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Recap: Vegas continued their lengthy road trip making a two-game stop in Minnesota. The Wild jumped on the scoreboard first ten minutes into the opening period. The Golden Knights offense came up empty, only generated five shots on net. 

Trailing 1-0, Vegas came out shooting in the middle frame. The Golden Knights outshot the Wild 14-5 but it wouldn’t be enough. Minnesota held Vegas scoreless for the second straight period and skated into the intermission up one. 

The 3rd period was tight with both teams limiting chances on net. Vegas couldn’t get enough quality shots and were shutout for the second time this season. Minnesota was awarded a late empty-net goal to win by two.

The Golden Knights record drops to 16-5-1 with their 2-0 loss to the Wild. The two teams will face off again Wednesday in Minnesota. The game against the Wild is scheduled for 4P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Without arguably their best forward and best defenseman the Golden Knights looked a bit on the anemic side offensively. They struggled to maintain any level of consistency in the offensive zone and were plagued by turnovers in the 1st period. Scoring depth is an issue for this team and without two stars, it really shows itself. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Alex Tuch
** Cody Glass
* Marc-Andre Fleury


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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    A uninspiring game. No jump at all. Flurey only one that played well.

    Streak had to end sometime. Got to come out Wed and play with some emotion and drive.

  2. vgk21

    braindead giveaway by Kolesar handed Minn their goal.

    and, as Shane Hnidy pointed out, they simply do NOT very often go to the front of the net. No traffic to screen the goalie, get tip-ins, or rebounds….. that kind of perimeter crap was a big problem in the bubble in Edm last summer too.

    the bottom 6 vgk forwards, not counting Tuch, have provided a grand total of 2 even strength goals all season.

  3. Tim

    Well we didn’t win oh well, yes no net presence, Kolesar there stuck with either trade him or release him we’ve got to many guys coming and he’s just not that good. What I didn’t understand was with 6 minutes to go what is Nosek, Reeves, and Carrier on the ice for? I mean they have one goal between the three of them that I didn’t understand. Obviously we missed Stone but injuries are a part of the game.

  4. Tough game for sure. Disappointed, as I’m sure all the players were. Sure hope that Stone isn’t that important to the team that they literally can’t create offense without him. We have a lot of other very good players that should be able to score despite Stone being out.

    Question – I’ve asked this before and noone has provided a good answer, perhaps Ken can enlighten us…. How was it decided Keegan Kolesar was our best option from Henderson/AHL? Looking back on his time with Chicago he was average there, in the middle of the entire team in points production. How did he leapfrog all the better offensive players? Or am I totally misunderstanding something? Henderson has some very good points producers – Murphy, Quinney, Dugan, O’regan, Sikura, etc. Kolesar has had some really good chances and seems to lack the gifted hands to put them I’m the net. Perhaps I’m totally wrong. It would be an interesting experiment as well to switch out Henderson’s best line with our 4th line for a couple nights and see what happens. That way you’d have the instant chemistry…

    The only caveat to that is Carrier is very good on 4th line – skates very well, controls the pick, but doesn’t have great options to help him. It was perhaps no coincidence his first point in quite a while came in 10 seconds while Tuck happened to be on the ice at the same time so Carrier dishes him a nice pass and Rich buried….

    • sb

      Carrier has not scored a goal in the last 30 games. So how is he “very good?” Skates like the blazes, gets in and then creates nothing resulting in a turnover. Motion is not progress. Worthy of $1.4 million per season? Zero goals in 30 games? Oh, yeah. He’s a role player/good locker room guy/fan favorite zero producer. Too many of these kinda guys eating cap space.

    • Daryl

      I think they are grooming Kolesar to replace Reaves at some point. Not saying it’s the right move just a possibility. I’m also not sure how good Carrier is but I do think he would be better with better players.

      What I don’t understand, with all these very bad money decisions, why they couldn’t have given Engo one more season, especially since we have the Taxi Squad. They could have done the right thing and made him VGK first Captain

  5. Ken – IMO in think most people would agree with you about missing Stone – I am not sure and seriously question if those same thoughts about Peito exist. He hasn’t shown much yet for the 8.8 mill /yr investment. Unless the team and coaching staff figure out what to do to get guys screening the opposition goalies they are destined for failure like happened in Edmonton. If it wasn’t for Fleury who you and many others were all for getting rid of when they signed the elite walrus the team record at the moment would look a lot different and match some of the worse clubs out there. Hopefully a wake-p call – maybe they should play 4 on 5 as they are much better than when they are playing 5 on 5. LOL

    • Daryl

      I was going to say something very similar. Our best defenseman, Theo, was out there. I have yet to see how that $8.8m is worth it. Maybe he will turn things around and prove me wrong, but he will need to get more than a point here and there to do it.

  6. sb

    2020-21 season. Kolesar, Roy, Reaves, Carrrier, Nosek. $5.4 million against the cap. 96 total games. 2 goals. But their poor performance is excused because they are good role players/good locker room guys/fan favorites ….. who will never lift the Stanley Cup.

  7. I was making the point about Carrier that he would score more points perhaps if he had better players around him. He was on the ice with Tuch for 10 seconds and boom scores a point because Tuch could bury the nice pass. Reeves is not going to bury that pass.

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