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Recap: It didn’t take long for the Golden Knights to take control of the game up in San Jose. In the first seven minutes Vegas received goals from Reilly Smith and Chandler Stephenson. Filling in for Marc-Andre Fleury, goaltender Oscar Dansk looked sharp and held the 2-0 lead through 20 minutes.

Max Pacioretty gave Vegas a 3-0 edge scoring his 11th goal of the season 2:57 into the 2nd period. San Jose began to warm up scoring twice in the middle frame. The Golden Knights narrowly led the Sharks 3-2 going into the second intermission.

Alex Tuch regained the Golden Knights’ two-goal advantage in the 3rd period with his 10th goal of the season. The Sharks answered with two 3rd period goals of their own to force overtime.

Pacioretty ended the game in overtime, scoring on a nice feed from Alex Pietrangelo.

With their 5-4 overtime win the Golden Knights improve their record to 15-4-1. The two teams will play again tomorrow night against in San Jose. The game is scheduled for 7:30 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Like always against the Sharks, it was a whacky game that had a little bit of everything and in the end, the Golden Knights came out on top. Vegas controlled the majority of the play but a couple of oddities helped lead to a pair of Sharks goals. Vegas certainly didn’t play their best game of the season, but they deserved the two points when it was all said and done. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs San Jose Sharks at SAP Center

  • 17 games in 30 days with 10 on the road will be tough on VGK bodies

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Alex Tuch
* Max Pacioretty



4th Liners Failing Despite Benefit Of Unbelievable Offensive Opportunities


Fresh Fleury Key To Tonight’s Back-To-Back


  1. Tim

    Well we survived Oskar that’s a good thing.

    • Pistol Pete

      Dansk is 4-1 VGK. Those three games in that innaugural season was magic including a 32 save 7-0 SO against Colorado: GAA 1.78 SV% .946. I would not give up on Oscar. All he needs to do is figure out how to consistently put together 60 minutes at this level.

      • Tim

        Well Vegas has down it again should we piss everyone off and call ourselves Hockey Town USA. Not only do the Golden Knights go to the finals in there first year our Silver Knights are 9-1 which is the fastest start in AHL history. Are you listening out there all you pompous fan basis around the league. George and Kelly well done.

        • sb

          MGT Team and Owner ….. absolutely. Well done. The hockey organization they built in four short years is amazing, in the Desert where the experts said hockey would never survive.

  2. Let’s give Logan Thompson a try next time….

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Revo fights … Knights score … KNIGHTS WIN !

    REVO >>>>> REVO >>>>> REVOOOOO !!!

    • Pistol Pete

      And lest we not forget that tip-in game winner in game 5 vs. Winnipeg.

    • Daryl

      Reavo sucks, get over it. He got into a fight with an AHL player and barely won, and I mean barely. He was on the ice for a goal and and giving up a goal

    • Revo – A waste of cap space along with a few others which everyone knows who they are.

  4. phantom major

    how about the usual outrageous reffing in SJ favoring the league’s pet sharks again??

    TWICE Kane ran the goalie, and one of them gave the Snarks a goal. no penalty called, and no physical response from the Knights. That is an open invitation to the scumbag Kane to do it again to Fleury tonight.

  5. Pistol Pete

    I think I like Kolesar centering the 4th.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Stephenson continues to blossom. Looking more and more like that second top six power center some have been concerned VGK lacks.

  7. sb

    Stephenson is playing great. But he is a winger, not a center. He has yet to learn center responsibilies. Glass replaces him on the PP. That’s the proof he isn’t a center and the Coach recognizes that. He’s a winger and a good one especially at $2.7 mil.

    • center

      that is proof of nothing. Glass is used on the pp to play in front of the goalie, because of his particular skill set. It has NOTHING to do with him being a center, as Tuch, Gallagher, Hornquist, Van Riemsdyck, etc etc can tell you.

      playing center involves DEFENSIVE responsibilities down low in the defensive zone in 5-on-5 play, and Stephenson is a PLUS 10, and was PLUS 24 last season, the best total on the team. and Stone’s defensive acumen allows Stephenson to use his speed to get breakaways. He is a perfect complement to Stone’s style of play.

      • Pistol Pete

        So Stephenson is not all that much on a center man learning curve as I suggested in my response to sb? Makes a lot of sense. In fact Stephenson has played center on other lines prior to his current role and winger as well on both sides as I recall.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I see your point and it’s a good one. I would say he’s on a center man learning curve and progressing. That sure was a nice goal on the center feed from Stone.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Zack Hayes (6’3” 221) rookie D for the Silver Knights gets another assist and another +2 going 1G/3 A/+11 for his first 10 games in the AHL.

  10. Tim

    Kaedan Korczak the next sacrificial lamb heading back to his Canadian team to join Payton Krebs. Hockey the only sport which if the player is good enough is sent down to face inferior competition. The insanity of this rule is mind boggling to be forced to play down instead of up is ludicrous. The NHL ought to be a shamed of them selves for wasting one year of development on these two players. Only in hockey are they dumb enough to agree with this type of nonsense. Personally I’d look for European, Russian, and US players in the draft and steer away from Canadian players not worth losing a couple of years of growth with there phony good old boys agreement with the Canadian Junior league.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim, remember the rules do not forbid moving from Junior to NHL at any age, only from Junior to AHL before the age of 20. Very few players are ready for NHL under 20 so the situation is somewhat moot. Personally I can appreciate that the Major Junior leagues would suffer if they were to lose under 20 talent to the AHL. Major Junior is an important institution, has a large fan base and arguably players who are good enough for the AHL under 20 are not really losing that much experience by staying in the Juniors due to the extremely high level of competition there. If there was no age restriction on the AHL it is probably true the most gifted players would develop more quickly, however the level of play in the Juniors would fall and the leagues would suffer. Major Juniors is an important system. A player has to be big star at the early youth levels to get drafted by a Major Junior team. I had a Canadian guy sitting next to me at a VGK game say that Major Junior games are great to watch, the competition is incredible.

      In Bobby Orr’s era, for example, Junior A was still the top junior level. Some time around the ’70’s Junior A was demoted to a lower level with the distinction being a player could play Junior A, still be considered amateur and eligible to play NCAA where previously Junior A could not. Brett Hull went that route playing for the University of Minnesota. Major Junior became the top junior level in Canada and is considered professional, at least to the extent players are not eligible to play NCAA.

  11. Daryl

    As I said before, VGK would have a winning record with their AHL goalie thus far in the season. SJS are just a horrible team. NO they are not a rivalry anymore. Watching games like this would actually be somewhat boring if it wasn’t hockey, if that makes sense.

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