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Recap: The Golden Knights jumped on the Avalanche immediately in a highly anticipated game. William Karlsson scored :10 seconds into the game setting the tone for Vegas. Colorado fought back and eventually tied it at up 1-1. Marc-Andre Fleury was sharp in net stopping several quality chances from the Avalanche.

The scoring picked up from both teams in the middle frame. The Golden Knights regained their one-goal lead with a power play goal from Max Pacioretty. Captain Mark Stone gave Vegas a 3-1 lead scoring a nifty goal off Colorado’s goaltender Devan Dubnyk’s rear end. The Avalanche pulled closer later in the period trailing 3-2 after 40 minutes expired.

Max Pacioretty scored :55 seconds into the 3rd period to extend Vegas’ lead. Jonathan Marchessault ended Colorado’s chance to come back with a late empty-net goal. In net Fleury frustrated the Avalanche stopping every shot taken in the final period.

Vegas’ record improves to 35-11-2 after their 5-2 victory against Colorado. The West’s top two teams will face off again in another important game on May, 2nd. The Golden Knights take a quick trip south to play the Coyotes for two games in Arizona. Friday night’s game is scheduled for 7 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights shocked the Avs with an instant goal from Karlsson and continued to push early, but the Avs stormed back and took over for a good portion of the 1st and early 2nd. Opportunistic play, strong puck management, and great defensive sticks in all three zones helped slow Colorado down. Then in the 3rd, the Golden Knights locked it down brilliantly. This isn’t the fill-strength Avs, but the way the Golden Knights beat them tonight can work over a seven-game series.(Analysis by Ken)

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** Max Pacioretty
* Mark Stone


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  1. Mike StG

    Interesting stats on this game:
    – Avs outhit Vegas 34-16
    – Avs outshot Vegas 37-26
    – Avs were 0-4 on PP, Vegas was 25% (1-4)
    – Vegas faceoff wins was 49%

    Fewer hits – better result. This has been a trend lately. Will this affect Reaves role?
    PK is stellar. Just, Wow!!
    More selective on fewer shots?

    • Pistol Pete

      I hope Reaves does not come back. Carrier, Roy and whomever else is fine with me on the 4th. My dream 3rd is Krebs/Janmark/Tuch that assuming Nosek is not kept up on the 3rd. Carrier/Roy/Nosek.

      • Daryl

        I really like Krebs but until I see him against actual NHL players in a little hesitant on wanting him on the team especially during the playoffs

  2. Pistol Pete

    All of a sudden the Blues who may have been a contender on paper before the season began and then really came to stink or so it seemed now look like they could be a tough first round opponent. We’ll see if they can knock off the Wild again tomorrow.

  3. Daryl

    MAF played an amazing game. For a bit I was really worried as COL readout controlled that game early but MAF made some amazing saves. If he doesn’t stop some of those shots early we probably see a different outcome

  4. DOC (10 IN A ROW)!

    Great WIN! (all that matters)

    Flurey did his job (good game).

    BOTH teams missing starters.

    PS – watch out for those Blues.

    • Daryl

      What starter are we missing? Reaves?

      • VGK Canada

        Roy, Nosek

        • Daryl

          True but really only one of them counts and basically a 4th liner, not a very important player

        • Daryl

          Doc is just upset so now he ignores me. He’s been proven wrong so many times hes afraid to reply back. More than likely he would have said we were missing Reaves lol

  5. Reaves out is probably the best thi f that’s happened for vegas. It was a great win and MAF did more than just his job – he was stellar all evening especially when Vegas needed it most. Interesting start to the game caught aves of guard.

    • Julie

      HD, there is a video of Fleury’s poke check on Col #38. It’s awesome! I know other goalies do some cool things, this had him flat on his stomach with a quick spin around. Poetry in motion. And I was glad to see Petro diving too.

      The Athletic did a piece today that Colorado’s stats were better in other areas and that goaltending was key here in the game. I thought Vegas looked better than usual overall, however, I know some Avs were out. They go another round with Avs, correct? Should be interesting.

      • Yes, Julie! BTW, he has done this “poke check” in other games……the other guys don’t see it coming!

