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Recap: The Golden Knights came out motivated to win their last regular season game and a chance to win the West Division. Alex Pietrangelo got things going in the 1st period, scoring his seventh goal of the season. Keegan Kolesar doubled the score :56 seconds later. Vegas held a 2-0 advantage after the opening twenty minutes.

William Carrier continued the scoring for Vegas in the 2nd period. Carrier tripled the lead chipping his sixth of the season. Jonathan Marchessault contributed his 18th to give the Golden Knights a 4-0 edge.

Vegas forward Dylan Sikura scored his first goal as a Golden Knight and later added another in the final frame. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury pitched a perfect game in net to register his sixth shutout of the season.

With their 6-0 victory in San Jose, the Golden Knights finish the regular season with a record of 40-14-2. The Golden Knights now wait for Colorado to conclude their season tomorrow night. Vegas will win the West Division with a Colorado loss against LA. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights showed up to play a game they needed. The Sharks didn’t for a game they didn’t. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks at SAP Center

  • Podcast (whenever the playoff series is set)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Dylan Sikura
** Marc-Andre Fleury
* William Carrier


Vegas’ Salary Cap Management A Topic Around The League


VGK Lead West Division In Playoff Experience, But Not By Much


  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Win and easy donut, against a bunch of AHL kids.

    Petro heating up.

    One more chance for AVs to choke.

    Our boys will get ready for the playoffs.

    For 3 days or so now, the negative naysayers will spread their BS on how we can’t beat the Wild.

    To my guys in the “Comedy Central” group, maybe we can have a zoom season, like we talked about, to share all the idiotic crap that will be written. Let me know. Lots of laughs coming either way!

    • Howard

      We can certainly beat The Wild. We did last time, …. oh wait, Pekka Rinne Jr. was in there so although we outplayed them, our “elite” $25M Pekka man allowed 4 bad goals so…

      With MAF in there basically every game in the postseason, we can win the Cup. But with Pekka JR. in there, no shot.

  2. Frank

    Great team win to cap out an excellent regular season. Even if we don’t get 1st and the president’s trophy, nothing to be ashamed about at all. Let’s focus this energy on whoever is out opponent in the first round. And BTW, Fleury needs to be the starting goaltender until he’s not. Nuff said.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes Frank a very exciting season.

      I am waiting to hear back from Miracle Max to see if he’s ready for the playoffs.

  3. Jeff

    Ken, what is the status of the injured players? Will they be ready for the playoffs?

  4. phantom major

    I love it. 6-0 win tonight, and all 8 wins over that bankrupt team….chapter 7 is the final chapter in this saga.

    kane you say losers?

    good for Sikura to get a couple goals tonight, and congrats to the entire team for allowing the fewest goals in the league.. That is what they must do in the playoffs, win with a solid defensive structure.

    • Howard

      You know how SJS went “BankRupt?” The decided to hamstring themselves by signing a DMAN to a huge $90M contract along with a talented, but highly inconsistent top line forward named Kane. Sound familiar? It’s what VGK will look like in 2 or so years.

      • Mike

        The hate is unreal with you. Do you support this team or just try to find anything to rip on them?

  5. Daryl

    I still say VGK should have played their taxi squad in this game… Why take a chance on another player getting hurt?

    So, does this game solidify MAF as the starter for VGK in the playoffs?

    • Julie

      No, the game against Colorado did. 🙂

    • Howard

      Why would you go with a consistent 3 time Cup winning goalie when you can have Pekka Rinne JR. in there. Pens fans love Pekka SR. – the single most valuable player in terms of greatly helping The Pens win The 2017 final.

  6. Tim

    I’ve never seen a Sharks game against us so calm everyone just rolled along for 60 minutes even Kane was decent tonight. 82 points at worst second best total among 31 teams hard to complain. Please don’t tell me about our division our top 4 are as good as any division. We lost the Presidents Trophy against the Wild up 2 with 10 minutes to go and give them 3 to beat us. No one to blame but ourselves we took the petal off the gas and goodbye Presidents Trophy

    • Daryl

      Do you honestly think this Division is as tough as any of the others? I don’t care about total points win% or any of that other stuff, I just want to know if you really think this division is as good as the othets

      • Rob S.

