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Recap: It was reunion night at T-Mobile Arena as the Vegas Golden Knights hosted the St. Louis Blues. Vegas defenseman Alex Pietrangelo faced his former team for the first time and original misfit St. Louis’ David Perron always enjoys playing in his old hometown. 

Alex Tuch quickly gave Vegas the lead 3:17 into the game. It was Tuch’s third goal of the season. Perron got his revenge scoring two straight goals to give St. Louis the 2-1 advantage. The Blues would add another taking a 3-1 lead after the opening twenty minutes.

The scoring continued in the middle frame. Max Pacioretty made it a one-goal contest 1:42 into the period. The Blues regained their two-goal edge late in the period off a Pietrangelo turnover. After two periods, Vegas goaltender Robin Lehner and the Golden Knights trailed 4-2. 

The two teams traded power plays in the third period but neither converted. St. Louis’ 4-2 held for most of the period behind a strong performance by Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington. The Golden Knights were awarded a 5-on-3 midway through the period and Pacioretty took advantage. The veteran’s second goal of the game cut St. Louis’ lead down to 4-3. Pacioretty added his third, tying the game 4-4, picking up a hat trick, and forcing overtime. 

St. Louis handed Vegas their second loss of the season with a 5-4 win in shootout. The Golden Knights record drops to 5-1-1 and they still lead the Blues by two points for first place in the West Division. The two contenders face each other again on Thursday night. Game time is set for 6 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Yet another wild Golden Knights/Blues game. The cards were stacked against the Golden Knights and they did a whale of a job to keep coming at the Blues until they finally cracked and tied it up late. Vegas was the better team at 5-on-5, they were the better team on special teams, they were better in 3-on-3, they just didn’t get a great performance out of their goalie (especially in the 1st) and it cost them a point. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs St. Louis Blues at T-Mobile Arena

  • A Reilly Smith appreciation post for that unreal 3-on-3 shift.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Reilly Smith
** Alex Tuch
* Max Pacioretty




Supplemental Discipline Not Likely, Nor Necessary, For Mark Stone’s Hit


  1. Umpa. Lumpa showing his bad side so may its not Fluery and his contract.

  2. The 8.
    8 mill D-man on blues 4 goal would have anyone question the investment- out of position and out of wind Add to that the walrus at 5 mill and one just has to wonder. Doesn’t anyone question why the teams the walrus was previously associated with let him go? Take the blinders off he is not that good or anywhere near the caliber of flower. That doesn’t make me a just a flower supporter its simply recognition he is a much better goalie hands down.

    • Hey, HD! I agree. These guys are paid multi- millions because they are “elite”, so they should act like it. The Lawless and Order guy even said “enough is enough” after Stormy interviewed Stone who said they were getting good looks and making shot attempts. The L&O guy said they needed to get the pucks in the net. He even said after the first period, it should have been a consideration to pull Lehner especially considering how many shots he took and gave up 3. I get that players can have a slump. However, this is Lehners 4th game, and he is rested well between games.

      Rotowire said last year, and it might still be up on their site somewhere, that Lehner was let go several times due to poor performance and lacked consistency. Now, they take it easy on him like this site does.

      I would like to see him get out of whatever is the issue because he is ours and it affects the team. I guess we’ll see in a few days.

  3. Mark

    We dominated these guys, big time. I want to be honest, Stone should of lit up Faulk, whatever his name was. Anyone remember when the asshole from San Jose Thorton just nailed Nosek, just obliterated his jaw. Stone’s hit was minor, “my daughter hits me harder and she’s 6 month’s old” remember ??? Excuse me, excuse me, that knee dropping asshole Reaves needs to step up. I love the prick, but he’s invisible now. How anybody can attack our Captain because of a hit and nothing happens makes me sick. Is Reaves too busy acting like victim ? Cry me a river Reaves, act like a man, be a teammate instead of whining, being a victim. You get to sleep with beautiful women, make millions of dollars and you sit on your thumbs while your Captain gets picked on. I always liked you, step up !!

