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Recap: The 1st period in Minnesota got off to an eventful start. Tempers flared early resulting in 30 minutes of penalties from both teams. The period ended in a scoreless tie.

Things settled down in the 2nd period with both teams focused on defending and scoring. Chandler Stephenson gave Vegas the first lead of the game with his 13th goal of the season. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury was flawless through two periods holding on to a 1-0 lead.

Minnesota fought back in the final frame and eventually scored two unanswered goals to take a 2-1 lead. Vegas responded late getting the tying goal from Reilly Smith on the power play. The score wouldn’t change from there leading to the five-minute overtime. Alex Pietrangelo ended the game with his biggest moment as a Golden Knight.

Vegas’ record improves to 37-13-2 after their emotional 3-2 victory in Minnesota. The Golden Knights will travel home to play back-to-back games against the St. Louis Blues. Friday night’s puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights looked like they were cruising to their first win in regulation at the Xcel Energy Center through the first 50 minutes of the game. They were controlling play, keeping the Wild to the outside, and doing exactly what the playbook says to beat Minnesota. But then the wheels fell off again in the 3rd as Vegas lost track of the best player on the ice… twice. Vegas wins it in OT, but the concern of a potential playoff matchup looms. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Mattias Janmark
* Chandler Stephenson


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  1. Daryl

    Not sure how Vegas won that game without Reaves!!! Anyway, great win for MAF. Was worried they were going to give it away at the end again but they came back strong. Petra with a nice wide open uncontested goal to give VGK the win.

    • Mike StG

      You make it sound like Petro’s gwg was an empty netter. It was a terrific no look cross ice pass from Tuch that put Talbot out of position to make the save. 🙂

      • Daryl

        Exactly, it was Tuch’s pass that made that goal. That was more on Tuch than Petra. It was basically an empty net goal.

        • sb

          Tuch is an incredible talent that is being held back by the lack of a proper center and winger. He is the most explosive, dynamic offensive player on a team of many talented players. Imagine a line of Tuch, Eichel and Stephenson. Could be the best line in hockey. VGK MGT needs to reconsider their strategy for lines and personnel. Now, just wasting Tuch’s talents.

    • I Daryl – Simple without Reaves they had some guys who could do something besides chirp. I know you were just throwing out a bone for a number of Reaves lovers good for a smile or two. McNabb delivered quite a blow and we saw whitecloud isn’t a great fighter that 97 dropped him to the ice like a sack of spuds. Actually all in all if anything else besides winning which was great they showed they don’t need a Reaves type player.

  2. DOC (1 of 5)

    WE WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!

    A lot of “brave” Wild players out there without REVO in the game.

    That won’t be the case when he’s back in playoffs.

    Caps/Rangers ….. 6 fights in first 3 minutes! That was GREAT!

    • Howard

      Rangers should pound Thug Wilson good. His take down the other night was flat dirty – beating on a defenseless ‘star’ in NHL. Gutless Bettman. I would have suspended that thug for the rest of the season.

    • Daryl

      Those fights were due to a cheap shot by Wilson who should have been suspended but wasn’t….. I just wish they had someone who could handle Wilson

    • jason mason

      Anson Carter made a comment after the Wilson debacle mentioning specifically Ryan Reaves. He said had Reaves been on the ice Wilson, or any player like him, would have thought twice before being so stupid. That’s what Reaves brings to the table. He doesn’t get paid to score, he gets paid to keep the game honest when it comes to the physicality and protecting the teams best players.

      Last nights wild game is an example of not having Reaves available allows a team like the Wild to get too physical. I like that Robin Lehner has no problem leaving the net to interject himself into a scrum, and anyone who’s been paying attention will notice that Fleury has been taking care of a few opponents standing in the crease when no one else will move them out. He’s the guy that caused Hartman to take a punch in the nose from McNabb last night. Fleury got that going by protecting his crease and McNabb saw it and came to help out.

