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Recap: It was a historic night at T-Mobile Arena. San Jose forward Patrick Marleau passed hockey legend Gordie Howe’s all-time games played record in front of 3,950 Golden Knights fans.

San Jose got on the board first midway through the period. The Golden Knights were awarded two power play opportunities in the opening twenty minutes but couldn’t convert them into a goal.

The Sharks doubled their lead :29 seconds into the middle period. Mark Stone answered back a minute later with a power play goal to cut the lead in half.

Trailing 2-1 with 20 minutes remaining in the game Stone got to work again. The captain tied the game with his second power play goal of the evening. Robin Lehner was strong down the stretch shutting San Jose down in the final 20 minutes.

The Golden Knights and Sharks went back and forth in overtime but neither team could score the game-winner. Alex Tuch was the only player to score in a shootout and the Golden Knights pulled off a 3-2 victory.

Vegas’ record improves to 32-11-2 after their 3-2 shoutout victory against San Jose. The Golden Knights and Sharks resume their two game set on Wednesday night. The game is scheduled for 6:30 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Mark Stone played spoiler on Patrick Marleau’s special night. He single-handedly willed the Golden Knights across the regulation finish line scoring twice on the power play. In OT the Golden Knights continued to be dominant but couldn’t beat Jones. In a shocking twist, Robin Lehner won in shootout stopping all three shots. Fun game. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Robin Lehner
** Robin Lehner in shootout
* Mark Stone


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  1. Daryl

    A 3-2 shootout win against the pathetic baby sharks? I’ll take the win but do better

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Sure, lets do better, play a great game, and LOSE 3-2.

      Yea, that would be better?

  2. Jason S.

    Jason, I can still hear my journalism teacher in my ear. It’s “an historic night” not “a historic night.”

  3. Vic

    Thank you Patrick Marleau.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    WOW! Can you say:

    Two POWER PLAY Goals!

    Panda throws shutout in shootout!

    Another gutsy game on a back to back, with travel.

    Yea, these guys are pretty F’ing good!!!

  5. THE hockey GOD


    WALRUS came up bigly !

    How high it the wall ?
    Too high to climb
    How tough is the wall?
    Too tough to break.

    How wide is the wall ?
    Too wide to get around.

    The WALL
    and “ain’t” talkin’ about no Pink Floyd album.

    FREE COPS FROM IDENTITY POLITICS stigma perpetuated by far left wingers (not a hockey position) and stop pandering to the pandas !!

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Do better?

    Yea, Maybe we can find a way to get THREE points for a WIN, eh?

    • Daryl

      Yeah, do better. If you thought that was a good game than you really are senile. It took VGK a shootout to beat the pathetic sharks.

  7. Tim

    Here I go with the eye test again. I’ve been watching Mattias Janmark since we acquired him and I like what I see. This kid can skate always going north and south and has ball in the middle of everything. DeBoer must like him he moved him up with Karlsson and Marchie. What I like about Nosek and him are they can play center or forward on any line you ask them to and they go 110% my kind of players. I think as Janmark gets more comfortable with the team and vice versa he’ll even be more of an asset.Good job George and Kelly.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    classy job by VGK at end of game, really classy.

    they really don’t HATE the sharks team.

    • Daryl

      Agreed… Good job by VGK. As far as the rivalry, I really don’t see one

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Right on Cue!

    Name calling again. ha ha

    • THE hockey GOD

      no one called you a name

      Jason loves you, you are the anointed one.

      All bow down in unison and chant;

      we are not worthy
      we are not worthy
      your awesomeness overwhelms all


    • Daryl

      You want to be a smartass in your replies but cry when others do the same to you. That’s what a 2y/o does

      • Daryl – there are a number of 2 year olds posting on this site. Not sure many really have any knowledge about the game of hockey. Its a little like listening to the BS the media spouts forth on all and any subject – zero element of truth in any of it. The ranting yesterday about the situation in MInn is a perfect example of people being sucked in my the media. With the exception of the fan from minn ( and that’s questionable) all the jabber was nothing more than their slanted opinions developed from the BS peddled by the media. You know what they say about opinions

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Was it BS by the media or the video you could see with your own eyes?

          • Daryl

            How upset are you at the Judge when he told the Defense that Maxine Walter’s comments were grounds for a mistrial? How fair do you honestly think this trial could go with every juror knowing anything less than a guilty verdict would lead to riots?

            There isn’t a person here, myself or hockey God, or Minn fan, who didn’t already know how this trial was going to end.

            I just wonder if you will be OK when the defense gets their mistrial

          • You seem like old school DOC your mother probably taught you to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. They have conducted studies about what people see – all looking at the same incident and what they reported seeing is entirely different. Guess your mother was right believe half of what you see and nothing about what your heard, The media peddles sensational news that what sells papers to gullible public.

          • Daryl

            Remember the Mike Brown incident? How many eye witnesses changed their stories? How many first hand accounts we come to find out were not true? How many cities were burned b/c the media lied to everyone?

            As HD stated, eye witnesses have been scientifically proven to not be accurate or reliable. The prosecutors own doctor in this case, while saying the pressure on the back could have restricted the air flow, he also said Floyd’s medical condition and the drugs he was on could also have restricted his airway. The ME testified that there was no tissue damage to the neck area.

