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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a rocky start in St. Louis. The Blues scored :48 seconds into the game and added another seven minutes later. Marc-Andre Fleury settled in and held the two-goal deficit into the 1st intermission.

Neither team could generate offense in the middle period. Vegas outshot St. Louis 19-4 but couldn’t breakthrough and the score stood 2-0 after 40 minutes played.

The Blues and Golden Knights traded goals in the final 20 minutes. Vegas earned a late power play and pulled Fleury but couldn’t get any closer.

Vegas’ record drops to 25-11-2 with their 3-1 defeat in St. Louis. The Golden Knights travel back home to face the Arizona Coyotes for two games. Friday nights game against the Coyotes is scheduled for 7 PM PT.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Turnovers and lost coverages in the defense zone plagued the shorthanded Golden Knights all night. Playing a D-man short (again) due to the cap they were unable to consistently take care of the puck which led to a glut of dangerous chances for the Blues. Vegas did claw back a bit in regards to possession but didn’t solve Binnington until it was far too late. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. goalie trade

    McNabb and Hague both had terrible nights with bad giveaways to hand the Blues breakaways.

    and McCrimmon is deluding himself if he thinks that the shitty PP is not killing the team. He needs to get rid of Spott, and add a PP sniper.

    funny that Lou L can make trades and add top guys with half cap hit retained and give up only low level ahl prospects, and a #1 pick that will be around 30th. yes, I know he has the LTIR money from Lee being out, but maybe McCrimmon can get creative with a 3 team deal like last season’s deadline.

  2. Daryl

    That was probably the worst VGK game I have seen this year…. It’s one of those games the players/coaches don’t even need to watch for studying purposes. Just put the game behind you and get ready for the next game.

  3. They apparently forgot what lead to the win Monday- basic 101 crash the net screen the goalie which didn’t exist again tonight. The lack of PP will be the death of this team. They are opportunities that make the difference between winning and loosing.

  4. LVsc

    the VGK top six guys are all in a scoring slump, and Stone admitted after the game that they are getting paid to score, and that they have to start getting it done. or else.

    this game was reminiscent of the Vancouver and Dallas series in the bubble. not good memories.

  5. Time to replace PDB BUDDY the guy he bought on board to fix the PP. He is useless and apparently not the solution that whoever believed he would be. The team can’t afford not to capitalize on PP opportunities if they expect to go as far as the original vgk team.

    • goalie trade

      yes, Spott is so clueless that he has 67 in the left circle now, where he cannot one time the puck. when they shoot wrist shots it takes too long to release the shot, and the defenders and the goalie all have plenty of time to get into position and block everything.

      Spott must go, now.

      • thomas pilkington

        The coach (Spott) is not on the ice. The PP play is careless and lazy allowing for the opponent to check and clear easily. The players, again, had zero jump during the PP as well as at the start and were not engaged at all. Shea, while maybe a good skater and good in the O zone disappeared last night, which he seems to do regularly along with the turnover machine and auto icing guy Hague….I sense a big change coming.

        • Daryl

          While you are correct, in every sport, it’s the coach who is blamed and fired. I don’t think it’s always fair but I do in this case

    • Daryl

      Agreed… not sure what the issue is but it isn’t working. It’s not even close to working. If you can’t score with a man advantage, its going to be a long series no matter who you are playing

  6. LVsc

    so, to sum it up, the Knights were guilty of bad puck management, and the management was guilty of bad Cap management.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Wild come through big against the Avs after losing their last three to them, akin to Blues tonight after losing their last three to the VGK.

    Would not surprise me in the least if St. Louis makes the playoffs.

  8. Vic

    Haunted by the cap is getting old. Plain and simple mismanagement when this happens to a team more than once, and once is too many. I love MAF and would vote for him for mayor or governor, but the hotter goalie is Lehner. Staying with the ongoing rotation when one goalie is playing better than the other is more mismanagement that we come to expect. Stick with the hotter guy and be done with it. These are two goalies who would understand. Best thing about the current 1 win in the past 5 is the mismanagement team may pull something over the next few days and there’s a 40% chance the deal(s) may be good. In the meantime, Zach, please come back as you are missed. Our team looks very average right now, and the Avs are the least of the problems.