      I’ll say it again for all the Reaves haters. You will miss him when he’s gone. And I’m sure the Rangers could use him.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Well said Jason!

      • THE hockey GOD

        if that was the case, then what about the game before that, and all the games that 75 missed ?

        your position holds no water

        none at all

      • sb

        In today’s game and salary cap, can’t afford guys like Reaves. Look at the success of Minn and Carolina. Four scoring lines. That’s what a team like Vegas needs to compete against to win the Cup. Vegas doesn’t have four lines …….. only 2 and 1/3 lines of capable players. Minn. third and fourth lines eat Vegas up. Can’t afford the cap hit, can’t afford zero production. Minn. and Carolina don’t rely on palookas like R. Reaves. They have four lines of talents players. Beat teams on the PP.

        • jason mason

          From my uneducated point of view: Ryan Reaves makes the same money Tom Wilson does, so I’d say they both do the same damage to their teams salary caps.

          I would like to think being a team GM and President would require both the ability to do long term math and long term assessment of skills. The word when the VGK came into being was all about the draft picks and the (potential) talent coming into the team. 4 years in and people are finding out young talent isn’t always going to work out, and veterans cost money. The VGK can possibly be accused of over paying for some of it’s talent, but I don’t think anyone wants to see a guy on the IR making $4+ million because they couldn’t find $1million out of $82million to protect the higher investments. On a 20 man roster I think I can find 1 spot for a guy like Reaves while others complain about how unproductive the higher paid guys are.

          sb, the Rangers don’t have a “palooka” either, and they just shut down one of the leagues best players because of a guy making “palooka” money. Arguing the point all you want, but it’s managements job to know how to handle salary caps and to protect it’s guys, and in a league where “palookas” exist, I want one on my team. Good thing you’re not a Rangers season ticket holder because you’d be watching the 2nd string play out the season, but hey, there’s always next year.

          • Daryl

            And our management has shown they are horrible at managing the Cap as several games VGK has had to play with less than ideal numbers.

            As for Reaves and Wilson, Wilson can actually score goals and play offense. Maybe he is getting underpaid but Reaves is definitely getting over paid

          • jason mason

            Agree to disagree Daryl, but I’ll toss this in for food for thought.

            I like Brayden McNabb, he’s a big hitter and a bit of an enforcer, especially with Reaves out of the lineup. That being said, he only has 2 more offensive points than Reaves while getting more than twice the ice time, so if you think Reaves isn’t giving value for his money can you rationalize management paying McNabb the big contract he recently got that pays him more than double Reaves money, much of it guaranteed? He might be getting paid for more than his scoring prowess.

            I’d also suggest, perhaps wrongly but probably not, that if Reaves were getting 19 minutes of ice time a game like McNabb rather than less than 10, he might have a few more points.

            Whatever, maybe the VGK can meet the Caps in the final again and we’ll see where everyone stands then.

          • Daryl

            I hate how you can’t always reply to a post on this site… You can’t compare a Defenseman to a Forward. I get what you are saying and I also think McNabb’s contract was a little more than what it should have been. Difference is, McNabb’s job isn’t to score, he’s out there to stop other teams from scoring. He’s a big player and he can lay a hit but he doesn’t do it often. While your 4th lines aren’t necessarily scoring lines they haven’t done a great job of preventing other teams from scoring either. You need them to give your top lines quality minutes while not allowing the other team to score. You also need them to use their bodies to punish other players. While the 4th line does the latter, you can’t use them as often as you like because they aren’t stopping other teams from scoring

      • Daryl

        Sorry but I completely disagree. Wilson took cheep shits at VGK players when both Engelland and Reaves were on the team. Wilson turned down fights from both players and skated away. Wilson has done the same shit against other teams who have enforcers playing. Having guys like Reaves doesn’t prevent anything. I’ll miss Reaves’ retaliation when these things happen but is it worth having someone in the team just for that purpose when it doesn’t happen often? There were some questionable hits in VGK last game, one of which came from Hague which led to his fight.

