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211 Minutes And 14 Seconds Since VGK’s Last 5-on-5 Goal

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

5-on-5 dominance is the #1 reason why the Golden Knights have a Stanley Cup banner hanging from the rafters at T-Mobile Arena. In the 22-game playoff run, Vegas literally doubled their opponents’ output at 5-on-5 scoring 66 goals while conceding just 33. It was one of the most remarkable runs in league history as the Golden Knights outscored their expected goals tally by 16.53 and allowed 12.16 fewer than expected.

Vegas outscored their opponents in 17 of the 22 playoff games at 5-on-5 and only failed to score in one game, the Game 3 loss in the Stanley Cup Final.

Well, the tables have turned.

In the last 13 periods, so just over four games, the Golden Knights have not scored a single goal at 5-on-5. It’s been 211 minutes and 14 seconds of 5-on-5 action since Jonathan Marchessault scored against Philadelphia on November 18th.

During that stretch, the Golden Knights have racked up a sizeable 7.96 expected goals in their exactly 100 shots. They’ve had 87 scoring chances, 33 from high-danger, and have gotten 21 high-danger shots on goal according to, yet not a single shot has found the back of the net.

This is the longest streak of 5-on-5 futility in franchise history rivaled by only one other instance in which they have gone longer than eight periods. In 2019 the Golden Knights were held scoreless at 5-on-5 for 11 consecutive periods from October 15th to the 25th. It was over a span of five games, and oddly Vegas rattled off a 3-2-0 record in those games.

Prior to the current four-game stretch in which the Golden Knights have failed to score a 5-on-5 goal, there were two other instances this season in which they did it. A win at home against Montreal in shootout and a shutout loss at Washington. This season, the Golden Knights are now 2-3-1 when they don’t score at 5-on-5.

That record is a remarkably strong record considering what happened the last two seasons when they went scoreless at 5-on-5. In each of the last two seasons the Golden Knights went 0-8-0 when they failed to score a 5-on-5 goal. With the three times it happened in the playoffs and one more in 2019, prior to the shootout win against Montreal, Vegas had lost 20 consecutive games in which they were shutout at 5-on-5.

Vegas’ overall record when scoring 0 goals at 5-on-5 is 12-39-2 in the regular season and 0-7 in the playoffs.

Add it all up, and it’s really simple, the Golden Knights need to break this drought, and fast.






  1. Its pretty simple to see why your article is the case – lately there has been limited pressure when they are in the OZ and more often than not it is a single shot, no net presence and headed back to bench or DZ almost immediately. In fact the other night they were so anxious to get back to the bench they all headed that way at the same time leaving the ice wide open which came close to giving up another goal. They appear to have forgotten how they played to win the Cup. With 25% of regular season is in the rear-view mirror they’ve gotten by initially with the mind set regardless how they’ve played they have at least found a way to win – that’s long past. I posted previously that mind set is not sustainable in the long run and is a proven recipe for ultimate failure which by now is time to realize. Interviews suggest they believe they are playing well enough to win stating this and that for losses – time for a reality check and get back to your winning form. Edmonton is a great play to start.

  2. I have a suggestion to Eichel.. please don’t approach the net on a breakaway or shootout.. just snipe it instead…I have a suggestion for Stephenson.. just shoot the damn puck…outside of Marchy the player I’m most confident sniping the puck is Carrier.. and even he just needed to roof his opportunity yesterday and he would have put us ahead.

  3. knights fan in minny

    forget kane going to the redwings

  4. Frank

    0/21 on high danger chances 5 v 5???? Sooner or later that is going to revert back to the mean…. It all goes back to the fact that the chances that were going in earlier for us, are not now. Yes – I can see we need more sustained pressure in the O zone, more traffic in front of the net and fewer mistakes in our D zone. But really it is not defense or goaltending, it is scoring that has cost us a few wins lately. Some nice bounces, puck luck and well placed shots will turn it around. I don’t expect VGK to go 0 for much longer 5 v 5….. too talented. Mark my words, once the seal is broken, the goals will come aplenty.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “once the seal is broken, the goals will come aplenty.”

      you mean once the Biden Curse is broken ! And unfortunately they will probably do it in one game. Which won’t mean much.

