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2024 VGK Free Agency Tracker

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

A roundup of all the signings, rumors, and rumbling surrounding the Vegas Golden Knights as free agency opens in advance of the 2024-25 season.

*This article will be updated throughout the day as more information rolls in.*

  • Jonathan Marchessault will head to the open market after failing to come to an agreement with the Golden Knights. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
    • Marchessault looks to be headed to Nashville on a 5-year contract at $5.5 million AAV. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
    • Confirmed. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • Chandler Stephenson signed with Seattle. 7 years at $6.25 million AAV. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • VGK are expected to sign goaltender Ilya Samsonov. (Source: @MikhailZislis)
    • Kelly McCrimmon confirmed the deal is 1-year for $1.8 million.
  • Victor Olofsson has signed a 1-year $1.1 million deal with VGK. (Source: @PuckPedia)
  • William Carrier has signed with the Carolina Hurricanes for a 6-year deal with $2 million AAV. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
  • Anthony Mantha has signed with the Calgary Flames on a 1-year contract worth $3.5 million. (Source: @renlavoietva)
  • Michael Amadio has signed with the Ottawa Senators for 3 years at $2.6 million AAV. (Source: @DarrenDreger)
  • Alec Martinez signed with the Chicago Blackhawks for 1-year at $4 million. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
  • Jiri Patera signed a 2-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks. (Source: @Canucks)
  • The Golden Knights are “positioning themselves to take a run at Steven Stamkos. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
    • Stamkos appears likely to sign with the Nashville Predators. (Source: @PierreVLeBrun)
  • VGK have signed Zach Aston-Reese to a two-way one-year deal at $775k. (Source: @HockeyAgent1)
  • VGK have signed Tanner Laczynski to a 2-year contract with an AAV of $775k. (Source: @PuckPedia)
  • Qualifying offers were extended to Pavel Dorofeyev and Kaedan Korczak. (Source: @GoldenKnights)
    • Dorofeyev signed a 2-year deal with $1.83 million AAV.
    • Korczak signed a 2 -year deal with $825k.
    • Ivan Morozov also received a qualifying offer to allow VGK to retain his rights while he plays in the KHL. (Source: @DannyWebster21)
  • Akira Schmid, Layton Ahac, and Mason Primeau did not receive qualifying offers. (Source: SinBin)
    • Schmid is expected to sign an extension with the Golden Knights. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)

Former VGK players

  • Reilly Smith is being traded to the New York Rangers. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • Nate Schmidt has been bought out by the Winnipeg Jets. (Source: @reporterchris)
  • Erik Brannstrom was not extended a qualifying offer. (Source: @FriedgeHNIC)
  • Laurent Brossoit to Chicago for 2-years at $3.3 million AAV. (Source: @frank_seravalli)
  • David Perron will sign with the Ottawa Senators. (Source: @SunGarrioch)
  • Tomas Nosek signed with the Florida Panthers. (Source: @DarrenDreger)

Simplified Salary Cap Tracker

  • VGK are approximately $1,285,016 UNDER the salary cap with a 23-man roster (13 F, 8 D, 2 G)
    • Eichel, Stone, Hertl, Karlsson, Barbashev, Roy, Howden, Kolesar, Brisson, Holtz, Rondbjerg, Dorofeyev, Olofsson – $48,970,834
    • Pietrangelo, Hanifin, Theodore, McNabb, Whitecloud, Hague, Hutton, Korczak – $31,041,150
    • Hill, Samsonov – $6,700,000
  • Qualifying Offers – Morozov* ($874,125)
  • Expected LTIR – Lehner ($5,000,000)

*Not expected to sign

**This is an inexact salary estimation designed to give a rough outline of how much cap space the Golden Knights have to operate with. For exact up-to-date salary cap information, visit**


Post Draft Periscope


Free Agency Periscope


  1. Alex

    You can’t teach smart. Knights fan in minnie, try as he did, just couldn’t get his GED., and now we all suffer through his illiterate posts.

