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Recap: Down a few men the Golden Knights stepped up early against the Avalanche. Alex Pietrangelo gave Vegas a major boost by scoring the first goal of the game. Robin Lehner was strong in net stopping all nine 1st period shots from Colorado.

The Golden Knights kept the game tight in the 2nd period holding the Avalanche to only four shots on net. However, seven minutes into the middle frame Colorado was able to answer and tie the game.

All tied up 1-1 with 20 minutes left the game tightened up. Colorado eventually broke the tie and took a 2-1 lead. The Golden Knights had several quality chances down the stretch but couldn’t score the equalizer.

Vegas’ record drops to 39-14-2 after their heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Colorado. The Golden Knights will play their last regular season game on Wednesday in San Jose. Puck drop is scheduled for 6 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: What a tremendous hockey game that was. The Golden Knights were behind the eight-ball from the jump playing down three skaters but they came out and took it to COL early in the game. They played with excellent defensive structure and played through the adversity created by their front office. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough but it’s certainly nothing to hang their heads over. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Tuch
** Alex Pietrangelo
* Brayden McNabb


Adapting To Opposing Team’s Strengths Crucial For Golden Knights Heading Into Playoffs


Twitter “Space” Post Golden Knights vs Avalanche – May 10th, 2021


  1. Howard

    Yet I’ll still see people here defend Lehner and his continuance of giving up soft goals, U CANNOT HAVE A GOALIE who gives up a goal like that (2nd goal), especially in playoffs. If they’re worried about Lehner’s mental fragility, why they’d sign him? These teams are the best of the best, it’s absolute arrogance to say ” oh, we will go with Lehner because he’s in rotation.”

    Nothing personal against Lehner, but MAF deserved to start this game, not Lehner and the one bad goal was the difference as it was last year against Dallas and it will not change with Lehner, and FO will never admit they didn’t sign an elite goalie, but overpaid for an above average one – above average will not win you a Cup, PERIOD.

    Yet more disrespect of a proven HOF goaltender in a huge game in favor of codling an above average, but ultimately not able to steal-a-game goalie in Lehner.

    Unless Avs shit the bed, Knights will be facing Wild in round one, and if this arrogant FO continues with rotation, it’ll be one and done for VGK.

    • Daryl Taaffe

      Agreed… that first goal was not easy and not on Lehner, the 2nd definitely was. He’s given up goals like that in last years playoffs and most of this season. He makes some great saves and does a really good job then lets in real easy goals at bad times which costs VGK the game

      • Howard

        Ya, he’s Pekka Rinne. My buddy who is a lifelong Pens fan called Pekka “The MVP Of the 2017 Final.” lolol.

        More importantly, VGK once again disrespected an HOF goaltender in whom played standing on his head to get VGK to this position – HE DESERVED to be in there!

      • Pistol Pete

        The second goal was a tip in.

        • Howard

          Ya, Lehner was out of position as per usual and lost rebound control on a SOFT SHOT. Because of that, he was not able to glove the loose puck.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “Ya, Lehner was out of position as per usual and lost rebound control on a SOFT SHOT. Because of that, he was not able to glove the loose puck.” Have no idea what you are talking about. The second goal was scored due to a horrible line change. The VGK couldn’t get back in time. Two players were on the goal scorer. Tuch was a tad late with the stick, and No. 3 was there. The puck was deflected. The goalie was in position and the puck was tipped in. Clearly not goalie’s fault and clearly not a soft goal. There was no rebound, there was no loose puck, there was no puck to the glove side. There was no goalie out of position, he was in the net . There was no soft shot. IT was a deflection.

      • Howard

        Ya Daryl – Lehner = Pekka Rinne’s twin brother. I’m really sick of this ‘moral victor pansy woke shit man.’ And I’m sick of Deboer disrespecting MAF. Not sure what Pete’s love affair is with Lehner – above average goalie, nothing more = more like a really good back up or 1B. NOT A PLAYOFF STARTER.

    • Howard

      NHL was last sport to avoid this codling woke bullshit. not anymore. MAF carried this team while Lehner was “Concussed” again. 3 time Cup winner, and absolutely disrespected again. If they lost with MAF in there, I’d be ok with that but I knew Lehner would give up a softie – he always does.

      Deboer is a codling disrespecting wimp. VGK fans and especially the team deserved better. Of course, cop-outs will say ” oh, they were short-handed.” Yes, and they played a great game and Lehner once again, was not able to make a routine save and that was the difference, even with a loss in OT = 1 point = one more win = President Cup + Division.

      Insanity = doing the same thing over and over, getting a negative result, expecting a positive one.

    • Pistol Pete

      I think they will be forced to stop the rotation and start Fleury if Lehner loses game one of the playoffs. The tricky thing here is that when you break the rotation it’s a statement of lack of confidence in the other guy. I saw the game live and my feeling is that it may have been a soft goal although the shot was a blast and well placed so it might have beaten Fleury as well. We’ll never know however I tend to agree with your point that Lehner tends to let in game changing soft goals. Let’s consider too that Fleury lost game seven to SJ in atrocious fashion and the Cup finals to the Caps.

      • Howard

        No, 2nd goal was soft. 1st was a tough chance – hard blast. 2nd goal was Lehner out of position = as per usual, another fundamental breakdown with him.

        Did Canadians rotate goalies when they won all those Cups? Did Pens worry about MAF when Murray was their #1 guy?

        Did BlackHawks, Kings rotate goalies in playoffs? U DON’T DO THAT. it’s not a blueprint to win a Cup. It’s fine during a shortened season. Tonight was an utmost important game. U go with the guy who got you here, the 3 time Cup winner. future HOF goalie. not a guy struggling and you don’t rotate them in playoffs unless there is a clear competitive advantage, not a moral WOKE one.

        • THE hockey GOD

          wrong howard

          i don’t know what you were watching. The second goal resulted DIRECTLY from a bad line change from VGK bench (why? perhaps mentally tired due to playing short shifted squad). Then the AVS out manned the VGK down low who were racing into play from the bench. TUCH got there too late to get the stick of the player who deflected the goal into the net. IT WAS A DEFLECTION. The totality of it all is not the goalie’s fault.

      • Howard

        Concerning MAF losing to SJS. More so game 6 softie in OT. The phantom major PP was mostly on Gallant for screaming and yelling like a player losing his shit, rather than being calm and calling a timeout – team was out of whack.

        Cup Final against Caps?
        Were you watching the same games I was?
        Caps exploited VGK overplaying forecheck scheme – MAF was hung out to dry several times. Could he have played better? Perhaps, but none of those goals were softies that I remember, just a lot of odd man rushes and cross ice passing without good backchecking by VGK D.

        • Pistol Pete

          I’ll go along with most of that. Your point is that the goaltender can only do so much to win a game assuming no softies.

          • Pistol Pete

            I always maintained Gallant lost that game by not calling time out but it was not Fleury at his best either.

          • Daryl

            Agreed on the SJS game….

          • Howard

            Yes, and I agree, MAF came unglued. That’s on coach though for acting like a player himself – he became unglued and before that, was mouthing off to SJS players – not what u want a coach to do.

            I have it on some info that’s reason he was fired the next year. FO felt he ‘lost’ the team.

            VGK might have lost in regulation with MAF in there tonight but that isn’t the point. MAF EARNED THAT NET TONIGHT and was not rewarded for it, not RESPECTED for it. Instead, they gave the net to a struggling goalie – that would be ok if just another game – THIS GAME JUST WASN’T ANOTHER GAME!

            Rather, the decision to put Lehner in there was made for THE WRONG REASONS, that’s my problem with Deboer and I don’t expect him to change. Deboer is big on ‘moral victories.’ << that's what weaklings always fall back on.

          • Howard

            Right, and sometimes even the best give up bad goals. However, Lehner has a clear history of this as his twin brother. Pekka Rinne. What’s the definition of insanity?

            Let’s say MAF was struggling and Lehner was the hot goalie and, it was MAF’s turn in the rotation – U GO WITH LEHNER. This just wasn’t ‘another game,’

            The team wins this one, they’re overall #1 seed – HUGE GAME, same as a playoff game.

            In life, u earn that net. MAF did for this game, Lehner did not and Deboer copped out – AGAIN.