        I do. The bottom teams are bad, but that’s true of every other division, too. The top teams (COL, VGK, MIN) are good and I think STL may be dangerous. The Central has 3 good teams (CAR, FLA, TB). The North has one (TOR) and maybe another (EDM), but you know what happens to EDM in the playoffs. The East might be better with PIT, WAS, BOS, and–perhaps–NYI, but that’s it. So, yes, I think the West is as good as the others.

        • Daryl

          You have a right to your opinion but most people outside this division and most analysts disagree with you. Plus you compared divisions by saying there are 3 good teams at the top and bottom feeders but that isn’t comparing divisions. You have to take into account the wuakituly of those teams at the top and at the bottom. Again, you have a right to your opinion I just disagree with it

      • Howard

        The top 3 are, yes, and Blues have the talent. The problem with The West is the bottom teams are just plain worse than the other division’s bottom teams so that did factor into the President Cup’s winner coming from our division.

        • Rob S.

          Factor into it, as you said, yes. Daryl’s implication that the West is not in the same ballpark as the rest of the NHL is what I was responding to. Besides, if the Maple Leafs are the greatest team in history as the hockey…er, Canadian press would have you believe, they should have won it in a walkover in the pitiful Canadian division.

          • Daryl

            Where did I say not in the same ballpark? You are putting words into my mouth. I simply asked about being as good as the others

      • THE hockey GOD

        the wings and blue jackets are a lot worse than the bottom teams in VGK division

      • Tim

        Daryl, yes I do. If we had a playoff our top 4 against the other leagues to 4 it’s no contest. Blues recently won a cup, Colorado or us have been predicted to be in the cup finals by most writers. The biggest joke is the north proven by the amount of goals per game scored. Here we are winning the Jennings Trophy for least amount of goal allowed. I know your a Penguins fan to old and slow as is Washington, Boston, and the never score Islanders couldn’t beat our division in a playoff in fact it would be ugly. Now the Central division is a different story Tampa, Carolina, Florida are tough, Nashville not so much but that would be a tough playoff either way.

        • Daryl

          Again, you have a right to your opinion, I just disagree with it. Did me, if Jarry is playing his game nobody can beat the Pens. Caps are slow but they are a strong team that causes havoc on front of the crease and can clear out their own crease. I hate Boston more than any other team but they are very good. NYI are streaky but when hot are great.

          The North might give up goals but they play fast and can match the speed of VGK COL or MIN.

          I think the 3 teams in the Central are better than or top 3 teams

          • Tim

            Daryl I know your a rational poster and we all have opinions but the North division with our 4 teams pummeling Freddie Anderson he’d be in trouble. Toronto great offense and good players but deceiving with the lack of goalies in the division. I agree Central as I stated would be a tough out. What division has better goalies then ours now thats a no contest Tampa great goalie but after that I’m not worried. All this for us doesn’t matter were in trouble. With Patch out our top scorer, Martinez out a very good D-Man, Nosek out a solid performer you just don’t replace those 3 and think your going to win. I’m not expecting much I’m sure a great effort but great effort only goes so far.

        • Daryl

          It basically sounds like the only teams either VGK or COL have to worry about are the 3 teams from the Central?

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          Have to agree Tim!

          • Daryl

            Of course you do, you think this is the best team in the NHL and already Cup winner

        • Daryl

          I agree about the goalies, nobody has goalies as good as this division. Which is why this division has a chance but I don’t think we have the talent of the others. I think goalies can win you games, but not enough games to take a series

    • Howard

      You mean Pekka Rinne JR. gave Wild those goals right? Because that’s what happened.

  7. Mike StG

    Interesting article from Custance in the Athletic this morning. Anonymous opinions from an NHL exec, coach, scout & player rating all the playoff teams. Only the Avs and Vegas got perfect scores.

    I just don’t get all the doom & gloom that dominates on SinBin reader posts.