    Best of luck to Marchy,- if VGK FO was smart, would have made sure he retired as a Golden Knight.

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      • ThG

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      • knights fan in minny

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      • ThG

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  3. Tim

    Losing Marchy was bound to happen with our tight cap, his age and asking price probably sealed the deal. What makes no sense is going after often injured Steven Stamkos who at 34 is a year older then Marchy. I could see going after a younger player but Stamkos is a head scratcher for me. Management knows best so we’ll see what our team looks like when we get to training camp.

    • ThG

      Tim, they are just “in it” to drive up price, if they don’t get him. Note that the VGK often go after “proven”, “oft injured” players. Mark Stone, Ike, Hertl. etc. Should that surprise you ?

  4. vgk21

    they are going after Stamkos because he is the only proven goal sniper available. he scored 40 last season, and he is topnotch on the PP with his one-timer blasts from the left circle.

    • Emmanuel

      Good guess. But does he want to come here?

    • ThG

      and he would perfectly fit within VGK LTIR plans for next years SC playoff run, should they make it

      this upcoming team will be hard pressed to make playoffs, with over 1/4 of team turn over, and new goalie tandem. It takes time for playoff team to gel, outlier was their first season.

    • Sick of a certain person

      They had that

  5. Emmanuel

    Brannstrom is only 24/25 id take a flyer on him if Theo is traded. Stupid Sens used him at top 4 when he wasnt ready for it.

    Lotsa bargain G out there too.

  6. vgk21

    well, goodbye Stamkos.

    Stamkos reported to be signing with Nashville

    4 years, $32M

    • GC

      That’s fine. 4 yrs at 8mil is unhinged for a 34yo player, even if it is Stamkos

    • Emmanuel

      If he stays healthy they are top 6 in east, if hes hurt they will miss the playoffs.

  7. Jim

    looks like Vgk will be Jack and the bargain basement brigade.

    • GC

      That tracks with the philosophy of the team. Players in the summer are too pricey, less so at the trade deadline. VGK likes to take its swings in the season.

    • Knights fan in minnie

      Oiked up see when trailer b for soon marchy and this hoopdee for Yom

  8. vgk21

    Marchy also going to Nashville with Stamkos !!!!!

  9. vgk21

    Marchy 5 years at 5.5m

    what the F did Vgk offer him?

  10. JB

    We let Marchy go to another team for 5.5 mil? That’s ridiculous ! Fuck

  11. Emmanuel

    Who skates with Eichel besides Barbie?

    Trade coming?

  12. vgk21

    Nashville also in on Chandler Stephenson
    Barry Trotz beats Vgk again.
    shades of 2018

  13. JB

    To get anyone decent they will have to do a trade. Most good FAs are gone! Marchy and Stevie together in Smashville? Go Preds. Ha ha

  14. vgk21

    Blackhawks To Sign Martinez, Brossoit, Smith, Maroon

  15. vgk21

    Mantha to Calgary.

    good riddance

    • Emmanuel

      Hes useful on a Bruins/Flyers type team. Cant pair him with a speedy player though…

  16. vgk21

    Preds also signed dman Brady Skjei from Canes

    and they are keeping Saros in goal.

    Preds are loaded this season.

  17. ThG

    and the socialist nhl sal cap wipes out the VGK

    in less than 10 years

    let the whining begin

  18. vgk21

    William Carrier to Carolina

    6 years at $2m

    another misfit gone

    and Amadio to Ottawa

    Vgk will be unrecognizable. too much turnover

  19. ThG

    all gone, the shiniest has worn off.

  20. LALALA

    Well, bring up the kids and let them play

  21. Emmanuel

    Hockeybuzz says VGK trying to get Marner, very good source…..uhhhh that guys wrong 80% of time…but still it makes sense

    • ThG

      what are they going to do, trade them the Dragon ? Or Dragon eggs ?

      VGK has nothing left in arsenal to deal with.

  22. Jim

    I can just see Jack and Stone grinding their teeth in disbelief and frustration right about now.