  10. sb

    Mark Stone …….. what a player! Worth every dollar they’re paying him. Real Captain material. Now, Tuch. What a talent. The most dangerous forward on a team with many scorers. He can go end-to-end, absolutely blow by D-Men and fire a blazing wrist shot past the goalie. I truly believe this guy measures up to McDavid. The only difference is that he doesn’t have Draisaitl feeding him beautiful passes. And he’s been this player since Game 1, Year 2. But MGT has saddled him with low cost AHLers due to the cap . FINALLY, two NHL players alongside him. Gotta move Reaves/Kolesar/Holden’s $4.2 mil in salaries to pay Janmark and Nosek. If MGT is smart and handles this, they will have three scoring lines for many years to come. Few teams have three dangerous lines. Tuch is a genuine talent.

    • Daryl

      I don’t quite agree that Stone is as good as those others, to me he just isn’t as good a scorer… BUT he is one hell of a player and worth what they are paying him. Also love Tuch as he is fast and is always going balls to the wall. It’s nice to see him get some other help. And I completely agree with you on the last point

  11. Well SB not that it means anything but we do agree about getting rid of Reaves, Kolesar and Holden.

  12. DOC (Convicted!)

    Well of course everyone “around here” knew what would happen. It was obvious. Now, before any talk of a mistrial, they have to proceed with appeals.

    That takes time. Years usually. That creep will be in prison for all that time.

    I probably won’t be around to know whether an inmate kills him or perhaps he offs himself. For now, and for quite awhile, he’s convicted and will be in prison. Thank havens for that!

    • Daryl

      They can file for a mistrial right away? The incident which was grounds for this mistrial occurred after both sides closed. They don’t have to wait for an appeal before oriceding with a mistrial which would allow the officer to be released aas he was before the trial took place. He didn’t flee before the trial so prosecution would have a tough time proving he is a flight risk. And he was out on bond already so you can’t reimpose his bond.

      And as I stated earlier the officer is a POS and at no time have I defended him, I basically said I don’t think the evidence was enough to actually convict. Everything the Prosecution pushed, their own medical doctors admitted it could have happened the way the drfense declared also

  13. DOC (Convicted!)

    If you just do a little investigation/reading, you would have found the following:

    A mistrial must be declared before a jury renders its verdict, or before a judge renders a verdict in a case not being tried with a jury. A mistrial cannot be declared after a verdict is reached.

    • Daryl

      That is not entirely true… Yes that is when a defense attorney usually seeks a mistrial but like the situation in this case, the incident would could lead to the mistrial occurred after the case and during deliberation of the jury.

      So what you are basically saying is the Judge himself doesn’t know the procedures since HE is the one who told the Defense attorney that the comments made were grounds for a mistrial???

      Do you even know what a mistrial means without using Google, since that is all you did to come up with your response.

    • Daryl

      He can ask for a new trial on the basis of a mistrial

  14. DOC (Convicted!)

    Again ….. You just like to write BS.

    Even given reality, you just can’t accept it onto your fantasy world.

    Appeals are the only avenue now available. As just confirmed on CNN and other sources! So plow on if you want and bury yourself even more. ha ha

    • Daryl

      It’s good to know that the judge in the case has no idea what they law is… And thank you for showing all of us where you get your info… CNN!!!!! That explains everything. And I guess you didn’t bother looking on the link I sent either???

  15. DOC (Convicted!)

    You are so shallow and so easy. ha ha

    CNN, Fox News and others have all reported what I told you.

    bye bye

    • Daryl

      So once again, you completely ignore what the judge actually said during the trial. You also completely ignore a post I sent that shows period of what I’m saying. And the best you got us that I’m shallow and easy???

      Where is any backing to your statement? Where is a link that shows you are right and I am wrong? You didn’t even try to disprove my comment that the judge made. This is nothing more than an old man who was just proven his statement was incorrect and is now butt hurt over it. You really shouldn’t be upset as it’s clear from several comments you have made on here that you have been proven wrong a lot over your life time. Just because you are old does t mean you get a free pass at being wrong

    • Daryl

      Maybe your old brain just can’t comprehend…. maybe me saying a mistrial has you confused. Basically the defense can appeal the decision as you stated and request a new trial, but this appeal is t like a normal appeal because it is based off facts that could lead to a mistrial. The defense can also request an appeal based on the fact that the judge did not sequester the jury and they were allowed to leave, watch the news and hear the Comme ts from certain people who said if there isn’t a conviction there would be riots. Comme ts like that can persuade a verdict and change the outcome which is would be considered an unfair trial.

      Maybe you just feel like you have to be right and simply ignore the facts that have been out in front of you

  16. Listening to and or reading the news from any media outlet and believing it is questionable at best. Given CNN was named suggests a lot about the individual posting that statement which isn’t very flattering. The media in general is one of the biggest problems facing this country. It comes down to influencing what gullible people think and that’s the start of Gov’t control which leads to socialism then communism. Just follow the money and determine who is peddling all the BS.

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