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Recap: The game got off to a quick start up in Minnesota. The Wild scored :19 seconds into the game, but Dylan Coghlan answered right back for the Golden Knights. After the opening twenty minutes the game was knotted up 1-1. 

The middle period was physical, tense and tight. Both teams had quality chances but goaltender’s Marc-Andre Fleury and Kaapo Kahkonen were flawless, stopping all 17 second period shots. 

Minnesota jumped out strong in the final frame, scoring three straight goals. However, Vegas got more help from Coghlan who scored two in the period and picked up his first NHL hat trick on the same night as his first NHL goal. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and Vegas lost 4-3. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 16-6-1 with their 4-3 loss to the Wild. Vegas will travel to St. Louis to take on the Blues on Friday night. The game against is scheduled for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A high-speed game between these two teams will always favor the Wild and in the end that’s what eneded up happening in this one. Vegas just made too many mistakes leading to goals and penalties and they were on the wrong side of the chance numbers all night. Plus, Vegas didn’t get into the blue paint enough offensively, much like Monday. The late push was fun, but it shouldn’t mask the issues VGK faced in these games. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center

  • Golden Knights need the Theodore of old to return

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Brayden McNabb
** Marc-Andre Fleury
* Dylan Coghlan

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Golden Knights Need More From Blue Line, Specifically Theodore


  1. Wow that was a bit ugly. Minnesota seemed to have Vegas pegged. It seemed like nearly every pass, the wild players knew where it was going and they’d step into the lane and intercept it. So many turnovers, and a lot of them resulted in absolute grade a chances for them. This game could have been 8 goals ez if not for outstanding saves by #29.

    Defensive breakdowns galore, resulting in wild players being open right in front of Fleury… They got behind our defense many times, had odd man rushes, wow…painful to watch.

    Those goals were not Fleury’s fault he really got hung out to dry by the d tonight.

    Congrats to Coghlin, wow he is going to be tough to take out of the lineup now. Unless he was responsible for the d breakdowns, I didn’t notice the specifics on who got burned so bad, probably was everyone cuz they were in front of our crease all night.

    I see salary cap complications manifested again tonight as it looks like Carrier was benched. Our best 4th line player can’t play, I’m assuming because they had to park his salary in order to play glass and Kolesar. The Lenher signing continues to be a thorn….

    Put this one behind us and get ready for St. Louis!

  2. The better team won even after the physical play of McNabb’when he nailed 37 of the wild against the boards. Again no sustain attack and problems getting out of their zone. Tuck had the chance to tie it up at the end missing the wild open net.

    • Julie

      HD, I saw that hit in slow motion and I think the Wild man just didn’t see McNabb til it was too late. But what a hit!

      Fleury cannot carry the team. He said in the his last post-game interview that he is motivated to play well because he “doesn’t have much time left” and I think that means he wants to go out on as high a note as possible. It must be frustrating.

      Stone was right, they didn’t execute. He laid it out plain as day. I can’t say the same for PDB’s interview. Oh my goodness, it’s like wringing a washcloth to get the words out.

  3. phantom major

    yep, Theodore should get an assist on Minn first goal. The Dmen are unable to get out of their own zone without Petro.

    and how about the forwards. 2 games, 120 minutes, and not one forward could score a goal. 81 shoots a wide open shot right into the goalie pads, and Tuch misses a wide open net at the end.

    Coghlan was a lone bright spot in a miserable night.

    looks like the injury bug has really hurt the momentum…. this team was rolling, and now they are reeling.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We didn’t deserve to win, and we didn’t.

    But the kid got a hat-trick!

  5. Mark

    Excuse, excuse me you Monday morning QB’s. What the hell are you ingrates talking about. This team, these Golden Knights fought like a son of a bitch, just never quit. We were without our 8 million dollar stud and a young player just out scored #7 in one game. You can’t coach guts and determination and we had both tonight. We were within a hair of tying this game up. Look at the good side, quit bitching and whining, you all sound like Democrats, like Meghan Markle, don’t appreciate what you have.

    • Julie

      I see your point about Coglan outscoring Petro, and the determination, and being within 1 goal of tying it up. Is Stone wrong then about execution being trash?