  23. vgk21

    Zack Aston-Reese to Vgk 1 year 775k

    whoopy fuckin doo

    a 4th liner nobody.

  24. vgk21

    Stephenson to Seattle

    they are now all gone. all 6

    • vgk21

      Stephenson 7 years, 43.75 M

      he completely priced himself out of Vegas.

      • GC

        Basically all of their new contracts are nuts. Either in term or price. Marchy has a contract now until he’s 40? That’s wild. Stephenson for above 6 for 7? Wild. Carrier’s price is about right, but 6 years is…again, wild. And Martinez getting 4mil? You guessed it: wild.

        • GC

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad these guys are able to go get paid now. Good for them! But VGK can’t lock in all these guys until they’re in their late 30s. That would be irresponsible.

          • Emmanuel

            Kraken paid a pretty penny for a 16G player, and thats his top end!

          • ThG

            you get it

            wise poster.

    • Nancy Bortolussi

      Not all 6 are gone – Mcnabb, Karlsson and Theodore survived the exodus! Still, the team is left unrecognizable! It really sucks!

  25. KISMIF

    Can you say… Misfits2?

  26. vgk21

    folks, teams are using term to keep AAV lower. thus cap lowering by artificial means.

    iow, instead of giving Carrier 3 years at a higher aav, they give him 6 at 2

    remember, Tampa offered Stamkos 8 years at only 3M.. he was offended, and so he is gone.

    • Emmanuel

      So your saying hell retire and NOT effect the cap 4-6 down the line? You cant front load but term at same pay OK?

      • vgk21

        no, I’m saying the teams are only putting off the judgment day to years later.

        they are hoping that the cap will increase like it did this year and next. the cap went up 4.5 this next season to 88 ,and will go up to 92 next year

  27. TS

    BAD BAD DAY FOR THE KNIGHTS and FANS. Huge losses here.
    Seems OTHER teams have better opinions of Marchy and Chandler than our Mgmt did. Really sucks to see the boys go. I think Mgmt screwed themselves, spending too much $$$$ in the wrong places, and they got the bill they couldn’t pay as a result. THIS SUCKS.

    • Emmanuel

      You have to factor in the deadline adds and the days not over, I assure you. Plenty of teams need blue line help and weve got it.

    • knights fan in minny

      its a sad day in Vegas

    • Nancy Bortolussi

      Totally agree! No real desire to follow the team now! It’s going to be an entirely different team.

      • ThG

        you all said same thing when MAF left

        fickle , no nothing “unsophisticated” fan base

  28. vgk21

    Reilly Smith to Rangers

  29. ThG

    Zach Aston-Reese AHLer, veteran player, fourth line shut down type role player.

  30. VGK fan

    HSK, looking to make a run at the Calder Cup with the key additions of Aston Reese and Lacynski.

  31. Jim

    Vgk commercial=

    “Vgk fans, sell your Aston-Martin to buy tickets to watch Aston Reese”

  32. Genorelli

    Draisaitle to VGK watch!!!!!

  33. vgk21

    Jiri Patera to Vancouver

  34. ThG

    Jesse Granger
    Ilya Samsonov ranked 83rd out of 96 goalies last season with -5.75 GSAx.

    He ranked 61st of 65 goalies with at least 20 games a .890 SV%.

    The year before he had a .919 SV% and 21.24 GSAX.

    He gets a one year deal with Vegas to prove which of those two he is moving forward.
    Mikhail Zislis
    Hearing that goalie Ilya Samsonov is signing 1-year deal with Vegas Golden Knights #VegasBorn

  35. DeezNutz

    We are so fucked

  36. Draisaitle to VGK…….Watch!!!

  37. Jim

    Vgk will be defensive grinder team .

    motto will be “rope a dope and hope”

  38. Tim

    It didn’t take long for our free agents to sign and goodbye and good luck. To much money and to long of contracts I don’t think management had a choice.

    • ThG

      You got that right, Tim. Writing was on wall with acquisitions at trade line.