        • Mike StG

          Howard, I was at Game 6 when Hertl or Meier came racing down the left side and scored on Fleury. If I remember correctly the final score was either 1-0 or 2-1. That was DEFINITELY NOT a softie. Shea stuck his stick out at the last moment and deflected the puck just slightly. I went home and watched it 20 times on replay, plus analysts pointed it out as well in post game discussion. If that didn’t happen it’s a save 98 out of 100 times. That was a tough break because it allowed Game 7 to happen.

      • Daryl

        Same thing happened last year when PDB chose Lehner over MAF. Lehner played well, but I didn’t think he played so much better to break the rotation and become the starting goalie. Even though he played well in the playoffs, he also let in some really soft goals, and at times when the team really needed him to help them out.

        As for the SJS game, I put a lot of blame on the coach as he should have called a time out and broke SJS momentum. That was his biggest mistake I thought he made the entire season. Now for the Caps game, VGK was simply out matched. No blame really to go around in that series

        • Howard

          Everything u said Daryl I agree with 100% This year. MAF CLEARLY EARNED THE RIGHT to be in there tonight. Deboer’s message? “We will rotate goalies in playoffs: and that will lead to VGK out on round one, book it.

          Deboer teaches a good structure. I’ll give him that, but he’s what you and I would call a ‘pussy.’ Coaches out of fear to offend someone, loves ‘moral victories.’ VGK is obviously afraid to trigger Robin, and that’s obvious.

          Ok, why then did they sign him? 25M for a pretty good, but inconsistent goaltender who often finds a way into public controversy, like his recent ranting against NHL – only player to do so btw. No one else said a word. But Robin as we know, needs that attention.

          I never knew he was so ‘special,’ but I do now!

          This weak woke crap is ruining a lot of stuff. As you, I have a martial arts background although I’m washed up now (lol). Could you imagine today’s modern attitude when trying to EARN A BELT – ” well, he tried hard, so we will give him that brown/black belt! LOLOL!!

        • sb

          Gallant was not paid $7 million to stop pucks. MAF was. Fluery came unglued and that should never have happened to a goalie demanding to be paid that amount of money. Way too much convenient thinking here. Fluery didn’t show up and MGT noticed and did something about it. At the time Lehner was traded to Vegas, Fluery’s SA was .904, the lowest of his career. MAF put himself into this spot.

          • Daryl

            So, coaching had nothing to do with it but yet that is speculated as the reason why Gallant was let go. EVERY hockey expert said at the time and after the game that he should have called a timeout. But what do they know, we have all the experts we need right here on this site.

            Yes MAF was to blame for that, as was every other person on the ice. Let’s not forget that some of those players were on the ice for almost the entire 5min PK because nobody could clear the puck.

            But it’s funny…. that game was MAF fault yet nobody should put any blame on Lehner for this loss? How does that work? How can you blame one goalie for a loss but never blame the other???

  2. George L.

    Lehner must actually work for McDonalds keeping the soft serve working.

    Billed as the most important game and we start our second string goalie.

    Pete DeBoer essentially walked out of the press availability. Why, because he believes in moral victories.

    • Howard

      Ya, don’t u know Deboer is “Woke?” Heaven forbid he puts MAF in there, and Lehner has a meltdown. Got to codle grown men, because that’s the world we live in today. MAF can take it, VGK worried Robin can’t.

      Expect rotation to continue, and expect woke VGK fans to feel good about not hoisting the cup because the moral victory is playing Lehner over the HOF goaltender, because ” we are sensitive to Robin’s issues.”

      And if people think I’m being mean, I’m PTSD as well. I know what Lehner goes thru.

      • No one should give a shit about Lehner’s issues – he is a poor goalie and that will never change, anyone can see that and you don’t have to be a hockey expert – IF VEGAS IS BANKING THE FUTURE ON HIM and you as fans want to cheer on a winner BETTER DECIDE WHAT WINNING CLUB YOU WANT TO SUPPORT AS IT SURE WON’T BE VEGAS. All this stuff is enough to make anyone ill – the walrus is just that an overgrown non-athletic waste who Vegas provided a retirement package for. To read about him being an elite and finalist for some trophy is just laughable. Vegas mgt got hoodwinked in the first order as no club would have let him go if he was anywhere near what he was purported to be. As I recall from last yr was it not PDB who stated you go with your best chance to win – has he not been watching – it would appear not based on his choice last night

    • Howard

      VGK doesn’t consider Lehner “2nd string” and that was fine up UNTIL tonight when it’s time to make a decision to go with your top guy, the hot goalie who has won 8 straight, especially when your team is short-handed.

      Winning President’s trophy really isn’t all that, but WINNING DIVISION is to get that #1 seed. The most important game of the year demands you make a decision to go with the best chance to win – the hot goalie over the struggling one, and that’s my MAIN ISSUE HERE.

  3. Vic

    3 stars…..Grubauer and then the entire VGK team. I agree MAF should have played this game for many obvious reasons.

  4. George L.

    Ken gave Tuch a star? Missing an open net is star worthy? Wow.

    • Yes, I thought he was absolutely terrific tonight. He scores that he’s 1st star.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “He scores that he’s 1st star.” and if he wasn’t part of that horrible line change just missing back checking the stick of the player that scored the go ahead goal on deflection.

        • Daryl

          Who’s fault is it for bad line changes? The coach? Players leaving the ice? Or the players jumping on the ice?

          • THE hockey GOD

            In this particular case all of those plus the more importantly the SAL CAP causing mental and physical fatigue due to being short staffed. Short squad?

            As a former coach I would say that it probably the coach’s fault 90% of time. However, in this particular game being late in third period due to playing with SAL CAP short squad imposed it could be do to fatigue and mental break down of players.

            I would say SAL CAP and everything that I listed previously had a lot to do with getting into this line change situation fiasco.

            Players coming off the ice have to be aware of where the puck is going and if the other team can push back into O zone quickly. It appeared they left the ice too early. But then again if they stayed on ice they are tired. Players on the bench have to be ready to come off. Some of the players were coming off from far side of the bench and had to hustle into play. The AVS were also making a shift but they pushed the puck up quickly.

          • Daryl – did l read it correctly the hockey god is a former coach ????? I did notice he didn’t say of what. Were you aware of that alleged status??? Just a question as l wonder if that is just another disallional thought given he believes he is god.

      • sb

        Tuch missed that open one ……… it happens to the best. Tuch was terrific as he always is ………. carrying his entire line by himself ………… dragging along AHL’ers.

  5. Lehner should be a only a back-up. Waaay too soft. Tuck also screwed up big time.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tuch missed an open net. With all due respect to Lehner it was not all his fault this game’s outcome. But…I wanted Fleury to start and think he had a better chance to win this game.

      • Howard

        No, it’s not Lehner’s fault per say, but certainly his fault we didn’t at least get a point out of this one because he didn’t hold serve and let in a softie – as he always does. VGK might have still lost with MAF in there..

        I’m not upset they lost, that’s hockey. I’m upset they disrespected MAF again, a clear Vezina Trophy finalist, 3 time Cup Winner, guaranteed future HOF’er, a guy who stood on his head in there while Lehner was again, “concussed” in favor of a woke ‘moral’ choice rather than making a strong statement in said HOF goaltender whom without him, would probably be the 4th seed in this division.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Flower has let in a few softies in past few weeks, this isn’t on the goalie.

          Clearly mis management of salary cap. Hard to play with extremely short staff.

          VGK needs a new accountant, maybe Leo Bloom (Max Bialstock’s accountant from THE PRODUCERS) can finagle their books?

          OR maybe hire Bob Baffert’s vet to give the players and extra boost of hi-five energy ?

          Not goalies fault, not PDB’s fault, this is clearly on mis management. First time in nearly ten years a team has to play with 15 /?! ? HELLO ! WAKE UP !
          dun ah
          dun ah
          DUN DUN DUN (Jaws music in background)

        • Mike StG

          Howard, I agree with much of what you said above, but Fleury won’t be a Vezina finalist. That will likely be Vasi, Grubauer & Rask or Varly. Not that Marc-Andre SHOULDN’T be, but there’s that East Coast bias that is probably mostly due to lateness of games in the west (thus fewer voters watching).

      • Daryl

        Not sure how Tuch missed that shot… I’m still baffled by it. I agree the loss isn’t all on Lehner, as I don’t think most of his losses are all on him, but it was a soft goal that sealed the deal.