        Sry I don’t think Reaves brings any value to this team. I still the idea of having an enforcer to protect players but he needs to be more than just that

  3. Really Ken your 3 stars of the game are Janmark, Carlson, and Stevenson? Forgetting anyone?

    Like perhaps a goalie who played fantastic and won his 489’th career game, becoming the 3rd all time winning goalie? Sheesh, what does a guy have to do to get some recognition…

    Very good game, didn’t give them a whole lot. Kaprizov is terrorizing, what a player. Gets his shot off in the blink of an eye, those 2 would have beaten any goalie in the NHL. He is a handful.

    So nice to see the VGK respond in the end with those 2 clutch goals, both on beautiful passing and setups.

    • I thought Fleury was good, I didn’t think he was good enough in this game to deserve to be in the 3 Stars.
      I’m only looking at this one game when I do my stars. The previous 450+ wins don’t factor into my decision.

      • Howard

        I tend to agree Ken. He gave up 1 softish goal, and didn’t face a ton of pressure all night. But, I also firmly believe VGK has little to no shot at cup rotating goalies or going with Lehner. Look, we all got our issues, but there was a reason no team in NHL would sign him to a long term deal. NHL is a business – make money – win; it’s not a codling league.

        • Daryl

          No argument, just wondering which goal you thought was soft?

          • Howard

            2nd one off the face off turn and spin. MAF wasn’t ready for it.

        • Jinklu

          RE: Lehner: Who else wanted him? Was any other team willing to sign him much less bankrupt their cap space to get him? Was any other team stupid enough to offer him an equally egregiously long contract?
          Has VGK management put up a notice someplace that reads:
          “Give us your tired, your poor performers,
          Your sorry masses still yearning to play,
          The wretched refuse of your teeming benches.
          Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to us.
          We will pay top dollar for them for as long
          As they are able to breathe.
          Las Vegas Golden Knights”

          • Yeah, because no one wanted Lehner and when Fluery was underperforming last year Panda was such a disaster in the playoffs.

            Oh wait…

          • sb

            Ahhhh, that guy with the .920 save% ? That horrible goaltender? His number over the past five years don’t back up this bashing. What? He’s like 20 and 3 in Vegas? Above .920SA? That horrible goaltender?

        • Daryl

          Fair enough. MAF definitely wasn’t ready but that was a hell of a shot

          • Blitz

            Yeah if you’re going to get caught not being ready that was the shot it was going to happen on. That kid has crazy skills and that was a amazing shot. I don’t call it soft. I call it WTF just happened.

        • Julie

          I don’t disagree. Although I would add that giving up 1 soft goal compared to 3 or 4 from the other night is better.

    • Jinklu

      First, there is a definite, longstanding and IMO ignorant bias against MAF here. Witness the adamant season-long calls to get rid of him. There is also a consistent refusal to admit or recognize that the Knights would not be in the playoffs without him.
      As for Kaprizov IMO he is not only terrorizing he is downright dazzling. Although I’m a Minnesotan I’m not a homer but he is enough to make me want to watch more of the Wild games.

      • Mike StG

        Jinklu, I think Ken’s position is that it’s a waste of cap space to carry 12m in goalies. I don’t agree and from early in that discussion I pointed to the compressed schedule as a valid reason to have both. I’m a Fleury guy personally, but Lehner IS the future goalie for VGK. Everyone forgets he was a Vezina finalist and his overall high numbers. They also claim no one wanted Lehner, but I think the goalie situation was complicated due to the expansion draft upcoming (given teams can only protect one goalie), and Vegas was the only team not affected by that.

        On Kirill, he is an exceptional player though not really a “rookie” at his age – like Kubalik last year for the Hawks. Plays a lot like MacKinnon – strong, fast, quick, great passer and deadly shot. He’ll be fun to watch – glad we’ll only see him 3 times a year!