  39. Jackie

    How much longer do we have to hold Lehner

  40. Nancy Bortolussi

    They have tossed away most of the damn team and kept a lot of what’s not working! Look what happened losing Smith and Fleury, both integral parts of the team! They just screwed themselves for the next three years! They kept all the guys who get injured all the time. The attendance at the T-Mobile will drop dramatically! What is there to watch? That’s what Marchy gets for showing up and contributing in every regular season and playoff game!! A real slap in the face! It’s all about money – not about the game of hockey. All the other teams are strengthening to challenge the Panthers, and Vegas just did the opposite. I really appreciate Marchessault’s candor and honesty about being traded at the highest point of his career! I wish that Reilly Smith would come forward and let people know how he really felt about being cast off by the Knights. Fleury and Marchy both let us know how they really feel! I wish Marchy, Chandler, Martinez, Amadio, and Carrier the very best of luck and happiness on their new teams and in their new locations. Vegas will never get past Nashville this coming year – not with Marchy and Stamkos on the team! What could you have been thinking Cassidy? Your team cannot compete with what is out there now!

    • ThG

      do you have a clue on how the socialist NHL SAL CAP rules work ?

      By your post, obviously NOT.

      MAF shot himself in post, had one really good season, and whined like a baby when RL out played him playoffs. His many gaffes basically ruined his short lived VGK career. Including but not limited to 1) gaffe in montreal 2) horrible finals vs. Caps 3) stabbing team in back cartoon 4) saying he was going to retire lowering his franchise value. I liked him at first, then he went to hell in hand basket pretty quick. Now we know why PENS didn’t protect him, not a team player. Clearly.

      MArchy now says team didn’t try hard enough to keep him, Marchy did you try hard enough to stay ? (he did miss open net in his last game here, that was costly; maybe his time is up? )

      • Emmanuel

        MAF is the most overrated player in VGK history. Great team/community guy, blah in the crease.

        None of those guys above were keepers except Marchy.

        If you look at advanced stats they were in deep decline especially Stephenson.

    • Jim

      Cassidy? hey lady, he is NOT the Gm.. he had nothing to do with the personnel moves today.

      the name is McCrimmon. he is the Gm of Vgk

    • SMH

      Going back to your 2nd sentence, which includes “look what happened losing Fleury” – well, we won a freaking Stanley Cup without him, so there’s that. And your boy Smith had a miserable year in Pittsburgh last year, so much so that they couldn’t wait to trade his ass again earlier today. Sorry “Nancy”, but you are the one that doesn’t understand anything about building a team and succeeding in the NHL. All you care about is “loyalty” to players that you like, regardless of their age or the contract that other teams will throw at them. For Christ’s sake, McPhee/McCrimmon/Cassidy just won the goddamn Stanley Cup a year ago in only the franchise’s 6th year of existence. VGK is quite possibly the most successful expansion team in the history of North American sports. So go cry in your pillow, and the rest of us real fans will trust the process that our top notch front office and management has used to make VGK the envy of the league.

      • Sick of a certain person

        Envy of the league? You mean the most hated and despised.I didn’t expect them to keep everyone ,but I did Marchessault. WE KEPT everyone who is always injured .Stone is quite possibly washed along with Pietrangelo. LET THE REBUILD BEGIN

      • NAM

        Oh man, look here, we got a real fan. I always wondered what a real fan looked like. Everybody that watches games, buys tickets, drives hours to a game, buys apparel, has an opinion about players they like or don’t like, or trades they like or don’t like, NOT real fans. This guy is a REAL fan! Look everyone!

        • SMH

          Very glad I could help you out. I’m always happy to help the misguided and/or poorly educated. No charge!

  41. Contact Tracer

    Get rid of your best scorer and best goalie. Brilliant. If Hertl is a bust, going to be a very long year ………….

