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2024 Trade Deadline Sparked Golden Knights Unique Roster Transformation

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

After winning the Stanley Cup, the Golden Knights made a conscious effort to bring back as many of the names engraved on the trophy as possible to begin the following season. A few ancillary pieces departed in free agency and just one significant contributor, Reilly Smith, was sent away as a cap casualty.

The team got off to a blazing start and it appeared their brilliant run to the Cup was going to continue in its defense. But then the injuries began to stack up and the results mellowed out. Vegas went from leading the division on January 1st to clinging onto the final playoff spot on Trade Deadline day, March 8th.

Trades for Tomas Hertl, Noah Hanifin, and Anthony Mantha began as attempts to bolster a banged up roster and position Vegas to make another run at the Stanley Cup. When that didn’t come to fruition, those moves turned out to be the beginning of a transformation of the roster that will determine the team’s direction for the next few seasons.

Roster Turnover Since March 1st, 2024
Noah Hanifin
Tomas Hertl
Alexander Holtz
Victor Olofsson
Ilya Samsonov
Akira Schmid

Jonathan Marchessault
Chandler Stephenson
Alec Martinez
Logan Thompson
William Carrier
Michael Amadio
Paul Cotter
Daniil Miromanov

The Golden Knights also parted ways with two future 1st round picks, their 2023 1st round pick David Edstrom, and a 2nd round pick.

From top-six to bottom-six to defense to goaltending, there’s major change on every level of the roster.

This is not a new phenomenon for the Golden Knights. They’ve never been shy to make significant changes even if it means saying goodbye to some of the franchises most iconic players.

The difference this time though is that there aren’t bonafide replacements already in place.

After the Cup Final appearance in Year 1, Vegas swapped James Neal and David Perron for Max Pacioretty and Paul Stastny (and then eventually Erik Haula for Mark Stone). When it was time to let Marc-Andre Fleury go, Robin Lehner was already there to take his place. Alex Pietrangelo was signed before they waved goodbye to Nate Schmidt, Ivan Barbashev for Reilly Smith, and Jack Eichel was directly traded for Alex Tuch.

This time, Hanifin steps in nicely for Martinez, but Hertl cannot fill the shoes of all of Marchessault, Stephenson, Amadio, Carrier, and Cotter.

The salary cap caught up to the Golden Knights as hard as it ever has this summer and it’s forced them to put their faith in a few high-risk high-reward castoffs from non-playoff teams.

It may work, it may not. There’s a cost to being as aggressive as Vegas have been over the past seven seasons. Never has it been seen more than in the past four months.

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  1. Knights fan in minnie

    Just Yom so trailer b seen as for then one and done

  2. Pierre S Martin

    Shouldn’t this sentence “it’s forced them to put their faith in a few high-risk high-reward castoffs from non-playoff teams.”
    read instead “it’s forced them to put their faith in a few low-risk high-reward castoffs from non-playoff teams.” ?

  3. Richie-Rich

    I predicted a fourth place finish in the Pacific in 2023. They did come in 4th place. In 2022, the Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup with almost all average players on offense with the exception of Jack Eichel. The strength of the 2022 and 2023 teams was defense and above average goaltending from Hill and Thompson.

    Going into 2024, the Golden Knights find themselves with one superstar, Jack Eichel, and a revised bunch of misfit and young untested players. In 2023 the Golden Knights struggled to score goals with their average roster. In 2024, the Golden Knights, on paper, are not as good as last years version. It’s a below average offensive team on paper.

    In 2024, it is likely that the Golden Knights finish 5th in the Pacific Division and miss the playoffs altogether.

    • Pistol Pete

      R-R no way do I forecast missing the playoffs!!!!

      Should still be fair depth through the bottom six albeit not quite as before sans Carrier. Holtz and Olofsson should cover a good portion of Carrier and Amadio however they are not as heavy (should I even include Cotter?). Pav and Brisson could both continue to blossom. Definitely will miss the heaviness of Carrier and Amadio (and should I mention Cotter?).

      Excellent blue line with or without Theodore.

      Decent goaltending.

      As always the key will be puck management and defend, defend, defend.

      • PP = admire your optimism but seriously question your hockey knowledge – VGK shot themselves in the foot big time and it would not be surprising to see RR’s 5th place finish reality. Guess We will have to wait until next spring to see who is right. I have no idea where you get the idea, other than wishful thinking, you can slot in your picks as replacements that is simply not the case. All teams would be in hug heaven if it was that simple. With letting Marchy walk I think they believed they could get Stamkos but Nashville was quicker on the trigger now they are out in left field. FO proved they are not as good as they believed at managing their assets. Next season will be interesting to say the least but think the fan base will have to adjust their expectations as they have been spoiled for the last six years. I hope I am wrong but in this case history says otherwise. Sorry, realistic versus optimistic. Hope you’re enjoying the summer – way too early to be this hot.