      • sb

        If VGK face Minn in the Playoffs, here’s the solution to Kaprizov – allow him to bring the puck along the boards to his right, fly around the back of the net and meet McNabb coming in from the left. Boom. Done.

    • Julie

      Justin, you may not have seen SinBin’s article about how Vegas is better off with Fleury and even more better off without Lehner. And that was around the time Fleury was in the top 3 if not leading the league and the Vezina talk was buzzing. It’s an interesting approach to hockey analysis from everything else out there.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    AVS LOSEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Thanks Sharks)

    • thomas p

      Clearly VGK better team when they are dictating play (playingndefense)…controlled the game from the start much as they did when they blew the 2 goal lead. Hague gets caught puck watching and lo and behold….they score. Not impressed with his D skills at all. Really like Krebs, he was everywhere, again. Whatever happened to Nosek? Last I heard he was hurt but a ghost now.

    • thomas p

      Clearly VGK better team when they are dictating play (playing defense)…controlled the game from the start much as they did when they blew the 2 goal lead. Hague gets caught puck watching and lo and behold….they score. Not impressed with his D skills at all. Really like Krebs, he was everywhere, again. Whatever happened to Nosek? Last I heard he was hurt but a ghost now.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Avs lost to the Sharks. Up to the VGK to close out the division!

    Wonder if Krebs stays in for the Blues. I would like to see Janmark/Krebs/Tuch. Somehow I think Janmark may be better for Krebs than Roy but that may just be wishful thinking.

    • Mike StG

      You make it sound like Petro’s gwg was an empty netter. It was a terrific no look cross ice pass from Tuch that put Talbot out of position to make the save. 🙂

    • Mike StG

      Pete, I think they’ll play Krebs down the stretch. But as he doesn’t play a lot of minutes, esp later in close games, it seems to me he’s more of a backup option in case of injuries. PDB likes to roll 4 lines in the 3rd when they’re leading. I think he will be better than Glass – much better skater, great distributor of the puck. Could see him in a C3 role at start of next season, and eventually C2.

      Right now Janny is where he should be – with Stone. I really liked L3 with Janny-Nosek-Tuch. And with Roy in the middle L4 seemed to be a mild offensive threat, not just a checking line.

      Overall team looks pretty solid. Their PP seems to be on track – 8 for 31 in the last 9 games I think (26%) and they’re already the best transition team in the league at 5v5. If they can get healthy going into the playoffs I think they’re a legit threat.

    • sb

      Janmark will always be better for Krebs, Tuch, whatever winger than Roy. Janmark is a center who sets up wingers. Roy doesn’t set up anyone.

  6. Walt23

    Gutsy win by the Knights. they were running on fumes in the 3rd period 3 straight games and losing leads. the Misfit line redeemed themselves after giving up both goals against. Nice to see Petro finally deliver in the clutch at the offensive end.

    Fleury should be starting most of the games from here on in. congrats on 3rd all time.

    Kudos to Hague for standing up to a tough customer in Foligno. That lifted the team, as the players said so afterward.

    Wild team is full of punks like Hartman, and Dumbass

    Avs lost, so the lead is back to 4 and 5 pts

    • TheChosenOne

      Lol did you just call Matt Dumba a dumbass??!

      Hahahaha, that pun is so cheap but I still have to laugh!

  7. Walt23

    p.s.—–the OFFICIAL 3 stars from the actual NHL boxscore=




    • There’s a reason I no longer record the official stars.

    • Daryl

      Petra got the 1st star because he scored the game winner, a wide open uncontested shot. Sorry, I don’t think that one play should over rule what other players did. Kaprizov deserved to be higher than Petra. MAF was there because he won and took over 3rd place. Overall, I think I would have put Janmark, Stephenson and Kaprizov. I haven’t been a huge fan of Janmark and thought he’s played pretty good but not great but today he had a really good game

      • Julie

        Daryl, is there something specific about Janmark that you don’t like? Just asking. He seems to be trying more out of the gate than Petro did (yes, happy Petro got winning goal last night of course, just wish he settled in more). OT, Janmark looks like that Ramsey guy from Game of Thrones to me, but less evil, ha ha.