  9. Hi Daryl – I think you mean it is going to be a short series no matter who you are playing. When you continually don’t capitalize on the PP you are shooting yourself in the foot and the last thing Vegas needs at this point is injured feet. You are right it was one of their poorest performances to date regardless how they try to sugar coated other wise.

  10. Pistol Pete

    4th line goal at least.

    50 shots and one goal. VGK seems to have a history of out shooting the opponent even in losses. Think I’d rather see more shots than less in any case. Looking back on the first season playoff run, weren’t many of the games low scoring? Playoff games really should be, right, with good defense? I do think the Knights need to get the puck in the net more, I’m not disputing that at times this season scoring has dried up. Just hoping deficiencies can be adjusted heading into the post season. It’s definitely prudent to solve structural problems now.

  11. sb

    Need 1st line center for Stone/Pac. Playmaker who can handle the puck and set up wingers. PP gets solved right there. Stephenson moves to Tuch line providing secondary scoring. Too many role player/good locker room guys/ fan favorite excuses for zero production. Need forwards who can score.

    • Pistol Pete

      Scoring per game near the top of the NHL, right, but not so much vs. MIN/COL? Wasn’t this the first one goal game vs. Blues, others were like 4 and 5? I agree they could use another top line center..

      Seems to be a history of plenty of shots so I wonder what the lifetime stat is for shots per goal.

      • Pete – What difference does life time stats means – nothing – last night first shot a goal all this history stat BS does nothing to improve what they are doing today. tomorrow or next week. If they don’t clean up (being kind} and get their shit together on the PP the team is dead in the water. Not scoring is one thing but as other teams see how ineffective they are at the man advantage they could care less whether they man handle them or not as the repercussions of their actions other than a rest in the penalty box doesn’t equate to being scored upon. PP are opportunities that can make a significant difference in winning and loosing. If PDB buddy isn’t at fault who is – yes the players are guilty no question but this guy was suppose to be the brains to fix all that. Mgt is at fault if they continue to ignore the obvious. Spott obviously is not the answer. 50 shots on goal 90 in total and one goal is ridiculous and shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when the goalie has a good view of what’s coming – screen and crash the net hockey basic 101 if you expect to score goals.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Playoffs in the bubble, VGK might have sort of peaked too early…in the RR. Scoring dried up a bit in the first two rounds including a really hot goaltender in round 2. Encountered great defense vs. Stars with zero puck luck. Not writing it all off to luck, there was some lack of scoring, but it’s just tough to go all the way. Always need to temper post season expectations no matter how good a team is.

  13. sb

    That Vezina Trophy talk has sure cooled down. And some here are actually saying nice things about Lehner. Two weeks ago he was a villian. Now he’s the goalie of choice.

    • I wouldn’t say Lehner is the goalie of choice. Fans in general are fickle – especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests or affection – kind of a whim thing. Remember Lehner has missed more games than he has played – not saying he hasn’t done ok of late but I certainly wouldn’t count Fleury out he is more than responsible for bringing the team to the dance despite what Ken posted awhile back without substantial proof which of course there isn’t any for comparison purposes. Opinions are like (you know what) everyone has one self included.

  14. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    4 days and counting.

    I sure hope VGK makes “something” happen before deadline, otherwise might see some heart attacks from those wanting changes!

    Fire this coach ….. get rid of this player ….. get this player ….. on and on!

    “worse game of the year”??? Really? After first few minutes of game, we outplayed the blues.

    When Binnington is on, he’s as good as any goalie in the league.

    Top six slump … PP problems … to many giveaways … Flurey magic gone? Oh whoa is me!!!!!! 🙂

    • Daryl

      Did you watch the game? I’m just curious because you said VGK outplayed then after the first few minutes. I think you mistakenly put in a replay of a previous game. At no point did VGK outplay STL in this game.

      I wish I could be tge fan you are… tge fan who thinks everything is great and doesn’t see the bad

      • Frank

        Dude. The entirety of the first period I’d give to STL – However, ALL of the second period and major parts of the third last night were all VGK. Biggest problem on this team is not that we don’t outplay teams, not goaltending – the scoring is the major issue. There are times when we just cant seem to score no matter what. Also, they rely far too heavily on making the pretty play instead of playing the grind game and making the easy play – perfect examples are behind the back no look passes at the blueline that result in turnovers – instead of just dumping the puck in, passing up quality shot attempts for pretty passing plays….. I could go on.