        • Rashaad

          I disagree with both hdbiker7851 and Pistol Pete on various points.

          Unlike Pistol Pete, I can totally see a scenario where they may miss the playoffs as Richie Rich stated. I think they will be in a dog fight for a wild card spot. However I think this okay.
          Where I disagree with hdbiker7851 is that I thought that the front office did the right things last weekend and did not shoot themselves in the foot. I don’t think they had any interest in offering Stamkos the deal that Nashville offered.

          I don’t think they should make stupid decisions that help out the team in the very short term but decimate them in the future. Like the San Jose Sharks did. Going balls out dealing nearly every prospect and pick they had was worth it up until now because they won the cup but the prospect and 1st round pick cupboard is now bare. If they do this for another couple of years they will undoubtably become a shitty bottom feeding team for a decade. I believe that Dorofeyev is on his way to being a perennial 30 goal scorer like Marchessault. I think Roy can move up in the lineup and play in a bigger role. He did that last January when Eichel was hurt and was a point a game player for about three weeks. Korczak is going to replace Alec Martinez and do so with a league minimum cap hit.

          I think this team is good enough to squeak into the playoffs due to their still elite defensemen and once you qualify anything can happen. I don’t think they are strong enough that they should mortgage their future and deal any draft picks, prospects or sign aging veterans in their declining years.

          If you guys can’t stomach the fact that the team is in a mini transition period then you are not really big fans. They can’t be elite every single year. I’m going to enjoy watching Dorofeyev, Brisson, Korczak and Holtz get chances to develop.

          • knights fan in minny

            they better develop fast

          • Pistol Pete

            They had a number of players outperforming value contracts most notably Stephenson and Amadio. The cap crunch was sure to come. Anyways Hertl who was meant to replace Stephenson and is $4m more. Losing Carrier and Amadio does not have to be overly impactful. Shedding Marrinez’s $5m was always going to be cap relief. What some may not give enough weight to is the D depth and the option to trade Theodore to replace Marchy.

            hdbiker your critique on my analysis lacks detail.

          • TS

            Rashaad, ” the cupboard is bare”.. it sure looks that way, and damn it, we’re all still humgry!! Guess we’ll be waiting awhile to feast again, by the looks of this ” new” team. After Marchy and others walked, the “team” was officially disbanded. So now we start over. Questions all around. Did we lose our winning CUP team, or gain a new one in these drastic moves?

      • JB

        Hope they trade Theo for a scorer.

        • Emmanuel

          That would solve most of the F issues.

          Marchessault, Stephenson, Amadio, Carrier, and Cotter……

          Only Marchie was top notch
          Stephenson is a 16 G scorer with (at best) aberage defense, ill admit he is a solid passer.
          The last 3 are canon fodder and at least 2 will be out of the league in 3 seasons.

        • Pistol Pete

          hdbiker my apologies on my claim or your lack of detail. Your response was to my response to R-R above not to my summary below. In any case thanks for sparing us the rose-colored glasses cliche and yes missing the playoffs is always possible!

          • Pistol Pete

            However hdbiker I am not done responding.

            You question MY hockey knowledge? How about yours? You seem unable to recognize the excellent center depth of Eichel/Hertl/Karlsson/Roy, the excellent D depth of Hanifin-Pietrangelo/McNabb-Theodore/Hague-Whitecloud (and Korczak is qualified to replace Theodore should he be traded and the depth is still good) and competent goaltending. As for the wingers Marchy needs to be replaced (possible with a Theo trade) but that is about it as Dorofeyev, Brisson, Olofsson and Holtz stand to fill the void created by the departure of Carrier, Amadio and Cotter.

            Call this overly optimistic if you wish but then it might be you whose “hockey knowledge” is suspect (imo).

    • Oliver

      Marchessault average?

  4. jake

    Vegas was in need to younger legs.

    Older legs offer nice memories but guarantee the whole team regresses.

    Excited to see some fresh faces.