      • Daryl

        The Avs were missing their starting goalie and 4 other starters who combined have 56 goals this year… That is a lot of offensive production missing. Could you imagine VGK playing COL without MAF or Lehner in net? Do you think VGK fans wouldn’t be dismissing a VGK loss if they didn’t have either goalies???

    • Daryl

      Agreed… I drill don’t like having Kolesar out there or using Coughlin as a Forward but I’ll take either over Reaves

  6. THE hockey GOD

    nice victory over the Colorado Halves, that is half their team was missing.

    Blues goalie starting to heat up as PP said above.

    There is no easy path to the SC.

    NHL rates VGK as no. 1 team.

    That is not a good sign (jinx) at all- everyone wants to knock off the top gun. First off, they are not. Leafs, Oilers, and defending champs (despite their position in standings) have better players. Some say even the Avs. IF they ever get their team back.

    • Julie

      It will be exciting to see the game coming up for them. I saw a clip of the two goalies having words and then how STL came back and won in regulation. The fire may be lit now for them. I believe that happened a couple of years ago, too. They struggled and then something clicked and they got all the way to the top.

  7. Vic

    Our team had Sikura, Kolesar and Coghlan out there scattered through lines 3 and 4. One can say our lines 3 and 4 were screwed up without centers Roy and Nosek. The key for playoffs has always been and will always be peaking at the right time, and great goaltending. The second (and real) season begins soon. We’ll see who will peak and who will cave. Good management gets teams razor sharp just in time for the playoffs… a fine Derby horse.

  8. Tim

    First off can any announcer be more predigest then Pierre McQuire was towards Colorado. I got sick of hearing how McKinnen was taking over the game and how they have players out. Does anyone really think when we start the playoffs that Coghlan Sikura, and Kolesar will be our fourth line. For a national televised game he should be ashamed of himself. Once again Vegas get’s no love jealousy in the NHL runs wild. Best fans, best game experience, and best team just pisses them off. I love it and to stick it to the hockey world just makes me giddy.

    • Daryl

      I can’t stand him either, but in a way he was right. COL was without several key players and for a good portion COL did control the game. Still, I get tired of hearing how good McKinnen is and completely ignoring what other players are doing. … As for our 4th line, I really don’t think it matters. Coughlan probably won’t be out there but Sikura has looked pretty good and will most likely be out there. Not sure what will happen with Kolesar.

      • They did say that colorado had “56 goals” out of the lineup and that IS significant. Still, I don’t think it would have mattered last night. Ultimately, I don’t see how this isn’t a 7 game series…

    • THE hockey GOD

      that was pierre mcguirre ? I though it was shane knighty with a bad cold, at least

      DOC didn’t announce the game. Worst announcer EVER in definition of EVER.

    • Hey they should have just put in SHANE! Funny, for a few seconds at the start of the game, it almost sounded like Gary Lawless!

  9. George L.

    We played the Colorado team we played. I’m sick of the excuses from everyone that we played a weak Colorado.

    Were we supposed to magically wait until they were whole so it would be fair?

    Absolute nonsense. We played the team they fielded. Not the mythical team they were.

  10. Daryl

    Whole I do somewhat agree with you, this year especially, having players out is a valid argument. It shouldn’t take away from the overall game though

  11. DOC (10 IN A ROW)!

    As always, we win a big game and it’s just not good enough?

    It’s always … well… they were missing players, blah blah blah.

    We were missing two guys who have been playing very well the past weeks (Nosek & Roy).

    The goal is to WIN THE GAME, no matter who’s on the ice for them or us.

    WE DID! Enough said!

    • Daryl

      COL was missing a worth of 56 goals in that game, we were missing basically 2 4th liners. Huge difference. Yes a win is a win and if this were the playoffs I’d take that win no matter who they were missing. But this is regular season so I don’t get as excited… There is more to the game than just the score

      • Mike StG

        Some facts to add perspective on the ‘56 goals not playing’:

        The 56 is Rantanen 26, Saad 15, and Donskoi 15. So here’s a breakdown of how many of those 56 goals were scored against Vegas:

        Rantanen 6 games – 0 goals
        Donskoi 6 games – 2 goals
        Saad 6 games – 1 goal

        So, effectively 3 goals in 6 games, or 0.5 GPG with all 3 playing. That’s the net impact of not having them on the roster in the last game. So, while 56 goals were missing from their lineup, 53 of them were scored against other teams. That statistic is totally meaningless and only presented in an attempt to justify the loss.

