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Recap: It was the first of four between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Arizona Coyotes. The Coyotes set an early, quick pace to the game. Vegas had trouble keeping Arizona out of their zone for most of the period, leading to several chances on Robin Lehner. The Golden Knights were awarded a power play midway through the period but the Coyotes aggressive penalty kill paid off. Arizona took the first lead of the game on a shorthanded goal by Tyler Pitlick. Vegas failed to convert on a 5-on-3 power play and trailed 1-0 after the opening twenty minutes.

Arizona kept pushing in the middle frame outshooting Vegas 16 to 7. The Coyotes would add another special teams goal on the power play to take a 2-0 edge. Max Pacioretty cut Arizona’s lead in half late in the period with his third goal of the season. The Coyotes held a 2-1 lead after two periods in the books.

As they have all season, the Golden Knights woke up in the third period. Reilly Smith and Chandler Stephenson both scored their first goals of the season to give Vegas their first lead of the game. Arizona made a strong push but Reilly Smith sealed the victory for Vegas with an empty-net goal.

With their 4-2 victory, the Golden Knights remain undefeated and improve their record to (3-0) this season. Vegas and Arizona hook up again Wednesday night. Game is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights offense was really staggered early by the Coyotes but they battled through it to keep applying the pressure and eventually break the dam. Yet again, the 3rd period has been where Vegas has been at its best and they’re now 3-0-0 because of it. And, they can still play A LOT better, which is a great sign. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena

  • Like tonight, the Coyotes always seem to keep the all-time series with the Golden Knights.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** Robin Lehner
* Reilly Smith


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  1. Mark

    The Knights jelled in the 3rd period, its been their trademark early on. We do have to admit, we have the best duo in net by far, Lehner looked shap and Fluery is still Fluery. We took too many penalties this game, that needs to be addressed. What I see is grown men against a bunch of kids in this game. Arizona looked like a bunch of 21 year olds, many looked like they just got out of high school. You can’t win with a bunch of talented kids. We are a veteran team and it showed, The Knights are mostly in the mid 20s to early 30s, these guys know how to win. IMOP, you can’t win consistently with younger guys. We have a window here, 3 to 4 years to win a Cup !!

  2. Darin

    Smith, not Karlsson, with the empty netter.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We own the Knight, (well the 3rd period anyway)! Another solid game by Panda and the boys again work their 3rd period magic! On Wednesday, a glorious day, MAF will lead the boys out, to try and become the first team to go 4-0. What a significant day Wednesday will be!!!!!

  4. A VGK Fan


    i am starting to think you suck as a sports reporter. When asking Smith and Hague your ONE question, you ask Hague what him and Smith talked about during the PP. Seriously? Out of all the questions you could ask either of them, you ask a question they are obviously not going to answer? You really think they are gonna share in game strategy with you?

    Jason should take over for asking questions. Hell, get Carp in there too. Maybe even a monkey. Anyone but you from now on

    • Daryl

      If you don’t like the articles so much why are you even here??? It really wasn’t a bad question. Sure there were other questions he could have brought up but that doesn’t make that one horrible. I saw the conversation taking place during the game and was wondering about it myself. Normally you have another dman talking to another dman so i was curious

      • Jim

        This is the correct take. Ken’s question addressed a specific moment on the ice which the fans were curious about. It was entirely appropriate and was, quite frankly, a bit of fresh air from the earlier questions.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      I don’t agree with Ken all the time … but that is a pretty harsh judgement “fan”. If you really believe that, why even come to this site?

  5. Tim

    It’s early all teams are trying to knock off the rust us included. One thing that’s a fact is you need a good goalie. Were a top contender for the cup but struggle with teams not near as talented as us but with a good goalie. The one Duck game and last nights Coyotes game we could be 1 – 2 very easily. Moral of the story on any night no matter how bad the team is if they have a solid goalie any team could be in for a long night. This is why I believe our two goalie system is the right way to go although it won’t surprise me if they trade Flower soon.

  6. Daryl

    VGK, including Panda, did not look good for the first two periods and that just will not work against good decent to good teams. It cost them last year and it still cost them again this year if they cannot fix it

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    As Tim said, still knocking off rust and learning how to play with each other and new faces/combos. Every goalie is going to have a ruff period or two. But it’s the total game and getting a win that matters. Three solid games by our goalies so far. Panda haters will continue to negatively judge him, now, even period by period! WOW

    • Daryl

      You can defend Panda all you want but he had only looked good in 2 periods, both of which were in the final periods of each game. As for needing time to gel, Petra is the only new comer, the rest have played with each other for years, including the line combos they are using. That is only an excuse for how bad they have played overall. Plus, you can use that as an excuse since they can come out in the 3rd period and play well.

      Yes the only thing that really matters is the W but we are playing teams we are favored to win by a coyote goals. They need to get their act together before they play a good team

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        I don’t need to defend Panda ….. he’s doing a great job of that with his play! Go Panda … Go MAF ….. GO KNIGHTS GO !!!

  8. sb

    VGK need an Adam Oates-like playmaking center for Stone and Pac. Just imagine what these two dynamic offensive players could accomplish with a hi-end playmaker. They would dominate and put up 300pts combined. The 2nd line is fine. Gotta move Stephenson to Tuch and need a winger who can contribute 15 goals. Poor Tuch is forced to play on a one man line. What a talent to waste. VGK 3rd and 4th line amount to zero production. Can’t win the Cup w/only two lines.

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