    • Tim

      Frank, I’ll have to disagree with you first Edmonton will probably take us to the woodshed and Thatcher Denko right now the number one goalie in the NHL will shut us down. Dream on if you think hitting the goalie in the chest or shinguards is going to work were not watching the same game. Stone is showing his age, Stephenson is M.I.A. On offense right now Karlsson’s our best player with our defense and goalies being solid. 3-5-2 in the last 10 games this is more then a slump. I can’t imagine going to a Knights game paying outrageous prices and watching Arizona shut us out. To many dud games this year but it is what it is.

      • knights fan in minny

        mr bitter go watch badminton

      • Jailbird

        Shit Tim, you are saying the same thing, you and others said last year about Stoney. Especially after game one of playoffs. You know, I like you but you need to start thinking thru things before you write them IS a slump and nothing more. I told everyone before the season that we would experience some downs this season, SC hangover if you will. I told you this would happen and yet here you are in full panic about a first place team. Amazing!

      • Frank

        Didn’t age well… Even though we lost in the shoot out… I counted 4 5v5 goals tonight. Agree that the core players need to get going (Eichel, Stephenson, stone to a lesser extent marchy)…. I am guessing we’ll do just fine against Vancouver too.

  5. Henderson Knights

    one of the big problems is Stephenson. He has been playing very poorly for weeks now. He refuses to shoot the puck, his magic with Stone has fallen way off, and now they have him on the wing where he is very unproductive because he is weak in battles along the boards, and he wants to circle, not drive to the net.

    Eichel needs someone to go into the corners, and that will not happen with 20 and 61. That is why they had Howden with 20 and 61, to go into the corners.

    Try Amadio and Carrier with Eichel

  6. ThG

    “211 Minutes And 14 Seconds Since VGK’s Last 5-on-5 Goal”

    oddly enough that is coincidentally almost the start of the Biden curse.

    Remember Obama said “Do not under estimate the propensity of Genocide Joe
    to complete F things up.” Unlike the prior administration, these last nearly three years have clearly been a train wreck. His poll numbers are worse than that other neo Nazi lover (the guy who put the mullahs in charge in Iran) Jimmy Crack Corn Carter. Why is it when Dems take over the WH things got to hell in hand basket quickly ?

    • TS

      Thg, Why is it the Repubs have gotten so little time in the WH?? Can you say Tricky Dick?? How about Trump, the most corrupt POTUS in U. S History?? THIS IS WHY. Maybe that CURSE you keep whining about is the RED CURSE. You know, the curse that turns Repub mobsters and criminals into Political Zeros.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ^^ so little time ?” I guess you were stoned, in a stupor, or being your usual brain dead self when you missed the 12 years of Reagan – BUsh ?? And 8 years of Bush II ?

        “you can’t fix stupid”

        Ron White.

        sicko creepy stalker psycho moe

        • TS


        • TS

          …and THEN came TRUMP, who has Eclipsed EVERY ROTTEN DEED that ANY OTHER POTUS perpetrated in u.s. history!! He has poisoned the well, psychotic dude!!
          REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF REPS WILL NOT DO THEIR JOBS AND WORK FOR AMERICANS. thus is the MOST INEFFECTUAL HOUSE IN HISTORY. THE “DO- NOTHING CAUCUS” HAS DONE PRECISELY….NOTHING! Mitch McConnell in the Senate: DITTO, when he led the Senate. H÷ sat on hundreds of bills, never presenting them.for discussion and VOTE. Nope, Mitchell was the Master of the Do- nothing Congress.
          FACT. Repubs in Congress can’t/ won’t earn their paychecks– too busy digging for DIRT on Hunter( last I checked, Hunter is NOT Potus). Looking for corruption— HEY. look no further than the TRUMP- SUCKING CULT, IMBEDDED IN OUR HIGHESTEVELS OF POWER.!!

