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Recap: The Golden Knights came out hungry in St. Louis against the Blues. The captain Mark Stone got his team started scoring his seventh goal of the season. Jonathan Marchessault made it 2-0 Vegas less than a minute later. Marc-Andre was sharp holding the Blues scoreless.

The Blues cut the lead in half early in the 2nd period, but the Golden Knights would respond. Tomas Nosek scored his second goal of the season to regain the two-goal lead for Vegas. The Blues added a second goal later in the period and the Golden Knights held a 3-2 edge after 40 minutes played.

St. Louis scored two 3rd period power play goals to take a 4-3 lead. Less than a minute later, Alec Martinez evened up the game for Vegas. Deadlocked at four, the game would need extra time to decide a winner. Reilly Smith won the game for Vegas scoring 5-4 in overtime.

The Golden Knights improve their record to 17-6-1 with their 5-4 overtime victory in St. Louis. The two teams will face off again tomorrow. The game is scheduled for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas’ forecheck was excellent all night and it helped lead to four goals in regulation. But a few power play goals against allowed the Blues to stay in the game. The key for Vegas was the swap of Nosek and Glass which really helped get the 3rd line going. In the end, it’s another crazy one against the Blues, luckily this time in St. Louis, it finally went VGK’s way. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs St. Louis Blues at Enterprise Center

  • Must find an answer for Perron and O’Reilly.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Reilly Smith
** Nic Roy
* Jonathan Marchessault


Pacioretty Calls Fleury The “Heart and Soul” Of The Team And Organization


Stopping Perron And O’Reilly #1 Obstacle For Golden Knights Against Blues


  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    The boys kept playing hard and pulled out the WIN. Saving Flurey’s bacon this time.

    Revo was a wrecking crew, especially in the 1st.

    8 GA for Flurey in two games. If that was Lehner, a certain group would be tearing him to pieces.

    BIG WIN!

    • Daryl

      Just curious did you watch the game Doc or simply look at the stats. Reaves had 6 hits in the first then did absolutely nothing after that, including getting a – 1 for the game. He also had a turnover, so yeah Reavo was on point. Reaves sucks, just accept it. He’s a waste of money spent.

      As for MAF, I didn’t get to see the 1st goal but the 2nd one he had no chance at all. Nobody here would blame Lehner for letting that goal in. The other 2 goals came off PPs. I guess you kissed the several sniper shots the MAF stopped to even give VGK a chance. Was it his best game, absolutely not but don’t act like it was mostly his fault, but yes he does take some blame.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Read my posts. I said FIRST PERIOD!

        Also, I have it on good authority that no one, of importance at VGK, reads the shit on this site.

        Go get em again tonight boys. A sweep would be big.

        Also, Flurey has played how many games, yet he went “in cold” and “pulled it off”.

        • Julie

          Fleury didn’t warm up with the team yesterday. That was explained right away before the game started. Maybe you missed it.

          No faith in the site, but no problem stirring the pot. Always friendly and entertaining, thanks Doc!

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            “He went cold”! What the hell does that even mean?

            You saying because he missed morning skate, but then took part in pregame warmup AND played a whole period … that all of a sudden he “went cold” in the last two periods.

            Just quit making excuses, it just sounds ridiculous.

        • Daryl

          No actually you didn’t say the first period… You said especially in the first period which includes the entire game. Reaves had a couple good shifts then did squat and finished with a – 1

    • Julie

      If and when Lehner ever plays as many games straight as Fleury, then a comparison would be fair. Until then it’s an apples vs oranges comparison. Yesterday, Fleury wasn’t in the morning skate because of a bogus COVid-19 test. He went in cold and still pulled it off. The Wild game before this one would have been more goals if it were Lehner because he relies on his body size rather than proactive or reactive movement. That’s his style. Just like every year, Fleury plays the majority of the games with little help from a backup. I hope Logan today shines.

    • sb

      Yeah. Exactly. MAF gets a pass, Lehner doesn’t. Many forget that third period against the Sharks way back when. Convenient memories.

