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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a fast start in St. Louis. Tomas Nosek continued his hot streak scoring the first goal of the game. Defenseman Alec Martinez gave Vegas a two goal lead later in the period with his 6th goal of the season. The Blues would get one back and the score stood 2-1 after the opening period. 

Vegas’ offense exploded in the 2nd period. Martinez tallied his second of the game regaining the two goal lead for the Golden Knights. William Carrier, Jonathan Marchessault and Nic Hague followed with goals of their own to give Vegas a commanding 6-1 lead after 40 minutes played. 

The game expectedly took on a slower pace in the 3rd period. The Golden Knights protected their five goal lead by possessing the puck and letting the clock run. Starting goaltender Robin Lehner was strong in net stopping 31 of 32 shots. 

Vegas’ record improves to 25-10- 2 with their 6-1 blowout win in St. Louis. The Golden Knights and Blues face off again on Wednesday night. The game in St. Louis is scheduled for 6 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights came into the game in a bit of a scoring funk. By the 2nd period, that was over. The 1st period was fairly competitive, in the 2nd Vegas whipped the Blues all over the ice. St. Louis’s slide continues, Vegas’ is over. (Analysis by Ken)

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** William Carrier
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  1. goalie trade

    yay, they finally found a team they can beat

    Martinez is their best dman at both ends.

    • goalie trade

      p.s.—the PP still looks like shit.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Never enough for the naysayers !

        • Daryl

          So, you are ok with VGK PP???

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            There’s always something to complain about, that’s what I am saying!

            Right now it would be best if we could “decline” a penalty against the other team, (like they can do in NFL), and stay 5 on 5! 🙂

        • Daryl

          Lol….. that just might work

          And while I agree you can always find something to complain about, it’s different when it’s the same thing over and over again like the PP

      • Isn’t it amazing screen goalie and put some pucks in the net. To hear PDB talk you would think it’s a new concept. Well in Vegas’ case one could make the point it is. I hope they remember the value and keep it up. Now clean up (that’s being kind) the PP which doesn’t exist and they improve their chances of winning substantially. Good start to the week.

        • Pistol Pete

          There have been points this season where goal production has been high including using screens in front of the net. Oh, I guess this was mainly against the so called weak teams.

          • Daryl

            I’d like to see them do it against COL or MIN. Your joke about the weak teams but if are well under .500 you ARE a weak team. And while VGK has screened and crashed the net a game or two it’s not something they do the majority of the time…so yeah it is basically a new concept for VGK

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    For you “eye test” fans ….. How was THAT!

    Nosek a beast!

    Panda The Great! (now 10-2-1 reg season with the Knights)!

  3. Carl

    FWIW, the VGK are 25-10-2 and 52.

  4. LVsc

    Glad to see the VGK finally get some net front presence. THAT is how you score goals. and some clutch saves by Lehner

    now let’s do it again on Wed

    • Pistol Pete

      VGK really could/should have won those last two games vs. the Wild. I am discounting both losses.

  5. Tim

    Good win looks like the Blues have thrown in the towel. Feast or famine today it was feast the last three games it was famine. What I don’t understand is why they aren’t consistent with net presence. Skating takes skill, shooting the puck takes skill, passing takes skill. Putting your dead ass in front of the net doesn’t take skill simply you shield the goalie as we shoot or put in a rebound not to complicated but most games we don’t. Look at the Wild there always in front of the net and against us they’ve had good results.

  6. sb

    It’s time for some VGK fans to acknowledge the great play of Robin Lehner. He’s been treated unfairly since he got here. He didn’t ask to be traded here. He’s what? 10 and 1 in regular season games. Exceeding even the great play of MAF. Time to welcome this guy to the team. Man, Martinez! Give that guy the two year extension he has certainly earned. Best D-Man by far. What a great trade. Vegas leads the League in goals against. Defense and goaltending. But the PP ……. still needs that Number 1 center. Stone and Pac aren’t much of an impact centered by Glass.

    • Howard

      If you want a #1 center, you got to give to get. I wonder if my posts will be deleted again (why do you guys delete my posts btw, nothing offensive in them)? This would require trading Theodore. Many teams mistakenly over value offensive Dmen who basically aren’t very good at D. Shea is not good at back checking, he turns it over too much and shys away from contact. Granted, he can score but having him won’t win you a cup. Trade him. Roy, Glass, if needed MAF as well to get 2 TOP CENTERS so we can move Chandler and Bill down to 3 and 4., This is the only way I think we can win a cup and please, do not delete my post Ken and co. thank you!