  5. Barb

    Oh ye of little faith

  6. jeffrey m sutton

    they’re gonna win 60 games

  7. Skip

    Not sure if Hertl was worth losing Marchessault, but with the exception of Tatar and Lehner, the front office has been pretty good at foresight.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I can say I recognized the cap crunch following the acquisition of Hertl and the subsequent signing of Hanifin (cap hit = $14.1m: remaining space = $6.197m). In fact I recall posting here if a deferred salary structure might be possible for Marchy because with a bit over $6m in cap space and Dorofeyev and Korczak needing to be re-signed there was just no way Marchy gets more than $3.5m in year one of an extension, for example: year 1: $3.5–year 2: $5.5m–year 3: $6.5m (AAV $5.5m). An issue was term because as McCrimmon stated in the July 1 press conference he was not comfortable with 5 years. I am already over Marchy. And besides he got a great contract on a team that stands to contend for years. He earned it. We probably won’t hear him complaining anymore about what happened here. He might even win another Cup.

    Hertl is a solid move imo. Stephenson and his agent had to immediately see the writing on the wall: Eichel-Hertl-Karlsson-Roy. Some will point out Hertl is unproven. Me: don’t worry, he’ll be good. Stands to be an upgrade of Stephenson on what was already excellent (league leading imo) depth down the middle.

    I came to understand Hanifin was signed to create the option of trading Theodore as part of a high end winger add. With LT gone Marner seems a stretch at this point as LT could have been a key part of that deal. I emailed McCrimmon wondering if there is historical cases of young centers like Martin Necas successfully transitioning to wing. Obviously Kelly and his team know all about Necas and don’t need a fan inquiring on it but what the heck McCrimmon is a good dude and appreciates a fan being on point.

    Yeah so Hertl and Hanifin total $14.1m against the cap which according to CapFriendly left $6.197m in cap space. Obviously McCrimmon and his team knew the number before acquiring Hertl and signing Hanifin, that all the UFA’s would be gone save working a deferred salary deal with Marchy. This was the strategy.

    McCrimmon can still do a Theodore deal it’s just a question of the total cost. He’s been referencing Korczak as full-time on the roster which may or may not portend a Theodore departure. With or without Theodore, the VGK is still l very solid on the blue line.

    Personally I like the Samsonov acquisition because we have seen the goalie coaching of Sean Burke at work.

    I like the Cotter deal to get Holtz and the #3 goalie plus Olofsson is intriguing due in part to how good he had been with Eichel.

    Trevor Connelly looks more like a top 10 or even top five pick.

    All in all high marks for Kelly McCrimmon and his team: trade deadline, the draft and free agency, and we may see more before camp.

    • jake


      Competent GM’s make the difficult decisions.

      For all of his contributions, Marshie was a hole in a defensive game plan.

    • Rashaad

      I’m excited about Trevor Connelly’s skill set.

    • Bobby

      Agreed. Clear analysis thanks

  9. DeezNutz

    Team just needs to wait out the Stone and Pietrangelo contracts so they can start building a younger/faster team with hopefully less injury prone players. I really wish Stone would just retire on LTIR and let us use that cap space because we all know he won’t make it to December. He’s a broken down car at this point. They should just offer him a job with the organization moving forward. The Petro contract is going to be brutal! He was a disaster in the playoffs and will only get worse. Thankfully he helped win us a cup but trying to surround Stone and Pietrangelo with expensive free agents right now is a dumb idea. We will hopefully remain a fringe playoff team until we can lose those 2 contracts.

    • Rashaad

      I hear ya Deez Nuts. TOTALLY AGREE that signing expensive free agents right now would be a mistake. We are on the same page. McCrimmon was smart last weekend. I’m sure we both agree that Stone and Petro were worth it because they won the cup.

      I am more optimistic then you on Stone and Pietrangelo’s contributions for next year and beyond, especially Petro. With these long extended playoff runs they have played a lot of hockey. I can see Pietrangelo being rejuvenated after an early playoff exit and more rest. He is a bull!

  10. Rashaad

    I am going to double down on what I said multiple times in the last couple of months and that is that I do not think it is a forgone conclusion that Shea Theodore is traded. I feel even more strongly about that now that Marchessault was not brought back. Defensemen are extremely expensive and the Vegas defense core has been the envy of the league for several years. Brayden McNabb is now on an expiring contract? A guy like him who is underpaid and outplaying his contract will certainly cash in as an unrestricted free agent next summer. Solid defensive defensemen that play 19 to 20 minutes per game go for 5 million per year in the open market even if they are 33 years old. Can we lose both McNabb and Theodore? I believe it is harder to replace the skill set of Shea Theodore then McNabb. The play by McCrimmon may be to sign Shea Theodore to an extension and replace Brayden McNabb next year with someone from the Henderson Silver Knights. This what I predict will happen.

    I think that McCrimmon will only trade McNabb if he is offered a player in return that will knock his socks off like a special “young” talent like Martin Necas. I don’t believe that will happen.