  42. Jim

    Wayne Gretzky played for 4 different NHL teams. Edm, LA, St Louis, and Rangers

    Bobby Orr was traded to Chicago after his knee got hurt.
    Ray Bourque went to Colorado to win a cup

    iow, it is a business, and players seldom stay with one team, even if they are good players and well liked by fans. Sentimentality and feelings take a back seat to business in sports.

    financial reasons, or many other possible factors can be reasons for either the player or the team mgmt to want a change.

  43. knights fan in minny

    martini 4 mill good for him

  44. knights fan in minny

    young guys better step up big time

  45. Contact Tracer

    Censcorship? LOL …. this is one of the most demented and hate filled places on the web. The behavior is what you expect in the depths of hell ….. did my last post not have enough vile and stench to it to be included? Carry on dysfunctional miscreants

    • TS

      Contact, I hear ya. And I second your opinion about this site being filled with Hate
      However, the HATE has always originated with ONE poster, which enrages the REST of us, which causes a stream of angry responses to the Hater. It has been this way since this Disruptor arrived. Fair to say we ALL would love to see this stop, including the ones who might agree with him..this Hate has only driven new posters away, and many of us NUTS! I am always shocked that the site creator just let’s this CRAP go on and on and on and on. My guess is the HATE will continue as long as the site Disruptor is here. It kinda puts a bad taste in your mouth for VGK Hockey, when a HATER is constantly berating, mocking, bullying others like me. SICK BEHAVIOR.

      • Dylan

        That’s correct. Dude is deeply unhinged.

        As his Hero would say…


  46. Jim

    Theodore to Carolina for Necas?

    both Vgk and Carolina were hit hard today, losing players.

    Canes lost 2 of their key dmen, and Vgk lost 81 and 20 up front.

    so, a trade may be something to consider.

  47. JB

    I think this year was going to be kind of a rebuild all along. They went all in to try and get the second cup. They knew they would lose a bunch of players in FA. I think they have one more big move/trade that will happen. Probably Theo and others for a top player.

  48. Holy Guacamole….Homina Homina Homina….Which way did he go George?….Which way did he go?…D-oh! D-oh! D-oh!!…yes….I am speechless about todays events…and speechless what our roster will look like in a few short months…my only solace is I am sure the FO is working overtime to piece it all together by the time the puck drops against the Avs on opening night!!

  49. trade

    only recognizable name UFA forwards left are:

    Tarasenko, Henrique, Janmark, Skinner, Van Riemsdyk, and Roslovic

    Bargain shopping

    • trade

      I would take Janmark. He still has speed, he looked pretty good in the playoffs this year, he scored a hat trick in game 7 for the Vgk to win a series vs Minny, and he is good on the PK, and he has a low cap hit.

      • knights fan in minny

        janmark signs with the oil

        • trade

          yep, I spoke too soon.

          unfortunately, there will now be immense pressure on young players like Dorofeyev, Brisson, and Holtz, and I doubt if they are ready for that kind of pressure to help carry an NHL team

    • knights fan in minny

      skinner to the oilers

  50. knights fan in minny

    the swiss army knife gone chandler pk pp fast center wing how sad

  51. knights fan in minny

    marchy the motor that mad this team go he is gone sad day in sin city

  52. Rempal on the first line.. Rempal on first unit PP..Rempal on first unit PK.. Rempal 25 minutes a game.. Rempal Rempal Rempal everywhere!!….no disrespect Sheldon.. just a lot of attempted black humor to get through this seemingly dire day for VGK fandom.

  53. Barb

    Notice to all folks that love hockey for the love of hockey.
    You have a big decision to make. Be a fan of the logo/Golden Knights on the front of sweater or have a meltdown over the names on the back of the sweater.
    If for some reason you decided to be a VGK fan and thought all of your favorite players were going to be on the roster until either you or them die, YOU MISSED THE SANITY BOAT!

  54. I had a feeling yesterday they didn’t have a plan and sure enough they didn’t. The backup goalie isn’t as good as what they had and costs twice as much. While I’m glad they didn’t overpay for free agents and like the trade with New Jersey. The bill has come due for this team with only 5 million to spend they will have to subtract to build. The trade for Hertal is the nail in the coffin. Now this looks like a lottery team with older and often injured players and few prospects ready to move up. To add insult to injury they don’t even have there number one pick.unless they can pull off a miracle get ready for mediocrity.