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Pretty much agree with your comment, Frank!

        • Daryl

          Sorry, my bad…. I forgot that having more turnovers, fewer danger chances, fewer goals, fewer hits, lower scoring percentage and lower FO percentage actually meant something.

        • Daryl

          When it comes to VGK I somewhat ignore the shot totals for the simple fact that a majority of their shots come from just inside the blueline. And if you aren’t getting screens those shots are almost useless. Ken showed a chart awhile back that showed where goals were scored from. I started to out together my own chart from all games but it was just taking too long but most of VGK goals are not scored near the crease. To me that is a huge problem. VGK looks great when crashing the net and getting rebounds, the problem is it doesn’t happen often. They can beat anyone when they play like that but will lose most games against good teams when they don’t.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        I think it was surely YOU who watching another game, eh?

        This is what you do though … If someone doesn’t have the same view of something, you criticize.

        MY opinion is as valid as yours.

        • Daryl

          Whatever you say… dementia must be setting in. You are the ONLY person I have seen that has said VGK outplayed STL. Maybe you can pass what drugs you are taking onto the rest of us.

          Valid points could be saying VGK doesn’t play in the weakest division or VGK is one of the top 2 teams in the NHL… while I completely disagree with both those statements there is at least some evidence to support those claims. I’m not sure what you see that supports VGK out played STL. But I’ll let you have it

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            I’m the only person?

            Guess you better read Franks comment pal.

            And again, because of my age you use the word dementia.

            Just how low will you go? Wow!

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            AND, bringing up drugs again, to a terminal ill person!

            You are a low life.

        • Daryl

          First, I posted my reply before Frank gave his. I’m sure there are a few others out there who believe what you and Frank have said, just not many…. and none of the so-called experts.

          As for being terminal ill…. we are all dying every day. It’s a part of life. So no, I don’t feel bad for someone who is dying. Maybe that does make me cold. Don’t really care. As long as you lived a good life, then it shouldn’t matter that you are dying. As for Dementia, you don’t have to be old to have dementia although it is usually associated with age. Alcoholics who are young can also show signs of dementia.

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)


          • Frank

            So called experts – more often than not are wrong. – you can quote me on that.

            Simply the shots on goal stats alone 50 – 30 something would statistically predict a VGK win. Just was not to be… again, we could not seem to get the puck to go in the net (and that’s not all on us – Binnington was stellar that game – no soft goals allowed at all). I do agree with you that our turnovers seem to be disastrous. We can’t always try to make the slick entry pass or pussy-foot around while were on the blue line. Dump and chase. Dump and chase. Rinse and repeat. Don’t pass up easy scoring opportunities in favor of the pretty pass play. Take what the defense gives you and get back to fundamental hockey. That being said – go knights go!

  15. THE hockey GOD

    another cap lock play— according to announcers— it’s like robbing a bank !!

    Definitely not coach’s fault. It’s a lock JERRY a lock. It’s like NFL team playing with only 10 players on field. It’s a sick joke. Nhl should not allow it.

    Still waiting for no2 to come back who got cut by what looked liked his own player’s skate down near corner by reckless play by forward who should have been traded before start of season. Probably a broken nose.

    PS Panda’s play China- country known for chicom bat lab viruses,- while Walruses* play in Canada in which hockey the national sport.

    * In Canada, you can find small populations of Atlantic walruses distributed in the High Arctic and Central-Low Arctic. When walruses aren’t in the ocean, they live in groups on sea ice, called haulouts. Not to be confused with Haula.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Kyle Palmieri and Travis Zajac were traded to the New York Islanders by the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday.

    New Jersey receives minor league forwards A.J. Greer and Mason Jobst, a first-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft and a fourth-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

    Palmieri and Zajac can each become an unrestricted free agent after this season.

  17. Clinton Comets fan

    this time last year the call was for an elite PP quarterback. $8 million later still no PP.