        • Daryl

          It’s not about liking him… Or any player (including Reaves or Petra), it’s about what they are worth. I didn’t think he was worth what we gave up to get him. He had played pretty good so I could be wrong about him. Petra hasn’t lived up to his money yet so I don’t like his deal

          • sb

            Yeah. The price was steep, but VGK had no choice. A better fit, more productive center for Tuch was unaffordable at that time. But, gotta get Tuch the correct center and winger this off-season. Priority Number 1. Stop wasting Tuch’s years.

  8. Vic

    Too bad the playoffs won’t be 3 on 3 as the team is pretty good at that. Excellent game, but what a gem #97 is for the Wild. Pick #135 in the 2015 draft. The VGK slowed him down a bit, but then bang and bang. The lost faceoff, and then his explosion was unstoppable. Now it’s time to peak for the playoffs, and by now our guys realize they shouldn’t be worried about the Avs as there are 3 teams to worry about for now. Second season around the corner and it’s wide open.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    You won’t find a more profound statement than by the one below. I am absolutely appalled and disgusting by
    1-Bettman’s NHL safety officer.
    2- NY Rangers management.

    The NHL must put a stop to these wrestling brawls immediately. They are more dangerous than stand up fights. They leave no room for officials to break them up. Players on ice can kick, gouge, and fight dirty (like that Russian Rookie did against WHITECLOUD. Russians can’t fight so Kaprizov deliberately took Whitecloud down to ice and proceeded to do his dirty work. Russians are famous for this they did it in that infamous international game against the Canadians when the lights went out in the 70s.). I don’t see the VGK letting him get away with his dirty cowardly BS). Our own in between period “analysis” the big round guy is dead wrong on this issue. I don’t care who it is, but when a player body slams and head slams a player to ice they need to be suspended. IT just happened to be Wilson.

    Then there is back stabbing NY Ranger management firing DAVIDSON and GORTON. The VGK should pick one of them up. They stood up for their players. Yet NY Ranger management doesn’t stand up for their own players (they released a statement). Then they hide behind “we are re building”. BS !! I don’t see players wanting to play for a franchise that doesn’t have their players back. The team went and did the best they could it taking it to the CAPS at start of game.

    Extremely disappointed in NHL now.

    • THE hockey GOD

      1- NHL safety officer must resign immediately.

      2- The state of fighting in NHL has declined so much in recent years due to NHL removing that element from game that players are resorting to other tactics that are dirty and disgusting. IN AHL where players used to hone their fighting skills, you used to see at least one fight per game. This has changed in past five years. No more.

      3- ON ice brawling and wrestling must be put to a stop. Some owners like Rangers do not realize how bad it is.

      4- Krapizov is a dirty fighter and a coward.

    • Julie

      Hockey God, I have not yet seen the Wilson debacle on video, but I read that Panarin (I hope I have that right) is out for the season because of it. I will try today to see it. I did see the fights that Hague and Whitecloud we’re in and in both cases, I thought Minnesota started them both but Vegas got the penalties. Regarding the NY management, I would say nothing good comes out of NY these days, but the players deserve some backup from their management.

      I have not been a fan of PDB’S, but I saw him yelling yesterday at the ref on the Hague fight and I was very happy to see him get loud like that.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Julie, the Wilson brawl is not for the timid. What he did was not fight. IT was dirty and disgusting. IT is not about the person Wilson, it is about what he did.

        PDB was livid, and rightfully so. He got a penalty for it.

        There was some payback later in game when VGK McNab stood up for goalie after Hartman was bothering him. Hartman took a swipe at McNab and McNab countered with a punch that flattened him. After that the game settled down.