  55. trade

    Golden Knights Sign Ilya Samsonov; Extend Pavel Dorofeyev, Kaedan Korczak

    The Golden Knights have found Logan Thompson’s replacement on the open market, inking Ilya Samsonov to a one-year pact today, per a team release. They’ve also re-signed RFA forward Pavel Dorofeyev and defenseman Kaedan Korczak to two-year deals. It’s a $1.8MM cap hit for Samsonov, GM Kelly McCrimmon confirmed.

  56. Donald J Trump

  57. Allalu Akbar

    Suddenly Eichel is on another shitty team again

  58. Pistol Pete

    Acquiring Hertl @ $6.75m and signing Hanifin @$7.35m (total = $14.1m) created the cap crunch portending the exit of Stephenson, Martinez, Carrier, Amadio and the rental Mantha. Obviously Stephenson and his agent immediately recognized that Hertl was to replace him. As I have indicated signing Hanifin set up a Theodore trade intended to finance the top right winger, either extend
    Marchessault or get a younger replacement. So far we are still waiting. Marner, Necas, Buchnevich? Who knows but it will take Theo and another piece or two.

  59. Pistol Pete

    Hate to see Marchy go but it is not the first time a team moved on from a player of his age and stature. I can appreciate TB not wanting to extend Stamkos for $8m at age 34. Marchy is a scaled down version of that but not altogether different.

  60. ThG

    who’s in / who’s out:
    Marchy out, Brisson in
    Stephenson out, Hertyl in
    Thompson out, Samsanov in
    Marty out, Kadyen K in
    Amadio out, Doro in
    Carrier out, Holtz in
    Patera out, Symth in

    Have some space to sign another forward

  61. ThG

    here is defense

    Hutton, likely odd man out
    hannfin – petro
    McNab – theo
    Hague- whitecloud
    Kayden K.
    Eight D man, team only likes to normally carry seven. So we shall see.

    O lines as it stands now
    Stone – Hertyl – Doro
    brisson – echel- barby
    howden – karlson – holtz
    kolesar- roy – rondberg
    bench – denysenko and ? morelli ? have room for another forward acquistion here

    • Pistol Pete

      Theo and Roy plus for Marner. Bear in mind if not Marner than some other winger capable of playing on Eichel’s right or left. One possibility is Martin Necas who is listed as a left winger in which case Barabshev could play on the right. Not sure what the quandary, if there is one, the delay in CAR extending the 25 year-old Necas is. He got 9 pts in 11 playoff games this time and is a very respectable career .67 pts/game.




      A Marner deal would involve Theodore nearly for sure though I have seen Pietrangelo suggested which might be good but I doubt it due to his age. Besides including Roy, could also be Whitecloud, Korczak, Trevor Connelly etc. A third team could carry back some of Marner’s 2024-25 $10.9m. VGK would sign him eight years x $12m or some such.

      • ThG

        PP you left out the dragon, the dragon eggs, the cheerleaders, the show girls and just about everyone but the kitchen sink! oh yeah, and Maverick the puppy dog.

    • ThG

      more Victor Olofsson signed a 1 year, $1,075,000 contract with the Vegas Golden Knights on Jul. 2, 2024. The contract has a cap hit of $1,075,000. into winger position and rondberg to the bench


  62. Pistol Pete

    Love Marchy but this would be a 6 1/2 years younger upgrade. Fingers still crossed.

  63. ThG

    devils fans hated this trade !

    The Vegas Golden Knights shocked the NHL world on Saturday. They acquired Swedish forward Alexander Holtz and Swiss goaltender Akira Schmid from the New Jersey Devils. The outgoing package? Paul Cotter and a 2025 third-round pick. It was a notable trade that sent Cotter to New Jersey for a sizable return.