  4. Mark

    By the way, don’t drink Reaves beer, don’t be a chump until this foreigner millionaire apologizes for spitting in our faces and this country. Don’t be a sucker !! I love the Knights, great guys. I love Foley, a Patriot , an amazing American. I get upset, because so many are struggling, not working, hours cut, laid off until this day. Our Governor, not reopening, his boot on our necks. Hollywood hypocrites trying to bribe their way into getting the vaccine before those at risk, older Americans, frontline workers. Really ??? I want to go to game, it’s important to our community. We can be responsible, work together as a community, look after one another. Around the country, fans have been aettending games around the country, but in Nevada, No !! I’m embarrassed, our Marxist Governor will not let up, he’s not a Nevadan, he belongs in New York or San Francisco. He’s a disgrace !!

    • Steve S

      You feel better now ??

    • Mike StG

      This isn’t a goddamn political website. Go to Parler and vent your shit. FFS, Christ!! Can’t get away from this bullshit even on a hockey site! Morons.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you got that right Mark, spot on. Post of day, Goobernor blockhead chophouse is killing everything in this state including hockey. Time for recall effort to benefit us tru patriotic HOCKEY FANS.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    right now no. 67 is the hands down de facto CAPTAIN of this team (he was the one getting into players faces, telling them were to go, what to do, and leading with his play). Just like NEAL was during season one. He isn’t wearing a letter on his jersey on purpose because what he went thru in Montreal.

  6. THE hockey GOD

    team lost this game because of following :
    – CHICOM (that is chinese communist party) Wuhan (the place were it came from)
    Bat (the lab were the bioweapon was manufactured) plague / virus perpetuated in order to well you all know what happened on Nov. 3rd. Coaching staff sucked, one guy on bench was particularly useless – the guy in charge of line changes that is. Those two bench penalties for two many men. Will talk more about diversity later.

    – too many posts and shots wide, sign off tiring team due to well conditioning and short season, no exhibition season, timing off, etc.

    – Stone five minutes in penalty box didn’t help

    – three players not pulling their weight respectively with 5.41 minutes, 7.56 minutes, and another with 8.10 minutes). I don’t know why they benched no.14. But diversity and salary cap is killing this. So much for the far left liberal agenda about letting people in because of diversity. How about skill instead ?

    – then there is the walrus**, and everyone knows Paul was walrus. They sang about animals. The walrus? I will take Elvis and hound dog any day.

    **the walrus visited the deli

    pS trump won bigly

  7. THE hockey GOD

    | O 0 O O |
    | O o 0 O |
    |O o o 0 |
    | O O o o |
    |__________________ |

    ^^ you know what that is ? A walrus came into my Deli, the Groucho Marx
    European Foods Deli , where all the sandwiches lean
    slightly to left, and ordered a slice of swiss cheese. (say no more, nudge nudge,
    know what i mean, wink wink, a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat…nudge nudge)

    • THE hockey GOD

      | O 0 O O |
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      |O o o 0 |
      | O O o o |

      • Mike StG

        Hey GOD – try Parler. Your non-hockey shit is boring and stupid.

        • THE hockey GOD

          hey libturd, mike, only thing boring and stupid here is YOU ! And my posts are about hockey ! Learn to read putz !

          • Mike StG

            Hey GOD, I’m not a liberal and just fuck off with your stupid conspiracy bullshit. Anything of any hockey value is immediately diminished by your stupid comments about PC, so-called diversity, Chinese viruses, etc. Take that shit to Twitter or Parler so people who want to follow you and read that blather can enjoy it.

  8. Obviously a huge concern now and going forward is the goalie situation. What most fans saw even last year, that Robin Lehner isn’t better than MAF, is becoming undeniably obvious to management.

    It was so appropriate Kelly Mcrimmon, the man largely responsible for bringing Lehner here and signing him to the 5 year contract and trying hard to kick MAF to the curb, had to stand there and feel the deflation and dejection of the players as our goalie let in soft goals after soft goal. How demotivating it must feel to the players who are playing so well and working so hard just to let in softies and have their work and effort nullified.

    The unbelievably good news for all of us – the hockey gods have protected us! Despite Management’s efforts far and wide to screw this team up by signing 90 and abandoning 29, the hockey universe didn’t allow it to happen. It protected us from our own errant efforts and misguided decisions. So thank heavens we still have MAF, this gives us a chance still. It looks highly doubtful this situation can be corrected as no team will want to take Lehner’s contract. Worse yet all the other NHL teams are probably loving this, that vgk management could have shrunken greatly a stanley cup window with one bad contract that can hamper the team for the next 5 years, the whole window this team was set up to compete in.