    • Rashaad

      Last paragraph meant to say, “I think that McCrimmon will only trade THEODORE if he is offered a player in return that will knock his socks off like a special “young” talent like Martin Necas. I don’t believe that will happen.

  11. Donald J Trump

    Kenny finally coming around to realize that the hannifin hertyl deals pushed this, as many on this site have repeatedly said.

    Also, as a few said, if they signed Marchy, they would be in the same boat. Only with less NHL ready players. So, not the same boat, much worse off boat. Because they wouldn’t have signed or traded for some of the players that they got. So this is only FO hate, and no more.

    The team would likely be DOING WORSE next year with the signing of MArchy.

    But the lame a$$ writers here in shiny town, won’t admit that, because they like to complain all the time.

    The are clueless on how agents work, VGK offered MArchy a sound contract. Without knowing what Smashville or anyone else was offering. Agents are worse than used car sales men. They don’t tell teams who is offering what. They counter offer, and raise the bet. That is how they work. And get this, the more the pot, the more the AGENT GETS PAID !! HELLO ! BIngo, bango ! So what does MArCHY do, he walks, VGK has no idea what MARCHY is holding. IT’s a game of poker, it could be fake out, or bluff. Marchy left the deal on table one day before the draft, knowing fully well he was one DISRESPECTING VGK , the FO, and the FANS. Somehow the lame brain writers here, say it’s FO FAULT ? This pushes the FO into awkward position of wheeling and dealing, which was more than they expected to do with signing of MARCHY. The FO did an admiral job of filling the sal cap slot with NHL players. All most all of them are projects in need of new scenary. Well OLO was injured and delegated to bench. No, he had the flu, possibly covid related, and he never fully recovered in time to break the line up.

    So as I stated, the team is going to better next year without MARCHY than with it due to all the facts I stated above. Will they make the playoffs or have more points than last year ? Who knows. But they will be better then if MARCHY was on the team because they wouldn’t be able to fill the lost player slots with anything close to the players they have now.

    • Donald J Trump

      “So as I stated, the team is going to better next year without MARCHY than with MARCHY due to all the facts I stated above.”

      • Rashaad

        Mr. Donald J Trump, I agree with thoughts on the front office. It’s shocking to me how much they are disrespected and criticized after everything they have accomplished.

        You can love Jonathan Marchessault and let him go at the same time if you are capable and have the mental capacity to have more then one thought at a time and see the bigger picture.

      • knights fan in minny

        who will score 42 goals this upcoming season

        • Donald J Trump

          past performance is not indicative of future performance

          for all 42 goals Marchy scored, it’s the one he didn’t score (missing wide open net in game 7 ) that mattered the most.

          • knights fan in minny

            nobody is perfect

          • Pistol Pete

            That one did hurt. Worse than Eichel’s because his he was legitimately unable to square his blade to the puck. Marchy’s
            was a straight up choke.

        • Rashaad

          Knights fan in minny, I don’t think anyone will score 42 next season on Vegas. The year that they won the Stanley Cup they didn’t even have a 30 goal scorer in the regular season. Look it up.

          I’m not saying they are better off without Marchy in the immediate future. (next season). My math is not saying that (Olofsson + Holtz + Samsonov) – Marchy, Stephenson, Carrier, Amadio) will equate to a better team. I see regression next year. I mentioned in the comments that I agreed with Richie Rich that they might miss the playoffs. Even if they signed Marchy, they were still losing Stephenson, Carrier and Amadio. They play in a hard cap system.

          They are not on the cusp or edge to winning a Stanley Cup or are one player away. Signing Marchy to a bad contract would have been a bad idea. The facts are slowly filtering out that they did indeed offer Marchy a contract that was somewhat similar to what Nashville offered. So lets not make it look like they booted him out of town. Marchy liked the Nashville offer more and did what was best for him and his family.

          Knights fan in minny, even though many of the same names remain from the Stanley cup roster, didn’t you notice that virtually all of them had there play drop off a bit. Amadio was not as good last year, Stephenson had back to back 65 point seasons and last year only had 51 points. Pietrangelo is slipping a bit. Carrier went from 16 goals to 6 goals. They look and smell like the 2022-23 Stanley Cup Champions but they certainly don’t appear to be that anymore. Exhibit A is barely getting into the playoffs last year and losing in the first round. They had injuries but that’s what aging players do. They get hurt.

          This is still a solid team that should get into the playoffs and scare some teams but they need to start getting younger and not be stubborn and fall in love with their players. That’s why Kelly McCrimmon is the right guy for the job because he knew when it was right to let Marc Andre Fluery and Nate Schmidt go. Nate Schmidt was my favorite player. I was sad.