        • Mike StG

          Hockey, you make some excellent points. I agree with just about everything you said there, including about what Wilson did to Panarin. I was chuckling on the replay of the McNabb incident. Fleury was the rascal, pushing Hartman in the head, then chopping him in the back of the leg. Hartman seemed aggravated and then went after McNabb. Man that was a helluva left hook!!

          I think the other thing that has changed with the game is that players will go after someone even when it’s a legal and clean hit. That’s an overreaction and probably due to the change in the game you mentioned.

          Heard an interesting discussion with some former NHLers and their position seemed to be that if you take fighting out of the game then there is no accountability and you’ll have a bunch of “rats” making dirty plays without consequence. Let’s hope they never ban fighting.

          • THE hockey GOD

            I hear ya StG, loud and clear.

  10. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    A glorious morning!

    Knights win, Avs lose!

    And, for those of us who have recognized and appreciated REVO’s role on this team …. that was confirmed out of our Captains mouth.

    As Stoney said: Opposing players find some “bravery” when Revo is not on the ice. Our players appreciate and miss what Revo brings to THEM. (It’s not about points, what he brings is much deeper than that)

    Playoffs will bring a FULL roster for every game. … Being able to roll 4 lines .. AND, having REVO back!!!!! Yea baby!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Capt. just sticking up for team mate and motivating his current team roster.

      75 motivates the other team more than he motivates the VGK. Especially when other team takes him on, and that team then gets motivated.

      That role is going to be taken over by 55, or the big goon they have in AHL, on the team eventually because 75 hockey skills have diminished . He’s never out there in key situations. Any hack can chatter with other team. And last night’s game shows that VGK have other players that can defend themselves. Plus his TV’s ads are the worst. Disgusting display of idiocy. No. 5 new toyota ads are ten times better.

      The sooner this team learns to play game and stick up for themselves without 75 out there, the better they will be. He is in twilight of his “career”.

      Hardly anyone , except NHL post game analysts, said anything about no. 7 finally showing up. That is due some credit.

      • Mike StG

        Doc & Hockey,

        Either of you notice that over the last 20 games or so Vegas has been consistently outhit by opposing teams, sometimes by a large margin (even with RR in the game)? I looked at the numbers and I think there was only one game where they even tied in hits – and only at 14 each.

        Looks to me like a conscious decision by PDB to hit less and play hockey more. It seems to be having at least some effect – more scoring of late from L4, less dump & chase and more controlled entries. That seems to be the case even more so when Roy or Kolesar center that line. I think it’s a positive development.

        • Daryl

          I’m in favor of having a big line when you play a team this is bigger and slower. There were times last year when VGK was going pushed around especially in the front of the net and I wished PDB would have played Engo. You can have 3 lines that can beat them with speed but you need one physical line to play tough in front of your goalie. MIN isn’t that team you need a big line. I could see that line being used against WAS. Most games this big players like Reaves aren’t needed

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes Daryl, the match ups aren’t there. So what do you do when you can’t match up ? You play with your strength. When Flyers and Bruins didn’t get match ups they wanted . They created them by going the goon route.

            You don’t see that any more in NHL.

            Wild could have exploited that last night more knowing fully well that the VGK were short staffed. At one point in time we had three players in the penalty box.

          • Mike surely you don’t believe Lehner is the future for Vegas. You seems like a knowledgeable hockey guy are you sure it should not
            have read not the future for Vegas. Obviously being listed as a Vezina finalist doesn’t equate to elite status either which some posts have indicated was the case. Those were all there before they really noticed his performance leaves a lot to be desired. He would never be in Vegas with a five yr contract if previous team thought he was their future. No one l repeat no one has ever indicated why he was available in the first place if he was that good. He unfortunately is another cap liability for the gore seeable future. He has company with that status on the team one for sure is Reaves who adds nothing and takes up space. Last night showed they don’t need a reaves if they stick together. Let Mcnabb loose he could do some damage if necessary.

