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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Ducks for the second straight game, trying to remain undefeated vs. Anaheim. Marc-Andre Fleury got his second straight start in net also trying to stay undefeated on the season.

The 1st period was quiet with both goaltenders stopping all shots they faced. Anaheim outshot Vegas 13-4 but Fleury was able to save them all securing a scoreless tie after the opening twenty minutes.

Like the opening period, the 2nd frame was tight. Each team had power play opportunities but couldn’t convert. Fleury was outstanding again, making some big saves on several Anaheim rushes.

Scoreless after 40 minutes, the game got moving in the 3rd. The Golden Knights had several chances early stopped by Ducks goaltender John Gibson. Anaheim finally opened the scoring midway through the period making it the only goal of the game.

With their 1-0 loss the Golden Knights record drops to 8-2-1. Vegas hits the road to face San Jose for the first time this season. Game is scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 1P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights just never got anything going offensively. They struggled to enter in the 3rd and really never had much more than a single chance at a time during the whole game. Marc-Andre Fleury was tremendous but had no chance on the game-winner.  (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** Dylan Coghlan
* Marc-Andre Fleury


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  1. Difficult to say but true the better team won this evening. Sorry to see Fluery loss as he made save after save – one almost impossible which kept Vegas in the game. Like last game where they won they couldn’t escape their poor performance again and it caught up to them. Their PP Is anemic to say the least. They have some work to do to face a good club which they are facing Sunday when they meet Colorado. Sad to see them loose – hopefully a wake up call.

    • Julie

      HD, maybe it’s me, but it seems like the Ducks figured out VGK quite handily in this matchup. I saw a lot of shots further from the net than not. I kept thinking VGK would get dirty a bit and get closer but it didn’t happen. Fleury was fantastic but the team just couldn’t score a goal.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    No juice from the boys.

    Flurey fantastic.

    Effort wasn’t unexpected, after beating a team so many times. With back to back coming this weekend, tried to take a “game off” and still win. Don’t think the ducks figured anything out, the Knights simply did not play well at all.

    • Julie

      Well, the Ducks figured out how to capitalize on this last game and didn’t allow a single goal. Whether that is the lack of commitment to win as PDB said or crediting the Ducks for carrying their desperation from the prior 3rd period into this game (as PDB also said) or the gold helmets jinxed VGK, etc, the Ducks won. The Ducks.

    • Daryl

      Sounds like more excuses!!!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    Following are some anonymous post game quotes/comments from both teams’ players , coaches, and staff on the newly unveiled, never seen before, first time ever, shiny gold helmets:

    “no comment”, “no comment”,

    “I like them it seemed to help us play better”- Duck’s player.

    “I thought we were playing a college team from South Bend” …Notre DAme?
    “It that what their called”

    “I could hear some of opposing players on other bench chanting ‘go Irish’ …’go Irish;”

    “I hope they don’t make us wear them with that putrid, vomit yellow, jersey”

    “Every time I looked down my eyes sort of phased out like when I was a kid and my aunt would take our picture with that light bulb flash from the Camera”-bench coach

    “It reminded me of looking at that hotel on South End of the strip”..Mandalay Bay?

    “no comment”

    “it was like looking at that tower north of the strip”….Trump Tower?

    “Trump Tower”

    “Trump Tower”

    “Can anyone say Trump Tower?”

    “Can we say Trump Tower”?

    “Did Charlie O Finley buy the Vegas Team? What next Yellow or gold skates”

    “And I though our jersey and color combinations are bad” – Duck’s player.

    “They were so shiny every time I looked up ice the light would hurt my eyes. It got
    so bad I had to take a ten minute penalty so I could sit in the penalty box and look at the floor”- Vegas player

    “It reminded me of watching that discovery channel program, what is is called, one with kid named Parker….Gold Rush. Yeah, the part were they bring out the bottles of gold dust and count it on the Mettler Toledo”

    “no comment”

    “they should have kept the red practice jerseys and auctioned off the Gold Helmets”

    “I was hoping to see the Walrus in net wearing that big gold nugget on his head”–opposing player

    “Five minutes to Judge Wapner and the peoples court”- Raymond

    “Only thing missing were big bold white letters spelling out M A N D A L A Y B A Y on the side”

    “I was expecting to see white letters T R U M P T O W E R on the top of the helmet”

    “They were too shiny, it hurt my eyes”


    PS trump won

    • Julie

      I can’t say I am a fan of the gold helmets. And, I am not a fan of this “let’s change the uniform for every day of the week” mentality. It is like someone has too much time on their hands and knows Foley personally to get that gig. They probably are trying to keep fans tuning in, but scoring goals would be the best way.

  4. Vic

    Ducks coach went back to look at film of the Dallas-VGK playoff series and copied the shutdown process perfectly. Hats off to the Ducks as they played well. The void from the missing players was felt. Having Reaves and Kolesar in the same lineup means two guys are skating around not doing much of anything. Time to move on from both. Let’s also cut the color variations as the team looks foolish sometimes.

    • sb

      Absolutely! The day of the goon has long past. That whole fourth line ……. what? 3 total points in 11 games. And they are all minus playing against the opponents fourth line. Putting these three out for a shift is a pure waste of time. Zero point production. What you saw against Dallas has not been corrected and won’t be until VGK get a top notch center for the 1st line and PP and move Stephenson to Glass and Tuch. Reaves is replaced by Roy. VGK are missing that one important player and will remain mediocre w/o that center.