    While the team can’t correct this situation in the long term with contracts at least it can fix it in the short term simply by recognizing MAF is our goalie, always has been, and should have continued to be …

  9. Sidenote question – why on God’s green earth did McKrimmon allow Lehner to play the shootout??? As far as I know you can change goalies before the shootout. Lehner is one or the worst shootout goalies in the NHL, something like 9-24, and too slow to adjust to the quick moves. MAF on the other hand is something like 3rd most shootout wins in history of NHL and quick as a cat. Hmmmm, maybe it would have been better strategy to put him in. And I know some of you will say he wasn’t warmed up, do you really believe 29, cold off the bench, wouldn’t have given the team a better chance?

    And along these lines, why on earth did Crim not use Patch in the shootout? Hmmmm the dude just scored a hat trick, hot as a firecracker with his shot, so let’s keep him on the bench… Are you kidding me???

    • JT, my feeling is that sometimes you have to let a situation play out. Maybe to see how a player handles the situation and/or maybe to let others see the situation. Maybe McCrimmon had to see it, maybe Lehner had to be given a full chance to turn it around. But I agree with you that Fleury is the better goalie.

      • Just wanted to note that Tuch seemed to have trouble with his turn at Binnington. I know he he is good, so I figured that was a fluke.

        • Mike StG

          Julie, Tuch is usually really good, you’re right. The puck rolled off his stick when he went backhand to forehand. He had Binnington beat, as he went for the deke left. That’s the breaks! Was a really fun game to watch and our guys played really well. I attribute the loss partly to the lack of coaches. They had 2 bench penalties (too many men on the ice), which was caused by confusion on substitutions by the guys behind the bench.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Sidenote question – why on God’s green earth did McKrimmon allow Lehner to play the shootout??? ” no good coach will pull there starting goalie in a shoot out situation which was unfolding at that moment in the game; that would be sending wrong message to that starting goalie and have severe consequences in the future under the circumstances at hand. One being the walrus did come up with some good late saves. If you pull the goalie you under those circumstances you release the kraken in the locker room. The oNLy way you put in back up goalie is if 1) starting goalie has an issue and asks to come out 2) starting goalie has injury 3) starting goalie has injury and doesn’t want to come out, and you yank him like Sparky Anderson would yank his starters.

    • Mike StG

      JT – they never use Patch on shootouts. At least in the first 3. I imagine they’d use him later if it went to 6 or 7 rounds. He might not be very good at it. Hard to say since we’ve never seen it. Be interesting to know what his record is.

      • Cracks me up that Shea goes to the exact same move in the shootout over and over again and it continues to work.

  10. tim

    Well the good news is we played hard for 60 minutes more good news we didn’t trade Flower. For you posters that thought we should change goalies for the shootout please you don’t embarrass a player like that. I said for months to keep both goalies because you never know what could happen. Well maybe you never know what could happen just happened. Giving up 10 goals in his last two games is not a recipe for winning a cup. For some of you it’s easy in hindsight to have 20/20 vision. From the beginning I said not resigning David Perron was a big mistake and guess what he’s still playing at a high level. I guess the bottom line is the Knights being so desperate to win a cup they keep chasing there tail.

    • Hi Tim – well maybe just maybe the walrus is on a short string – like I said all along MAF is a far better goalie that the elite walrus will ever be. You laughed and said impossible when I suggested that they could help solve the cap situation by replacing the walrus – you never know it could happen he definitely is not the answer they were seeking. Slow, out of shape and a determent to the team at this point. And for all you who believe he is being picked on this has nothing to do with any issues he may have other than his ability to perform. I think I read somewhere that to pull him would be an embarrassment to him – so what – how about the way team feels are you suggesting him being embarrassed is more important than the way the team reacts. Remember other teams he was with let him go and money bag Vegas gives him a contract at 5 mill a yr for 5 yrs – IMO that borders on stupidity or incompetence.

  11. Totally disagree, you are saying that it sends the wrong message to the team to take out the guy with an abysmal shootout record and replace him with the guy with the excellent shootout record. How about the message that your performance is important, were in this to win and not to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. How about the message you played well enough tonight to warrant the best chance of winning. Think about the locker room feeling after losing a game you should have won by giving up several soft goals…

    Your thinking would make it so that in baseball you never pull the pitcher for a reliever, never change a pitcher to take advantage of leftie/eighties, etc. You put the player in, in every situation, that gives you the best chance to win. This is pro sports, not high school.