          • Pistol Pete

            Rashaad acquiring Hertl negated losing Stephenson. That was the intent anyways.

  12. ThG

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    Analysis by top brow, political savvy .

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    • Pistol Pete

      OT (off topic):

      ThG you lose credibility when you stretch facts to suit your narrative this time claiming Harris committed adultery by dating Brown in the 90’s when he amicably separated from his wife in 1982. Are you purporting they were never divorced and even if they were not this constitutes adultery by Harris?

      • TS

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        • TS

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        • ThG

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          • TS

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          • knights fan in minny

            how funny veggie jo said h was a black woman

        • knights fan in minny

          jilly pooh should be ashamed of her self for propping up veggie

      • ThG

        wrong PP he was married and doing heels up BEFORE he allegedly split up.

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        :Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been “allegedly estranged from his wife” Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret. A Sacramento Bee reporter told People that Brown got back together with Blanche several times.

        He was married at the time, that is adultery. Stop with the fake news bull shit.

        • ThG

          “:Brown was married at the time he and Harris dated, but – because he had been “allegedly estranged from his wife” Blanche Brown since 1981, according to People magazine –the relationship was not kept secret. A Sacramento Bee reporter told People that Brown got back together with Blanche several times.” From People magazine.

          He was married at the time, that is adultery. Stop with the fake news bull shit.”

  13. Rashaad

    I hope they have a statue in front of T-Mobile in the future that features Marchy, Smith and Karlsson sitting on the bench. Marchy is a Golden Knights legend and I am sure he is a great guy and team mate. They will be fine without him just like they were fine with out Marc Andre Fluery. Remember how stupid people reacted when Fluery was traded. People actually thought that he enhanced the teams performance even when sitting on the bench because he was happy and had a nice smile. They called the front office all kinds of names.

    Then the team won the Stanley Cup without Fluery.

  14. ThG

    Timmah shouldn’t read this, well maybe the last part .

    Lucas Van Vliet
    July 03, 2024

    Day 3 of Development Camp already?

    We started the day at Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada giving out food to the homeless, which I really enjoyed. You could tell by the faces as soon as they walked in how happy it made those people and how much they appreciated us being there. Giving back to the community is something I like doing.

    The community already does so much for us whether it’s coming to the rink to cheer us on or watching the Golden Knights on TV. The people we served today really needed it and deserved it. Wil Nichol reminded us that these people are meeting members of the Golden Knights – regardless of the fact that we’re prospects or camp invites, so we represent the team. The feeling of representing the organization in the community was an honor and I can tell why the guys in the city are so willing to help out.

    I was serving food with Shane Smith and Trevor Connelly, it was pretty easy. It was really nice to see some of the faces they had when you dropped off the food and how happy they were. We were able to talk with some of them and they seemed very happy and humble. I don’t take for granted what I have and I’m super thankful for what I had growing up. My dad has always taught me that I’m super lucky to have a roof over my head and food on the table every day when there are people who don’t. He also taught me that it’s important to treat people with respect, you can’t be mean to people. And just seeing how nice these people are still with what they have is pretty special. That’s just something I really enjoyed. All of us enjoyed it.

    When we got back to City National Arena, we had a cooking class and I think I learned a lot. I’m not a big cook. I cook here and there but it’s mostly eggs, nothing fancy. My mom is a really good cook and she’s supposed to teach me how to cook steak because I got to gain some weight. But today I learned how to cook chicken and what temperature it needs to be at and everything so that was good.

    I could tell Joe Fleming is probably not the best cook and that he relies on someone else to figure it out. Flemmer is so funny, I love that kid. He’s someone I’ve grown really close to and he’s already like a brother to me. I actually followed him on Instagram today because he’s someone I want to watch and see what he does. He’s such a funny kid. The European guys are also really funny, especially the way they treat Joe. The stuff they say to him is pretty hilarious. They’re always getting in stupid little fights with him and it’s so funny. I think it’s the way they say stuff in English to Joe is what makes it even funnier. And then when we’re on the ice, Joe is hysterical. Just the way he plays is super hilarious. He calls himself a “skilled defenseman,” but you know he’s joking. You see him try to do certain moves at the blue line and it just doesn’t look natural. And then he tries to hit and it’s just funny because it looks like he put everything into it, even though it’s just camp. Flemmer scored in the scrimmage yesterday and I was cheering for him. And of course, he totally whiffed the puck but somehow it still went in which is what made it even better. Before the scrimmage, he was joking saying that he never scores and that he doesn’t have any goals in his stick and then somehow, he ends up with a goal at the end of the day. I told him after the scrimmage that now he has everyone’s respect because he finally put one in the back of the net. I just love that kid.