          • Richie-Rich

            Poison? Trump is exactly what this out of control federal uniparty establishment needs. Trump stands for national sovereignty, secure borders, American jobs instead of Communist Chinese jobs, world peace, justice reform, replacing the ACA with something better and constitutional, a strong national defense instead of the forever wars, for a truly independent and equal justice system (DOJ/CIA), allowing wage earners to keep more of their own earnings from hard work.

            The actual poison has been coming from the Republican and Democrat Establishments. Trump ran as a Republican, but he wasn’t and is not aligned with their policies.

            I would rather place my trust in tens of thousands of businesses large and small than the out of control tyranny that has become our federal government under the “UniParty Establishment”.

            Democrats are not about democracy and certainly not about freedom. They stand for Globalist Communist ideals, and they are not at all shy about it. All you have to do is search on “Democratic Socialists of America” and you will see that 90% of those in the Democrat Party are also members of this pseudo unaccountable “Socialist” faction. They do not believe in democracy, or individual freedom. They have no values, no standards other than communist idealism and will do anything to reach their ultimate objectives.

            The Republican Party establishment no longer champions the ideals of republicanism. The Republican Party Establishment has become a party that supports Warmongering, Planet policing, and an eventual Global Corporate Socialist transition (formation of the North American Union). What is republicanism TS? Do you even know the difference between it and democracy? I am not talking down to you. I am simply wondering if you actually know, because the values of republicanism are no longer taught, nor is the topic of civics, government or the Constitution!

            When people vote they are either openly knowledgeable about the goals and objectives of the Uniparty, or are simply ignorant, uninformed and uneducated. Ignorant in this case is not derogatory. It’s a statement on our failed federal approach to education. The federal Dept of Education was established in 1977 under President Jimmy Carter. Forty years later we still fund this failing government institution. It’s a disgrace.

            Trump? Here is the poison you talk about>
            1- No new wars during his presidency
            2- Abraham Accords between the State of Israel and UAE
            3-Russia, China and N. Korea in check
            4-Stemmed the flow of illegal immigration across the southern border by partnering with Mexico on the “remain in Mexico” policy. The right for refugees to flee only applies to the neighboring nation! That means all of those coming here from Central and South America shouldn’t be here (or from anywhere else for that matter – unless legally).
            5-Great economy and growth of 3% and higher. Obama said that it would be impossible to achieve without a “magic wand”.
            6-Kept that witch Hillary out of the White House. I met her once. In a hallway we were walking to a conference room and we were in uniform. The stopped us and screamed at us as loud as she could telling us to not to FUCKING LOOK AT HER or we would be shipped off to Antartica for duty. She’s a real piece of work.

            The Republican Party establishment? No better. The Bush Crime Family was responsible for destabilizing the middle east in 91 and again in 2002 with the WMD lies. Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. The CIA likely was responsible in some way for JFK’s assassination, and Bush Sr. was likely a part of it.

            What can bring us all together TS? Knowledge. Civics and Government education. Understanding the difference between republicanism and democracy.

            Sad to see exactly how much division there is in this country, and much of it is driven by a media that lies us to us, and a government that has been lying to us since the 1950s.

      • Richie-Rich

        This post isn’t an attack on anyone, but rather a factual response to your post TS. The Democrats wield power, the Republican Establishment holds office. That’s the difference TS. Here is a listing of the Trump Administration accomplishments were from 2016-2020:

        For a very detailed list of all of Trump’s great accomplishments go to this link:

        The First Step Act, reforms that make our justice system fairer.

        Creation of Space Force.

        U.S. oil production reached an all-time high.

        The U.S. became the world’s largest producer of crude oil.

        The U.S. was a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.

        Allowed drug imports from Canada.

        Created the White House VA hotline to help veterans.

        Federal employees/military pay increased by 3.1 percent.

        Highest wages for women and minorities in American history.