    Just my 2 cents of course, what do I know I was a college wrestler haha. But even in wrestling you play the guy that gives you the best chance to win..

    • Tim

      JT, How can you compare baseball and hockey? In baseball you may use 3 or 4 relievers depending on right hand left hand situations etc. In hockey to take a goalie out after playing the game and overtime is ludicrous and I’ll leave it at that.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ignore him, the guy doesn’t understand hockey, never played, never been in professional locker room

  12. VGK2021

    Anybody who watched the training camp could see that Lehner was looking slow and out of game shape, and that Fleury was looking sharp, quick, and rejuvenated. and yes, Lehner is a terrible shootout goalie because he cannot move laterally on a deke by the shooter. He is literally the walrus from the TV commercial.

    also, how fitting that Perron, the guy who McCrimPhee let walk for a couple hundred thousand bucks AAV, was the guy who beat Lehner 3 times.

    if they continue to alternate goalies each game, even if one is hot and one is not, then DeBoer and McCrimPhee own any problems that this creates this season. Funny how there was no alternating last season when the roles were reversed.

    however, let’s also admit that Theo and Martinez had a bad 1st period, and that Petro had a bad giveaway to Kyrou for that killer 4th goal. however, overall, the VGK played a strong game, were far better than the Blues. The loss is mainly a goalie loss.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no . 7 hasn’t shown much, over rated acquisition so far, but slight upgrade from 88 (who is having a terrible year).

      perron never wanted to say in vegas, didn’t matter what they offered him, he likes St Louis that is obvious

      • Tim

        The Hockey God, again fake news you have no clue you just write shit in your basement and hope it sticks. Now here’s the truth on David Perron the year after he left when we played in St. Louis Ally took a ride with David Perron around St. Louis on a video interview and this is what he said. I wanted to stay in Vegas and I was not even offered a contract now that was straight from David Perron. Now thats easy to verify I’m sure many other posters saw that interview. This is the problem people post here and don’t have a clue they just make up shit as they go along and want us to think they know what there talking about.

        • THE hockey GOD

          perron is just CYA Tim, he has repeatedly gone back to the BLUES , that is fact. And he stated he liked it there.
          So don’t believe whatever comes out of players’ mouth because they don’t want to rock a boat.

          And I never mentioned ANYTHING about who made a contract offer or who didn’t make a contract offer, so don’t put words in my post that aren’t there.

          Furthermore, there are no basements here.

          So far, you are zero for three, and if this was baseball the ump would say
          YOU ARE OUT OF HERE ! and punch you out STRIKE THREE !!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      see my post above, the loss was much, much, much more than a “goalie loss. “

  13. Hockey God, thanks for discounting my posts as baseless and moronic, telling other comments to ignore me because I’ve not played professional sports. Very insightful and we’ll thought out.

    Only folks who have played professional hockey are qualified to post an opinion here by your standard, or at least be as intelligent as you are, as you seem to correct others and give your opinion as the defacto end all to the topic.

    Your political ramblings into areas where noone else has a clue as to what you are talking about is testament to your high intellect and is inspiring us all to accept you as informal moderator, the post to which you have already anointed yourself.

    Perhaps stick to the topics, don’t ramble into politics on a vgk hockey fan site, don’t assume you are smarter than the other folks here and try to respect others opinions. Or at least if you don’t perhaps, at least try to stop yourself from personal attacks it’s just not healthy to go there in public forums.

    We’re vgk fans on here. Can we please perhaps concentrate on what we have in common vs. what might drive us apart?

    • Tim

      JT read my comment above about the Hockey God. He doesn’t know shit and he likes to put people down. Now I’m 75 and I’ve been around enough to know that people who bad mouths people do it because of there own insecurities. Don’t let him get to you he’s not worth it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I never said they were baseless or moronic, lacking in scope yes. But baseless or moronic. Nope.

      It is free country last time I checked, at least until you libturd moe’s rigged the election and started going all neonutzi on everyone and anyone who didn’t agree with your BS with social media bans and getting people fired , and now with all the EOs from Herr Biden , the fake tyrant. That is really hurting this nation big time and not needed in middle of pandemic.