        • THE hockey GOD

          no Daryl it was the horrible line change that led to an out manned attack down low that led to the deflected goal. That goal is not on the goalie.

          • Daryl

            Sorry I disagree…. Yes it was a bad line change but that was a soft goal

  6. Frank

    Great job by the boys only skating with 15 players. Difference in this game was goaltending, plain and simple. Onwards and upwards. Flower deserves the net to start the playoffs.

    • H

      And he won’t, because for Deboer and VGK, it’s about apparences over winning – they’re weak and ‘woke.’

      So sick of people here saying Lehner is elite, he isn’t and never has been. He’s an above average goaltender who has serious moments of concentration lapses, like his twin brother, Pekka Rinne.

      • Mike StG

        H, by the way.. what the hell is all this woke crap? What does woke even mean, and especially in the context of hockey? Maybe you should go back and see what protocols the NHL is relaxing. They’re EXACTLY what Lehner was talking about. Who cares that he was the only one to speak up? He was right and the NHL fibbed about it trying to make it go away. He’s an outspoken guy, probably more so because of what he’s gone through. And yes, I agree that it likely affected his game recently. Even coaches now are saying ‘yeah, it’s been tough on the players and a real grind so this relief is a good thing.’ Why bitch about the one guy who had the guts to speak up about it? You want everyone in lockstep bowing to the great Bettman? Things, whatever they may be, do NOT get better unless someone or group speaks up. And I have no dog in this fight, because personally I couldn’t care less about pride or racial or these other issues – I love hockey and that’s about it. I can’t change things even if I wanted to, and I don’t care enough to even want to. How’s that for a goddamn rant!!?? 🙂

        • Daryl

          Did you ever think that maybe Lehner misunderstood what the regulations were or exactly when they were going to change? With the NHL denying his claims and nobody else coming out in support, it should make you wonder if what Lehner said is actually what happened.

    • Rob S.

      No, the difference in this game was playing with only 15 skaters. (Well, that and Alex Tuch missing a wide-open net.) Thanks, McCrimmon!

      • Frank

        Beg to differ rob. We outplayed and vastly outshot and out chanced the Avs. The difference was quite clearly goaltending.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i guess you missed the third period in which the VGK was completely exhausted and didn’t manage a shot in over 8 minutes and were being clearly outworked by AVS. This is clearly on SAL CAP not the players.

          • This salary cap issue is crap – it applies to all teams vegas mgt just screwed it up in their case with ridiculous contracts. If you want to point figures perhaps you need to look at Vegas mgt first. Non one had a gun to their head having to make the decisions that got them into this mess. It boils down to the fact they were and are blinded by the light and think they can buy the Cup it doesn’t work that way. If you are a former coach you of all people know that IMO

          • Daryl

            @HD…. I completely agree with you

      • Daryl

        Playing with 15 skaters really doesn’t take its toll til the 3rd period, which is possibly why VGK only got 1 shot in 10min time period. You can’t use 15 players as an excuse for a bad line change or your goalie being out of position and letting in a shioft goal. VGK played very well in the first two periods with only 15 skaters and COL played very well missing several key players

        • THE hockey GOD

          Goalie wasn’t out of position on last goal, he was in the net and ready to make the save, but it was deflected. When I think of goalie being out of position I think of goalie being on wrong side of net, or way out of his crease, or flopping on the ice. Neither of these events occurred on last goal. The puck was deflected, the goalie got a piece of it. Normally goalie’s that are out of position don’t touch the puck at all.

          Fatigue and line change mess up, plus another sign a team is tired is all the shots they took that were missing the net.

          Yes they played terrific hockey up to last frame when they ran out of gas physically and mentally. Even coach was mentally fatigued in the post game presser.

          • Daryl

            I just disagree with you on this one. IMO that was a soft goal given up

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, be honest. Playing with 3 less players is NOT the same as playing without key players. The Avs had a full 18 skaters on the ice, not 15. I don’t make any excuses for Vegas, others can if they like. All I can say is, while most here are talking about the negatives – who did or didn’t do what – all I can say is “that was a hell of a good game.” Great defense, high intensity and tempo, and VGK controlled play and corralled the Avs for most of the game. I hope they meet in Round 2. It will be a great series to watch.

          • Daryl

            Agreed, playing with 15 players is different than playing a full roster…. but at the same time, playing short like that usually doesn’t take effect until the 3rd period, which is when VGK ended up losing the game. How many times has a team played short b/c a player gets ejected. Granted that is only playing short one players. My point is, early on in the game, only having 15 players doesn’t really matter.

  7. Jeff

    I wish the Coach and Front Office would be more transparent about the physical condition of the team. How close are our injured players to being ready for the playoffs.

    • THE hockey GOD

      why give enemy any useful information to use, or de value your assets needlessly ?

      • sb

        Right. Foolishness giving the opposition injury reports. That would be stupid.

      • Daryl – did l read it correctly the hockey god is a former coach ????? I did notice he didn’t say of what. Were you aware of that alleged status??? Just a question as l wonder if that is just another disallional thought given he believes he is god.

  8. Well guys it was a heck of a game – unfortunately the better team lost. Given the circumstances they played a hell of a game – sad they were not rewarded for their effort with a win, they sure had a number of chances, but because of ?????? (fill in the blank or blanks as I am certain everyone believes they know why the loss happened. Our only hope is this is not indicative of things going forward. I was impressed to hear PDB tell the media where to get off. Here’s to a win Wednesday and a win or two by LA – hope springs eternal its been a crazy year.

    • Howard

      Deboer, lol.. No comment but to say “He’s woke.”

    • Daryl

      Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the presser… was really hoping to hear what all was said

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree, SAL CAP BS ends, and VGK can staff a full squad from now out. NHL and it’s SAL CAP rules blow, and have to go, esp. with this virus situation. SAL CAP IS NULL AND VOID FOR LAST GAME AND FOR THE PLAYOFFS !

      LA can’t stand AVs, and are a proud team. They will do their duty.

    • Mike StG

      Hd- 100%. That was high quality hockey we saw last night, especially from Vegas. If I had any doubts before I don’t any more – they ARE an elite team and a cup contender. Can you imagine what might have been if our leading goal scorer in the league’s most productive line was playing? Or our most consistent defender and league-leading shot blocker was in the lineup? I think that’s why PDB walked out of the presser. He didn’t see anything negative in the way the team played and he was getting questions that revolved around negative perceptions. Why bother? If, after that performance, the media wanted to nitpick better to just leave.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “This salary cap issue is crap – it applies to all teams vegas mgt just screwed it up in their case with ridiculous contracts. If you want to point figures perhaps you need to look at Vegas mgt first. Non one had a gun to their head having to make the decisions that got them into this mess. It boils down to the fact they were and are blinded by the light and think they can buy the Cup it doesn’t work that way. If you are a former coach you of all people know that IMO”

      I agree with you 1000% and have said as much in posts here.

  9. Howard

    VGK only 3 losses in 1 month – AZ, Lehner in net (MAF in there likely would have lost, need to score to win) and was terrible.

    Minn loss – Lehner was terrible.
    Avs loss – Lehner was good but as is normal for him, gave up a softie, cost his team at least 1 point.

    MAF? 8 straight wins, HOF goalie, 3 time cup winner. Explain to me with any logic why the most important game of the year, especially short-handed, u aren’t going with your best? GO…

    Yes, I’m pissed off, and mainly because NHL really the last sport up until last year to avoid all this pansy woke shit. Now, teams make political woke decisions over winning ones. ‘sigh.’

    • Frank

      Rotation and proving a point. Well, apoint was proven, just not the narrative that they’d like to push.

      • Howard

        Narratives don’t win Cups, but might have people see you as “virtuous and woke” so 🙂

        • THE hockey GOD

          “Yes, I’m pissed off, and mainly because NHL really the last sport up until last year to avoid all this pansy woke shit. Now, teams make political woke decisions over winning ones. ‘sigh.’” Explain this woke stuff, I missed it.

          I can’t stand woke, and it’s basis. What was woked? Who woked it? And where did this woke come from ?

          Are you talking about nhl sal cap or something someone said ? sorry I missed this, I am not “woked” up on this.