        2017 GDP Growth doubled to 2.3%

        2018 GDP Growth 2.95%

        2019 GDP Growth 2.29%

        2020 GDP Growth fell during COVID (a collapse) -2.77%

        2021 GDP Growth rebounded 5.95%

        2021 GDP collapsed back to 2.%

        Small businesses are allowed to group when buying insurance.

        Increased funding for historically Black colleges and universities.

        The poverty rate fell to a low of 11.8 percent.

        Poverty rates for African Americans are at an all-time low.

        Arrested 1,588 criminals associated with human trafficking.

        The first Arab country pact with Israel in 25 years (United Arab Emirates).

        NATO allies increased their defense spending.

        Moved U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

        New trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

        U.S. stock market hit all-time record highs.

        Over a dozen U.S. hostages freed.

        Made historic official visits to China and North Korea.

        Opportunity Zones are designated in 8,764 communities across the country.

        Right-To-Try allows terminally ill patients to try experimental treatments.

        There was $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic.

        Destroyed ISIS and took out Sulimani

        Had a plan to peacefully withdraw from Afghanistan (Biden hosed that up)

        Had a better plan than the Affordable Care Act, but Establishment Republicans who hated him and were grifting off of ObamaCare killed it (McCain the deciding vote).

        That’s the short list

        • knights fan in minny

          democraps will say this never happened

        • TS

          ….and an attempted COUP on our government, by attempting to overturn the Election. An incitement to a capitol Attack. Bribing election officials, fake electors. Yeah, Trump did some good things in office— ALL overshadowed by all the CORRUPT SHIT HE DID.
          If a criminal shot a guy on 5th Avenue, stole his money, and then gave that stolen money to other folks, does that ONE good deed make ALL his OTHER crimes OKAY?? Can you dismiss all the corruption, just because he shares the fruits of that corruption?? Is he now some kind of Robin Hood? He breaks laws, but only because he’s helping the downtrodden?? He loves to tell his followers that he’s fighting for THEM. that he’s the wall protecting them. That if he’s in trouble, he’s only doing it to PROTECT THEM. He’s using his OWN corruption to PROTECT THEM???? And they BELIEVE him!!

          • Richie-Rich

            There was no coup attempt. But you can believe what you hear on the MSDNC Pravda Propaganda Channel.

            Here are my points:
            -The Constitution places the responsibility for regulating Presidential elections in the hands of State House Legislatures alone. No Governor, No State Secretary of State, No State or Federal Judge can alter, change, or modify the laws on the books in any state. Any such modification, change, or alteration should have been declared invalid.

            What were these unconstitutional alterations?
            1-Mass mail out/in ballots at the time were completely unlawful. Globalist judges refused to hear the cases. Shame! Both parties stated decades ago that a mass mail out/in process would hurt the integrity of our elections because of fraud.
            2-In many states early and late voting for President was wrongfully and unconstitutionally approved, not by State Legislatures, but rather by Executive Order, and in some cases by Globalist Judges themselves.

            I just offer these two unconstitutional issues that invalidated the vote in those states who violated the law.

            If you were a candidate for office and had obviously won the election on election day, and then found that these unconstitutional changes flipped the result YOU WOULD BE PISSED TOO.

            But, Trump called for people to PEACEFULLY PROTEST. Unlike the nearly 12 months of cities burning across this country while Democrats silently CHEERED THEM ON and called for defunding of law enforcement, which has been the reason why crime is rampant right now across the country.

            Most of the people who went to the Capitol were peaceful, even those who entered the building (unlike the BLM/ANTIFA protests). In fact, Officer Mike Byrd murdered an unarmed woman in cold blood who was simply standing in the hallway outside of some doors. Disgusting.
            TS, you are backing the wrong the side of history on this.

            While you continue to bash Trump, the federal government that you love continues to operate unconstitutional FISA courts to spy on American citizens, and departments and agencies are politically weaponized – Soviet style.