      • sb – you have more BS in a few words than any one can write in an entire article or post. If your Lehner’s PR guy just come out and say so. The Knights are where they are at this moment because of Fleury – case closed nothing else to say. His performance speaks for itself on and off the ice. I don’t believe you are d–b enough not to cannot acknowledge that fact. Give up dealing in the past it can’t be changed it has nothing to do with convenient memories.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Exactly SB

      • Daryl

        MAF doesn’t get a pass either, he didn’t have a great game but if you actually watched the game he had no chance on the 2nd goal and the last two were on the PK. I didn’t get to see the first goal

      • Frank

        Yep. Sad to say, when you (Lehner) supplant the face of the franchise, your play is going to be criticized and rightfully scrutinized by fans. It’s part of the game. Don’t expect to come in and get played in favor of Fleury and not be criticized when said play is not up to standard.

      • Pistol Pete

        Gallant should have called a timeout to reboot and give Fleury a rest. IMO not calling that timeout put real heat on Gallant going into the third season. If he could make that mistake what one is coming next? Too bad because that first season he was the guy to fire the players up bonding them to play fast unrelenting hockey. He also wisely deployed all his roster.

        • Daryl

          I agree with you on not calling that TO. To me that was his only major mistake

  2. Great win! These St. louis games are stressful every time. Perron continues to be a nightmare for the Knights… Doggone it it would be nice to still have him play here.

    Fleury let in 8 past 2 games, true, but I’d argue that would have been 10-12 with Lehner. Like many have said, Fleury can be beat on a play like any goalie, but u gotta earn it. The problem with Lehner so far are the soft goals he’s let in, the ones not earned. Tonight the first goal was just a great shot by o’reilly from the side. Another goal was a play where schenn coming down the middle, everyone collapsed on him but let perron wide open in the slot, uncovered and bam. Another was literally a shot that bounced off Coghlin, then bounced into Fleury and sanford was right there to hit it in. This was just an extremely fortunate bounce. Not making excuses for Fleury, but the goals scored against him tonight woulda been scored on any goalie in the NHL. He gives them a chance to win every night, and almost never gives up a freebie or softie.. what more can you ask of your goaltender.?

    Can’t believe I gotta sit through another stressful one against blues tomorrow, I’m getting nervous already lol…

    • Julie

      I agree. No one is perfect and Fleury has been crushing it lately but he if he doesn’t rest, he will decline.

      That first goal Vegas got last night, was a very nice play. I could see that they were connected and it seemed smooth.

      • sb

        Needs rest ………… you don’t remember, but I do. Until the early 60’s, Teams didn’t even carry a back up goaltender. Teams had one goalie and, yes, he played every single game. More than 60 each season back then. Teams played every other night. Rode trains to the next city. Carried their own equipment. Sawchuch got cut so bad one night, Detroit had to emergency suit up Lefty Wilson, the Trainer, to finish the game. A goalie today plays 6 games and someone is calling for rest.

        • Julie

          Try harder. Go back and look at all the games Fleury played with Vegas. Straight. He has done more than 6 and perhaps it’s because of how they were playing in the past that management learned a lesson.

          History shows that that infamous Sharks game is also reflective of working a goalie like a dog.

          If Lehner ever comes back, let’s see how long he can go. Oh wait, we did that in the playoffs and few games tis year. So yeah, when it’s an actual even comparison, we can have an intelligent conversation. To then, keep hopin’

        • sb – your dating yourself – they also played hockey in those days because they loved the game – in fact they all had summer jobs to support there families so they could play for peanuts in the winter. Making a milestone level (x # of goals) a huge bonus of $500.00. They played because they loved the game. They also partied and drank like fools so what’s your point?

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Hey SB ….. Don’t worry about her. She’s in love with Flurey. Her alternative reality dos not permit her rational thoughts! 🙂

          • Julie

            Always with the negative waves and dysfunction. Why always so angry?
            Truth is, if I take away the negative vibes, I get more hockey value from SB than anything you’ve ever posted. And just to be clear, I am loyal to Fleury. If he starts acting like you, Doc, I suspect that will change immediately.

  3. Tim

    I’ve harped about David Perron for two years and he hurt us again tonight. He has 28 points before tonight and how many Knights have 28 points? To make a run at the cup with him and just let him walk was a big time blunder.