      • Mike StG

        Okay guys, tell me how many #1 centers have been traded or made it to UFA in the last 4 years? Stop dreaming. Teams don’t trade them because that’s what their future is built on. They’re drafted and homegrown. Our shot was Glass with a #6 pick and it hasn’t worked out. The Stone line doesn’t need an elite center. With Stone’s defense, playmaking and scoring abilities, paired with Patch, Chandler is all they need. Speed for breakaways and odd man rushes, and to back off the D giving Max & Mark time & space to make plays. They’re the 2nd or 3rd highest scoring duo in the NHL. What the team needs is depth scoring and a good C3 to drive play on that line.

        • Daryl

          While a #1 probably isn’t likely, especially at the trade deadline, but there are chances for a #2 Center which can play on our 1st line and run our PP. We need a Center than can win FO .

          I like Stephenson but I disagree on him being with the Stone line

        • Howard

          Logan Couture would definitely be available as SJS is going nowhere for a long time. Teams that need return and draft picks are willing to part with a top center. His cap hit would be 6 million. Granted, SJS would not be interested in MAF, but they would be interested in draft pick + Theodore, and/or lesser player plus 2 draft picks. As I stated, Theodore is more a liability than an asset in my extremely strong opinion. We already have a scoring capable Dman in Piets and the youngster Dmen are up and coming.

          Don’t fool yourselves as while VGK is a very good team, they aren’t a real cup contending team in my strong opinion unless they get at least one BIGGER center who can crash the net. Glass will never be that center as he is too slight of build. – the extra weight he put on obviously winds him very fast.

          Do people here really believe that VGK will hoist a cup with Chandler Stephenson being your top line center?

        • Howard

          Typo on last post, Couture would be an $8M cap hit. SJS might be willing to move Tomas Hertl as well, another quality center who has a cap hit under $6M. VGK can work out a good valuable trade with a little bit of front office IQ work.

          • Mike StG

            Howard, what makes you think SJS would ever trade Couture or Hertl, and especially to their biggest division rival? That’s the problem with wishful thinking. What if the Pens would trade Sid? Or the Bruins Bergeron? Maybe we can get McJesus from the Oilers! Or Big Leon! And Shea isn’t going anywhere. Teams don’t just throw away foundational players. Any improvement in Vegas will be at the margins, but that said they do need to upgrade.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      I agree fully SB !

    • Daryl

      As I’ve said to Doc several times, it’s not that we have anything against Lehner it’s we don’t think he’s as good as MAF and we don’t need two #1 goalies. I’d rather them keep MAF and trade Lehmer but either way if this team is to win the Cup they need to get rid of one of the goalies and get a true #1 Center

      And for the record Lehner is 7-3 this season and has only faced one winning team (MIN) which they lost.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        For the record” Panda is 7-1-2 this season, with : 2.17 GAA and 9.19 SV %. Personally I think Lehner is as good or better than MAF, at this time.

        • Daryl

          7-1-2…. that is 7 wins and 3 losses is it not?? The OTL and SOL is for point purposes only. And as I stated, that is against just 1 team with a winning record

          • DOC (Go Knights Go)

            NO! With losses you don’t get ANY points!

            For the record: Flurey is 17-9 for the season. (but, 1-4 the past 5 games, with: GGA well over 3.00). Just so we’re clear.

        • Daryl

          Correct on the losses…. obviously I was talking about the OTL and the reasoning for separating them. Yes MAF has had a couple bad outings but at the same time not every goal has his been his fault either. Look at the 5-1 loss to COL, the first 3 goals were all on the defense. Now, VGK still loses but it wasn’t all that bad on MAF. Same cam be said for the MIN game.

          I notice how you make comments on certain things I say but completely ignore my other comments…. like the one where Lehner has faced ONE team with a winning record, a game he lost. I know this isn’t you, but thats a liberal approach to questions

      • Lehner may not have asked to be traded here but remember all his previous teams didn’t keep him or were willing to let him go. His performance in the play offs last season did speak to well for him and since coming to Vegas has missed more games than he has played. Fans have nothing against him personally other than his performance and keep in mind how Fleury was treated by mgt didn’t help the Lehner situation. You can’t take a fan favorite(right or not) and do what they did and expect Lehner to be welcomed with open arms. The entire handling of the situation and timing couldn’t have been worse. No not Lehner’s fault but a victim of the deal just like Fleury.

  7. phantom major

    Lehner should be playing on Wed. they need to start going with the winning goalie. if Lehner loses, then Fleury gets all the next games until he loses. They play better when they have internal competition. only 19 games left to prepare for the playoffs.