    • Daryl

      I can’t read articles from the Athletic anymore. I just couldn’t take their writings. I felt like I was reading articles from a high school newspaper. It would have been interesting to read but I never put too much stock in anything that comes from anonymous sources. Besides right from the start it starts off by finding ways to discredit McDavid and Mathews

    • Julie

      I don’t see any of the posts as doom and gloom. Generally, I see that if someone pees on your leg and tells you it’s raining, you have the right to question it. Some people are happy to go along and glaze over, others like to dig in more. Makes for good back and forth at the very least.

      • THE hockey GOD


        don’t eat the yellow snow.

        Miracle Max is not picking up the phone. Sigh.

        PS you don’t know where the huskies go – F Zappa.

      • Mike StG

        Julie, you must not be reading SinBin article posts very carefully. The majority of comments read like: Lehner sucks, they screwed Fleury, VGK management is stupid, they’ll never win the cup, their PP sucks, they can’t score a goal to save their lives, blah blah blah… the first comment on my reference to the Athletic piece is that all their writers suck and the anonymous sources are obviously biased. Okay, whatever you say. 🙂

        • Daryl

          Reading comprehension!!! It’s a basic fundamental skill you should learn. Where did I say anonymous sources were biased? I said I don’t trust articles that cite anonymous sources. And yes I do think their writers are below average which is why I canceled my subscription to their site.

          As for your other comments, MAF got screwed, management did a piss poor job with Cap, the PP sucks… You can call those negative comments but you can also say they are the truth. Some people don’t like to hear the truth and you seem like one of those people

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, cool your jets. If you read the last 3 months of SinBin reader posts it’s a daily barrage of negativity and criticism. THAT is a fact, unless you just think it to be normal conversation. I cite an article that rates Vegas & COL as the best playoff teams now and you immediately respond by saying their writers suck and you criticized the anon sources because they said neither McJesus or Matthews hadn’t faced a top 10 Dman – which is true. In general the defense corps of the Canadian teams are admittedly weak and their goaltending as well. In fact almost every hockey commentator early on said that the goals per game would be higher in the north for exactly those reasons. And they were right. You can take offense to that in an attempt to discount what the anon sources said, but I think it’s a pretty accurate measure of the teams out there and how good they are. If you don’t like it then it’s your right to not believe it. I was just bringing in another view from experts in the hockey world (not the writers) that was encouraging and positive. But if that doesn’t fit your narrative you are free to disagree.

        • Daryl

          MOST of all the negative talk has been from a very few people. But like I said, those saying MAF got screwed, or should have started the COL game, or management did a piss poor job with the cap isn’t negative. As for the article, I also said I didn’t get to read it and stated as to why I didn’t get to read it. And no I do not think they are very good journalists. As for anonymous sources, whether it’s sports, politics or anything else, I don’t believe anything that comes from those sources. It shouldn’t be such a big deal to name those people. Without reading the article, how many sources were used? Where did those sources come from? Was it a sample from every division? See, too many variables to believe unnamed sources.

          As for the Canadian teams, I agree their defense is weaker as well as their goalies, but not by much. But at the same time, their offenses are better. If VGK shoots the puck into the chest of the goalie as they did in last year’s playoffs, the goalie doesn’t have to be that good.

          • Daryl

            What else I don’t get…. I bring up VGK being in the weakest division in hockey and get crucified yet the “experts” say the exact same thing and fans on here dispute that and say those experts don’t know what they are talking about. Now you bring up an article using anonymous “experts” and you try to say that it doesn’t fit my agenda so I don’t believe them. There are A LOT of hypocrites on here. Talk about not being part of ones agenda!!! How does that work?

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Mike, They’re not real fans. Just here to sow negativity, hate and BS!

      • Daryl

        It’s either go along and never question anything or you just aren’t a real fan. More funny stuff to pass on to my email friends

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          There ya go little man. Get rolling. We’re in need of more laughs.