  18. Tim

    I guess after all is said and done we are where we are. Petro at 8.8 million will haunt us for the foreseeable future can’t change that. Next probably no one will take Fleury’s contract so that’s another 7 million shot in the ass. Don’t get me wrong Fleury has been the heart and soul of the team and without him this year we would have been in big trouble but time waits for no one. I just wonder what Bill Foley is thinking about his 5 year plan to win the Stanley Cup and it’s not going to happen and how much blame will he put on management? We have the draft picks and prospects to make anything happen but with no cap space we’ve painted ourselves in a corner. As Gene Hackman said in Hoosiers this is our team and root for who we are not who we are not thats my philosophy.

    • THE hockey GOD

      interesting point TIM, even if draft picks come through, the VGK can’t afford to pay them !! Damned if they do, damned if they don’t !

      Let the dealing begin, looks like top center is going for no. 1 AND no. 3/4 plus some minor league scrubs.

      cap sucks big time

      • The CAP situation is there for good reason – you can’t buy the CUP regardless how you try – it just goes to show money can’t buy everything which VGK mgt is under the misinformed idea it can as they are blinded by the light. Money can’t buy the winning attitude necessary to hoist the CUP and unfortunately in some regards is a negative in Vegas’s case. Yea I know we should all be happy that Foley has the money and wants the Cup but being the business man he is I am sure he must be questioning some of the decisions that have occurred up to this point.

        • THE hockey GOD

          CAP management is a socialist scam to keep down player’s salaries, penalize teams that make wise decisions, reward teams that make bad decisions, furthers a bad product on the ice, rewards bad or “flash in pan” players with good contracts, teams end up paying for past performance, it leads to short staffed games resulting in poor product and provides more opportunity for ice time leading to tired players which result in poorer play or potential injuries. IT is CRAP and should not be tolerated by anyone !

          This indefinite conception about “buying a championship” is no more than that and it’s BS, complete and utter marginalization. Yankees one of biggest spenders haven’t won a championship in over a decade. The NHL is full of small market teams so no one is going to be bully and “buy a Cup”. Not the way the rules on ice are structured which reward mediocre outcomes . The playoffs, which last nearly a third of season, let anyone with living pulse in it, all to line the owners pockets by raising the prices on everything !

          I am surprised the players’ union hasn’t objected to this socialist BS.

          BTW I don’t see how some of these owners are making payroll with stands devoid of paying customers.

          • You validated the statement about money – your Yankee example so to reference the balance of the post as BS as you put it is negated by your acknowledgement that money can make it happen. Thus maybe the Cap situation levels the playing field (ice in this case). Do you really understand what socialism is – I seriously question that.

          • Oh I forgot you must be delusional and think you are god to reference yourself as one in capital letters no less.

  19. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    4 days ……….

    Tick ….. tick ….. tick

    ha ha

  20. Pistol Pete

    Blues definitely played like the team they were on paper heading into the season. Binnington was tough to beat. As I said, would not surprise me if the Blues get on a run and make the postseason. Based on the many chances the Knights had this game could have gone the other way as is so often the case with NHL hockey. Not denying the VGK doesn’t have issues, the PP in particular. It also seemed Stone and Pacioretty made a couple mistakes in high danger chances, notably when Pachioretty elected to shoot from about 45 ft. out vs. passing to Stone who was wide open in close.

  21. Pistol Pete

    Avs head into Anaheim tomorrow for the final two of the season series standing 4-1-1. Let’s see what happens. VGK is 4-1-1 vs. Blues and will complete the series at T-Mobile for the last two games of the regular season. Could be season ending games for St. Louis depending on their standing in the division.

    • Daryl

      Let’s hope so

      • Pistol Pete

        Since 11 of their remaining games are vs. MIN (7) and COL (4), they may very well not be in contention come those two final games at T-Mobile.

        • Daryl

          It’s very possible and more than likely…. but with hockey all it takes is a hot goalie and some lucky bounce and any team can win a couple improbable games

  22. Pistol Pete

    I must say, looking at their remaining schedule, the Blues will need to stay the strong team they were on paper. They play MIN seven times and COL four time! If they make the playoffs they will have earned it down the homestretch.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      IF Binnington gets hot, like in 2019, he could lead them back into contention. But if he has more problems, like he was having the past month, before last night, then the Blues are dead.

      • Pistol Pete

        Right. Just looked it up, Blues started 2018-2019 season with the worst record in the league 15-18-4. Along came Binnington and they went 30-10-5 to finish 45-29-9 and went on to win the Cup. They are currently up on the Wild at home 4-1 near the end of the 1st.

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