    • phantom major

      rotating is the equivalent of saying to Martinez, “we don’t care how great you played on Mon, it is Coghlan’s turn, so you sit out on Wed Alec”

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Thats not even the same, when talking about goalies! You know better than that! 😉

        • Daryl

          Goalies need rest to stay fresh but they don’t need to be rotated to stay fresh. Taking a goalie out who is on a hot streak is not smart and can mess with his production… that came straight from MAF

  8. stats

    Fleury’s last 5 games= 1 win, 4 losses

    16 goals allowed 3.20 gaa .889 save %

  9. Tim

    A lot of good thoughts from fellow posters our biggest problem is what players are available. With all division races for the fourth seat up in the air who is willing to trade a good player and piss off there fan base. So who on New Jersey, Buffalo, Ottawa, Calgary, or Detroit could help us and please don’t say Taylor Hall. All other teams still believe they have a chance so I’d say pickings are slim.

    • phantom major

      my guess is they will try to add someone on an expiring contract, a UFA, so that they won’t get into further cap problems in future years. someone like Mattias Janmark of Chicago, with the Hawks picking up half his cap hit, as Bowman already has said he is willing to facilitate trades with his cap space.

    • Mike StG

      For Vegas, TFP reports they’re linked possibly with Bobby Ryan, Erik Haula and Luke Glendening. With Preds now in playoff position Haula may be out. Ryan could add scoring depth but is RW and I don’t see how they fit him in with Tuch, Reilly and Stone on that side. Glendening is bottom 6 center and has the highest faceoff win % in the league this year. Probably a half PPG player or more on a line with Tuch. I like him. FWIW I was touting Martinez as an add 2 months before Vegas got him. He’s golden. Terrific add, maybe they can resign for lower AAV for another year or two. Don’t think the team can carry that $4M cap hit next year or after. Although there won’t be any big payout for Glass at this point.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    “French vanilla,
    Rocky road,
    Chocolate, peanut butter, cookie dough!
    Scoop! There it is!
    Scoop! There it is!
    Shaka-laka! Shaka-laka!
    Choco-laka! Choco-laka!”

    SPRINKLES !!!!

    PS pandas play in trees, not on ice !

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Actually not true on the Pandas. You can find lots of videos online, of Pandas playing in the snow in China. Sliding down snow banks, etc….

      Just so the facts are correct!

  11. phantom major

    if the Knights win the cup will there be Panda-monium ??

  12. knights fan in minny

    i heard a rumor today taylor hall to the lanche any one else hear that

  13. Pistol Pete

    Attn: Daryl

    I just can’t fathom getting pucks to the net and screening as a “new concept” for any team, especially at the NHL level. I would say it is an area where teams can go to sleep and high scoring teams are not currently asleep on it. It’s hockey 101, however I do think VGK needed to get back to basics so to speak.

    On the “weak teams” issue, it’s clear on any given day the team with the worst record can beat the one with the best, so it’s all about long term regular season performance and consistency in the post season. With this season’s unique interdivisional play, all top teams are accruing win records vs. the under 500 teams. I just checked and Tampa Bay is 5-5 against Florida and Carolina. With the two game loss to MIN, VGK has fallen from 5-5 vs. COL/MIN to 5-7, but as I stated I discount the last two losses to MIN. I have not looked at the other two divisions but I suspect it’s not far off ie. top teams are near even against the top contenders and winning vs. the lower half.

    • Daryl

      Yes playing string in front of the net is not a new concept, it just seems like it is for VGK. If you recall, during last season in the playoffs, that was one of the biggest issues most of us were complaining about. And guess what, they are still doing the sa.e thing a majority of their games this year. And the majority of us are still talking about it. Say what you want but this team is horrible at playing near the crease, it’s like they are scared.

      As for weak teams, dismiss it all you want. Love how you just throw away the last two losses simply because the game could have gone either way. VGK has won several games that easily could have been losses so maybe we should dismiss those games. From top to bottom this is the weakest division. I have yet to see where an “expert” has said otherwise.

      • I don’t really think that is an accurate accounting. The majority of games DeBoer has lost with VGK, including last season’s playoffs, have been dominated by battles in front of the net as most NHL games are. They just didn’t win all the battles. That is why W/L records are what they are.