          Counting on you, son!

          ha ha

          • Daryl

            That’s OK old man… You don’t have much longer to live in this denial of yours. My emails friends can’t wait to hear what you come up with next

      • Blitz

        My take is it takes both types of people in a community such as this. Sometimes when I think really negative about a player or situation people posting positive facts about it can make me realize I am missing some aspect. The same is true about negative comments. In the end I try to use my eyes and what common sense I can about each situation. At the same time some people are overly negative OR over positive, both to me are comical. I am new to this site, but I can honestly say I shake my head and laugh at your post Doc as much as i laugh at someone that can’t let go a dumb negative thought. I am ok with people being both though. Taste great less filling. With that said Go Knights, kicks some ass like I know you can, but don’t fuck it all up by going with Lenher (Grimis).

  8. Mike StG

    I wonder if the tiebreaker rules should change? Vegas will be the ONLY team in the NHL to win 40 games. They’ll be tied with Avs (assuming they beat LAK today) in points. Yet, Avs will win Prez Cup – having 1 less W (39) and 2 more losses (in OT) than Vegas. Vegas will even have fewer total losses than Avs (16 vs 17). Just doesn’t sound right to my brain. Less wins and more losses gets you 1st place. Hmmm…

    Oh well, them’s the rules! 🙂

    • Daryl

      I agree with you. I also don’t like the point system. A win is a win, a loss is a loss. The only time I think you should get a point is if it’s a shootout. 2 points for a win 1 pt for a shootout loss. What exactly is the point of giving points for an OTL or not having that loss count against the goalies record?

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, if your opinion was the basis for the rules Vegas would already be Prez Cup winner. 🙂

        • Daryl

          You might be right… I didn’t look up the numbers. I was talking in general

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like the old school way better, you get two points for a win, one point for tie. None of this 3 and 3 or shoot out crapola. And team with most wins, win division. Then best head on head season record is final tie breaker, followed by goal differential as final final tie breaker, Then flip of coin as ultimate final final final final tie breaker mother of all tie breakers. None of this point % BS.

  9. Henderson Knights

    Now Tuch is injured too. unbelievable. mgmt has screwed up the cap and now the result is an undermanned team playing and losing 4 games shorthanded and now getting hurt in a semi-meaningless game

    good luck Henderson Knights…I sure hope you guys can beat the Minn Wild

    Player Status
    A. Tuch RW day-to-day – Undisclosed

    P. Krebs C Out indefinitely – Face

    M. Pacioretty LW Out indefinitely – Undisclosed

    T. Nosek LW Out indefinitely – Undisclosed

    R. Reaves RW Out indefinitely – Undisclosed

    P. Brown C Out indefinitely – Undisclosed

    • THE hockey GOD

      they all have upper body injuries, Krebs has broken jaw.

      except for Patrick Brown I have no idea .

      Also, AHL D man Jake Bischoff took a shot to lower body over two monthes ago and hasn’t been seen since. But was assigned to taxi squad three weeks ago.

      And Tuch “tweaked” something , not supposed to be serious.

  10. Mike StG

    Interesting tweet by Lehner today. He said Vezina should be Fleury’s. And that it was an honor to play with him. Nice! I agree 100%.

    • Daryl

      I’m not sure MAF deserves it, but I agree with what Lehner said

  11. Pistol Pete

    If the Blues trounce the Wild again tonight I almost l like the Blues vs. the Avs or at least that VGK has a possibly easier round vs. the Wild than the Blues (this assuming Avs beat LAK lonight). I don’t think for the VGK whether it’s the Wild or the Blues, they just have to play as well as the last two games especially the great 15 skater effort vs. the Avs. The way the team played Monday and still w/o Patchy, one could think they can go all the way. GKG!!!!

  12. DOC (A fan and proud of it)

    Those that LIVE a purely negative life, can’t see or realize their constant negativity on most everything.

    It’s been easy to see, for many months now, just what kind of people they are.

    They mock those that are positive and enthusiastic about the team, because they have no capacity to feel or understand that.

    After a while it just becomes a never-ending succession of comedy skits. I, and others, just laugh till we can’t get out breath, most days!