  10. Blitz

    Pouty Peter lost his shit in the presser. Darn the old negative questions like, “hey pete, you had 1 shot on goal in the last 10 minutes, do you think it was fatigue or maybe Avs adjustments”? So if that was a negative question what kind of question should they ask? Some lame softball? “Hey pete, the guys showed alot of effort out there tonight don’t you agree”? ~Imagine a gif of a dude with a shake weight here~ Why even come out really? Or just make a statement and leave. Eat your dog food. Hell maybe he should be forced to explain why his HOF goalie, known for putting the team on his shoulders, is on the bench while while ol Grimis gets the nod. I would say welcome to 2020 playoffs again, but MAF has been stellar this year so no excuse not to have him in other than bullshit pride.

    Yeah yeah, if I wasn’t passionate I wouldn’t be here. Thanks for listening.

    • Howard

      Do you really expect a weakling to stand up to questions in a presser? While Deboer teaches a good system, he’s a weak pussy and I’m sorry to say this but…. Don’t think any team can win a Stanley Cup with him coaching.

      • THE hockey GOD

        PDB played the hand that was dealt him, it’s not his fault he has to deal with idiot and obvious questions from media.

        It was pretty obvious his team played their guts out due to circumstances handed them by mis management.

        What do you expect him to say under these circumstances? It was a heart breaking loss.

        I would have said STFU you guys are blind or what is the matter with your brains for asking such stupid question in first place ! ANd would have really gone off on the press. Is that what you wanted ?

        • Daryl

          I didn’t think the question was anything to get that upset over

  11. Well great effort from the team, a lot to be proud of. No shame for players losing tonight, they did all you could ask really.

    What an unbelievable shame to lose the division win and presidents trophy.

    Both the division and the presidents were lost twice – in Lehner’s last game vs Minnesota where he gave up at least 4 soft goals, 6 total, several in last period to lose. We win that one this game wouldn’t have mattered. Maybe Lehner’s worst game as a pro…. And his reward – start him in the most important game of the year over MAF, where he can give up yet another total softie to contribute to this loss.

    VGK management has done so much right, it’s a shame they’re losing their credibility with these unbelievable decisions to keep starting Lehner over MAF when the season is on the line. In the playoffs, against real good teams, it’s gonna come down to 1 goal. Any softies are pretty much a guaranteed loss. No good teams will give up softies in playoffs, which means our stubbornness to keep starting Lehner will mean we can’t go deep in the playoffs. Soooo frustrating. It’s like I’m sitting down to watch a horror movie with every lehner start, knowing the part is coming up where he is gonna let in a softie… And then bang, there it is. I wish management would change the plot of the movie. The boys have worked too hard to lose like that, both this game and Lehner’s last MN game.

    • Howard

      Justin CLEARLY ‘gets it.’ Play your best goalie so that way if you lose with your best, no one says a word but, THAT’S HOCKEY!

      This isn’t hockey, this is pansy codling, total arrogance, and narrative pushing woke BS. Arrogance is always a sign of a weakling.

      Here’s my deal – if Deboer goes with rotation in playoffs and Knights lose, I’m done with this org, and so will be a lot of people I know. Granted, someone else will take our spot, until VGK’s Cup window closes – then these newbie Hockey Fans will get a taste of what fans of Buffalo and The Leafs suffer year in and year out and they’ll jump ship, and T-Moblie will be half-filled.

    • Howard

      Let me add this Justin. MAF lost the net in Pitt because Murray earned it. Murray lost the net himself because Jarry earned it, that’s the NHL but no. VGK wants to create some new invention here. MAF earned that net tonight, Lehner did not and again, if just another game I’d live with it, but I don’t live with GIVING SOMEONE THE NET who DID NOT EARN IT in the biggest game of the year, all because YOU ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH A NARRATIVE than what has always been The NHL — U EARN YOUR SHIT IN THIS LEAGUE MAN!

      • Pistol Pete

        Howard where I disagree with you a bit here and concur with Ken, is that the Division and PT are less of a big deal than some think including myself an hour ago. If I’m right that tonight’s loss by Lehner could trigger a sequence for his benching then you’ll agree that DeBoer and the rest of the FO had to stick with the rotation up to this point. They have $12m in cap tied up so the rotation had to be taken thus far. Last year Fleury did have a falter in his performance due to probably the death of his father. That is why they decided to find another starter. Fortunately Fleury found his game again.

        • Howard

          Ok…. And if Deboer continues the rotation in playoffs, will you then have enough with it?

          Look to be honest, Blues actually have a better shot to beat AVS as they really match up well with them, plus I don’t think Avs are playing all the great now.

          However, The Wild is playing really well and poses a tough matchup for VGK.

          I’ll concede your point here, but if Deboer rotates, or even starts Lehner for no apparent reason, you will agree with me, deal?

          • Pistol Pete

            Frankly Howard I favor Fleury and no I will not be happy if Lehner continues to lose if the rotation continues but that is why if Lehner loses game one in the playoffs giving up soft goals Fleury could win the starting job. Obviously if one of the loses two playoff games in a rotation and the other guy wins a game he gets the next start breaking the rotation.

      • Rob S.

        So, half of you folks think that losing the #1 overall seed tonight was on Lehner? Let’s get real. This was on the front office and, in particular, the Splash Brothers, McCrimmon and McPhee. We lost this game–and probably a few others–due to bad cap management. Seriously, we had to play the most important game of the year (so far) with…FIFTEEN SKATERS!? After having played short-handed how many in a row with 17? Really? Do you think maybe some of the injuries–and the lack of energy in the last ten minutes–might come from this? You’re miffed with DeBoer and not one single “media” person in the city has the guts to call out McCrimmon on this!? He announced this crap 45 minutes before the start of the game. Can you imagine the reaction to that in Philadelphia or New York? Hell, they would have had riots if that had occurred in Montreal or Toronto.

        I’m as proud as I can be of our team tonight. We should have gotten stomped, 8-0, but pride and toughness made this one heck of a hockey game. (Btw, if we had played Fleury in an 8-0 shellacking, how many of you geniuses would be raising hell about DeBoer “wasting” Fleury in a game that was stacked against them?) Lehner was fine. Fault the second goal if you want, but he made half-a-dozen tremendous saves. And, if Alex Tuch could throw the puck in a wide-open net, we would have escaped with a point and the #1 seed and this entire bitch session would be a moot point.

        Do I think Fleury should start the playoffs? Absolutely. He has been the better goalie most of the season and clearly in the last couple of weeks. But let’s remember what’s important here. As Ken has been reminding people all year, this is about the playoffs. Get over tonight. Let’s get players healthy and get ready for the playoffs.

        • Howard

          Ok, and as I said to the other guy, if Deboer even starts Lehner at all in postseason, will you change your tune?

          My main point isn’t winning or losing per se, but denying MAF the right to be in net tonight, SOMETHING HE EARNED – that is my issue here and I somehow think this isn’t going to change.

          Will I see you guys in here then?

          • Rob S.

            What Fleury’s *earned* is the right to be the #1 goalie in the playoffs; a point that I made above. That’s what’s important; not tonight’s game. (And, again, if he’d played Fleury and we got stomped thanks to McCrimmon’s stupidity, how many of you would have been grousing about DeBoer “wasting” Fleury tonight?)

            Yes, you’ll see us in here. I hope I’ll have more class than to point out every little flaw or every “soft” goal that Fleury allows, because it’s going to happen at some point. (He’s human.)

          • Pistol Pete

            Howard what I did a poor job of explaining in my last response to you above is imagine the rotation continues putting Lehner in Game One. He loses and makes that two in a row with tonight’s loss, and Fleury wins Game Two. That is where I would expect DeBoer to give Fleury a consecutive start breaking the rotation. Postseason, a different ballgame. I would consider these last two regular season games like the playoffs since they both have the division title riding on them, directly so tonight and Lehner was not able to pull it off.

        • THE hockey GOD

          spot on Rob S.

          heads would be rolling back EAST.

  12. Pistol Pete

    What an effort this game was and, yes I like to think they win it with Fleury in the net, however the VGK played so well rolling only three lines with a kicker and five D, that is they play this well through the playoffs they could go all the way. Fleury wins against the Sharks and Lehner loses the first game of the playoffs I’m confident Fleury becomes the starter. Tonight’s loss by Lehner starts that sequence. Howard, I am not convinced DeBoer is unable to bench Lehner. He’s too smart for that. By the way I was at T-Mobile tonight and can’t think of ever seeing a better VGK effort other than maybe game two vs. the Jets.

