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Recap: Los Angeles took a surprisingly quick 1-0 lead :36 into the game. Vegas responded minutes later by tying it up on Reilly Smith’s third goal of the season. The Kings regained the lead but Golden Knights Zach Whitecloud and Chandler Stephenson tied and gave their team the 3-2 lead.

The Kings caught up 3-3 with the only goal of the second period. Both teams traded power plays but couldn’t convert and the game stood tied after 40 minutes played.

Stephenson put Vegas ahead again 4-3 but this time coming on the power play. LA pressured Robin Lehner in the third period but the goaltender stopped everything he faced down the stretch.

With the their 4-3 win the Golden Knights improve their record to 6-1-0. Next up for Vegas is the Anaheim Ducks. The Golden Knights will host the Ducks for two games starting on Tuesday. Game is schedule for 7P PT.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis:A ridiculously open 1st period in which neither goalie was particularly sharp led to a 2nd that was fairly opposite. As the game progressed VGK’s team speed took over and they pulled out a solid win. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. The Noodle King

    Good team win. Panda could stand to maybe tighten up a tad. Stephenson has some serious wheels. Can’t wait to see that Tuesday spin !!

  2. Pistol Pete

    Glass and Hague need to stay when Petro returns. We know what that means when it comes to Kolesar.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Another WIN for the boys.

    15 out of possible 18 points.

    That’s what the game is all about.

    Nothing else really matters!

  4. Daryl

    I’m just going to say Vegas is playing down to their competition… that’s the only way I can be happy about the overall play including goaltending

    • Daryl – that’s because you understand the game. Weak goal tending again- remember what l said about no sacard cows – they still have a cap issue to fix so anyone, yes anyone is game.

    • Tim

      Daryl I agree and I don’t agree. Yes Arizona, Anaheim, and L.A. aren’t world beaters but. Let’s face it a good goalie can make a team competitive and no doubt Kuemper and Gibson are that good. ST. Louis found that out in Arizona. There are very few cakewalks in hockey so 7-1-1 doesn’t sound to bad to me.

      • Daryl

        I’m waiting to see how we fare against some Eastern teams like Philly, Caps, Pens, TB, CAR… Wish we could play some Canadian teams also. Playing teams like the Kings, Ari, Sharks, etc doesn’t tell me much. Those are not good teams no matter how good their goalie is. A good goalie can keep a team on a game but not win the game

        • Pistol Pete

          Avs four in a row will be a test, possibly as big as any in the East.

          • Daryl

            Oh I agree… Just saying overall this is a weak conference, similar to our regular division

          • Pistol Pete

            Daryl, weak conference? IMO all four divisions have at least three top teams that are equally competitive. Ours it’s us, Blues and Avs, so no I don’t think our division is weak or less a test than the others.

      • Pistol Pete

        Tim, Blues found that out in St. Louis not Arizona!

        • Daryl

          That’s your opinion, I just disagree. Nothing I’ve seen from these teams tell me they are better. Vegas hasn’t played a good team yet so I don’t know where they fit in. Plus I’m talking top to bottom, not just the top 3 and bottom 3 teams. Maybe as the season progresses I’ll be proven wrong.

    • Goaltending sucked today. Panda was not very good.

  5. Tim

    Your right there are no sacred cows. This Goalie situation has just taken a complete 180 degree turn. I still want to give Lehner some time but he’s definitely in a funk. I keep hearing to keep Glass and Hague in the lineup and I agree. Where I differ is with McNabb out I’d keep Coghlan and trade or demote Holden. Like I said they put Holden on waivers and 30 teams passed on him. Now put Coghlan on waivers and see how many teams try to snag him. To me it’s no contest 21 with upside and 32 with zero upside.

    • Daryl

      Completely agree with regarding the Holden situation

    • Pistol Pete

      Coghlan is waivers exempt is he not? He can’t be moved back to the taxi squad? How Coghlan does while McNabb is out could determine if they call Korczak up from the taxi squad.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete I realize that I was just making an example stating he would be much more desirable to teams.

  6. EK

    Someone needs a proof reader. Knights record 6-1-0, I don’t think so.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    SMH @ Walrus

    where’s the goalie coach ??

    PS that kid in AHL would have let those goals in too, he’s a flopper.

  8. Julie

    I was worried when this game started. Glad we won, but I wish Lehner would shake off this gloomy cloud already.

    And let me just say that no matter how we may disagree on the particulars, one thing that hit home for me was how much hockey is a way better sport and spectacle than football. Somehow, the Super Bowl was put on today. I couldn’t tell you who the singer was or why the dancers in the half- time show wore white masks resembling athletic supporters or what music it was supposed to be. All I know is that 46 seconds into that show and I missed hockey immensely even though I just watched a game a couple of hours before.

    Hockey is the way sports should be. Pure and simple. No goofy celebration dances, or playing up to the camera, or dumb shows between segments of the game. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster showing skills, heart, determination, and perseverance. We’re all along for the ride and I don’t want it to end.

    That said, Lehner needs to snap out of it; happy to see young guys making a mark.

    After watching the SB, even in part, I will watch any hockey game I can find now.

    • Julie – that must be your Canadian husband influence, Football can’t even come close to hockey for spectators. All that hot dog stuff is enough to turn anyone off IMO. Sounds like your surviving these crazy times and that is a great thing. I am not sure the Walrus can shake off the cloud as you put it and to think they gave him a 5 yr contact at 5 mill a year defies logic given what they knew where all other teams he was associated with let him go. On ward and upward just keep those wins coming. They appear to be doing alright without their 8.8 mill wonder as well – what does that say?

      • Julie

        Hey, HD! I agree always with you on Lehner. I am sure there were no evening hockey games today because the NFL couldn’t handle the competition of even the Minnesota Wild or some other such team playing at the same time as the SB.

        My husband says I’m a hockey junkie now. He is proud. He is no DeBoer fan. We did watch the Battle of Alberta begin on Saturday. Last year, even the goalies got into a fight. Tkachuk held it together, but these teams have 9 more games between them so, he will agitate someone soon. Edmonton’s goalie is subscribing to the Lehner Goalie Method. Markstrom is in Calgary but I don’t think he cares for that drama.

        I do agree with Daryl also about playing better teams. It does make me nervous to play LA Kings and have it be so close in score.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Julie, thanks for the breath of fresh air!

    • Julie, I agree 100%. NFL is a joke. NHL is a good show. As long as the players don’t try to put politics into the game. Are you listening Reeves and Lehner?

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