        Oh, and by the way Biram played 5 games against Vegas and has 0 goals and 1 assist.

        • Daryl

          And what impact does not having your starting goalie in net? How would VGK fair without MAF or Lehner?

        • Daryl

          And I’ll add this also… combined they also had 7 assists between them. So that is 10 total points they were without.

          You can dismiss those missing players all you want, but that is HUGE. Not having your starting goalie is also HUGE. Again, dismiss them if you want but we all know if the shoe was on the other foot, fans on here would have all kinds of excuses

          • George L.

            You’re right. We should forfeit any game we are called on to play against any team missing any player. It only makes sense.

          • Daryl

            @George L,
            Hey look another smartass who has nothing to contribute. Notice how when people have nothing legit to say they resort to either name calling or being smartasses?

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, I understand your inclination to always diminish Vegas wins, but ‘whataboutisms’ don’t play. I only addressed claims of the Avs missing 56 goals in their loss, since you and others were throwing that excuse around. It’s a fact that of those 56 only 3 were against Vegas. And Miko with 26g scored 0. Assists mean little, esp when half were secondary and all 4 of Miko’s were with MacK. And for that matter Dubnyk is not Dansk. He’s a legit NHL starter and has had great success against VGK since 2017, except for this year with the SJS and their porous defense. So far he’s been very good behind a stellar Avs defense corps.

        • Daryl

          You dismiss assists because it doesn’t fall in line with what you are trying to say. Go ahead and believe what you want, FACT is, VGK beat a COL team that was missing several key players and their goalie. But only to a few of you does that matter. Some fans don’t kow how to take their blinders off. Funny how you dismiss the assists as well as the goalie

          Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens come playoff time.

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, I agree that the factors you mention had a minimal bearing on the outcome of the game. Bottom line is Vegas just outworked and outplayed them. Actually the goalie situation in my mind was MOST impactful. The fact that 3 guys who scored a bunch of goals against other weaker teams but hardly any against VGK were out injured is in my mind not legit. Now if MacK was out that’s totally different. He’s a terrifying opponent and singlehandedly can change the game. It’s funny, you have this way of complimenting VGK in an insulting manner. They’ve got a winning record but only because the West sucks big time. They beat COL but only because the Avs were crippled with injuries. You may think you’re being realistic but it comes across as hypercritical and doom & gloomy. You are of course entitled to your opinion like everyone else. I just wonder why you even support VGK given you rarely if ever give the players or management the benefit of the doubt on anything. What do you expect of them? They had the #6 pick in 2017, and the next highest was in 2019 at #16 (Krebs). Their quick success put their other draft picks into 28-31 range. We never sucked and were handed a lottery pick. Can you imagine what might have happened if in 2017 we had the 3rd pick? 3,4 & 5 were Heiskanen, Makar and Elias Petterson… ie., game changers. VGK couldn’t draft them, so they traded for players who could help them win NOW. In the last 10 years the Avs got the #1 pick (MacK), #2 (Landeskog) #4 twice (Makar, Byram) and #10 twice (Rantanen, Jost). They damn well SHOULD be a good team by now, given how badly they sucked for such a long time to get all those high picks. You might have a more positive fan experience by enjoying VGK’s success when they’re winning instead of waiting for the ominous other shoe to drop. Of course you are “free, sane and 21” and can obviously do what you want.

        • Daryl

          I have given VGK props quite a bit. As I said before a 10 game win streak is impressive. I just don’t hold it as high as other win streaks b/c the gashes ate against bottom feeders of the NHL. It’s still hard since some teams will play down to their competition. My other issue is done see a final score but don’t evaluate the games itself. In some of those games, VGK was out played in 2 of the 3 periods but were able to win thanks to their goalies, that happened a couple times.

          Back to the COL game, I simply said it wasn’t a preview of the playoff game and not to use it to judge the series. Yes those 3 guys may have only scored two goals, but assist should be taken into account as they set up the goals. Missing your goalie is huge. Not only that missing that many starters changes the way a team plays and effects them mentally.