    • Howard

      Ok, let me try this again. I noticed you said “start Lehner in game one, playoffs.” NO!

      Has Lehner earned it? This sends the wrong message to your team as well. When will Deboer learn to stop being so stubborn? Did he not learn from last year?

      So, you still advocate for rotating goalies in playoffs – that’s horseshit, and it’s VGK fo weak sauce. Did Marty Brodeur rotate with other goalies? How about Roy? Lehner is basically an above average goaltender. Does Pete like mediocrity? Is he afraid to stand up to The VGK FO here?

      Teams like to rally around ‘their guy’ and engaging a rotation in playoffs is not only insulting to MAF, but insulting to NHL hockey fans. MAF has earned this – u go with the person who earned it. not a formula. Pete should have learned this last year with his Dmen continuing to shoot low % blue line shots, instead of shooting the corners and net crashing.

      Personally think Pete teaches a good system, but is a lousy and stubborn ‘leader’ who is weak-,minded and ego-driven.

      Hope VGK can win Cup this year, if not, Hope they fire Deboer and no team hires him anymore. He’s a loser until proven otherwise. If he does, I’ll eat my words.

      • Pistol Pete

        Howard see my last response above, it pretty clearly lays out my strategy of extending the rotation to game one of the playoffs but only because I expect them to do it into the first game. No I am not a proponent of using the rotation throughout the playoffs if one of them is losing consecutive games, of course not. I also am not against the rotation being broken today and have Fleury start Game One. I’m on your side here that I think Fleury is the better player this season, I’m just trying to be realistic that they want to push their $12m gamble as far as they can before one of the goaltenders shows they are a liability.

    • Howard

      Funny you mention Jets from 2018 WCF. You do know that VGK got outplayed that series right? The ONLY REASON they won was because MAF stood on his head and stole it.

      But ok, rotate him with an unproven alternate version of Pekka Rinne.

      Btw. how many Cups has Lehner won?

      • Rob S.

        The same number Fleury has won here. 😉

        • Howard

          That’s a nice way to cop-out and not answer the question – I can see why you would support Peter’s decision last night.

          How many Stanley Cup Final games has Lehner played here or anywhere else in his career? How many has MAF played?

          Would you like to Wankershaft that question as well?

          • Rob S.

            Well, the wink was supposed to indicate humor; sorry if that didn’t come through. As to DeBoer’s decision: I would have played Fleury last night with even a 17-man roster, but I absolutely would not have thrown him out there when it became clear that we had only 15 healthy skaters. It’s a testament to the guts and pride in our team that we didn’t get pounded–and that wouldn’t have done Fleury any good at all heading into the playoffs.

      • Pistol Pete

        I will acknowledge they won the series at least in meaningful part because of Fleury, however the skaters played lights out after losing Game One. They came back and swept them. In their inaugural season. Remarkable.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Don’t blame DeBoer for not taking those last two
    questions,. They were of the rub the salt in the wound variety. After such a great team effort, two asshole questions. Something else, if one thinks DeBoer is humorless, he actually is not. Also, it’s only him being able to get the team to
    implement superior on the ice structure and his leadership that they can play a game like this down three on the bench.

    • Howard

      Rob S. Nonsense. I have no issues with goalies having bad games. I have issues with disrespecting one who’s been great and deserved and earned the right to be in there tonight in favor of a guy who’s been flat out terrible as of late. That’s always been The NHL, not this garbage – U EARN IT.

      If they would have won tonight, they could have put ME IN NET against SJS in a totally meaningless game. Both u guys forgot to think that one out eh?

      Regardless – yes, if MAF’s turn in rotation tonight and he is playing as poorly as Lehner and the roles were reversed? I would bash on it and absolutely defend Lehner’s right to the net

      But because MAF earned the net tonight and was denied, if he had a bad game and allowed softies, I’d just say he had a bad game but EARNED THE NET TONIGHT, and that would be it.

      Now team will be balls out next game, when they could have basically cruised.

      What will you say when Deboer sticks with this horseshit rotation in playoffs?

      • Rob S

        Howard–I guess this is where I differ with you. You seem to think DeBoer is not going to play Fleury no matter what. I think DeBoer is going to look at the data and say Fleury gives us a better chance to win so he’s going to be my #1 goalie in the playoffs. (And, yes, I would start Fleury in Game 1 of the playoffs, no matter what DeBoer decides to do against the Sharks.)

        If he sticks with the rotation, then I suspect he will be judged on how well it functions. (Poorly, I suspect, but we may yet be glad to have a second good goalie if we run into injury or illness or a bad match-up.) That’s his prerogative as the coach, just as it is the GM’s prerogative to decide whether to retain his services or not.

        By the way, does it not bother you that we were forced to play a number of games short-rostered recently including the biggest game of the year (to date) with only 15 skaters? When does McCrimmon get some scrutiny for his role in our performance (and injury situation)?

        • Daryl

          I question whether PDB will look at the data and play the best goalie. I say that based off this comments and actions last year. He said the same thing and benched MAF against a team he hasn’t lost to. Yes it worked out in that series but that isn’t looking at the data and going with the best goalie. I also don’t think overall Lehner beat out MAF

          • Rob S.

            Give me a break. Last year was last year; this year is this year. DeBoer is paid to figure out who gives us the best chance to win, not who “deserves” what. How about letting him do his job before you complain? He hasn’t even announced who his netminder is for San Jose, let alone for the playoffs.

          • Daryl

            Last year is last year… and he’s been doing the same thing with every team he’s coached. Just ask the fans of all those other teams when they talk about PDB. They tell you the same thing. But I guess that doesn’t matter since this is a new year. Who cares if hes been doing the same thing for the past 15 years… all of a sudden he will change. Yeah, ok!

    • Daryl

      I didn’t think the last two questions were that bad… Not for him to act like he did

  14. Pauly

    PDB and Lehner are losers…period

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    A gritty effort by our guys!

    15 skaters!

    Are you serious?

    The boys were not given the chance they deserved, yet out-played the AVs, and should have won the game.

    And of course all the continued BULLSHIT about Lehner. He gave up only 2 goals. What is wrong with you assholes?

    Doesn’t look good for 1st place now, but it’s not over yet!

    Very proud of our boys !

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree 10000% DOC, it ‘s not goalie’s fault when players miss completely open nets early on which completely changes the context of the game. (and it’s not the first time this player choked his chicken in big game)

      This loss is clearly on (mis)management, as with all the other losses (five) when they were forced to play SAL CAP short !

      It’s comparable to bowling with one arm tied behind your back. Or forced to bat your pitcher when other team uses DH. Or forced to shoot billiards with one hand. Or throw darts with one hand covering your left eye. Or play volleyball with one hand, and other hand holding your shorts to keep them from falling down.

      This isn’t on goalie, it isn’t on the coach, it isn’t on the players. It’s solely on management.

      I fell sorry for KRebs his jaw is broken, he’s out for months , and maybe his career is over. (note COLORADO rookie never went in front of net, he always stayed wide and kept his head focused).

      sez me

    • Daryl

      No it’s not Lehner fault d did its not about giving up only 2 goals…. People are upset with Lehner because he gave up another soft goal which cost them at least 1 point. People are also upset with Tuch, but just like in baseball with pitchers, W/L are on the goalie.

      VGK played great with 15 skaters against a COL team missing several key starters

  16. Pauly

    Yet another with no hockey knowledge…


    The second Avs goal was soft as F

    • THE hockey GOD

      @pauly , wrong again. What game were you watching? The second goal was a DIRECT RESULT of a horrible line change leading to out manned attack down low and a deflected shot into the net. This is not a ‘soft goal”. This is let down by whole team. And taking advantage by the AVS of poor line change with near perfect execution. GTW where was the D man on the stick of AVS player who deflected the shot ? No where. This wasn’t goalie’s fault. Just like sal cap and playing short a squad was goalie’s fault, nor was fact that team only managed one shot in ten minutes in dying minutes of the game.

      pay attention, learn to watch the game and not react with emotion.

