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Recap: Tomas Nosek got Vegas on the board early in the 1st period giving the home team a 1-0 lead. Nosek picked up his fourth point in the past five games. Marc-Andre Fleury was steady in the opening period stopping all 12 Wild shots. 

Both goalies were outstanding in the middle frame combining for 14 saves. The game stood 1-0 Vegas after two periods played. 

Minnesota’s offense woke up in the 3rd period scoring two straight goals. The Wild tied it up with a power play and took the lead a minute later. The Golden Knights couldn’t muster much with their net empty.

Vegas’ record drops to 24-10- 2 with their 2-1 defeat to Minnesota. The Golden Knights hit the road for the next two games to take on the Blues in St. Louis. Monday’s game is scheduled for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights offensive power outage returned in this one as the only time Vegas scored it was literally accidental. They had a few great chances but failed to convert. On the other end, while the defense certainly improved, the concern of Minnesota scoring in tight continued. As the season heads towards the stretch run, this appears it could be a playoff series, and the Golden Knights have to figure out how to solve the Wild riddle. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. phantom major

    Round 1 exit in 5 games

  2. They won’t have to worry about the second playoff round if they play the wild in first. They don’t have a Chinese chance in hell of raising the Cup. Just continues to show you can’t buy the Cup you need the right attitude and heart to win which is lacking with this team sadly. The PP is a joke. The more games they play demonstrates they don’t have what’s necessary to win the coveted prize.

    • Daryl

      Don’t worry, we’ll keep doing the same thing over and over again until it works

      • Tim

        Daryl I agree now we have a problem the rest of the west teams can smell blood in the water that Vegas is very beatable and with 20 games left I can see us going 10 & 10 very easily. I think even the most diehard fans can now see this team isn’t built to win let alone compete for the Stanley Cup.

        • I’ll take the over on VGK going 10-10. I actually think they’re about to win 6 of 7 coming up here.

          • Daryl

            Considering their next 12 games are against teams with losing records, a combined 75-110. They play the Ducks and SJS three times each. If VGK can’t go at least 9-3 in those games I will start to lose faith in their post season success. VGK has played a couple bad games here and there and I keep hearing no need to panic, which I completely agree, but if they struggle at all in this stretch, I will worry.

          • Dream on Ken dream on.

          • Tim

            Ken who knows but 4 games with the Blues, 2 with the Wild, 2 with the Avalanche, and then the other bottom feeders don’t be surprised if it happens.

    • Julie

      Hey, HD – hope all is well! Any thoughts on what PDB is thinking right about now? I bet Gallant has a few thoughts.

      • Julie – hope your doing ok and enjoying the day – Happy Easter -Based on history he should have his figures crossed. If the current trend doesn’t correct itself it will be interesting. Like I said they have zero to no chance to raise the cup. Despite all the money they have spent, they have yet to figure it out you can’t buy your way into winning what they are after. On paper they have a decent team unfortunately that doesn’t equate to being the situation on the ice where attitude is more important that skill. If you think you are beaten you are it’s all in the state of mind.

        • Julie

          Happy Easter! I got the family away from electronic gadgets for a bit, so I feel like I won something today. I agree with you about having the right attitude to win. It’s extremely important. For sure, this season is hard on players physically and mentally, but it’s the challenges that test us. I hope PDB has a good plan for these next 5 weeks. He strikes me as a hard man but not too inspiring.

  3. Jason S

    Don’t panic. Roster mismanagement caused this team to be heavily fatigued last night. Playing two men short for one plus games increased everyones ice time. That and 3 games in 4 nights would make even the best team to look bad.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Totally agree Jason!

    • Daryl

      The problem is…. I don’t see that getting fixed anytime soon. We might have this problem for awhile which is a major concern

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Speechless, except:

    Haven’t won since Revo’s been out!

  5. Mike StG

    They definitely need some upgrades, but the sky isn’t falling YET. Anyone notice that TBL in the last 10 days: (1) lost 3 in a row, (2) are 2-4 in their last 6 games with only 4 pts, and (3) got creamed by the last place DRW last night 5-1? It’s a midseason bump in the road, and better now than at season’s end going into the playoffs. I think unless there is drastic improvement in Glass’s game (and it’s pretty late for that now) they need to find another bottom 6 winger or center. A 2C would be nice but tough to do with the cap. And KM already said definitely they’re NOT trading any goalies. BTW, excellent article by Carp today about the human aspects of TD moves.

  6. Vic

    Glass played the best two periods he’s played lately in periods 1 and 2, and the game turned when he took the penalty in period 3. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Instead of worrying about the Avs, the VGK need to worry about beating any team. Perhaps the Avs are peaking a month early? Cam Talbot is now Dryden, Hasek, Brodeur and Roy rolled into one versus the VGK. Replay of the Dallas series again. How many times did you folks shout ‘shoot’ at the screen during the game? Also, is Petro becoming Erik Karlsson? Feels like it. Do the VGK lead the league in messed up odd man rushes when not even a clean shot is made?