      So take it like a wuss you are, and STFU. Because you can’t handle the truth of matter. It’s ok for you to tell people to STFU but you can’ take it back yourself ??? WAH WAH WAH.

      Your ilk with your political games are ones “driving us apart”, I point out FACTS. You can ignore them or what ever. But it remains that liberalism is mental disorder. And bringing aspect of it into the game NEEDS TO BE POINTED out. Whether you like it or not. You have nothing to offer as counter point except WAH WAH WAH WAH “shut up” , “I don’t like it”, “you insult me”.

      Your posts are things that insult anyone reading them, and you attack other people, and I point that out ?? WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH.

      When you have something of value to add, other than your whining let me know and I will respond accordingly.

      Deal with it whiner. I ‘ain’t’ going any where.

      • Tim

        Hockey God simple question did David Perron want to stay with the knights but wasn’t offered a contract. It’s a yes or no answer. From your above post it looks like you went off the rails.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I don’t believe Perron wanted to stay with Knights, and neither did James Neal. That is my opinion based upon their actions, not their words.

          • Tim

            James Neal wanted to much he was history But Perron wanted to stay and for a 4 year 4 million he received from St. Louis we did not try to sign him. That was a big mistake. You still haven’t answered the question and instead of admitting you talked out of your ass you keep evading the question.

          • sb

            The problem with both Neal and Perron is at the defense side of the game. While both are scorers for sure, neither are strong in the defensive zone. Neal, on the decline, really, really slow. Great on the PP because he doesn’t have to skate much. As you see, he’s getting zillions now and producing ziltch. Management was looking for faster and more complete players. That’s Pac and Stone. Better signings.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    you wrote

    “Hey GOD, I’m not a liberal and just fuck off with your stupid conspiracy bullshit. Anything of any hockey value is immediately diminished by your stupid comments about PC, so-called diversity, Chinese viruses, etc. Take that shit to Twitter or Parler so people who want to follow you and read that blather can enjoy it.”

    Hey Mike, I ain’t going anywhere. I forgive you “my son”, and I am not going anywhere. And I will point out stuff I feel appropriate. If you don’t like it then TS.

    Now for your penance * ( An act of self-mortification or devotion performed voluntarily to show sorrow for a sin or other wrongdoing.) Say Three acts of contrition (“O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of hell, But most of all because they have offended”) , one Hail Mary, and one hundred Our Fathers (that is my favorite one , as you can guess).

  15. The Hockey god – notice the small “g” – you nor anyone else is entitled to a CAPITAL “G” where God is concerned. Since your into penance you have some work to do yourself. This is just a suggestion let your conscience be your guide.

    • THE hockey GOD

      all three are capitalized, Biker. “Bless you ‘my son’ ”

      keep on truckin’

      • Guess I should have spelled out the whole word I was doing my best to be polite – and hoping the message would come across, the issue is the same you nor anyone else is entitled to a capital GOD.

        On another subject – 8.8 mill D-man not worth the investment nor the 5 mill for the walrus.

        • yahweh the hockey god

          bless you “my son”, I agree the returns are not there yet this season. The question is , will they ever be ?? I am not impressed.

          are you happy now ??

          PS attached is a coupon for 1$ off for a sandwich at the Groucho Marx American Hebrew Deli where some people say the freshly made sandwiches in deli counter lead slightly to left. But that is a rumor. I swear it is ! The swiss cheese is being held in reserve for now, so order any other type of cheese.

          PPS i have crowned the new goalie the SEAL, or perhaps flounder is better term, since the walrus billing has been tarnished in last two games !

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Tim I answered the question, and if it wasn’t clear to you I will repeat it again. The answer is NO, PERRON did not want to stay in VEGAS (he as a matter of fact, hated VEGAS), his actions on that speak a lot more than his words. Words are like the wind, they mean nothing, move on with your twist and spin. Perron didn’t want to stay, his actions speak louder than words. How many times has Perron returned to St Louis ? Answer that question.