  5. knights fan in minny

    hate to say it vegas fans the gold buckets are awful

    • Frank

      Agreed, they need to scrap the gold helmets. Simply look awful – like the Knights last night. Fleury almost stole a point for us.

  6. Tim

    Well last night was a total beat down, What was Holden’s problem does he think his shots from the blue line are effective everyone got blocked before the puck got anywhere close to the net. We just can’t get the puck out of the zone not only the D-Men but also the forwards. We get the puck and pass it right to a Duck and there on offense again. With Lehner’s health questionable is there anyone who thinks we shouldn’t have kept both goalies. Ken that was my point if we traded Flower as you suggested we would now be screwed. No one expected Lehner to go down but you never know and never know happened. Hats off to Flower a class act for all the bullshit he put up with DeBoer. The team loves Flower and I’m sure no one feels worse then the whole team that let him down. Hopefully Lehner’s OK for Saturday or I guess Oskar D will be in goal and that’s not a very comforting thought.

    • Daryl

      We play in the weakest division. We will make the playoffoffs no matter who our backup is. So yeah I still think it was a bad idea to have both goalies. It’s not like having both goalies helped us last night. BUT if they didn’t that money on a real #1 Center it might have helped

      • sb

        Yep. You’re catching on to the ONE BIG problem. VGK need a talented playmaking center for the 1st line and PP. Stephenson needs to be w/Tuch and Glass. He’s NOT an assist guy.

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I think the people that have to much time on their hands, are the ones complaiing about uniforms, helmets, I mean come on. The uniforms are not going to figure at all in whether we win the Stanley Cup!!! ya’ll defended Foley a few weeks ago and how he made/kept his billions, etc… Well, this is another way he adds to those billions. Sales of Knights swag. Every time they come out with something new, those fans with bucks, go buy it. This is done by all professional teams, one way or another. If it’s worn on the ice, it sells in the gift shop!

    • Daryl

      It takes only seconds to comment on the horrendous looking outfits.. Didn’t mean we have too much time on our hands. I get the owners ate trying to make a few extra bucks but I don’t see this being the way to do it. It costs mire to make those jerseys than what they will make selling them

  8. Vic

    Doc, I waste time here the same way you do. Thanks for the financial lesson teaching me that teams change things to sell stuff. What a concept. Some of the VGK stuff makes Bill Veeck and Charlie Finley look conservative.

  9. Julie

    Your heightened appreciation for the free market is well-noted.

  10. DOC (common sense people)

    Well Vic, some obviously didn’t realize why you see all these variations. And somebody said “Cost more to make those jerseys than what they make selling them”. So now, you’re saying Foley would lose money on something like this? Really! ha ha

    • Daryl

      Yeah, I’m the one who said it will cost more to make than they will make from selling… I’m not afraid to stand by my comment. I’m willing to bet money on here in front of everyone that the sales of these jerseys will be a flop and not worth it. Foley made a decision in hopes of making money but there is no way of knowing if it will pan out or not…. and by the comments here and everywhere else, it won’t pan out.

      Do you have any more excuses why VGK hasn’t looked good again sub par teams? Maybe b/c they need key players that they can’t get b/c they wasted so much money on Lehner and Petra. But then again, if Foley made these decisions he can’t be wrong can he? The man is never wrong right? Maybe that’s why they gave a raise to a defensemen who pretty much has been demoted to the practice squad

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        HEY man ….. I would just like to ask you an honest question. I have seen you on here for months and basically you just complain and bitch about … players … coaches … GMs … most everything. So my question is: Why do you even come to this site? You don’t seem to get any enjoyment from the team at all. I’m seriously interested. Thanks!

        • Daryl

          Not sure who you sure taking to since I’ve been on this site for well over a year. I’ve also had more positive comments than negative ones. I have been critical of the MAF situation and the Petra situation as neither made a lot of sense and is costing the team. Then an article of the uniforms came up and I said I didn’t like them and they were a waste of money. I’m one of agonist everyone on here who didn’t like them. BTW, MAF looked great last gave out. In fact he has looked really good in every game he has played. Is that positive enough for you?

          I don’t give excuses like you do for how a tean plays. When they play bad, they just play bad. I sing say well we’ve played then multiple times and we took a game off. I also don’t attract others who simply disagree me. And I don’t get upset whey sidings replies to one of my posts

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            Need to start using spell check pal, getting hard to even read your posts. When I give my opinion, you call it an excuse? When you give yours, you call it fact. Something wrong there, don’t you think? Anyway:

            Knights and sharks today. Go do it boys!!!!!!!!!!

        • Daryl

          Saying the team played without emotion b/c they are playing against and beating the same team over and over again IS an opinion. There is no evidence to back up that statement. When I say they are playing subpar teams and not playing well, there are stats and scores to back up my statement. I get that it might be hard for an old man to understand these concepts and even harder to admit when he is wrong… But that’s OK. You can have your “opinion” and believe them to be facts.

          And yes replying by cell phone doesn’t always work so well but if you can’t get the gist of what I’m saying… Then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe take a course in reading comprehension.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ignore him, he’s off his meds again all he does is stir the pot all the time, he’s a waste of time and effort

  11. DC

    Even those Star Wars Phasma helmets could not save the VGKs.

  12. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    You people are attacking me and the meds I must take, to try and stay alive and spend as much time with my wife I as can! Are you serious!!!!!

    • Julie

      First, you continuously instigate, so don’t be surprised if anyone comes back at you.

      Second, if your situation is as you say, hopefully things will work out. No one here wishes anyone harm or stress. There is no guarantee any of us will be here one minute longer. That’s why it makes sense to treat others as you would be treated.

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