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2023 Development Camp Observations

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The Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights wrapped up their yearly summer Development Camp. Every draft pick since the 2020 Draft attended plus a host of Silver Knights, Ghost Pirates, and camp invitees.

The group was split into two teams that practiced together for the entire week and participated in two scrimmages. Here are my observations from 2023 Development Camp.

  • Jackson Hallum is very fast.
    • This is really not news as it’s been the defining feature of his game since he was selected in the 3rd round of the 2020 Draft, but boy did it show up on the ice this week. He scored three times in the scrimmages (no one else had more than one), and he was noticeable all over the ice in both games. His hands and mind definitely appear to be catching up to his feet. Certainly an exiting prospect moving forward.
  • Isaiah Saville is on another level compared to the other goalies.
    • This is certainly not to say any of the goalies were bad (they definitely weren’t) but there’s a certain calmness in the net and playing the puck with his stick that Saville possesses the others simply don’t at this time. Saville should get plenty of starts in the AHL this year and it wouldn’t surprise me if he pushes Jiri Patera for the starting role.
  • Brendan Brisson has improved as a passer and playmaker.
    • There wasn’t a single power play for his team in the two games in which he played so we didn’t get to see his most dangerous weapon, but Brisson made an impact with his precise passing. Coming off watching a playoff run that ended in the Stanley Cup, accurate passing is something I’ve kind of taken for granted, but then watching prospects play you see the importance of it.  Brisson was excellent setting up his teammates multiple times for good looks. Can’t say I’m fully convinced he’s ready to take an NHL spot away from a guy like Paul Cotter or Pavel Dorofeyev, but this is the closest I’ve ever felt.
  • Daniil Chayka is a rock.
    • After four periods of not really noticing him I decided to really focus on his game in the final two periods, and I was impressed. He broke up a number of plays in the neutral zone, was excellent on and off the puck in the D-zone, and activated multiple times offensively but wasn’t found by teammates. I’ve always believed he has a good shot at being an NHLer, I’m pretty convinced of it now.
  • Two roster invitees impressed me, one in each game. Scrimmage 1 it was Robbie Fromm-DeLorme and scrimmage 2 it was Jayden Lee.
    • Fromm-DeLorme is a WHL player who went undrafted and is known as an energy type guy. He looked like much more than that in the first scrimmage as he was consistently driving the play for his team. Passing, forechecking, hustle, IQ, hands, I liked all of it from him. Unfortunately, he got hurt in the second game and missed a chunk of it.
    • Jayden Lee, a four year defenseman at Quinnipiac, was uber confident on the puck. He dusted multiple guys at the blue line and even poked in a rebound goal in the first game. Despite scoring in Scrimmage 1, he was better in the second one. It’s hard to describe beyond, he just looked like he’s better at this sport than pretty much everyone else.
  • Daniel D’Amato is close.
    • The Henderson Silver Knight who has been around multiple camps with the Golden Knights continues to stand out every time he’s on the ice. There’s still a bit of skill lacking in his game which is why I wouldn’t project him to be ready to break through to the NHL any time soon, but this kid can really play. He’s noticeable in all three zones and has a very strong stick. I expect him to have a good year in Henderson and potentially start to take steps towards moving upward.
  • Mathieu Cataford was the most impressive 2023 Draft pick
    • He just seems to have a nose for the puck and for the goal. His skating looked good especially through the neutral zone and he was typically in the right place for rebounds. I’m always extremely careful to judge the guys that were picked last week in their first Development Camp, but I’ve definitely got my eyes on him moving forward.


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  1. Richie-Rich

    Our roster is in pretty good shape for the next two years. After that, we are going to need to reload some on both offense and defense. At that point both our current goaltenders will still have good years ahead of them. Barring injuries and bad puck luck, our Golden Knights should be contending for Stanley Cups in the next two years. After that, we have to hope that the system can replace some of the older forwards and defensemen who likely will be going away.

    • THE hockey God

      R R a bit early to make that call, try again in January 2024, teams will be gunning for the Stanley Cup champ in every game. It won’t be easy staying on top of the hill.

      • Richie-Rich

        Come on man. I said contending. The road to the Cup is Brutal! Everyone realizes that. Stay healthy and we will have a shot. You know me, I was a non-believer. Eichel wasn’t delivering, Stone was out and didn’t really perform well in the 1st Round either. Pistol Pete believed they had a shot this year despite the evidence. Something happened during the 1st or 2nd round that pushed this team to the next level. Cassidy? His system? Team chemistry? Yes, all of that. It will not be easy staying on top of that hill!

  2. Arthur

    What is the status on the Silver Nights?

  3. THE hockey God

    I thought Link and Borghesi had good showing. Link is big forward and netted two goals, one in each game and worked well with other forwards. Borghesi was always around the puck for team white, a small d man but very agressive. Got out of position only one time.

    The others were pretty much givens, Isaiah got smoked by team white in final scrimmage today after keeping them in it for most game.

    Brisson and no. 40 , the small d man Cormier I expected a lot more from.

    No 18 Emond or whatever his name is, this year’s no. 1 pick didn’t show much,, the other Fin showed more. I don’t think he even played in scrimmage today. Didn’t see his number out there, unless he changed numbers. The FINS probably had jet lag. Let’s call it that.

    All in all, very competitive matches, like a turtle race. No one player really stood out except for Goalie for first two periods and Jackson in last period. I don’t see much here coming up to NHL level this year. Need more talent and skill.


    • The hockey God

      nice, they were about as good as henderson silver knights, dwelling in bottom portion of the standings

  5. Jailbird

    That’s all great. Go Silver Knights, Ghost Pirates , all that. Right now all I care about are the Vegas GOLDEN Knights ….. THE Stanley Cup World Champions!

  6. knights fan in minny

    hell yeah jb

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