        • Daryl

          Look back at the last couple Dallas games…. Dallas scores in front of the net and all ours are away from the net. We don’t screen goalies and we don’t play physical in the crease. How many posts have been made about that exact issue? If it wasn’t a problem most of us wouldn’t bring it up

          • Pistol Pete

            Good teams play superior defense and make for low scoring matchups. There are different ways to score but we do agree being physical in the area of the crease is important, for screening and scoring. This is hockey 101 stuff and is standard for coaches and players, the challenge is implementing against the best teams who have great defensive sticks and shot blocking.

    • Daryl

      Should we discount our two wins over COL when they were without 5 starters and 7 total players?

      • Mike StG

        Lol. By your estimation Vegas would be in last place in any other division. The pessimism is suffocating. In fact, I see no reason to watch VGK games the rest of the year. What’s the point if they’re going to lose anyway? 🙂

        • Right lol. Remember how Arizona was deemed a weak team and now they are contending? Oh that’s right, this is the weakest division, with the weakest fourth place team lol.

          • Daryl

            Arizona is in 4th place with 4 wins over teams with a winning record, 2 of which were OT wins. No, they are not a very good team at all.

        • Daryl

          Do you honestly see this VGK team winning the Cup? If your do then maybe I need some of what you are on. And that sounds that a Fairweather fan….

          This team is probably around the 10th best tram in the NHL. If you have them much higher then you are leading with your heart and not your mind. Now that doesn’t mean they can’t win it all, just highly unlikely. And that isn’t being a pessimist, it’s called being a realists which very few VGK fans seem to be

      • No we can’t exactly do that.

  14. 15-26 CBJ just beat 26-13 TB 4-2 (was 4-0 and Lightning scored twice in last 5 1/2 min.). I realize Lighting are sans Kucherov all season but still. Had the Knights suffered a loss like this, the sky might have fallen here, or did it when they lost 2-4 to the Kings?

    • Mike StG

      Pete, It’s always falling in Vegas. Even when we beat STL 5-1, playing WITH Tarasenko and Parayko. The Blues are just a lousy team I guess. In the worst division probably in league history! Probably worse than the worst division in AHL history too! Team is 25-10-2 and that’s just proof of how crappy the West is!!

      • Mike StG

        Sorry, it was 6-1. Man, the Blues really stink!! 🙂

      • Pistol Pete

        Mike, in any case COL and MIN are also beneficiaries of being in the weakest divsion lol. Nevermind they are both good teams like VGK, but none would be faring as well in any of the three other “stronger” divisons lol.

        • Daryl

          I question if you know that much about hockey if you think VGK or COL would be in first in any other division. COL might make 2nd but that would be ot

          • Pistol Pete

            I know something about it. Started skating at age five and was good enough to play in a high school league that produced NCAA Division I players. Admittedly I have only started following NHL diligently when VGK arrived here in 2017. Turned into a great hobby for myself and wife. She is from the Philippines and new zilch about the game prior to attending her first at TMobile. Became a rabid devotee instantly!

          • Pistol Pete

            We’ll see how the playoffs go. It seems you rate the Caps, Lightning and Leafs above the Avs. Speculative IMO. We know the three aforementioned teams have had many great seasons only to generally come up short in the post season against teams they were favored to beat. I always expect post season surprises across all the major pro sports and tend to not be able to correlate
            regular season performances with post season outcomes. I admit VGK is not seemingly the best team on paper despite their current ESPN #1 rank, but they definitely have a shot.

      • Daryl

        Are you talking about the STL tram that is 16-22? Yeah they are such a great team

        • Pistol Pete

          No. 15-26 CBJ who just beat TB. Strong division.

          • Daryl

            And we just got our ass handed to us by STL…. we all know any team can beat another team. That doesn’t mean that team is better. And believe what you want, you would be one of the very few who think this division is close to any other division

  15. Mike StG

    Daryl, first I’m not a fairweather fan. I’ve been a Red Sox fan since the 1960’s and suffered through nearly 40 years before they won the WS in 2002(?). I would follow and support VGK if they were the Sabres. But I don’t happen to agree with your unsupported assessment of Vegas as a mediocre team that has no chance. NHL analysts on NHLN, SXMNHL, NBC, the Athletic typically have them anywhere from Top 2 to 6 or 7 (if they’re stringing losses together like they did the last 10 days). How do you know more than they do? Does that make them biased for Vegas and looking through rose colored glasses? I think not, and I happen to agree with them. It doesn’t mean I believe Vegas will win the cup. Even the best teams have maybe 8-9% odds of actually winning it. There are so many factors and there are no guarantees. It’s not like hoops where a clearly superior team will almost always win. In hockey it’s not the best team that holds the cup, it’s the team that plays best. So while you agonize over the team not being good enough so they for sure won’t win, I prefer to believe we have a very good team, it probably needs to be upgraded to give them a better chance, and that come playoff time we will see what happens. If I had your attitude I’d stop watching the games. I prefer to criticize some but hope for the best and enjoy the ride.