    The overall reaction from the Golden Knights perspective is good, with fans on board with the trade. Vegas gets a younger duo in return, with both players potentially helping the team in more ways than one. Kelly McCrimmon is known for going younger at specific positions, whether it’s Marc-Andre Fleury or Reilly Smith heading out.

    While Paul Cotter might be 24 years old, he’s older than Holtz and Schmid. Technically, this is another example of such a trade, where Vegas acquires another younger player. In fact, they got two in this deal, making them even more youthful.

    Believe it or not, the Golden Knights made another trade on Saturday, sending Logan Thompson to the Washington Capitals for two NHL Draft picks. This deal doesn’t look as appealing because it doesn’t have a former first-round pick. It also involves a beloved goaltender going to the nation’s capital, where he sought a trade for a better opportunity.

    But let’s look at why the Golden Knights won this trade. It looks better from many perspectives, starting with the haul. It also looks better compared to the Logan Thompson trade, which didn’t have any NHL-ready players ready to help with their Stanley Cup ambitions. Here’s how Vegas won Saturday’s trade with the New Jersey Devils.

    The Vegas Golden Knights get better contracts
    One thing about Saturday’s trade involves Alexander Holtz’s current deal. The Swedish forward is currently in an entry-level contract. He’ll become a restricted free agent after the 2024-25 season and is currently exempt from waivers. He should be fairly cheap for the Vegas Golden Knights for years to come, helping with different contract situations. That includes players like Jack Eichel, who should be in the team’s future plans for years.

    Yes, Vegas would’ve also gotten a young player if they didn’t keep their third-round pick from the New Jersey Devils. However, Holtz did score 16 goals and 28 points in 2023-24 with the Devils, an impressive mark for the 22-year-old. Hockey fans in Las Vegas are imagining what the forward could bring to the table scoring-wise. Plus, there’s no guarantee that pick would’ve made the NHL. Vegas is in win-now mode, meaning they need solid NHL-ready players.

    As for Akira Schmid, he’s another restricted free agent for Vegas, only he has arbitration rights. With Logan Thompson expected to fetch a bigger contract, the Swiss goaltender won’t be as much of a cap hit down the road (if he isn’t traded in the future). It should add more security at their respective positions, with the Vegas Golden Knights being able to secure their future.

    Alexander Holtz has plenty of upside
    While Akira Schmid was also another piece for the Golden Knights, he isn’t the main focus of the trade. It’s mainly about Paul Cotter and Alexander Holtz, two players who are the complete opposite of each other. How could this be, you might ask?

    For one, Cotter is a physical player who doesn’t have the offensive acumen Holtz does. The Swedish forward can effortlessly move around the ice, using his quickness and lateral movements. Plus, he can help on the power play, especially from the wing. As for the newest New Jersey Devils player, his role is on the lower lines, where he checks people and provides scoring on the grind. The former Golden Knight is known for the occasional lapse, which can hurt Vegas in different aspects.

    It makes fans wonder how a fourth-line player was traded for a 2020 first-round pick that scored 16 goals in 2023-24. Could there be something wrong with Holtz that Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald knows about? Or was this a trade where New Jersey was simply top-heavy in their top six? Whatever the case, trading a lower-line player for a budding offensive star is a head-scratching move, especially with that star being younger than Paul Cotter.

    • Pistol Pete

      I like the Holtz acquistion a lot. Stands to reason Cassidy can unlock some performance.

  64. ThG

    certain poster here zeroing in on Leafs forward, let’s drill down into real facts

    he biggest question remains: What is Mitch Marner’s future?

    The 27-year-old has been made the scapegoat for repeated postseason shortcomings by Maple Leafs supporters who feel he should be traded in a perceived much-needed shakeup of the team’s highly publicized core, which also includes forwards Auston Matthews, William Nylander and John Tavares and defenseman Morgan Rielly. With Matthews and Nylander locked up long term last season, Marner would seem to be the top candidate to be moved since his contract is up at the end of the 2024-25 season.