      • Mark

        Agree, didn’t hear his comments but our guys never quit and Minnesota is a tough, tough team with their goaltender being insanely good. Tuch missed an open net by half a foot, that would of been OT. Minnesota escaped by a hair and we didn’t execute well. But, I never doubt the effort, these guys never quit, that’s why we always have a shot.

    • the hockey God

      trump won bigly, u know it mark

  6. Sullivan

    Very worried about Theodore, he looks… off.

    • Julie

      I agree. He hasn’t been the same since he came back from being out. Hope it’s temporary.

  7. thomas pilkington

    Theodore has pulled a disappearing act, on both ends of the ice. 2nd line has been invisible for a while as well. Stones’ comment afterward was telling….’our execution was trash’…..clearly outplayed in every phase. VGK compete level very very suspect right now.

  8. We are going to witness a very tough decision soon… Who gets benched on the blue line when Petro comes back???

    White cloud, Hague, or Coghlin? And don’t forget we have a very solid Holden sitting already… Is this a situation where management is thinking about trading Martinez to dump his salary so we can get another offensive player, a move that has now been made possible by the emergence of these young guys? Martinez is in last year of his contract I believe so he won’t be worth anything trade-wise after this season ends… Too bad cuz he’s been a real nice fit and looks like a great teammate as well as player, if goes.

  9. Pistol Pete

    No team clicks offensively or otherwise every game. Look the season before last whenTampa Bay won the President’s Cup and got swept by Columbus in the first round. Stay focused and move on.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Coghlan is now listed on NHL at 6’2″ 206. He put on at least 15 lb.

  11. the hockey God

    sha naa
    na na na na
    hey hey hey
    good bye
    sha na
    na na na na
    hey hey hey
    good bye

    over playing flower
    no depth
    out skated
    out skilled

    coach out matched on lines
    big home advantage to wild

    next up blues,

    odds makers should have blues favored by a lot.
    but for some reason what we see on ice for last two games
    are giving long odds players good value

    sha na
    na na na na
    na na na na
    hey hey hey
    good bye

    • the hockey god

      sha na
      na na na na
      hey hey hey
      good bye
      —–>ode to lost puck luck, a fickle turn of events, lost love, alas. When will it return ??

  12. the hockey god

    Breaking NEWS
    World HQ of everything Hockey.

    Today Garry Betitallman, the bossman, the big Kahuna, the commissh announced with little fanfare the following on trade deadline details. Due to travel restrictions, Covid (CHicom Wuhan Rat/Bat lab VIrus) and health protocols NO TEAM in the CANADIAN, aka NORTHERN, aka First Peoples, Division of NHL can trade any of their players to any team outside of the division. Any such trade would be subject to 10-14 day delay in personnel transfer and as such instead of waiting for the tirade of complaints the NHL decided to nip it in the bud, but it off at the pass, derail this attempt. Like a linesmen calling down off icing well before the puck its the end line.

    BTW is is just me or whenever the VGK gets an O zone face off the lines men (man) is quick to whistle of the VGK centerman tanking the face off inevitably putting in a forward who loses the draw 99% of the time. I wonder if the league or anyone (statsRus) keeps track of such a stat??? NOT A GOOD DEAL.

    says me”

    • Douglas MacLeod

      Can you provide a source for your comment on the trade deadline delay on Canada to US trades? I have not heard this before nor been able to find this information anywhere else.
      Ken, are you aware of this?

      • the hockey god

        first clue
        gary beitallman
        second clue
        well the rest of it

      • There has been some news on this but for the most part the expectation is to be more of a delay for the player going to Canada than the one coming into the US. I don’t expect it to change much other than possibly lead teams to make deals a bit earlier.

        • Douglas MacLeod

          Thanks Ken. That is my understanding as well. Nothing to do with the NHL but rather with Covid restrictions put in place by various governments.

  13. Douglas MacLeod

    Given the rambling rants from you, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, so I guess we can now assume it is all chaff!

    • the hockey god

      did gary betitallman give it away ? it was pretty obvious, he whole post was not a rant, more like parody.

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