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Canucks pause season as ‘scary’ COVID-19 outbreak extends to more than 20 players, coache

    • Julie

      Hockey God, I am curious what happens tonight between Colorado and Minnesota. For VGK, I can’t say I am feeling good about the game, but hoping for the best.

      Regarding the virus, it is a bit screwy. The vaccine is only approved for emergency use. I guess we know it’s working when the 99.7% recovery rate goes to 99.8%. My coworker got a second Pfizer shot and developed the shingles in a few hours. Went back to the Dr and learned the doctor’s son got shingles as well the same way, same day. I hope they don’t mandate the shot in the NHL, not sure they can legally anyway. There are over 48,000 issues from the vaccines used reported thus far ranging from headache to heart issues per the VAERS. It needs proper testing and approval at a minimum.

      • THE hockey GOD

        CDC site is approaching nearly 4000 deaths, I know precisely about the site you are referencing. The fake media is not reporting on any of this. Some specialists are saying that the arm jabs are going to be
        “never ending”. We shall see about that. A close friend of mine works for Smith Kline Glaxo, top shelf international biotech firm. They are not having a bright outlook on all of this.

        A family member got the arm jab and suffered severe constipation and had the corresponding issues that result from that.

        I posted a long time ago about NHL protocols for handling the “virus”, and a portion of it seem to be coming into play now mid way through the season.

        I was going to do a piece about Bettman moving the playoffs to Antarctica. The only continent which does not have the “virus”. Plus it would be perfect weather in middle of August (or this summer, no sun, no glare. I AM WORKING ON IT. Wait for it.

        Also, many places are rescinding restrictions. Like at Santa Anita racetrack. I saw the BIG RACE on Saturday. The paddock was a JOKE. No one was social distancing. It is ripe for more trouble.

        Be safe, take care. Avoid crowds, wear a mask.

      • Daryl

        Not hockey related but I’m supposed to go on a cruise in September… I refuse to get the vaccine but it looks like cruises are going to make the vaccine mandatory. I don’t see how they can legally do that but I don’t have much of a say. I wonder why they don’t require people to get a flu vaccination also?

        • THE hockey GOD

          the fake counterfeit arm jab card business is heating up. Daryl. Just sayin’.
          Pray “virus” will be gone by then.

          Maybe cruise ship will use this >>>

          Swiss robots use UV light to zap viruses aboard passenger planes. ZURICH (Reuters) -A robot armed with virus-killing ultraviolet light is being tested on Swiss airplanes, yet another idea aiming to restore passenger confidence and spare the travel industry more pandemic pain.[Maybe they read our CP letter last month?]“This is a proven technology, it‟s been used over 50 years in hospitals and laboratories, it‟s very efficient. It doesn‟t leave any trace or residue.” „The robot‟s lights, mounted on a crucifix-shaped frame, cast everything in a soft-blue glow as it slowly moved up the aisle. One robot can disinfect a single-aisled plane in 13 minutes,start to finish, though larger planes take longer.

          A buddy of mine in Oxnard converted is atomizing (de)misters (think high powered pool side misters) into wide area disinfectant (de)misters. They are doing well. Maybe cruise ships will be using those on board ?

          Isn’t UV light related to sunlight ? I guess the trumpster was right again when everyone laughed him off stage last year.

        • Julie

          Daryl, my understanding is the EUA prevents employers from requiring the vaccine of it’s employees. It’s voluntary. For cruises, I am not seeing legally they can’t enforce a vaccine since some ports and countries already require some vaccines like malaria, etc. except in the ADA if it poses a risk for you and current condition you may have.

          • Julie

            Correction, federal law prohibits mandatory vaccines by employers until the vaccine is licensed. It’s the employee’s option at this point.

          • Daryl

            If you go to the Norwegian website, they said when they start sailing again in July they will require staff and passengers to have the vaccination

  8. sb

    Need only one very good player, a center for Line 1. Move Stephenson to Tuch/Glass. Problems solved. More scoring, improved PP, secondary scoring. Problem – no cap space and that eliminates many of the hi-end centers from consideration (foolishly passed over JG Pageau last trade deadline – that’s the guy they should have invested in over Lehner). Suggestion – go after Sean Monohan/Calgary. It’ll be VERY expensive. Two first and two second. We get Monahan and Calgary covers his salary through 2022 (when Fleury’s $7 mil contract ends). Can’t do that? Then on-the-cheap, go after Andreas Athanisiou ($1.7mil) in LA. 4th rounder and LA carrys his salary. Put him with Tuch/Glass. He has blazing speed and can score. Not much for defense. Better than doing nothing (or going after another goaltender or All-Star D-man that we don’t need). Fix what’s broke.

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