  13. Daryl

    Those that live in la la land never seem to be able to capture reality. They never see the problems so they never achieve ultimate success. They live with their head in the clouds and trash talk anyone who says a negative thing. It’s as if nobody is allowed to point out any faults on their favorite team… like how can your favorite team really have any faults? They have no clue what reality really is. Most of their posts give others their daily dose of laughs. I know you shouldn’t laugh at people in this fashion, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Sometimes it makes you wonder what kind of drugs they are on and if you can get some yourself.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Ha ha ha ha, thank you little man.

      If anyone should know about La la land it’s surely you. Your alternate reality is well documented on here.

      You are nothing but a negative ugly personality.

      You are such a paranoid, immature soul, son. Get some help before it’s to late and you let your hate lead you down a path you can’t stop.

      • Daryl

        Anytime grandpa… I think your meds are messing with you again. You can’t tell the difference between reality and lala land. It’s funny you call me an ugly person when you are all over this site trash talking anyone who doesn’t agree with you. But like I said before, you are old and your memory is going so we let you get away with it. You are one of those old people we all laugh at because you never make much sense but always have something to say. My email friends and I thank you for the laughs. We’ll enjoy them while we can.

        • Howard

          I actually agree with Daryl. Daryl just talks in general, this other seems to always make it about him. People think I’m negative, or not a fan – nonsense. I’m a fan of winning. I know how hard it is to win a Cup and that this is a really tough sport. But being a fan for me is blindly accepting decisions a team’s front office makes that hurts the team.

          I don’t hate Lehner. I hate the over adoration he gets for being basically a really good back up goalie. I hate that when he was in Chicago, he publicly ranted how the team wasn’t being honest with him, then went out on the ice and had several bad games in a row and got benched. I hate that I see the same pattern here (this time ranting about Covid which no other NHL player confirmed was accurate) after his Covid rant, went out and performed in the same poor manner.

          I don’t like his signing, I don’t like Piets signing because I strongly feel it has and will hamstring VGK for years to come, and that we end up like SJS, Kings, who basically did the same thing.

          You can’t buy a Cup, you can only get the best players possible to put you in contention. I strongly feel with those 3 signings that the front office here did not address the real issue – centering.

          I always back the players, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be critical and doesn’t mean myself or guys like Daryl aren’t fans.

          It’s just weak-sauce to personally start nonsense on the internet sitting behind a computer, forming idiotic opinions about people we have no idea what they are really like. “End of rant.”

          • Howard

            Correction – “being a fan for me is NOT blindly accepting every decision the front office makes here.”

          • Mike StG

            Howard, first I respect your opinions presented but disagree on a number of points, as follows:

            Lehner – While I don’t think of Lehner as an elite goalie, though his numbers are good and he’s typically considered top 10 in the league, he was a huge upgrade over Subban. And the concern over what would happen if MAF was injured was legit. What it does is give Vegas 5 (now 4) years to develop a prospect who can be the long term goalie of the future. Five years gave them two overlapping with Fleury and would allow for some decline in MAF’s play or injury as he ages. Fleury’s contract is over next year, so I see Lehner as the guy to bridge post-Fleury to GofF. You don’t like his outspokenness, but to me that is irrelevant. His numbers before the last MIN game were exactly identical to MAF. He is solid, and with Vegas team D should be able to fill the role for the 2-3 post—Fleury years.

            Petro – Vegas has always felt the need for a stud Dman . They tried for EK65 and thank God they missed at 11M. Petro is a top 5 Dman at 8.8M and we are just starting to see how good he can be. So what if years down the road his performance drops off? Foley wants to win the cup sooner than 6 or 7 yrs from now and they think they have the team core to make that happen. And as important you think an elite C is, there is an equal argument that to win a cup you need that stud Dman – Hedman, Petro, Carlson, LeTang, Doughty.