      • Daryl

        I disagree with you k in this one… Lehner was out of position and that was a soft goal. And MAF should have started that game. I’m not blaming Lehner for the loss just disagreeing with you on the goal, and who should have started

        • THE hockey GOD

          how can a goalie be out of position when puck hit him, after being deflected?

          when his team mates didn’t get there in time to get stick on a player who deflected puck?

          Are you saying his five hole being open is “out of position”? If that is case, that is how he plays 99% of time. But that is not being out of position. The puck was deflected. How do you be in position for a deflected puck when you have no idea the direction it is going in??

          Having played goalie** (and coach) I would like to hear your expert opinion on this matter.

          ** and some saying taking to many pucks to the head.

          • Daryl

            When you are moving you open up your five hole… if he was in the correct position and not having to move, your 5 hole isn’t as exposed. Like I said, you can disagree with me all you want, but IMO, from someone who’s played hockey most of his life (as a defenseman) that was a soft goal. Lehner has always had an issue with rebound control, it’s something he just can’t fix

            You can blame the goal on players not getting back or a bad line change, but in reality, almost EVERY goal scored can be faulted to someone other than the goalie not doing his job correctly

      • Mike StG

        Hg, It appears to me the definition of a soft goal in this forum is ANY goal scored that wasn’t a blast from the point, ripped from the slot, or scored on a breakaway or odd man rush of at least 3-1. 🙂 You are correct. The puck was deflected from a about a foot away from the edge of the blue paint by Compher. That’s usually far enough away for a goalie to react, right? Lol.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Mike StG
          I hear ya !
          “It appears to me the definition of a soft goal in this forum is ANY goal scored that” or any goal that the WALRUS lets in, in a close checking game.

          • Daryl

            You are starting to sound several others who make every excuse in the book for Lehner. I just wonder if Lehner has ever let in a soft goal or if any goal is ever his fault.

  17. Julie

    Just a few observations…

    I forget the announcer’s name, the guy calling the plays with Shane Hnidy, but he said at the start when announcing Lehner it was an “interesting choice”. Usually, they pump up Lehner. I was surprised by the comment.

    PDB doing his best John Tortorella impression is because while he was proud of the team being short-handed, this game could have clinched the division but didn’t. He knows that last goal was the game changer. It was even highlighted in the announcers commentary as the game changer. It was PDB’S decision to go with Lehner even though Lehner is showing a lack of focus these days. He had a better option and he chose to stick with Lehner. Doesn’t matter why really, although we need only look to the playoffs last year for some insight because not much has changed. PDB doesn’t want to hear anything negative because he can’t take it and wants people to forget it’s on him. It seems he is trying to convince everyone he made the right choice last year and last night.

    Side note, when people shut down like that it’s usually because they know they have made a mistake but can’t admit it. That’s my experience.

    I bet no one is harder on Tuch than Tuch for missing that net early in the game. In his interview after the first, he was clear to include himself on how to go after a win.

    I believe we can still win the division and PT tomorrow against SJ, unless I have it wrong. I hope PDB makes an adjustment in his thinking and starts Fleury for the playoffs and goes all the way with him. Starting with the SJ game tomorrow.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PDB was dealt a bad hand, it’s not the goalies fault.

      the salary cap mismanagement was at play here.

      It ‘s not goalie’s fault when players miss completely open nets early on which completely changes the context of the game.

      This loss is clearly on (mis)management, as with all the other losses (five) when they were forced to play SAL CAP short !

      It’s comparable to bowling with one arm tied behind your back. Or forced to bat your pitcher when other team uses DH. Or forced to shoot billiards with one hand. Or throw darts with one hand covering your left eye. Or play volleyball with one hand, and other hand holding your shorts to keep them from falling down.

      • Julie

        I agree about being short-handed and the players did an excellent job with what they had to deal with. My take is especially being short-handed, why not use all the best tools you have for an important game like this? It was a close game, even at a deficit for VGK. Seems we could have had this important game locked up. I believe Fleury has earned the net this season. I agree with Danny Webster at SBNation on that. If we out-played Colorado while short-handed, how did we lose? Tuch’s missed net? I was saddened to hear Krebs’ jaw is fractured.

        • THE hockey GOD

          I don’t believe Fleury “earned the net” this season without LEhner’s help. I believe both goalies played well considering the whole season. And Fleury too has let in a number of “soft goals’ in the past few weeks. Lehner’s spelling of Fleury giving him a rest has led to him to play well. I don’t believe this game’s loss is on the goalie. It’s on management. I and I don’t think Fleury would put down Lehner’s play under the circumstances.

        • Mike StG

          Julie, you might find this comment interesting from Jack Han (former coach in TOR) made on Twitter just after Tuch missed the net. Speaking of Tuch’s shot he said:

          “This is somehow not a goal, and COL will likely come back and win this game because you lose 100% of games where you miss this kind of chance (not a real stat).”

          After the game he reteeeted his comment and wondered: “maybe it IS a real stat…”


      • Blitz

        Or going to an ass kicking contest without any shoes…

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ blitz

          Or going to an ass kicking contest without any shoes…or without an A$$ to kick !! LOL

          good one ! U r a funny guy.

          “funny how”. Don’t get me started.

  18. DOC (say his name, PANDA)

    Further observation:

    Flurey played 7 games vs AVs.

    He had 2 shutouts.

    In the other 5 games, he gave up:

    2 goals

    5 goals

    2 goals

    3 goals

    3 goals

    Lehner gives up 2 goals, and look at all the hate you idiots are throwing at him. It’s embarrassing and ridiculous!

    • Julie

      You just proved the point you are against. This was a division -winning game and PDB went with the guy with less experience with Colorado, and not the best record – certainly as of late when there was a better choice available. Thanks, Doc!

      • DOC (Hate will never prevail)









        Thank YOU, for proving MY point that Panda played just as well as Flurey, against Colorado.

        • Daryl

          MAF had two shutouts against COL…. thanks for proving all of us you are clueless. Lehner is now 0-3 against teams with a winning record

    • Daryl

      And Lehner is 0-3 against trams with a winning record. He also faced a COL team missing several key starters.

      And as you stated MAF had had 2 shutouts.

      Must on here attend blaming Lehner for the loss, just upset that he started in the first place and the fact he gave up another soft goal which gave COL the lead and took a point from VGK. Overall he played a really good game

    • Mike StG

      Doc, tend to agree with you here. There is also the factor that no one mentioned here – Lehner hadn’t played a game against the Avs all season. Made sense to play him to see how he would hold up against the Avs offense. Could be a factor in playoff decisions on who to start should we meet them in around 2.

      Also, Ken made a good point in his postgame “Peri-whatever” last night that maybe having home ice through the whole playoffs isn’t the best thing. The pressure of losing 1 of the first 2 home games and then going away for the next 2. Recall 2018 – WPG had home ice we split the 1st 2 and won the next 3 to win the series 4-1. Caps then did the same to us – split the first 2 here, won the next 2 in DC and came back here up 3-1 to finish us off at TMobile.

      Bottom line is maybe it’s not such a big deal that they lost last night. Maybe what was more important was how they played.

      • Daryl

        Sry, I got to disagree with you on this. It’s always better to have home ice advantage. You always want to decide the matchups throughout the game. It’s doesn’t always work but I’ve never heard anyone saying home ice isn’t the better option

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, Was Ken’s point not mine. But he was talking about home ice all the way through. If we end up in second behind the Avs, they would be the only team through the entire playoffs that would have home ice advantage on us. We have a better record than every other team in the league and would have home ice and weakest opponent for the 4-team cup final (should we get by the Avs in a round 2). Not a bad position to be in either.

          • I believe it is beneficial to not have the same format in every series. Very hard to win 4 straight that way.

            Prefer having one series where you go on the road first.

          • Daryl

            I see your point

  19. I think I’m missing something about the 15 skaters.

    Martenez was out injured. He makes the big bucks. So, why weren’t they *below* the salary cap with him out when they were ok with the cap when he was playing the previous game?

    Why couldn’t they replace him with *anyone* from the Taxi Squad or the Silver Knights?

  20. Why were they up against the cap with Martinez out of the lineup?

    With him injured, shouldn’t that allow them to replace him with someone from the Taxi Squad?

    • Mike StG

      Mel – Injured players’ salaries still count against the cap unless they’re on LTIR. So, Pacioretty, Nosek, Martinez and probably Krebs salaries are counted against the cap for that game. Reaves was not as they haven’t yet taken him off LTIR.