    • Pistol Pete

      Mike, agree 100%.

      As an aside, Petro has 11 pts in 22 games (.5 pts/game is modestly under his current .59/game career average but way ahead of the average D man) and is a respectable +8 which is probably ahead of the career pace. I have been seeing more deep O zone activity recently and believe it’s absolutely feasible he will show up as a post season offense driving difference maker. Yes, to be worth $8.8m.

      • Mike StG

        Pete, agree on Petro. He came from a system he played in for 10 years. Has a short training, no preseason games, then a pause for Covid issue, and another pause for hand injury. He’s looking pretty good now, seems to be able to read teammates better. I’m looking forward to his play in the high slot where he’s deadly. I think he’s every bit the #4 D in the league as ESPN rates him. Not sure Shea is really #9, but he’s definitely Top 20. Needs to get better on the defensive side and stop making so many careless passes and mistakes. I shout at the TV at least a couple times a game when that happens. 🙂 What do you think about Glass’s progression?

        • Pistol Pete

          Glass remains a tough call for me. Progress has been slow but then I’m no NHL scout. First that comes to mind is very few players go directly from juniors to NHL. Unless you are McDavid it generally doesn’t happen. Another point is maybe he’s growing into his 20-30 lb. weight gain. Third, are the two knee/leg injuries behind him? Some are not impressed with his skating and speed, again I am no scout. I want to say he is temporarily impeded by the higher level NHL play that he’s not quite ready for. Would be a shame to see him traded, get heavy AHL time and become a top NHL player. Not sure any of the “pundits” here are actually NHL scout knowledgable and grasp the intangibles. I certainly don’t.

      • Daryl

        He also only has 2 total points against teams with a winning record….. most of his points came from secondary assists and he has more GA than TA. He might turn things around and be worth that money come playoff time, but as of right now, he isn’t worth $8.8m

    • Daryl

      First, I didn’t say you were a fair weather fan, I said you sounded like one. I would love to also know at what point NHL Network or ESPN (they are a joke btw) put VGK in the top 5…. I have yet to see that anywhere. Every show I’ve watched has them closer to 10, which is somewhat where I got my opinion of where they ranked. I also never said they couldn’t win the Cup, I just said it is highly unlikely.

      And you think I should stop watching because….why? Because I don’t think they are as good as some on here? I guess Buffalo fans should have stopped watching a long time ago since they have NO SHOT at winning the Cup at all. That really doesn’t make a lot of sense now does it. Sorry you don’t like my attitude, but I am a realist when it comes to most things.

  16. Lehner may not have asked to be traded here but remember all his previous teams didn’t keep him or were willing to let him go. His performance in the play offs last season did speak to well for him and since coming to Vegas has missed more games than he has played. Fans have nothing against him personally other than his performance and keep in mind how Fleury was treated by mgt didn’t help the Lehner situation. You can’t take a fan favorite(right or not) and do what they did and expect Lehner to be welcomed with open arms. The entire handling of the situation and timing couldn’t have been worse. No not Lehner’s fault but a victim of the deal just like Fleury.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Mike, closing note on Glass is emphasizing the rare direct move from the Juniors is he needs more AHL time. Pacioretty for example played 45 AHL games getting nearly a point/game (43 pts). Glass is only 9 games into an AHL career getting 9 points. He needs more AHL games to get comfortable at the pro level.

    • Mike StG

      Good analysis Pete, and good background info. He did also play 22 playoff games when the Wolves went to the Calder Cup final. But I think he needs time in the AHL too. Can’t see them trading him and don’t think they should either. He just turned 22 but he’s lost probably 1-1/2 seasons if you add up all his injuries in junior, AHL & NHL, and that has undoubtedly hindered his development. I can’t see how he helps them this year, so I’m hoping they can make a good add by TD. My wish list in order: Getzlaf, Bratt, Glendening. Haula would be in there but Preds are in playoff position at the moment. We can only hope GMKM make a good move or two.

  18. Pistol Pete

    Thanks Mike. Good point on the AHL playoff games, did not include those. Blues all of sudden are looking more like how they were on paper entering the season. Would not surprise me if they make the 4th spot for the post season. Maybe not such a weak division.

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