    Consider that almost half of Toronto’s NHL salary cap space is dedicated to four forwards — Matthews ($11.6 million average annual value), Tavares ($11 million AAV), Marner ($10.9 million AAV) and Nylander ($6.9 million AAV) — who are relied upon to score goals. Matthews’ AAV rises to $13.25 million next season, Nylander’s to $11.5 million.

    Here’s the problem with trading Marner: how do you get anything near equal value back for a skilled offensive player who has 639 points (194 goals, 445 assists) in 576 regular season games, an average of 1.11 points per outing?

    The Maple Leafs have Matthews under contract for another four seasons. That’s the window of opportunity they must exploit. They are likely a more skilled team this season with Marner on the team than without, especially if they can’t get an equitable win-now return.

    He also has a no-movement clause, so he holds the hammer in terms of whether he stays or goes. And if he opts to test free agency next summer, it will open up almost $11 million in cap space for a crop of potential unrestricted free agents in 2025 that could include forwards Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers, Mikko Rantanen of the Colorado Avalanche and Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

    For his part, Treliving remains coy about Marner’s future.

    “I’m not going to do play-by-play,” he said, responding to queries about Marner’s status with the organization. “Mitch is a great player. We’re lucky to have him.

    “Like I said, I know there’s lots going on, lots of stories around it.”

    Perhaps in an effort to curtail the scuttlebutt, Treliving referenced comments made by incoming no-nonsense coach Craig Berube at the NHL Draft at Sphere in Las Vegas on Saturday.

    Quizzed about a meeting he had with Marner at a Toronto-area coffee shop several weeks ago, Berube replied: “A character guy, a great person, a great player, and I am looking forward to coaching him.”

    And, in the process, finding a way to get he, Tavares, Matthews, Nylander and Rielly more productive at playoff time.

    Otherwise, as improved as Toronto’s defense seems to be, this will still be a team that struggles every spring.

    PS and Biden is a mush brain , DEMS have no real choice here. If he bows out, then 25th amendment is likely. Making Harris POTUS and Trump VP (house votes on VP replacement). IF mush brain stays, he likely loses in November. But they made their bed long ago with Nov 3, 2020 insurrection they conducted with massive cheating with mail in ballots, playing fast and loose with them.

    • Pistol Pete

      We will just see. Despite the talk the consensus is the Leafs do not want to extend Marner giving him $12m plus when they are already over loaded with a high paid top four in forwards which has just not worked. True that Tavares is older and they could let him move on after 2024-25 or extend him as he’s turning 35 for a value deal leaving Mathews and Nylander as the two big contracts. Should they extend Marner or tend to their D corp and forwards depth, something, anything to improve their postseason performance? Does it really make sense for them to give Marner the probably $12m plus x 8 he is seeking or move on from a situation that has not worked?

  65. Pistol Pete

    I’m at the development camp skate. This Trevor Connelly is gifted. Speedy, aggressive and a great stick. Best player on the ice by far. Would not surprise me if he does well over a point a game as a freshman at Providence. If he does he could up next season, right into the NHL which happens from time to time with strongest prospects.

    • Pistol Pete

      Typos correction:

      “If he does he could up end up next season (2025-26) right into the NHL which happens from time to time with the strongest prospects.”

  66. Pistol Pete

    “We expect in the case of Pavel to really continue to blossom and the opportunity that he’s going to now have on our team,” McCrimmon said. “Kaeden Korczak will be a full-time NHL player this year based on what we saw in his time with our team last year. We think he’s more than ready to step into an NHL lineup.”

    The above from a recent article. Korczak will be a full-time NHL player this year. If that does not telegraph the departure of Theodore or even Pietrangelo to replace Marchy I don’t know what would.

  67. Pistol Pete

    Had the pleasure of a brief chat with Kelly McCrimmon outside the Arsenal at CNA. I told him I liked what I have seen and reminded him of his excellent track record when it comes to key acquisitions and how they lead to winning a Cup. With respect to the current situation he said “trust us”.

  68. Jeremy

    Anyone know whats going on with Lehner?

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