  21. THE hockey GOD

    less than 10 games left, they can’t put players on LTIR to free up cap space.>>>is basically the gist of it.

    plus the fact that management completely blew the sal cap, plus
    NHL didn’t increase SAL CAP this year, plus too many injuries, plus
    they played KREBS when they should not have*

    Management’s short sighted win at all costs NOW attitude.

    *McCrimmon told reporters on Monday night the Golden Knights had the option to play without Krebs and have a full lineup, but because of his cap hit couldn’t play an additional skater. They’ve played with 17 skaters for the past three contests.

    Just a perfect storm of mismanagement? Or mismanagement? I say latter, not former.

  22. Tim

    I’d hate to say it but shit happens. If you recall Ryan O’Reilly missed an open net against us as Tuch did last night it happens they are human. I’m a Fleury guy but not a Lehner hater but I believe being the heart and soul of our team it was Fleury’s game to win or lose last night and I said that before the game not in hind site.
    What’s this crazy talk about Krebs came up to young it was managements fault he got hurt are you for real. You can get hit like he did when your 20 or 30 what does that have to do with his playing time if he’s good enough?

    • Daryl

      I don’t blame anyone for him getting hurt but I do think he wasn’t ready for the NHL just yet

      • Mike StG

        Kings played Byfield at 18. Rangers played LaFreniere. Nucks played Petterson. Devs played Hughes. Vegas only played Krebs a few games. The last 3 names played ALL year immediately after their entry draft selection. I believe Hischier and Heiskanen may have as well.

        • Daryl

          That doesn’t mean Krebs, or any of the others you mentioned, weren’t played too soon. Did playing Krebs hurt VGK with the Cap in the last game? If so, it was a horrible decision to play him

    • THE hockey GOD


      “McCrimmon told reporters on Monday night the Golden Knights had the option to play without Krebs and have a full lineup, but because of his cap hit couldn’t play an additional skater. They’ve played with 17 skaters for the past three contests.”

      Chances are if mis management didn’t play Krebs they would have had a full squad last night and had much better chance of winning the game.

      This franchise mismanagement of SAL CAP has cost them at least ten possible points in standings having played shorted handed for well over a half dozen games.

      This whole situation was due to management, not players. Not coach playing one goalie or another. Don’t be surprised if heads roll over the summer after this is all over.

      just sayin’

      • Daryl

        Isn’t it up to the coach who plays? PDB should have kept Krebs out of the game to give them an extra skater in this game. Maybe PDB should have grown a bigger set and explained to management the risks they were taking and maybe have taken a firmer stance on the issue.

        It was PDB who said last year he would play who he thought would give them the best chance to win…. he didn’t say management would play the best players

        • THE hockey GOD

          i think the call mostly goes to GM and co GM, mostly.

          Since the co GM made this statement and not PDB I assume that the co GM is bearing the brunt of most of the responsibility. They are responsible for player personnel for most part and for knowing SAL CAP rules/regs and managing the risks on that decision. They could easily have kept Krebs off the taxi squad and assigned him to AHL. They are responsible for team personnel on ALL levels and generally make the assignments. With input from coaches at AHL and NHL , and scouts, throughout the organization.

          The coaches main function is use the players that management gives them and to get players ready for games, study tapes, assign starting line ups, match ups, etc. That’s not saying PDB didn’t have a say in it. But since he didn’t bring it up and McCrimmen did then he and GMGM probably made the call with some input from coaching staff.

          Like I said before PDB was dealt a bad hand. He didn’t do the SAL CAP mismanagement, he didn’t let in “soft goals”- realized or not, he wasn’t responsible for the bad line changes by weary team.

          I expect heads to roll at end of this season, but it’s won’ likely be PDB but probably higher ups. Especially one for making terrible decision to play KREBS to early in his career costing him injury and a win in last night’s game by playing a roster of 15.

          • Daryl

            Yeah, that is one aspect of the game I never paid much attention to… who gets called up, who plays, who gets benched, etc. I know the coach sets the lineup lines and the scratches but as far as who gets called up and what not, I never really knew. It would make most sense if the HC had a huge role in that decision with the final go ahead coming from above, but if that isn’t the case, then obviously it’s not on PDB. Overall, just a horrible position to be in.

  23. jason mason


    I think PDB walked out of the presser because he felt like the questions being asked were consistently about the same, and obvious, thing. Yeah the team was undermanned. He doesn’t manage the cap, so he works with what he’s got…for good or bad. I watched it, and I’m guessing he feels like the takeaway from the loss was how well the team played, losing by 1 in a game they could have just as easily won, to a team like Colorado while missing Pac and Martinez on a 15 man bench. I’d pretty much agree.

    I’ve never been a Lehner guy. I think MAF actually did get the knife in the back by PDB during the playoffs last year, and his record in the games he played pretty much says that. He has nothing to prove anymore….the regular season this year did all his talking for him. That being said, Lehner has never gotten any hate from me, but I’d love to take a quick look at the flip floppers on Lehner from the end of last season until about 2 weeks ago. He has a pretty good record and gets trashed, so I’d hate to see how it would go if he totally sucked. He had not played in net against Colorado at all this season, and yesterday just happen to fit the rotation. He needed at least one game against a team he hasn’t seen and we might be playing in “bigger” games. And we lost 2-1, with more than a few good scoring opportunities that we missed on, while utilizing a 15 man bench. I’d say we did ok, and Colorado can’t be feeling that great about it for the future. And they still have to play 2 games they need to win.

    Can’t win every game, can’t stop every puck, and you’re going to miss an open net every now and then. I think the most important guy on the team last night might have been Alec Martinez. The guy is a stud on defense, and he can swing a mean stick on offense when necessary. The most blocked shots in the league. Probably the best acquisition on the team other than Stone or Pac. Got his name on the cup and has a game winning goal to get it. As a team he anchors the best defense in the league in my opinion. I believe the stats might prove that overall.

    It was 2 -1, with a 15 man bench. I think we’ll be ok. Doesn’t mean we win the cup, but playing like they did last night, neither will Colorado.

    • Daryl

      I agree with just about everything you stated…. Just remember COL was without several key starters as well. Being down to 15 skaters doesn’t affect the team until the 3rd period, which is when VGK lost the game but up until then is was a close game.

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, give Vegas a LITTLE more credit than it was a ‘close game’ in the 1st 2 periods. Maybe the score was close, but Vegas controlled play, gaps were tight, Avs couldn’t get anything going to speak of. They had 4 SOG the entire 2nd period, when they usually dominate teams. Grubauer pretty much stole the game for them. He was brilliant.

        • Daryl

          I’ll give you, and VGK, that…. they controlled the entire game in the first two periods.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “I think MAF actually did get the knife in the back by PDB during the playoffs last year” are you aware that MAF was dealing with personal issues that impacted his game last year ?? And that they did play MAF in playoffs for most of round robin especially early on.

      I don’t think PDB stabbed anyone in the back. And ownership has backed up MAF more than once. That horse has long left the barn and has been put to bed and overcome by events.

      Maybe you will recall this news item that skipped your mind.

      “Many were left scratching their heads when the Golden Knights announced Fleury as the starter instead of Robin Lehner who got the first two wins of the series. But with tonight’s matchup being the first of a back-to-back and Vegas up 2-0 in the series, The Golden Knights went with a riskier move but it ended up paying off. We’ll likely see Lehner in goal tomorrow with a chance to end this series. Fleury has a 2-0 record with a 2.50 goals-against-average and a .886 save percentage.”

      • jason mason

        20 games in the playoffs last year and Lehner was 16 – 7.

        MAF got 4 starts and was 3 -1

        The VGK did not win the cup using the PDB goalie strategy, but I’m pretty sure you know that….I could be wrong.

        I say MAF was “stabbed in the back” simply because every presser PDB gave included every indication that both goalies were not backups and would get a pretty evenly distributed number of opportunities. Both performed well. You’ve never seen anything from me bad mouthing Lehner, but I will say that a guy that goes 3 – 1 deserves a few more starts when you claim he’s equal in every way to the guy you just signed, and is, oh by the way, going to the HOF with his name on the cup 3 times.