    • Tim

      I watched the interview and obviously you didn’t so were spinning our wheels enough energy spent on it, time to move on.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Some thoughts on Lehner’s “soft” season start: 4 games 2.95 GAA .885 SV%. Definitely not a good start and I agree with others than Fleury could prove the stronger choice. Having noted this, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending last year’s crazy game vs. the Blues which I believe went 6-5 VGK in OT. Fleury allowed 4 Sanford goals and 5 total which could probably be considered a “soft” game for him. Lehner I think does have some strengths and went a very respectable 1.99 GAA .917 SV% in last season’s playoffs albeit 9-7 in those mainly low scoring series. While he definitely needs to correct from this season’s soft start and fast, I am inclined to believe the initial decision of McPhee, McCrimmon and DeBoer to sign him can’t be entirely flawed as their collective experience and better judgement vastly exceeds ours. We need to give Lehner a chance to correct the issues, we can be sure the coaches are working on it. He is possibly feeling the pressure of “competing” against Fleury and may be choking, hopefull short term.

    • Tim

      Pistol Pete Maravich a fun player to watch at LSU. Your post is spot on management knows much more then us flunkies. Let’s hope Lehner comes around but the elephant in the room is he having some personal issues?

      • Pistol Pete

        And Pistol Pete Sampras of whom I was a big fan, Maravich’s namesake! Thanks btw and I enjoy your posts…I’m new to posting here but you definitely stand out among those voices of reason. For anyone interested (not) I played hockey in a Connecticut prep school, in fact for the same team as Shayne Gostisbehere of the Flyers although in my era the level of was not what it is in their program today. Anyways, I have not paid much attention to the NHL since quitting the game in ’71, although wife and my fanatical devotion to the Knights caused me to learn a lot more about it. Goaltender I have learned might be the hardest position to fill so I would say the Knights signed Lehner on the hope and a prayer he would pan out as it was becoming clear Subban would not quite. Subban was strong at TMobile right up to the end as I recall but struggled on the road. I saw him win the SO against the Panthers at TMobile, season before last…he was excellent, really good in SO’s. First rounder to the Bruins, it’s tough out there!

  18. Julie

    At the risk of starting a spirited dispute, what was that hit by Stone on Borzak? I checked Twitter and saw a lot of negative comments about Stone. They could all be St Louis fans, not sure. The guy he hit went face down and didn’t come back. I didn’t see if Borzak started it or what happened prior. Did anyone see the whole thing?

  19. DOC (just hockey, PLEASE)

    Just thanks to Mike SIG, JT, Mike (75) and a couple others who are at least trying to keep this site about hockey. Ken shouldn’t allow the political BS here. But he does. And he does, because it generates money for him. I have nothing against Ken making a buck. But, should not a line be drawn SOMEWHERE, when it strays so far from what this site is supposed to be? Shouldn’t it Ken?

    • Mike StG

      Doc, thanks for your comments. I also appreciate your positive attitude and genuine support of our boys. Some of the hypercritical and disrespectful comments about the team on these posts are pretty sad. Calling Lehner a walrus, etc. Reminds me of a game against the Pens at TMA I attended. I was truly shocked to hear Pens fans sitting nearby who were loudly bashing Sid Crosby, Geno Malkin and LeTang. Man, they were so lucky to be able to watch Sid play his whole career. We should be so lucky. Sports should be fun. I lived in NYC when the Isles won 4 cups in a row. What a team! What a joy to watch. Let’s hope we can all experience that here one day soon.

    • As long as you realize that includes you, too, Doc. Previous threads show your penchant for going political in the other direction. We all remember last few weeks of “DOC (sanity returns on the 20th)” and your extremist views. If you are calling for this now from a sincere place, good. The proof will be in the pudding.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Julie, hypocrisy reigns in the minds of these anti free speech types ! You got that right. How little they remember !!
        Now back to hockey, GO KNIGHTS !

    • THE hockey GOD

      you don’t like my posts, don’t read them, my posts are ABOUT HoCKEY you obviously don’t like FREE SPEECH, you can’t handle the truth. That is all your ilk does ban people on social media for stating the FACTS. Below is complimentary slice of cheese to go along with your whine and hate. Compliments from your favorite deli the Groucho Marx European Food Deli were it is rumored all the sandwiches lean to the left (you should like that COMRADE). It is house variety WALRUS cheese.
      | O 0 O O |
      | O o 0 O |
      |O o o 0 |
      | O O o o |

  20. DOC (just hockey, PLEASE)

    I meant TIM (75)

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