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2022 Has Been Challenging In Many Ways For The Golden Knights

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It hasn’t been easy for the Golden Knights in 2022. Overall, Vegas has lost 14 games this calendar year and collected only 24 out of a possible 48 points. It gets even worse. Since January 1st, the Golden Knights have scored the second least number of goals in the entire league. Adding to insult, Vegas has a meager .375 winning percentage in one-goal games since January.

It’s been a challenge considering the injuries Vegas has faced but like Sunday against the Senators, the Golden Knights just need to find ways to win. So how bad has 2022 been for Vegas? Well, let’s examine the numbers.

Goals Scored In 2022

  1. Florida 119
  2. Colorado 113
  3. Toronto 113
    ** 31. Vegas 61

Goals Scored Per Game In 2022

  1. Florida 4.58
  2. Toronto 4.19
  3. Calgary 3.85
    ** 28. Vegas 2.54

It’s no secret the Golden Knights have been struggling to score. Against a below-average Philadelphia team, Vegas’ offense stunk up the joint only creating one goal on 48 shots. You can give credit to hot goaltenders or look in the mirror and accept how poorly the club shoots the puck. Fourteen games this season the Golden Knights have shot 40 or more times on net. After Tuesday’s loss, Vegas is 5-8-1 when they shoot 40+.

Highest Shooting Percentage In 2022

  1. St. Louis 12.7%
  2. Tampa Bay 12.4%
  3. Florida 12.2%
    ** 32. Vegas 7.4%

The game against the Flyers was the 11th time the Golden Knights scored 2 goals or fewer goals since the turn of the calendar year. After four postseason exits, fans are well aware scoring two goals in the playoffs won’t cut it.

Another startling concern is when the goals are coming for Vegas. The Golden Knights have 23 1st period goals in 2022 which is around league average. However, they are in the bottom three in middle frame goals and even scarier, Vegas is second to last in 3rd period goals.

1st Period Goals Scored In 2022

  1. Toronto 44
  2. Florida 40
  3. Calgary 35
    ** 21. Vegas 23

2nd Period Goals Scored In 2022

  1. Florida 40
  2. Boston 36
  3. Los Angeles 36
    ** 30. Vegas 20

3rd Period Goals Scored In 2022

  1. Colorado 47
  2. Pittsburgh 43
  3. Toronto 38
    ** 31. Vegas 17

Vegas’ biggest challenge is the Colorado Avalanche who are an astounding +25 in 3rd period goal differential. Sadly, the Golden Knights are -11 in 3rd period goal differential. It’ll be nearly impossible to compete against serious contenders if you can’t score in the final period of games.

Alright, enough of the ugly stats already. There are some positive trends that continue to keep the Golden Knights above water. One is their ability to slow down offenses. Even though Vegas is struggling to find the back of the net, they’re making it as difficult for their opponents.

Goals Allowed In 2022

  1. New York Rangers 59
  2. Tampa Bay 64
  3. Vegas 66

Goals Allowed Per Game In 2022

  1. New York Rangers 2.36
  2. Colorado 2.45
  3. Calgary 2.70
  4. Boston 2.74
  5. Vegas 2.75

The Golden Knights are among the contenders in the league allowing 2.75 goals or less in 2022. However, all are averaging well over three goals per game. With their current lineup, it would be difficult to believe Vegas would outscore the opposition in a seven-game series. In order to advance in the playoffs, the Golden Knights will need to score three a game and/or receive elite goaltending. Hopefully, injured players heal and Robin Lehner will be at his best.

It’s possible but it’s also a lot to ask, especially if they continue their woeful trends of 2022.

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  1. GM FOR THE DAY. I AM SELLING AND GOING SHOPPING AS FOLLOWS (Also, see end for my proposed 2022-2023 roster).

    The Focus: There are a lot of reasons why VGK Management should be looking to sell at the deadline. The bottom line is that even if the Golden Knights should get into the playoffs, they are not going to be healthy enough in time to make a serious run this year. The only way I change my mind is by some miracle the VGK goes on a long winning streak. In the meantime, I am shopping as follows:

    For Sale:
    #19 Smith – UFA after the season, get something now
    #26 Janmark
    #27 Theodore
    #39 Brossoit – teams looking for a good backup
    #41 Patrick
    #55 Kolesar
    #63 Dadanov
    #90 Lehner – teams looking for a great backup

    Shopping for:
    1-Goaltender to compete with Thompson for starting role
    2-AHL level goaltender for Henderson

    Note: At his age, Martinez is a big risk going forward. If you can find a buyer at the right price you sell him as well.