            Trump’s corruption? That’s laughable. Every politician that you love made money while in office through the K Street lobbying or from countries that hate us like China and Ukraine. They are making $$$$$ off of “regime change”, “warmongering” all in the name of “spreading democracy”. All they are doing is enriching themselves while they kill millions of civilians in the middle east (Iraq, Afghanistan). Ask yourself why we haven’t attacked the biggest state sponsor of terror, Iran. Do your homework and see who has been enriching themselves by delivering billions of dollars on pallets to the Ayotollah. That wasn’t Trump. It was Obama and Biden. Valarie Jarret, John Kerry and a bunch of others are all skimming off of that as well.

            Trump’s an angel compared to those douchenozzles.

          • TS

            Well then, exactly WHAT was Jan 6? A MASS Self- Guided Tour??Just looking for Dems and Pence to ” “discuss” why they are there” before they Hang them? Those bludgeons, AKA American Flag Poles, were just “pointers”??
            And ALL the beatings, ALL the Bear Spray, ALL Those angry TRUMPERS, screaming for Violence, Vengeance and Retribution were there to celebrate the Certification.of the Election, right??
            Just like Trump said before, ” Don’t believe your LYING EYES..
            believe ME. ” Textbook.CULT.

        • TS

          He also had the infamous ” Infrastructure WEEK, every damn week of his term!! He blasted Nato and our allies. Loved Putin, called him a genius repeatedly. Had a Love affair with North korea’ DEAR LEADER. Applauded dictators who strong-armed their countries. But, hey, he did some good things…..

  7. ThG

    obviously biden train wreck exists when he nominates and fills positions with unqualified people who can’t do their jobs

    On April 22, 2021, President Joe Biden formally nominated Milgram to be Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration

    example one

    • ThG

      example two (btw this never happened to such a degree in prior three administrations)

    • TS

      Ummmm, aren’t you REALLY thinking about all those ” acting directors” he installed, who NEVER were qualified, or else Trump would have proceeded with these directors, allowing Congress to properly and legally VET them? But NONE of these acting heads were EVER Vetted!! WHY?? WHY were these clowns allowed to lead our most important agencies with ZERO APPROVAL?? OOH, OOH, I KNOW…. BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T QUALIFIED!!

  8. ThG

    where’s PP post advocating for the next dumpster fire
    VGK pick up Perry

    I can see it now.
    Let’s get Perry
    let’s get perry
    net presence and whatever hogwash.

  9. Vic

    Now the site is fun again. When the VGK were hot, everyone was opening the bubbly and dreaming of a repeat. Many of us predicted how fun it would be here when the VGK lost a few, and now they can’t score a freaking goal,

    The main problem is where was Arnold Rothstein the past couple of weeks telling me to take the money line against the VGK and ride it until they can figure out how to lift a puck over a no name goalie’s pads again?

    • Jailbird

      Winning the cup last year must have really messed with you Vic, seeing how you are only happy win they are having some difficulty .

    • Arnold Rothstein

      I have been doing quite well playing the line, but then all the hate
      would be descending from the wrath of heaven.

      A turnaround is not going to happen until
      the team gets healthy again and starts playing
      as a more cohesive unit. They were lucky to tie the game
      as both goalies made gaffes. LT needs to get his head back into game.
      Goalie coaching staff have some work to do with LT.

      Arnold the brain

  10. Richie-Rich

    The strange thing is that it isn’t as if they haven’t had grade A chances. They’ve had a butt ton of grade A’s. Don’t compare this drought to previous years where they would just drive pucks to the goalie from blue line or outside.

    They have been fine attacking the net, getting to the crease and have had 2 or more break away chances almost every game. They simply are not putting the puck in the net.

    Last night I saw something a bit different. I saw a team that was slower and the decision making was pretty poor throughout the entire game. Trying to stuff the puck through 2 and sometimes 3 players to try and get it into the OZ. Lots of turnovers. They need to depressurize in those situations, make the other team work hard by passing it back and across the ice with good skating and passing.

    What we saw last night were attempts to manhandle the puck down the ice and getting completely stuffed in the NZ.

    I would like to see Brisson, Densinko, and Dorofeyev get some quality time. Cotter’s in a very bad slump.

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