            Center – they DID spend money on center in 2018, on Stastny after they couldn’t land Tavares. Paul was the next best available C and they signed him for 3(?) years, figuring Glass would be about ready by then and that Paul could mentor him. Well Glass is pretty much a bust, at least for a top 6 role. So, they added Chandler on the cheap and created one of the highest scoring lines in hockey – not a bad adjustment. But honestly, who else could they have gotten as an elite center via trade or UFA? First, if you’re going to get a top 6 C via trade you’re going to have to give up a lot. Second, there was NO ONE available. Why? Because teams draft, develop and KEEP elite centers. They don’t grow on trees. What centers DID move – Matt (The Cooler) Duchene? The PLD trade of the malcontents? Max Domi? Should they have pursued 36 y/o Pavelski? We haven’t gotten a top 3 draft pick (even in Yr 1 when they took Glass at #6) because the team hasn’t been a cellar dweller. How did EDM get McD, COL get MacK, etc etc? It’s because they were crap teams and won the draft lottery. After Yr 1 our highest pick has been #17 and they picked… wait for it… a CENTER in Krebs. Go figure!!

            Management- your opinion on how stupid or idiotic GMKM are is based only on what limited knowledge you have of all the facts. To assume they didn’t try to land a top 6 center is only your guess. Reports were that Vegas tried for JT. Do you think McPhee doesn’t want a top 6 center? Who drafted the Caps’ top centers that beat Vegas in Yr 1 – Kuznetsov & Backstrom? McPhee did. And do you think KM having been the GM and Owner of Brandon for decades doesn’t know what he’s doing? You talk as if they’re a bunch of 10 year olds running around in a panic. Personally, I think they’re a helluva lot smarter than you or me. The team they assembled, deals they made to get Tuch, Smith, Shea were brilliant. And for all the critics on how much they gave up in picks for Tatar and Patch, blah blah. Well if you recall, they STOCKPILED PICKS for the express purpose of making deals. Although I’m sure they thought it would be deals for players to replace those on expiring contracts and not to augment a team going on a playoff run in Yr 1.

            I don’t see the team through rose-colored glasses or believe management is infallible. But given what they have accomplished in their first 3 years and the stated goals of the Owner it’s seems harsh and ignorant to me to be constantly leveling hyperbolic criticism at the management and players. When we spend 3 or 4 years in the dungeon maybe I’ll feel differently (or perhaps I’ll be dead and buried by then). In the meantime and while I’m still breathing, I prefer to enjoy the ride. 🙂

          • Daryl

            What would have been wrong with signing Taveres or going after Pavelski? For an owner who wants to win now and doesn’t care about the future, why does it matter if a player is 37y/o? I also brought up players like Staal who would have fit in perfect in this system. I also mentioned Haula or Granlund? We could of added depth on the 3/4 lines with Glendening. I get there weren’t a lot of options, but there were options, and ones I think are a better fit than a defenseman.

            As far as Petra, I did miss his goal in the SJS game but before that he had one great shot when he jumped up on the play. And as I said, I’m glad he at least made it on net as there was nobody back but again, I’m ok with that every now and then. Other than that his goal before that was a beautiful pass that he made into basically an open net. He has played ok, but nothing worth his $8.8m salary. Who knows, that could change in the playoffs, but if not, its just another handicap for the rest of the seasons ahead.

            Lehner is a HUGE upgrade over what we had. but he wasn’t necessary… or having two of that calibre wasn’t necessary. You mention it was a good pickup in case MAF got hurt or started to suffer, but that case could be made for every other team. There is a reason teams don’t spend money on two starting goalies. I disagree with Howard on Lehner being a backup, I think he is a starting NHL goalie, I just don’t think he is a starter for a Cup contending team.

  14. Jeff

    Enjoyed reading your post. Very interesting commentary for those of us who are not veteran hockey fans.

  15. Mike StG

    Daryl, word is they DID go after JT, as did several other teams. He wanted to sign in his hometown and play for the Leafs. On Pavelski, at the time they already had Stastny at C1/2, plus he was looking for at least a 3 yr deal which he got from DAL. Stahl is 36 and in his final contract year, and Vegas wouldn’t give up assets for a player that old who they wouldn’t resign. And he was a big zero in BUF, and been invisible with the Habs too. Janmark was a much better decision. Nashville didn’t sell after all, so Granlund and Haula ended up not being available. Same with Ekholm (D), who several teams hoped to land at TD. Also, many of your options (like Glendening, who I also liked as a potential add) were at this year’s TD, and Petro was signed last offseason. So there’s really no correlation there. I understand them not pursuing Haula last offseason, as he hadn’t really produced in CAR or FLA, and suffered an injury last season related to the one in Vegas.

