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3 Goals In 155 Minutes; Are The Golden Knights Creating Enough Offense To Keep Winning?

This Quick guy is pretty good, but no goalie is unbeatable. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights lead the Los Angeles Kings 2-0 in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but they’re averaging just one goal every 51:48 minutes of the series. Over the course of the regular season, the Golden Knights averaged a goal every 18:05.

The shot totals have been there. The scoring chance numbers are there. The possession numbers are there as well, but the puck simply hasn’t found its way past Jonathan Quick often.

He’s been amazing that’s for sure but I think we are making his life a little easier than we want. Shot decisions from the outside are not too bad but our secondary chances need to be better, that’s how we are going to get more goals on him. -Jonathan Marchessault

Quick made 54 saves in Game 2, one of the best games he’s put together in his career, but there’s always a way to beat a great/hot goalie and that’s to create chances no goalie can stop. Deflections, tips in front of the goal, rebounds, and cross-ice passes often lead everyone watching a game to say, “well, the goalie had no chance on that one.” Vegas’ goal in Game 1 was a deflection, the first goal in Game 2 was a rebound, and the game-winner was actually somewhat of a mistake by Quick (he whiffed on a poke check).

Two unsavable shots over the course of nearly eight periods, is that really enough offense to win a playoff series?

Enough to win two games. At the end of the night, if you get wins at this time of the year, that’s the most important thing. For our group we do want to put more goals up but we are playing the best defensive team in the league and they are doing a good job. -Marchessault

Luckily, Vegas has been tremendous in limiting the Kings offensively. They dominated possession in Game 1 and frustrated LA the whole night. Then they held the Kings to just 21 scoring chances in a double overtime Game 2 by making it incredibly difficult for LA to enter the zone.

I don’t know if either team is playing their own style right now. It doesn’t matter how many goals we score if we win. -Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

But will that keep you winning?

We’ll see, it’s worked so far. -Gerard Gallant

I guess, and the Golden Knights may well win this series continuing to score at the same pace, but if they want wins five through 16, the offense is going to have to pick up.


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  1. I expect the goals to pick up in the coming games. It has been pointed out that the Kings dump and chase style has been frustrated so far by the Knights speed. The Kings are likely to work harder to establish the forecheck to establish an offensive presence – that in turn is likely to open up more opportunities for the Knights’ counterattack.

    More chances for Kings
    Better chances for Knights

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