        • THE hockey GOD

          yes i notice that too StG, on other hand it would be interesting to see if VGK still has the ‘biggest” team in the NHL. However one defines ‘biggest”.

          when playoffs start, the hitting will come back.

          I just wish the VGK had that one superstar player than can put them over the top. Bolts, Oilers, AVs, Leafs , Caps, Pens, all have that one big guy. Stone ??

      • sb

        R. Reaves. A waste of $1.75 mil to the cap. That valuable cap space is MUCH better spent getting Tuch the two players he really deserves. VGK need more scoring, especially from the PP, not more palookas taking up cap money.

      • Daryl

        Hockey….. you know, the funny thing is I was chastised for saying we needed Engelland (even this year) due to the physicality he brings as well as his defensive skills. People on here said he was too slow and he brought no offensive production. All that is true. But those same people think we need someone like Reaves who is very physical but also is slow and offers no offensive production. At least with Engelland, we got defense out of him. He knows he is slow so he wouldn’t jump up in the offensive zone so very seldom was he beat back. With limited play he was still near the lead in blocks and hits. Our PK had the highest percentage with him on the ice, the goalie had the highest save percentage, high scoring chances were the lowest and he cleared the crease better than anyone we did or do have on the team.

        I just find it funny how the same people who thought we didn’t need Engelland think we need Reaves. Reaves also cost twice as much

        • THE hockey GOD

          i hear ya Daryl. No. 5 commercials are even better than no.75s. I would put that call on PBD. Maybe if no. 5 fought more he’d still be in line up ??

    • Walt23

      gee, I seem to remember that the Vgk won 10 games in a row WITHOUT Reaves.

      also, team bonding and group chemistry was more apparent when the Knight players stuck up for themselves last night.

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Oh, PS – Congrats to Flurey for getting to third on win list.

    • Mike StG

      Yeah, the bums on NBCSN and NHLN last night didn’t even mention Fleury. All they could talk about was Kirill the Thrill…

      • phantom major

        and it is outrageous because Krapper-zov played 6 years of pro hockey in the Khl. he is no rookie, no matter how the nhl defines it, just like Panarin was no rookie when he won the award. he was also a khl veteran.

        it would be like giving Krebs the rookie award in 2025

  12. Tim

    It’s all about the money this latest Tom Wilson episode just made the NHL giddy. It happens Monday and all the NHL cares about is rating and they saw Wednesday as must watch TV to see what the Rangers would retaliate. I’ve always said the player safety board is a joke if you recall in our Stanley Cup final Tom Wilson cold cocked Marshie in the middle of the ice no penalty no suspension thats when I realized being a new hockey fan that the player safety department was useless. I guess the Rangers were fined 250,000 for talking out of school that has a little flavor of Nazi Germany.
    I assume they may rest Patch and Nosek which means Krebs will get some playing time. I think he’s allowed 7 NHL games without burning a year of his entry level contract. That being said I assume he’ll go back down after the San Jose game.

  13. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I’m not going to argue about something, our Captain said, in public for all to see.

    Stoney is not much of a talker and is not going to say something for appearances. He said exactly what he and the players believe.

    Nothing else said really matters, when it comes from the “horses mouth”, so to speak.

    Revo will be greatly welcomed back, by the players, and those of us that appreciate what he brings to the Knights.

    Fight on REVO! ha ha

    • THE hockey GOD

      “I’m not going to argue about something, our Captain said, in public for all to see.” you just did.

      He said it also to scare the other team into thinking about what would happen to them in playoffs if they did something stupid in (next, aka , last regular season) game.

      The prior games that Reaves was out didn’t seem to impact the other teams’ play. Reaves is a non factor, just look at the facts. Cap.t can say whatever he wants to say . There are reasons for saying it , and I just pointed out several of them.

    • sb

      I’ll take a winger who can produce 0.50 pts per game over a zero production palooka any day.