    2022-2023 ROSTER


    THOMPSON & ?GEORGIEV? or other NHL pick up.
    Make offers to the Kraken for Grubauer depending on the CAP.


    • THE hockey GOD

      i will give you a bag of marbles (dropped once), don’t know how many are broken.

    • Blitz

      I don’t really pay attention to assistant coaches, but to me it seems like Spott has been the power play coach since Peter arrived or at least the few times I have noticed it (like a time-out before a PP). So recently they switched to Craig as the PP coach and Peter’s answer to the question of them changing was (paraphrase) ‘they always change it up, so it doesn’t get stagnant’. If they always change it up why have I not noticed it, and it hasn’t been talked about, in 3 years? It’s a bullshit answer, but no surprise.

  2. VGK sold chemistry for Talent. Way too many Stars and not enough Hard and honest workers anymore. Eichel will muss the POs….again….

  3. Henderson One

    It will be interesting to see if VGK just squeeze into the playoffs whether season ticket holders will buy playoff tickets at the high price they ask or just forgo the experience. This is a troubled team and some big changes are needed.

    • I am a STH and can tell you that VGK better discount the playoff tickets if they make it. This years edition has not lived up to the hype, but it is playing out exactly how I thought it would minus the injuries. I had predicted a 3rd place finish in the Pacific for VGK and it looks like they will be fighting for it hard.

      • Tyler Durden

        Lol, like the owner is gonna do anything but screw the STH. I gave up my 4 after they were the only pro sports franchise to keep taking money during the pause. So I said fuck you and sold my seats. And the friends we made in the seats in front are out after this year as he got tired of getting screwed also.
        I am a lifelong LA Kings fan from So Cal, who decided to give the knights a full chance and become a fan and season ticket holder, but after getting screwed by price increases at every turn, I knew I made the wrong decision about going to root for the knights. So this year we did a 10 game plan in LA and every LA game here in Vegas plus a few other games at T Mobile where I find myself rooting for the visitors. Lol.
        I have a feeling I’m not alone with the attitude of STH, being there is no waiting list for season seats anymore.
        Not even gonna address the way the team is being run.

        • Sooner or later Foley has to see what this team is becoming. Hopefully soon and by the trade deadline. He needs to step in and grab the steering wheel before McCrimmon and DeBoer steer the car right off the cliff.

    • Ive been a season ticket holder for 4 years. I’ll be going to the playoffs but they better be cheaper than last year or I might rethink it.

  4. Barney

    Lehner sent back home due to injury

    Oh no! Who will be blamed now for the shitty play??? It’s always the goalies fault!!

    • Blitz

      The fact that you are talking about Lehner and maybe hinting that the team is playing shitty (which they are) points at only one place. The front office. This is the team the FO built and it ain’t working. If it’s the coach (and it could be), it is still the front office. There is no one player that is causing them to be shitty. It is a collection of players lead by a coach and all of it was put together, forcefully via firings and back-stabbings by the front office.

    • Daryl

      Notice how RL is always injured after a really bad performance. Is it really a physical issue or is this a mental issue.

      And nividy on here only blames the goalie, we simply say he is part of the problem. He’s just talked about more because people like you like to defend him and make excuses for him every step of the way

  5. Tim

    Jason the stat guru did a good job giving everyone a dose of reality. Were not that good and for all the hype you can only bullshit people so long. Let’s face it Karlsson, Smith, Dadonov, Janmark, Roy, Patch, Amadio, Howden, Hutton, Kolesar, Patrick, Lehner, Coghlan, Theadore, Hague aren’t bringing much to the table, We need a retool not a rebuild to many guys all show and no go or injury prone. You need offensive players with a scores touch and look at the names I’ve mentioned how much of a scoring touch do any of them have?

    Forth Line – Carrier – Howden -Kolesar

  6. LVsc

    Lehner and Smith both out tonight injured.

    81 moves to line with Eichel and Patch

    playoff chances just keep getting more distant all the time.

  7. LVsc

    watching the first period of this game, the Vgk have reached a low point in franchise history.

    IF this continues tonight, then it is time for major firings and trades right effin NOW !!

  8. knights fan in minny

    is craig anderson on the trade block

  9. the hockey God

    pathetic display so far into period 3, they ca n not skate, shoot (nearly every shot right at goalie center or shoulder), now they can not fight. Last resort for failing team is to fight.