    We also got to hear from former Golden Knights player Nick Holden with Player Development and his experience with playing in the NHL. It was pretty cool to hear the path that he had and to understand that everyone has a different path. You know, most players want to get to the NHL right away, but there are also people who need to take the time to develop so that when they get to the NHL, they’re ready and they don’t have to go down. And I think that’s what he did. He knew if he took the extra time to play in the minors, once he got to the NHL, he’d be able to stay there and that’s what happened. He also talked about how he got traded to a few teams, but he stayed up and continued to play games until the end of his career. It’s pretty special here and that’s something I’ll take in realizing that you don’t have to get the NHL right away. It’s going to be my own path that I’ll take.

    Tonight, we’re going to a Las Vegas Aviators game. I’m not the biggest baseball guy but it’ll be nice to get some time away from the rink with the guys. I feel like we’re already like a big family. It’s so cool how the baseball field is right next to the rink, I wonder if any home runs have hit the building before. I can’t believe tomorrow is 4th of July, I don’t think anyone has realized it. The guys and I got to figure out what we want to do. It’s just so hot, I don’t know how you guys do this, but I’m having a great time in Vegas!


    • TS

      Guess you didn’t follow your Dad’s advice, huh?” Treating others with respect” got lost in the translation, somehow and became ” treat the ” others” with disdain and hate, calling names and making false accusations”. Your dad would be extremely disappointed in you . But, your giving nature, though invisible here, is admirable. Try that with SINBIN.

      • ThG

        another creepy stalker post that doesn’t make any sense

        take your bull shit elsewhere psycho nut job, it is clear here that you are dumbA$$ with nothing of value to add, everytime you post your hate shows, clueless as usual.

        • TS

          Do you have ANY new attack material?? Your repeated attacks are getting stale. As are your constant POLITICAL hacks and attacks.

        • TS

          Thq, Trump banged just about every woman in NYC, while married to his wives. Dude!! Yet you’re here attacking Harris??? Is HYPOCRISY your ONLY weapon??

          • ThG

            Harris can’t use that , dumbchit ! you still don’t get it, do you?

            go target and stalk someone else, your act here is old and stale, you have nothing of new to offer here

            most posts go way over your head

            psycho creepy stalker.

          • TS

            Thq, oh, I get it. I get YOU. you’re an idiot !!

          • TS

            Thq, are you a Parrot?? NO original thoughts, just the same CRAP, and Parroting other’s thoughts. Squawk, squawk…keep squawking, thq!! Trump assaulted half of Manhatten, moron!! He was MARRIED. Yet he preyed upon countless women. A SEXUAL.PREDATOR. Get it , NOW THQ????

  15. knights fan in minny

    chemistry was a big thing with Vegas the last few years it better happen fast lost to much talent

  16. Donald J Trump

    Jack Manning
    The more Marchessault speaks, the more I think he was not willing to make any substantial concessions to stay in Vegas and keep the team competitive.

    But lets see how we all feel in 6 months

    • knights fan in minny

      it could be a good 6 months or bad 6 months i think they will struggle samsonov better b ready to contribute

      • ThG

        I think the team will be just the opposite of last year, in which they started off strong and finished , well, like car with only three wheels in F1 nearing the finish line.

        It will take some time to gel, their defense will keep them in games, and then
        they will hopefully pull things together after all star break. Samsonov needed a change of scenery from the hockey head case town known as toronto, which it pressure cooker on players, and more so on goalies.

        The desert air, and VGK hockey goalie coaches, will work with him. Goal tending is 90% mental and 10% physical ( or as the great Yogi used to say ‘90% of the game is half mental’), and he will have a better set of D men in front of him then toronto had.

        live the dream
        dream to live

        • Rashaad

          ThG, I hope you are right. The game is not played on paper. It’s only natural that these same players would lose some hunger after achieving the ultimate goal.

          Isn’t it funny that both Tampa and Vegas were criticized by all the so called experts for not resigning Stamkos and Marchessault.

          Since 2017-18, no team has played more playoff games then Tampa and Vegas. That tells me that these two franchises know what they are doing.

      • Rashaad

        They will almost surely struggle next year and it won’t be because Marchy is gone. That is a very small part of it. Carrier got an 80% raise and went from 1.2 million to 2.0 million. Stephenson got a 227% raise and went from 2.75 million to 6.25 million. Michael Amadio got a 340% raise and went from 0.7625 million to 2.6 million. It’s inevitable that the roster is turning over.

