck back into the neutral zone to thwart a breakaway attempt. Then, he retreated to the goal with the biggest smile on his face.

October 6th, 2017 – at Dallas

How fitting that the #1 game on this list is also the first game Fleury ever played as a Golden Knight, the first game in franchise history. Everyone expected Vegas to be the laughingstock of the NHL and in the first game, if they had any other goalie in the world, they probably would have been. Fleury allowed just one goal on 46 shots and his 45 saves still stand as the most in a single game in franchise history. The city needed a hero at that moment, and there was no better hero than the one that emerged.


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  1. TS

    Im still trying to figure out why they call him “flower”

    Go LVGK!

    • Fleur = Flower in French

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Im still trying to figure out why they call him “flower”” >>>he was named after the great Montreal HoFamer player named Guy LaFleur. (the Flower).

      But his father didn’t want to put so much pressure on him growing up and changed him to goalie so that he wouldn’t have to compete against LeFleur. They also changed his name to Marc Andre Fleury (Fleury = Gallo-Roman personal name Florus, e.g. Maximus Florus) to further distance him any comparison to the great LeFleur while growing up.

      Then added a middle name too, Andre because his father was big fan of wrestling great Andre the Giant (who starred in epic Princess Bride movie, as himself).

      Just the facts ma’am, and nothing but the facts.
      You can take that to the bank !

  2. Camille Montgomery

    Marc Andre deserves everything he has worked so hard for. Great to see this accomplishment for him in the shortest games played. The man is a legend and was great to see a team and crowd who appreciated this milestone.

  3. Tim

    Flower is the man 500 wins third most in history and to get the 500th in Montreal one hour from his hometown and receive a standing novation proud of there native son. It doesn’t get any better then that. After all his fame his still a humble man loved by everyone. His time may have come in Vegas but he’ll always be in our heart.

  4. knights fan in minny

    awesome saves gumby like reflexes congrats to flower 500 wins would have been cool if it was at t mobile

  5. THE hockey GOD

    the BEST win EVER was when he stymied no. 5 of great DETROIT RED WINGS in last seconds of game 7 to win the SCin 2009.

    Ever since then, it has been down hill for MAF because he never managed to be winning goalie in nets for another Cup ever again despite being paid 7 million a year to do so and leading the VGK to finals in his first year with VGK. Matt Murray was the goal tender who was in nets for pens in 2016 and 2017 wins despite MAF being on roster. MM was recently put on waivers, I don’t think another team claimed him. Sad.

    • TS

      I really learn alot from you…sounds like MM had issues with bad ice

    • Daryl

      You do realize that MAF was injured in 2016 which is the only reason why Murray got a chance. MAF didn’t become avail until the 5th game of the semi-finals. He played in one game but they weren’t sure he was fully recovered from his concussion. I thought it was very stupid for the Pens to even put him in that game.


      And you are so worked up over that $7m contract… you mention it almost every chance you get. How much are other goalies getting and how many Cups do they have???

      • TS

        I am amazed tha Flour has won 500 games with my LVGK! That has to be just about every LVGK game in history, right?

    • Daryl

      You do realize that MAF was injured with a concussion which is the only reason why Murray was given a chance to play??? MAF wasn’t available for the playoffs until the 5th game of the semi-finals. He played in one game when he came back. They sat him after that for 2 reasons… 1, and most importantly, Murray played amazing. And 2, there were talks that MAF wasn’t over his concussion yet he was given a green light to play. In fact, he wasn’t the backup goalie in one of those games after he came back.

      I personally thought it was stupid that the Pens even put MAF back in the game seeing how well Murray was playing. They should have continued with the hot goalie.

      JUST THE FACTS!!!!!

      And what is it with you and his $7m contract???? Is he the highest paid goalie? How many other high paying goalies haven’t won a Cup recently???

  6. A VGK Fan

    real shame his 500th win didnt come under a VGK sweater. wouldve happened alot sooner too…

  7. Blitz

    Nothing like a Flower poke check to a guy on a break away. The guy thinks he has something special, his mind is racing, and as he is quickly planning “his move”, then Flower just smokes him. It never gets old.

    Spent some time yesterday watching Fleury moments. On ice pranks and trolling. Locker room pranks. Practice clips of him doing cart wheels and/or 360 spins while trying to make saves. It is almost insane just how athletic this guy is in a pair of goalie skates/gear and he is hilarious on top of it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ blitz they pranked him good in locker room, yesterday. In case you missed it, it’s worth a watch.

    • Julie

      Fleury is the right combination of competitiveness, personality, love for the sport and talent. You are right, it never gets old watching him on those poke checks. He did one last year in Vegas, I forget the other team, and it was fantastic. Pacioretty called it “sick”. Fleury saw the guy was looking down and he came out and put a stop to that breakaway. The love he has for hockey comes through.

  8. Stephanie

    Too bad he wasn’t still a Vegas golden knight. Still a super proud moment for those of us who wish he was still here! Go, Flower, go!

  9. Dylan

    Boy, good thing The Greedy Impatient Impulsive Clueless VGK Creator fired him and that Loser Gallant, eh?


  10. TS

    Wow, I learn so much here! I always thought it was “flour”

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