    Eichel = nothing in o zone. PP non existant.

    10 minutes left to turn this around

  10. knights fan in minny


  11. LVsc

    absolute disgrace. they totally hit rock bottom tonight.

    Let the front office and coach firings and player trades begin, and I don’t give a shit who they are or how much they make, or how long they have been a Knight.

    from McCrimmon on down, time to clean house.

    • the hockey God

      81 should know better, hot head yet again; does b
      not deserve the A

  12. I have become a VGK fan since moving here. I don’t know a lot about hockey but I do know that they need to make a lot of changes both on the ice and in the front office. In my world I would get rid of Stone , Lehner, Kolesar, DeBoer, just to name a few. They made a big mistake trading Fleury. In my opinion DeBoer and Kelly McCrimmon have dismantled the Golden Knights with all of there bad trades.

  13. A former season ticket holder

    Poetic justice tonight. The true Hockey Gods have spoken when Tucky and Krebsy ran goals down our throat. We have all awakened from the dream

  14. Tim

    Another one bites the dust. Lets see tomorrow the Penguins with Logan Thompson in net how do you think that will work out. Another 0-4 on the PP and people keep there jobs good luck with that. Were about finished you could see it when they interviewed Petro and you say DeBoers face towards the end of the game the look of a whipped man.



    • Mike StG

      RR – better would be trade Dadonov and keep Reilly. It’s the same $$.

      • While I might agree, Smith is unrestricted at the end of this season. Dadanov is under contract for another year. You get something for Smith while you still can, if possible.

        • Mike StG

          True, but Dadonov is about as useless as a third tit (as they say). The chemistry between Smith & Karlsson is undeniable, plus he plays all special teams (terrific on PK) and would likely take a deal close to his current salary just to stay here. He’s one of those glue players that everyone in the room respects as he leads by example. A 2nd or 3rd round pick isn’t worth losing him.

          • Okay, let’s just say that Smith is willing to sign for the same salary ($5 million). What’s the length of that deal? Marchy is signed through the end of the 2023 season.

            Dadanov might be a tough move given his performance at $5 million. He is under contract through the end of next season. He has 11 goals and 12 assists so far this year, a paltry 23 points. $5 million is quite a bit for a 3rd liner. The hope was that he would be able to play on the 1st line with Eichel. That turned out to be a joke. Any buyer will likely want us to eat maybe half of that salary, at least $1 to $2 million.

  16. Team is stacked with talent. The fact the team is not performing is on the coaching. PP has sucked for DeBoer’s entire tenure.
    DeBoer et al need to go. If Gallant was fired with the team still performing well, DeBoer’s days should be numbered.

    Also dump:


    Best pick-ups this season:


  17. Mike StG

    As I said some weeks back – this team that once played for each other has become (with all the player moves in & out by the FO) an assemblage of players. They play hard but are out of sync, seem to lack leadership, appear to be buckling under the pressure of high expectations.

    It may take a season or more for this team to gel, if ever. That is not on the coach – it’s on the Owner and FO. For all those calling for DeBoer’s firing – don’t hold your breath.
    Usually a GM will have 2 shots at hiring the coach of their choice. GMKM hired Gallant and then DeBoer. They’re out of chances. The next move is typically letting the FO go, bringing in new management and allowing the new GM to select a new coach (or keep the same one). So, if we see a change it will likely be GMKM being relieved of duties followed by a restructuring of the coaching staff.

  18. Daryl

    Iibsay trade what you can and build a team around Eichel… Nobody but him should be safe.

    • Mike StG

      Darryl, they don’t have a choice with Stone & Petro. So I guess you start with those three. A little soon to be running around like Chicken Little though, imo.

      Eichel has played 10 games since being out over a year and going through a major surgery. Plus the team still has some key players out long term. Maybe they just HOLD this year if they don’t see them returning by the playoffs. Then do some tweaks in the off-season and make a run at next year.

      If Max is hurt again and this continues for the rest of this season they ought to consider buying his last year out and look for a legit Top 6 scoring winger to play with Eichel going forward.

      • Daryl

        Even if VGK makes the playoffs I don’t see them going deep… If you can make good deals at deadline, I say go for it. You don’t just throw players away but if uts a good to great deal, bite the bullet

        • With Reilly Smith, you negotiate with him for a pay cut or you sell him before the trade deadline. You get what you can for him. The Rangers would take him in a heartbeat for Georgiev.

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