        • Pistol Pete

          As McCrimmon noted there were players outperforming their contracts. Stephenson is the most notable and as we see Hertl replaced him at a cost of $4m additional. I will be the first to admit that will be a disaster if he is not good though I believe he probably will be. Again, center depth Eichel-Hertl-Karlsson-Roy is very good. D corp very good. Goaltending decent. Wings a bit iffy pending picking up a n additional 1RW or 2RW to supplement Stone.

          • ThG

            When is Marner deal coming down ?

            PS you miss your boy Cotter yet ?

  17. I still think Hannafin was brought in to replace Shea who will become unrestricted. Just like Hertl was brought in to replace Stevenson. The value of Hertal depends on his knees recovering. We don’t know that yet but if he is OK he will be a much better center than Stevenson. The final piece will be trading Shea for a top line winger. We can’t afford to resign for 6.5 to 7.5 next year and he will want 7 years. Who is that winger I’m not sure but it could be a surprise.

  18. ThG

    oh my happy fourth all,
    may the fourth be with you !

  19. ThG

    waa waa waa the sky is falling
    the end if near
    batten the hatches
    hide the women and children
    the END is NEAR
    woe woe woe is me !

  20. Rashaad, i totally agree with most of your post!

    Amadio…good for him , hes a good guy

    Carrier…good for him , hes a good guy…however i disagree with the moving up in the lineup part….he was on pace for around 25 goals!! 2 years ago before he got hurt and when he returned he was never the same including this year.

    Mantha…you were kind to label him as irreleavant lol

    Martinez…good for him…hes a good guy and best of luck

    Stephenson….good guy but his production had slacked off…refused to shoot the puck…and perhaps his speed is in decline because his breakaway opportunities were dew and far between all season…vastly vastly vastly overpaid by kraken who will rue the signing.

    Marchy…nothing but love and admiration for his time here…whether he or Macrimmon are being totally truthful we wont know…he got the deal he wanted…the years he wanted….a preds team that looks very dangerous on paper…how will he do there remains the question…how will he like being a small fish in the big pond there …he will need to defer to Josi Stamkos Sarros Forsberg and O’reilly…and Cody Glass haha…rather than being a big fish in the small pond here…will be interesting how the soon to be 34 year reacts and acclimates.

    • Pistol Pete

      As I mentioned earlier Necas is a center. Remains to be seen if McCrimmon would acquire him with the risk he won’t develop to his full potential as a winger though one would think with his speed he might work well with Eichel. Hertl could go wing but I believe the intent is to keep him as 2C.

      • ThG

        I thought you nominated Marner ?

        Need a score card to keep up with your flip flops

        • Pistol Pete

          At least I have named two top six forwards as potential acquisition targets. Is that not why we have these forums. To collect information and share ideas? Listening to the coach and the GM has worked for me. Listen and learn.

  21. sb

    VGK has about $6 million (inc LTIR) plus $5.2 million from Theodore. There is a trade coming for a younger goal scorer. Relax. McCrimmon knows what he doing.

    • Pistol Pete

      sb I’m pretty sure cap space is only $1.3m though of course you are correct Theodore is available to drive a top six winger deal.

  22. Pistol Pete

    It remains to be seen how impactful Stephenson, Carrier and Amadio will be in their new locations. There sure were a good value here based on what they were paid. Here’s to Olofsson, Holtz and Brisson filling in the void including Cotter and of course Hertl replaces Stephenson though at 2.45 times the cost.

    The negative nellies have this team missing the playoffs. I am not yet in that camp.

  23. Pistol Pete

    Cap space with Lehner on LTIR around $1.3m:

  24. Rashaad

    So Tampa offered Stamkos an 8 year contract that would carry a lesser cap hit then in a “traditional” 4 year contract. Marchessault publicly stated that Vegas offered him the same amount of money that Nashville did but over a longer term. So with Nashville signing him to a 5 year 27.5 million dollar contract, we can almost assume that Vegas offered the same 27.5 million over 8 years that would carry a cap hit of 3.4375 million per year. They probably sold it to Marchy saying that he was going to likely retire after five years anyways since he would be 39 years old. Maybe he doesn’t even get to 39.

    There is nothing wrong with what Tampa or Vegas did here. They were thinking team first. There’s also nothing wrong with Marchy taking the Nashville offer.

    Let me ask you all two questions. I will give the answer to the first question. Since Vegas entering the league in 2017, Which two franchises have played in the most playoff games? The answer to that question is Vegas and Tampa. They know what they are doing.

    My next question to all the Vegas fans is, Do you want the Vegas team run in a way that is most beneficial to winning? The number one priorities of Vegas and Tampa are to win above anything else. I don’t know what you guys want, but my answer is yes.