    • Daryl

      I heard they inquired about him but that they didn’t aggresively go after him. I still think Pavel would have been perfect as it would have given us a 1-2 punch. I think if we offered what he got he would have come. As for Staal, yeah he’s older but VGK is trying to win a Cup now. They could have resigned him to a short term deal. And you can’t really use previous teams as a guide to how they would play, just look at Stephenson. I liked him with the Caps but he didn’t play anything like he has here. Who at BUF really plays all that well???

      I heard the issue with the Preds was they didn’t get offered close to what they wanted. They knew they had 2 very good players that other teams would be after so their asking price was a little much, but again, VGK is trying to win now and I think they could have gotten either. Look at what they spend for Petra??? I know Petra was last year but my point with him is what VGK was willing to give up to get him

      • Mike StG

        Daryl, your kind of stretching it in your responses. You talk as if Vegas could have landed anyone they wanted but it’s not just their decision.
        JT – clearly WANTED to go to TOR. I don’t believe he would have come to Vegas for even $12M.
        Pav – Vegas was SJS’ huge rival at that time. That was the offseason after the Penalty, PDB was still their coach. Plus you’re OK with giving a 35 y/o slow skating F a 3 yr deal for $7M, but you’re not OK with giving a 30 y/o top 5 stud Dman an 8.8M contract?
        Staal – may have been good in 2018, but since he has been a non-factor and this year 5G/13P. Again he was not available until this TD.
        Preds – where did you hear they didn’t get enough offered back? That makes no sense at all. Haula, Ekholm & Granlund all are on expiring deals, so if they didn’t trade them before TD they get nothing for them. Every single comment I read and heard said the reason they didn’t trade any of them is because the team was playing much better even without some injured key players and had a legit shot at making the playoffs (which they did).

        • Daryl

          You say you “believe” JT wanted to go to TOR but you have no facts to support it so why am I wrong and why are you right? I do believe he wanted to go as well but that doesn’t mean he would have gone to VGK if the offer was right.

          Who cares if SJS was a rival? Pav had a shot at winning something VGK, something that he and EVERYONE else knows SJS has no shot at. Did PDB not come to VGK. This rivalry wasn’t much of a rivalry. It was mostly between two players. As for the money, one is for 3 years at less money and I don’t believe any type of NTC. The other is for a very long term with a strict NTC. Pav can still score and pass, it’s OK that he’s a little slow. So you are OK with paying a defenseman that will hurt the Cap until he’s 37 but not a needed Center for only a couple years who could also be traded?

          As for Staal, how many players in this team did not have good seasons before coming to VGK? Sorry, you can’t use that as an excuse otherwise VGK wouldn’t have half the players they do.

          NHL network is where I heard that rumor. Who knows if it’s true or not. And when I say not given enough, I’m talking about more than just money. It was more of playing for the future.

          My point is, there were Centers, and even Forwards, available which were more important than any other position.

          • Mike StG

            Daryl, okay you have your opinion and I have mine. I still think you aren’t considering the timelines of the potential adds or trades. Many of the players you mention were at this years TD and after they signed Petro. And they’re all rentals, which Vegas doesn’t like to do.

            Also, I can’t believe you support the idea of paying JT 12M (by the way, he was originally considering visiting Vegas in his tour of the league but then narrowed the list down to not include it). They had their sights on Stone from the previous season so 12M on JT would likely have doomed a Stone deal. To assume Vegas would’ve landed him if they offered him more money is also just your assumption. And 7M for Pav at 3 yrs would’ve likely been an untradable contract if he didn’t work out.

            Whatever the case, it is what it is. What ifs are meaningless, and no one can say with any certainty that another path would’ve led to the cup. Even the most elite teams are given a 10% or less chance of taking it home. Let’s just root for the very good team we’ve got.

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