        Whatever you want to call the playoff bubble strategy when it comes to goaltending, it ended with the VGK going home without the cup, and a full fledged goalie controversy. I’ll let others decide where that controversy started.

        i’ll try not to argue with a guy so arrogant he calls himself a god… of anything. Apparently when you live in a universe of your own creation with a population of 1 you can do that. In the meantime Fleury is going to the HOF, and he’s number 3 all time after having one of his best years ever. I guess we’ll all just have to live with that….oh, the horror!

        • THE hockey GOD

          i’ll try not to argue with a guy so arrogant he calls himself a god… of anything. Apparently when you live in a universe of your own creation.

          Wrong. I didn’t create the press release that I posted. I just post other opinions. And I didn’t insult you, so FO.

          And I am not one being arrogant or presumptuous saying PBD stabbed someone in the back. Especially after management came out and gave Fleury more than two thumbs up. I guess you have short term memory loss, or some other condition that can’t reflect reality.

          “Many were left scratching their heads when the Golden Knights announced Fleury as the starter instead of Robin Lehner who got the first two wins of the series. But with tonight’s matchup being the first of a back-to-back and Vegas up 2-0 in the series, The Golden Knights went with a riskier move but it ended up paying off. We’ll likely see Lehner in goal tomorrow with a chance to end this series. Fleury has a 2-0 record with a 2.50 goals-against-average and a .886 save percentage.”

          • Daryl

            Did your really expect management to come out a DNA say or do anything different after all the comments from the fans and the press? If course they gave MAF the thumbs up. Must people felt like MAF for screwed, or at least lied to. PDB says one thing then does the exact opposite so why would anyone believe him and not feel like MAF was stabbed in the back?

    • Mike StG

      Jason – agree 100%.

  24. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    For those “upset” that Panda started, oh boo hoo!

    It’s going to happen again and again whiners!

    Viva La Panda!

    Viva La Knights !!

    • Daryl

      Maybe when MAF retires your beloved Panda can take over… And VGK will go back to being average again

      • THE hockey GOD

        it’s Logan Thompson job to take and run with.

        wait for it.

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, strike the “again”. Vegas has never been average. The Wild & Panthers before this year have been average. The Canucks, Devils too. All mushy middle teams. Not Vegas, so far. 🙂

  25. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Again little man, you inject yourself, into my comment.

    As you know, I have praised BOTH our goalies.

    But the haters will not do that.

    Some are “in love” with Flurey and are not capable of nothing but hate.

    And son, I don’t think we will have to wait for a retirement. After the sword in the back last year, by Flurey & his agent, he will never be PDB’s #1.

    It just may be the PANDA who leads us to the promise land. Wouldn’t THAT be special!!!!! ha ha

    • Daryl

      So tuff calling people little man and boy… I guess when you are as old and febrile as you, you just kind of talk out of your ass.

  26. sb

    Relax. If MAF is the savior of this team, he can save them Wednesday night and get all the glory. It sets up the perfect ending …………… MAF saves VGK. Relax. But what if he loses? I know. I know. It’s the coach’s fault. It’s MGT fault. It’s Lehner’s fault. Funny if SJ puts in four fast ones in MAF! What’ll the next excuse be? Oh, he should be making $8 mil, not $7 mill. It must be Foley’s fault.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Hail SB!

    • Daryl

      VGK ought to play all back-ups… This game basically means nothing at this point. Why take a chanve on getting anyone hurt

  27. sb

    Lehner loses 2 to 1. Is letting in two goals the goalie’s fault for losing the game? No. It’s the guys in front of him for not scoring 2 or 3 goals. A goalie who averages 2 goals against in a game is an excellent goaltender.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “A goalie who averages 2 goals against in a game is an excellent goaltender.”

      spot on

      PS I think he lost the puck in the lights or
      maybe the wind took it off course or he got distracted by the show girl
      in the 45th row. You know the one , don’t you ?

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Absolutely correct, 100% SB !

    • Daryl

      So, if a goalie lets in 4 goals its not his fault, its the guys in front of him for not scoring 5 goals??? Sound logic. No matter how you look at it, Lehner is 0-3 against teams with a winning record

      • THE hockey GOD

        Spin out, it’s not about “goalie letting in four of five goals”. And depending on nature of game it can lead to various “faults” if that many goals are allowed. Usually a team let down at various fronts in the game.

        In long run VGK will win more games the more goals (four or five) they score, they will lose more games if they only one goal. If they only score one goal a game, they will not get very far over the course of a full season.

        A team with a goalie who averages only two goals a game will also win a lot more often than not.

        Those are the plain hard facts in today’s NHL.

        • Daryl

          I’m not disputing any of what you just said…. but they way it was presented, it wasn’t Lehner’s fault because he only let in two goals and the players in front of him didn’t score 3. That same logic can be said when a goalie lets in 5 goals. It’s just a flawed logic the way it was presented.

  28. Daryl

    Old man with dementia chimes him to defend his bromance partner and make sure nobody tries to blame him for anything. While he may praise both goalies, in his eyes, Lehner can do no wrong. He is the savior this team has always been looking for!!!

    • DOC (The final frontier, dementia)

      Yadda yadda yadda, little man.

      Now, your comments are making no sense at all.

      You have no idea what’s in MY eyes, or anyone else’s, boy!

      Yea, dementia …. Don’t get blamed for anything , it’s great!

      I think your sugar content is getting low. Better call mama to replenish your chips and candy bars, down in the basement, son!

      But keep us laughing. We love it! ha ha

      • Daryl

        Always funny with the little man and calling people boy!!! Such an intelligent person. But then again, you probably forgot what you call people. Must suck to be you and living in your own little world.

  29. Pistol Pete

    Petro’s goal which once again showcased his offensive capability hopefully portends his post season potential. With one regular season game remaining he’s at 22 pts/40 games (.55 pts/game), just under his .59 pts/game career average and at +18 way ahead of the career average. It’s been a difficult season for him relatively speaking but last night’s performance is another positive sign heading into the playoffs.

    • Pistol Pete

      Should he manage two points on Wednesday that will bring him up to just under .59 (.583) matching his career average. Not saying it’s all that big a deal, just shows he’s not much under his career pace in spite of the criticism relating to the salary and cap hit. I have always said wait for the postseason.

    • Daryl

      That was a great shot and if VGK is going to advance they will need more of that from him. With that said, I’m very happy it went in or at least was on net b/c if not there was nobody able to drop back and play defense which would have led to another odd man rush. Still, that was Petra’s best shot since he’s been in VGK and they will need more of that

      • Pistol Pete

        Absolutely true, great anticipation, moved in knowing Hague’s shot could produce a rebound and voila! I don’t agree he left the blue line on that side open. Hague was out there with Stone moving towards that side of the blue line as well. They practice covering the blue line when a D moves in. Very important. You were a D so you know all about it!

        • Daryl

          I agree with you…. it just looked from my view that Hague would have been the only player back especially with Stone moving forward like he was. I’m not saying it was a bad thing, but I also know STL fans complained about that issue a lot with Petra. I also understand that at times you have to take a chance

          • Pistol Pete

            DeBoer’s structure seems to accommodate a D moving in. The only way to address that is to train a forward out of the play to go back. Easier said than done no doubt. DeBoer wants the D’s to rush when possible so perhaps his system covers Petro better than the Blues’ system and perhaps the VGK has had to make additional adjustments to accommodate his style of offense.

  30. Vegas will never win a Stanley Cup as I predicted last year with Robin Lehner in the net perfect example ie the last 2 games he looked lost on ice didn’t know where he or the puck was at Fleury should have started against the AVL on Monday night Vegas would be in last place if not for Fleury and management is still treating like crap he’s
    3rd all time in wins and 3 Cups that means something it means a lot

  31. LVsc

    the team played their guts out, but Tuch missing that open net tap in could have given the Knights the 1 point they needed to clinch. Lehner is NOT my starting goalie.

    more bad news. Foley said that the in juries to Martinez and Pacioretty are more serious than they thought. so I guess round 1 will be more of last night’s underdog uphill climb.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “more bad news. Foley said that the in juries to Martinez and Pacioretty are more serious than they thought. so I guess round 1 will be more of last night’s underdog uphill climb.”

      I hear ya.
      Now we know why Krebs was called up and why management botched the sal cap.

      They have means to take one tonight without any SAL CAP issues. Also, need help from LA KINGS.

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