  14. phantom major

    Reaves is mainly concerned about selling his beer.

    he is a true “beer league” player, in more ways than one


    • sb

      And it’s time for him to do just that full time and leave hockey to productive players.

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Oh Revo …… if you could just hear the shit these people say about you on this little site here.

    Not a single one of them would walk up to you and say to your face.

    The internet creates a place for people to hide and be big and brave. Just like our opponents do when you’re not there.

    But just know, the real fans are behind you and the team, even when most here are not!

    With AVs loss last Knight, there is a clear path to first place, heading into the playoffs. Then we get you back, Patch, hopefully Nosek soon after and have all our players eligible to play with no cap involved.

    We’ll roll those 4 lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daryl

      What is it that make people think us in the real world are scared of these athletes? Fighting on the ice is NOTHING compared to fighting on the streets. Yes I’m 45 but I’m 6′ 225lbs and ! have a black belt under Joe Lewis and a black belt under Superfoot Wallace. I also have purple belt in BJJ under Uzcategui. While Reaves might still be able to beat my ass, he’ll at least know I was there.

      Just because an athlete is tough doesn’t mean he can beat everyone up. Some of you are so gullible

      • Julie

        Daryl, I don’t know that you can expect too much from a guy who lives in the woods with friends named Bashful, Sleepy, Dopey, etc.

        • THE hockey GOD


          PS watch out Doc is Jason’s chosen/anointed one. He always called him out during the podcasts.

          • Julie

            Birds of a feather, Hockey God. It all makes sense now. That’s ok, I’m just here for the real hockey comments anyway. 🙂

  16. Mike StG

    Hd, on Lehner; it’s not me who says he’s the future of Vegas in goal. It’s the 5 yr contract GMKM gave him that says that. I do think the criticism of Lehner is a little over the top. The talk that no one would sign him, let’s look at that. I think some of that was GM bias against him for his struggle with mental issues, and that’s legit. But he was terrific when he split time with Greiss on the Isles. He was also good on the Hawks, but they had Crawford who was finally healthy playing at a high level early last season and looked like he might be able to play for 3 or 4 more years. The biggest factor I think people ignore is the expansion draft for the Kraken. Teams can only protect one goalie and most teams are already set. In fact recall the goalie glut in the offseason? Lots of Gs up for new contracts and Lehner didn’t want to sign for a year or two. Most of the available Gs ended up with only 1 maybe 2 year deals. The only team not affected by the Kraken draft is Vegas. They got Lehner at a reasonable price on term. And who knows how much longer Fleury can play? In Lehner they have a pretty consistent goalie, at least top 15 or 20. Maybe a prospect supplants him at some point, but for the next 2-4 years he’s probably The Guy. I’m okay with that. At least we’re not FLA and stuck with a $10m goalie who will probably end up backup to Spencer Knight in the next year. Or even Price, who will likely decline substantially as his huge contract plays out.

  17. DOC (and in this corner, ha)

    Oh no Revo! They’re picking on old DOC, because I confided in you about THEM.

    Should I do what you would do, go kick their ass? Well, this is the internet and it’s impossible to do that. They all know this, that’s why they talk so brave. (and now, listing height & weight to try to intimidate? WHO? Of course on here they can list any lie they wish) ha ha

    Oh also I AM Jason’s favorite ….. absolutely!

    • Daryl

      Your reading skills are atrocious. Why would I be listing my height and weight to try and intimidate you? Not once have I threatened you or said I could kick your ass. You are 90 years old who threatens an old man like that. You are the one who thinks an athlete, just because he’s an athlete, can beat everyone up. And if I was going to make anything up I would be about 6’2 and 210lbs. I’m over weight and out of shape. But everything I said to you was truth. If you are ever in Wilmington, NC you are more than welcome to come train with me

  18. Pistol Pete

    If Fleury starts Friday vs. the Blues that should be indication he’ll play vs. COL Monday.

    I’m not sure COL will sweep LA four games.

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