    • Daryl

      I can’t stand his whining, but he definitely is needed

    • THE hockey GOD

      perron didn’t like it in vegas, i said it before , i will say it again. Both Neil and Perron hated it here, just like the russian hated it here. Management knew that perron hated it here and didn’t even make him an offer. v

      why is that ? do you think ?

      • Hockey god – as you call yourself do you have an answer to your last remark and on who’s authority do you know that perron and Neil hated it here? Just asking but would sure like an answer from some KNOWLEDGEABLE source.

        • THE hockey GOD

          out of their own mouths biker dude, off the record of course, and by their actions (Actions speak louder than words) …..keep on truckin’

          see my other post, you will like it better.

          • That doesn’t answer the question as to why since you seem to believe you have all the answers.

          • Daryl

            You gotta love it… The source is from their own mouths but unofficial and off the record. smh

  4. Pistol Pete

    I’m sounding like a stuck record on this but DeBoer’s Method has the D jumping in on offense when possible. Witness Coghlan’s pass from behind the goal line to Nosek and Martinez near the crease to pick up the rebound. Just a matter of time for Petro to really click.

    • Daryl

      Petra will benefit offensively but VGK will suffer with more odd man rushes and breakaways. I don’t mind the defense jumping up some but VGK seems to to do it too much and it costs them

      • Daryl – you got to love it – the authority of nothing the hockey god as he calls himself hasn’t a clue. of the record and unofficial that’s the kind of BS he posts all the time. In fact he does it so often he even begins to believe it himself.

  5. Pistol Pete

    More smart coaching by DeBoer; 2nd period line shuffling:

    3rd line: Nosek/Roy/Tuch (Nosek scores)
    4th line: Reaves/Glass/Kolesar (Reaves and Kolsar -1 each before the switch to Glass?)

    Note to Ken: If this holds, someone was listening!

    Lots of potential replacements for Reaves from the Silver Knights when that time comes.

    • Julie

      I’m pretty sure someone at VGK reads the posts on this site, comments included.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Yea, I’m sure VGK McGMs, coaches and players read this site, mainly to see your comments! ha ha What a joke! They could care less what is written here!

        • Julie

          Tongue-in-cheek, Doc. Relax. Everything need not be an argument.

        • DOC – l have no idea or really care but maybe just maybe mgt should be reading some of this stuff it might open their eyes to a few blunders they have made. Not that they would ever admit it but maybe they should. Fleury is a perfect example- his performance cold or not as you put it makes the mgt organization look like total fools along with e everyone else (ken) included who wanted to get rid of him. Whether they like it or not he was, is and continues to be the true face of the Knights.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Thompson starts today?

    Could be a difference maker of sorts.

  7. Pistol Pete

    I have liked Martinez since his first game here (scored) and he showed once again this game what an asset he is.

    Would like to see Coghlan get another point or two today and go plus again. He’s playing his way out of a minus. If Coghlan keeps going it’s going to be a tough decision when Pietrangelo returns not withstanding keep seven D on the roster with a healthy scratch (Coghlan/Hague/Whitecloud).

  8. THE hockey GOD

    “That doesn’t answer the question as to why since you seem to believe you have all the answers.” I guess you have trouble understanding English. A blind person can see it.

    Perron repeatedly said he likes St. Louis. Look at his history.

    2007 – 2013 St louis
    2016 -17 st louis
    then to vegas
    then back to st louis 2018 to 2021

    pretty obvious. Neal did not like vegas, couldn’t stand RR.
    And of course they aren’t going to come out and publicly say it like the russian (who never intended to come back to NHL) and had nothing to lose. Use your brain. SMH. Vegas isn’t for everybody, just because you like vegas doesn’t mean EVERYONE likes Vegas !

    • Daryl

      So, pure speculation… Perron may prefer STL but that doesn’t mean he hated it here. And we have nothing really on Neal liking or not liking. And VGK is great for me to visit but I don’t want to live there

      • Daryl – way to much logic for “hockey god” to understand. Anyone who is naive enough to capitalize and refer to himself as god tells you more about him than we can even imagine. How goes it Daryl nice win last night and Fleury shown bright yet again. Lehner skating with the Silver Knights maybe that’s his new role with the organization – not a bad gig at 5 mill a yr.LOL

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