          You can only play so is put in front of you and you are expected to win, which is what VGK did. I’m happy for the win but I’m not excited about it. Again, I don’t use that win as a judge of the team and how they will play COL in the playoffs. Some on here were jumping up and down and saying “see we can beat COL.” Of course we can beat them but that game isn’t really the proof showing we can

  12. sb

    The difference in this win was goaltending. Fluery made the big stops, Dubynk didn’t. Factoring in the missing Colo players, this team is very, very good and will be for many years to come. One year quite soon, the Avs will raise the Cup. Like Tampa, outstanding young players with many years ahead of them. But one of many good teams …… Washington, Isles, Pens, Tampa, Fla, Carolina and the Leafs. Minnesota is a deep, young team. Throw in Vegas and Colo, there are ten teams that could take the Cup this year. It’s crucial that the Knights take the President’s Trophy and get home ice for each series. That just might be the difference this year.

    • Pistol Pete

      As I posted above I would love to see Krebs make the bottom six along with Tuch, Janmark, Carrier, Roy and Nosek. That would be pretty solid assuming Krebs could make the transition. That would scratch Reaves and Kolesar. Not sure if there would be cap issues with this. McCrimmon has indicated Krebs is possible.

    • Mike StG

      Daryl, I agree the Avs are a better team than Vegas overall. It will likely come down to who is able to play their game if they meet in the playoffs. I would favor the Avs, mostly because of MacKinnon and their stellar young D. Like they say, it’s not necessarily the best team that wins – it’s the team that plays best. That was true in Year 1 vs the Jets in the CF, where WIN had a clearly superior team but Vegas played better. We’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope they can pull it off this year. Even if they don’t they’ll be a force for several years to come.

      • Daryl

        VGK has a very good chance to be good for a long time but they need to figure out their Cap issue first. If they can get that set straight and add at least one needed player after the season then I see them Cup contenders.

    • Pistol Pete

      From LV Sun above:

      Krebs will likely play with Henderson for awhile, but there are no Calder Cup playoffs in the AHL this year because of the pandemic.

      Vegas general manager Kelly McCrimmon said earlier this month Krebs could be playing with the Golden Knights by the end of the year.

      “Before he left to go to Winnipeg, I felt he was a real important player on HSK,” McCrimmon said. “As he’s continued to develop over the year and again gets back on his feet in pro hockey with Henderson, it’s completely a possibility that he could be a factor for our team in the playoffs.”

      It’s rare but not unheard of for a player to make his NHL debut late in the season and contribute in the playoffs.

      My comment: Paradoxically, Geoge McPhee made his NHL debut with the Rangers in the 1983-84 playoffs where he joined Ray Cote of the Oilers to become the first NHL players to score three goals in the playoffs ahead of playing a regular season game. Maybe Krebs can do something similar lol!

      • Pistol Pete

        McPhee was just an immensely talented NCAA player tallying an astounding 267 pts over a four year career with Bowling Green for one of the highest career totals in NCAA history. He won the the Tobey Baker. At 5’10” 170 he was pretty undersized for the NHL. I think Krebs might be around 6’0″ 187.

  13. Pistol Pete

    MAF was so good this game it’s hard to imagine Lehner quite matching that. Depending on how things go this road trip may determine the starter. If Lehner gets soft especially vs. MIN, Fleury may get the nod.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      If Flurey gets soft, Panda may get the nod. (works both ways)

      Lets hope neither gets soft. (That would be the best outcome, right?

      • Pistol Pete

        Agreed it’s just that when I see Fleury play that well in an important game I have positive playoff fantasies! In any case, staying with the rotation it’s Lehner game 1 ARI and game 1 MIN.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Silver Knights play Friday and Saturday and then have one week off. Would be great if Krebs becomes available for those two games and gets moved up during that week off. Wishing thinking probably lol.

  15. Pistol Pete

    That makes it four straight for the Blues vs. COL and MIN. Five points up on ARI with two games in hand. Looks quite a bit like the Blues @ T-Mobile May7 and 8 could the prelude to round one.

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