    Marchessault wanted a traditional contract and he got one with Nashville. Since when has the Vegas Golden Knights done anything traditional. If they were traditional like every other expansion team, they would still be terrible.

  25. ThG

    someone asked where the 42 goals should come from?

    The new comers on roster (who were not on
    starting roster last year) “should” be able to make up for it “easily”:


    42/7 = 6 per each

  26. Donald J Trump

    The funny thing here is everyone is ignoring the agent, what is coming below makes sense (except of course to the psycho creepy stalker poster with brown stain coming perpetually out of their mouth). Actually someone posted this, and now let’s take it a step further. I will keep it simple so even the stainer can possibly understand it.

    Who was Marchy’s agent?
    Is this the same Brisson who’s son plays for team?
    Well yes it is!
    Does moving Marchy to another team create an
    opening on VGK for young Brisson?
    Yes, it possibly does !
    Does agent get more, the higher the value of contract is
    if not deferred terms or more than one year is involved?
    Most likely.

    Who gets the most out of this deal?
    Brisson family (and of course perhaps Marchy)

    Does that story get lost in the VGK writers bubble world ?


  27. ThG

    Here’s a another take on the Heels Up Harris issue from John Sullivan

    Profile photo for John Sullivan
    John Sullivan
    Author has 1K answers and 492.6K answer views3y
    What happened between Kamala Harris and Willie Brown?

    Harris satisfied a married Brown’s sexual desires, and in return Brown boosted her career and placed her on various publicly funded councils for which Harris was well paid. Harris had no qualifications for any of these appointments & frequently did not even attend the councils’ meetings.

    Meanwhile, streetwalkers in San Francisco were arrested, prosecuted & sentenced for the acts of either soliciting an act of prostitution or committing an act of prostitution. In other words, young, frightened and often abused women were prosecuted for doing exactly what Harris was doing while Harris received thousands of public dollars and traded sex for money without any fear of retribution whatsoever.

    Prosecution of prostitutes continued in San Francisco while Brown was its Mayor and in CA while Harris was its AG and still is considered a crime today.

    Thank you for your question.

    • TS

      For a Christian, you sure are fixated on SEX. Does your priest know about your problem? How about the ” brown stains” you keep referring to?? Is that why they put you in the pew by the bathroom?? Idiot…

  28. Tim

    We were 8th in the west barely making the playoffs with our popgun offense which left me sleeping in my chair or turning to Netflix half the time. Change was needed not sure they’ve made the right moves but time will tell. Still waiting for the trade that brings in a scorer or two please for the love of God let’s put some pucks in the net. Guardians playing exciting baseball still keeping my summer interesting how’s your summer going? Did you see the word exciting I wish and hope this year I can say the same thing about the Knights that there an explosive exciting fun to watch team. Not that boring product they fielded last year.

    • Jose

      Tim, I know you are old and I respect you but were you even alive last time the Indians won a World Series? It was 76 years ago in 1948. Joe Biden was 5 years old and Donald Trump was 2 years old.

      Can you understand how criticizing the Golden Knights and praising the Cleveland Guardians in the same sentence, paragraph, city, country, world or universe is an insult and disrespectful.

      They made a movie with two sequels about the Cleveland Indians / Guardians making fun of how shit they are.

      • ThG

        Tim is easy target, Jose. don’t be so harsh on him. I think he forgets that he repeats himself. Maybe he’s related to PP? At least he’s coherent, unlike ‘mumbles mush brain’ in the white house. Leave the old man be.

        Live the Dream
        Dream to Live

  29. JB

    Let’s see. This coming season. Knights get 105 points and end up third in division behind Seattle and Edmonton. Stevenson leads Kraken with 82 points and a division first place. Nashville falls down badly when Marchy and Stamko only get 40 goals between them. More bullshit later! :0

  30. Condie

    First if you are a real hockey fan marchy was not that good, average player at best. Real fans who follow hockey know this, I predict he will be traded within 2 yrs and out of the league before his contract is up. I agree with McCrimson his stats have never proved that he is worth 5 years much less being paid to age 38, only a handful of players make it to that level. Carlson another player who should go mediocre at best, where were the goals during the playoffs? When it counts? the defense is what this team was built around, injuries to Martinez, Petrangelo missing games for family issues(much more important than hockey)did not help . Hertl should help in scoring once he gets up to speed. Stone should go too, great leader lousy scorer. Goaltenders we have a couple in the minors who showed promise, defensively we should be just as strong although Martinez is hard to replace as a shot blocker not a scorer, still very strong defensively, we need one or two scrappy players who score, not because their contract is up, who look to score. Defense wins the cup. You can have the highest scoring team but a good defense shuts you down, ask Edmonton!

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