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Recap: It was the Golden Knights’ first matchup of the season against the rival Sharks. Marc-Andre Fleury got his third straight start in net hoping to get his team back on a winning streak.

Vegas got on the board first with a power play goal from Jonathan Marchessault. The Golden Knights power play woke up caught fire in San Jose. Mark Stone added a second power play goal to give Vegas a 2-0 lead. San Jose scored to get within one before the second intermission, trailing Vegas 2-1.

Chandler Stephenson scored the Golden Knights third power play goal of the game setting up for a 3-1 edge. Fleury was strong down the stretch and held the two-goal lead. 

With their 3-1 win the Golden Knights improve their record to 9-2-1. Vegas will play again tomorrow against the Colorado Avalanche. Game is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights’ power play came alive in San Jose striking for three goals with the man advantage. The rest of the game was a bit of a slop fest but Vegas found a way to keep the dangerous chances to a minimum and Fleury stopped almost all of them when they did come. Similar to many games this year, not Vegas’ best, but good enough to beat the West Division.  (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Mark Stone
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Marc-Andre Fleury

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  1. EK

    What’s a slot fest? Fleury staking a solid claim to be number 1 goalie.

    • sb

      Fluery is playing well, that’s for sure. But think back just one year ago. His save average was dropping year-after-year, last year just above .900%. Hard to win a Cup with that s%. And remember that San Jose game in the playoffs ………… Fluery is playing much better and the Number 1 reason is because Lehner is the 2nd goaltender. Competition, which was missing before, has made Fluery that better player. From that standpoint alone, Lehner was worth the $5mil. It’s that simple.

      • Julie

        SB, do you think that it’s also true that they didn’t have a decent backup before Lehner and they worked Fleury more than usual? That would tire him out too and be a factor in his performance I would think. Now, he is more rested alternating with Lehner. Although now it seems that tweaking of something on Thursday is now a larger issue so Fleury will be working hard again.

      • Daryl

        That’s fairly presumptuous to say MAF is playing better only because he has competition with Lehner.

        That $5mil could have been used to get VGK a top line Center, which will end up being their downfall this year

        • Julie

          Daryl, I was also wondering if Fleury is doing great because he wants to stay in Vegas and/or retire from Vegas like he said. But another wild thought was maybe he wants to be traded on some level and you have to be tradeable, so performance is key. If Lehner keeps going as is, he is not tradeable, correct? It’s hard for me to tell sometimes what the reasons might be.

          • Daryl

            I think a big reason why he is playing so good is two fold. First I think his personal life is better. Secondly he is getting some rest. That in part can be attributed to Lehner but Mgt could have sobre the same thing with any reliable backup, especially considering how weak this Division is. It was a lot harder to do that when he was with the Pens simply because how strong that Division is. But honestly, as good as the Forwards are for VGK and as weak as this Division is, VGK could make the playoffs with the backup goalie they currently are using. I said make the playoffs not win in them.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Good game by the boys and Flurey.

    Kane up to his usual shit, but #19 handled himself fine in that little wrestling match.

    Play these pricks 7 more time … can’t wait.

  3. No fans and the black out the game- pretty sad state of affairs. A t least blacked out on dish network. Had pre- game but no game.

  4. Julie

    It was a better game today. I believe Fleury is on again tomorrow, so I hope he gets some rest and the team gets more animated for Colorado.

    I am curious to see how Tahoe goes. I was thinking how the ice must be different. I learned about pond hockey and keeping a bag of warm pucks is necessary on cold days. I have been to Lake Louise in Alberta, wish that was an option too but not this go-round.

    • EK

      I have never heard the warm puck theory. I thought pucks needed to be frozen or they bounced, they are made of rubber.

    • Pistol Pete

      I learned how to skate and play hockey on pond ice in Vermont…nothing quite like it! That was back in the ‘60’s before hockey was a high school sport there. A few years later when high school hockey in VT was getting established John LeClair played for BFA high school in St. Albans before playing for UVM and going on to be a big NHL player.

      • Julie

        That’s pretty cool. I saw a video where a guy in Sweden was skating on lake, explaining black ice and measuring the ice thickness, etc. As he skated, the ice made noise like a high-pitched kind of thing. The video explained the danger of falling through. I’m sure the NHL has this covered for Tahoe, but as a kid playing pond hockey, I guess you get past that pretty quick if you want to play.

        • The Noodle King


          The game is not “ON” Lake Tahoe. It’s “ON” the 18th fairway of the golf course adjacent to the shore of Lake Tahoe skating on a purpose built temporary outdoor hockey rink, as has been the case with these outdoor game since their inception.

          • Julie

            Yes, I am aware the Tahoe games are at the resort. That’s what I meant by the NHL has this covered. Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

  5. Tim

    Big game tomorrow gonna ride that horse til it drops. I’ll bet Lehner hurt that shoulder he had surgery on if so he’s be out for a while. Of coarse the KGB won’t release and info so it will be day to day.

  6. Don’t miss Lehner a bit. Fluery is doing great.

  7. Pistol Pete

    The ‘lowly” Coyotes played the Blues pretty tough in that 5 game series 2-2-1. Guess some sentiment will be put to test in this upcoming 4 games vs. the “mighty” Avs.

    • Pistol Pete

      Correction make that 3-1-1 Coyotes over Blues. Thought the Coyotes suck lol.

  8. Tim

    Logan Thompson called up from the Silver Knights looks like Lehner may be out for a while. When Oskar D. or Logan T. have to play against Colorado it won’t be pretty.

  9. Pistol Pete

    I would like to reflect on that right post shot by Hague late in the Ducks loss. I’ve heard he has a hard shot and that slapper almost made it past Gibson from way out on the left point. Overall strong showings by Whitecloud, Hague and Coghlan. Lot’s of young blue Iine talent with Korczak in the pool as well. Silver Knights 4-0 with 5 points for Krebs.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Nice piece Ken: Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Valentines Day!

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