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2024 Trade Deadline Roundup

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The NHL Trade Deadline is at Noon Pacific time today.

This article will be dedicated to all pertinent news surrounding the Golden Knights and this year’s deadline. It will be updated throughout the day.

  • The Golden Knights are trading for Thomas Hertl from the San Jose Sharks (Source: Bob McKenzie)
    • VGK give up a 1st round pick, David Edstrom (last year’s 1st round pick), and two 3rd round picks. VGK are getting two 3rd round picks back too.
    • San Jose are retaining 17% of his salary, so VGK will be on the hook for $6.75 million against the cap through 2030.
  • Golden Knights acquired Anthony Mantha on Tuesday in exchange for 2024 2nd round pick and 2026 4th round pick.
    • Washington is retaining 50% of Mantha’s salary
    • Mantha will carry a $2.85 million cap hit
  • Noah Hanifin has been traded to Vegas from Calgary for Daniil Miromanov, a 2025 1st round pick, and a 2025 3rd round pick.
    • The 1st round pick becomes a 2026 1st round pick if the Golden Knights trade their 2025 1st round pick before the deadline.
    • The 2025 3rd round pick becomes a 2nd round pick if the Golden Knights win a playoff round.
    • Calgary retained 50% of Hanifin’s salary in the trade.
    • Philadelphia also retained 50% of Hanifin’s remaining salary in a separate trade in which the Golden Knights gave up a 5th round pick.
    • VGK are on the hook for $1.2375 million against the cap for Hanifin.
  • Tobias Bjornfot was placed on waivers by VGK on Thursday.
    • He was claimed by the Florida Panthers.
  • Daniil Miromanov signed a two-year contract extension with the Flames for $2.5 million.
  • Malcolm Subban has been traded from St. Louis to Columbus for future considerations. He will be assigned to the Cleveland Monsters in the AHL. (Source: @reporterchris)
  • Erik Brannstrom is being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning. (Source: @sas11h)
  • GM Kelly McCrimmon will hold a press conference at 2:00 PM today whether the Golden Knights make another move or not. (Source: Golden Knights)






  1. Tim

    We still need another scorer I sure Kelly is working on bringing in that last piece to make a run. Troffli the obvious choice maybe Boone Jenner or Reilly Smith, how about Alex Tuch? I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

    • yoMamma

      The only player worth a trade is Pavel Buchnevich from the Blues but the price might be to steep. I would bundle a package sending Theodore (cause all he looks to do is score, he never hits, nor blocks shots that is what Dmen do) and Kolesar because he hasn’t done a thing for the team in a long time. Waste of space on the roster for both these players Theodore especially……Enjoy the 4 game post season VGK (if we even make it this year) as this team has quit and is looking for an early vacation.

  2. NAM

    Jets add Toffoli for what looks like a 2nd and a 3rd. Seems like a big miss by VGK in my opinion.

  3. Emmanuel

    The perfect fir would be Ovechkin
    aint going to happen…….

  4. Condie

    Agree with moving Theodore, marchasant, & karlson and make a blockbuster deal. Get what you can for karlson & marchasant since both are playing above their abilities right now. We need new blood to win another cup. Business not personal.

  5. NAM

    Jordan Eberle signed a contract and is staying in SEA. Another decent winger off the board.

  6. Bolts1

    Vegas Golden Knights @GoldenKnights
    Official Team Account

    UPDATE: Today’s practice has been moved to an off-ice workout. #VegasBorn

    That’s right, we don’t need no stinkin’ practice. We already know how to lose.

  7. knights fan in minny

    nhl network saying Kelly working on a deal right now

  8. Jim

    Golden Knights Working To Acquire Tomáš Hertl

    In a blockbuster move, the Golden Knights are working on a trade to acquire all-star center Tomáš Hertl from the Sharks, per TSN’s Bob McKenzie.

    More to come…

  9. knights fan in minny

    hertl a neew vegas golden knights

  10. Emmanuel


  11. NAM

    Tomas Hertl huh.

  12. Henderson Knights

    the question remains, will the current players start playing up to their proven level, or will the current malaise continue?

  13. knights fan in minny

    wont be ready until t h playoffs h is a big human

  14. NAM

    I am fine with Hertl as a player, but WTF, 8.1 million a season for 6 year. Is Stone never coming back? Bye Marchy and Stephenson. Plus he is on IR for knee surgery. Supposed to be back though.

    I like the player. I want nothing to do with this trade.

  15. Jim

    TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the Sharks will receive the Golden Knights’ 2025 or 2026 first-round pick, whichever one does not transfer to the Flames for Noah Hanifin, 2023 first-round choice David Edstrom, a 2025 third-round pick, and a 2027 fifth-round pick. The Sharks are retaining 17% of Hertl’s deal, bringing his cap hit down to $6.75MM for Vegas.

    • Jim

      IMPORTANT correction—-

      the Sharks will receive the Golden Knights’ 2025 first-round pick and 2023 first-round choice David Edstrom. “Dreger clarifies” that a 2025 third-round pick and a 2027 third-round pick are heading “TO” Vegas from San Jose with Hertl, NOT the other way around. The Sharks are retaining 17% of Hertl’s deal, bringing his cap hit down to $6.75MM for Vegas.

  16. vgk21

    Looks like the future Vgk will be college free agents, as they have swept the cupboard bare of top picks.
    They kept their #1 pick in 2024 because the draft is held in Vegas in June.

    • NHhell

      To be frank, I would prefer college free agents, because then you can better tell whether a player has reached his potential, and whether he is ready for the pros. The kids drafted at 18 are much harder to predict their development.

  17. I always joked with my wife we should get Hertl.. he would look good in a VGK uniform.. and he will for sure!!…but unless cap space is being expanded to 200 million.. yes exaggerated …how the heck is this going to work??… of course if we win the CUP this current year who gives a shit as it will have all been worthwhile!

    • Hertl may look good in a VGK uniform providing it’s not the gold one. Obviously must be bad luck and they haven’t won recently wearing them. Of course, they haven’t done well in their road uniform either so maybe it doesn’t make any difference. LOL They need a mental shift as they don’t seem to have the same attitude when behind that drove them to winners last season. Seems their confidence is gone south. Maybe Saturday they can turn it around – they have the ability but it sure isn’t showing up lately. The door is closing so they need to get their act together immediately. Has anyone seen anything from Pistol Pete lately he seems to have vanished after predicting they will win 13 of remaining games.

  18. NHhell

    the internet trolls are already bashing Vgk for the “cap circumvention” as they like to falsely describe it.

    I read one today that said “the Vegas fans will be crying when they miss the playoffs while Stone and Hertl sit healthy on LTIR”

    as though a lacerated spleen and knee injury are made up fantasies.

    the jealousy from all around the league….funny how it was far more muted when Tampa won 2 cups this way.

  19. Hertls left knee will suddenly start healing as I’m sure he was not gearing up to return for the last 10 games for the sharks.. but suddenly a chance at the playoffs will provide tge incentive… the front office needs to have our total trust in their decision making!$

  20. ThG

    he’s 30 years old !!!!

    too old, bad deal, another tomas tatar deal

  21. Totally disagree.. wrong wrong wrong!!!

  22. Jock Aychel

    Might as well change the logo to this *. The Vegas “Cap Circumventers”. Embarrassing.

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