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Recap: Vegas got off to a slow start in their second game of a back-to-back. The Kings struck first taking a 1-0 lead 9:41 into the game. The Golden Knights had a few chances late in the period but couldn’t take advantage. 

The King’s took a two goal lead midway through the 2nd period. However, the Golden Knights made a strong push to tie the game 2-2. Nic Roy scored Vegas’ first goal with a nifty flip past LA’s goaltender. Captain Mark Stone tied the game with a shorthanded goal before the period expired. 

Vegas continued to pressure LA in the 3rd period and eventually took the lead on Alex Tuch’s 14th of the season. The Golden Knights were awarded a 3rd period power play and Max Pacioretty recorded his 300th career NHL goal. Pacioretty’s goal was the fourth straight from Vegas. 

Vegas’ record improves to 28-11-2 after defeating LA 4-2. The two teams will square off again on Wednesday night. The game is scheduled for 7PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It wasn’t pretty for 40 minutes as the Golden Knights somewhat sleepwalked through the first two periods, but a horrific power play by the Kings turned the tide for Vegas. They tied the game and then woke up in time to completely dominate the Kings in the final 20 minutes. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Tomas Jurco
** Alex Tuch
* Mark Stone




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  1. LVsc

    Nice comeback win.. the 3rd period Knights…glad to see Stone and Tuch get out of their scoring slump, and good for Patch to get his 300th.

    and they finally solved that damn Peterson

  2. Vic

    Thank you Kings for not pulling the goalie earlier when down by 2 goals. Maybe they thought they were down by one goal sleep walking through the final few minutes. Perhaps it’s all that writing and advertising on the ice that made them not able to locate the puck? We’ll take it and we’ll see you again Wednesday.

    • Mark

      Stupid, around 4 minutes to go I kept saying their going to pull Petersen, but no, it made no sense.

  3. D

    AleX Tuch
    AleC Martinez

  4. Mark

    With my apologies to that guy in Colorado, also to that guy in Pittsburgh, or that guy in Washington, or that guy in Edmonton, or any other “superstar” in the NHL, they couldn’t suck Tuch’s kneecaps on their best day. His goal was spectacular, he has it all. IMOP, we just dont key on a single guy. Tuch doesn’t sit in front of the net like Ovechkin does and waits to be fed all game. Anyway, give me 5 guys you would trade for Tuch, count me out, that’s a talented guy.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    52 at forward experiment ended nearly half way through the game, thank God. Looked like a duck out of water on forward position. Probably hasn’t played forward in ten years. Probably won’t see him at forward again. Maybe try 27 there instead ?

    Team looked faster, quicker without the #5 bro’s out there. They should keep one of them and can the other one.

    PS that is a polar bear, not a panda on the goalie’s helmet. But it should be a WALRUS. Panda’s eat bamboo, Walrus’s eat ducks for breakfast, and seals (well the seals aren’t in league any more_, and sometimes a small shark, as well as small kraken (aren’t they some sort of squid, related to Squidward? ). Good thing there aren’t any teams named “starfish” or “sponges” in the NHL.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “The prey items of walruses include sea cucumbers, snails, tube worms, shrimp, tunicates, octopuses, soft shell crabs, soft corals and mollusks like cockles, clams and mussels and sometimes a dead seal. In bivalve mollusks, the clams are probably the favorite diet of these mammals”

      Well my post was more exciting.

    • Mark

      Just for your information, the Kraken were named after Tim McKraken, the chief punk of that Syracuse team. Back in the 70’s, that bum had a $100 bounty on him. In today’s money, especially with the outrageous printing by DC politicians, that’s 1.2 million.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Mark I did not know that . I thought it was from that movie in which the Schindler List actor in Clash of Titans says RELEASE THE KRAKEN ! Pronounced crack on, not cake on.

        BTW inflation numbers out, not good, rising like mad.

  6. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Way to go boys! WAY – TO – GO!!!

    * Had to travel to a back to back * … * Down two with injuries * … * Dman playing wing *

    Bottom 6 guy gets it started, then 3 of our big guns put it away! Nice WIN!

    Oh, check out RJ writer, Grainey,, write up this AM on why the Knights ARE cup contenders. (He’s normally critical, but spells out why the Knights can compete for cup)!

  7. sb

    Highlight reel goal. Tuch end-to-end rush and he scores. That can only be done by a very few high-end NHL players. McDavid comes to mind. That’s the incredible talent that Tuch has and VGK have been suppressing the past three years saddling him with AHL level anchors posing as center and rt wing. From his rookie season on, how could Mgt not leverage this talent? OK. Build a first and second line. OK. Don’t put Tuch there. But man, spend whatever is necessary to build a lethal third line around Tuch. Size, speed, gifted talent and can ACTUALLY finish the play by scoring. These kinda players are very rare. Big, big mistake wasting $3.5 mil on those minus 4th line guys and $12 mil for goalies. That money should have been slotted for third line players to compliment Tuch. If Tuch were lining up with Draisaitl, he’d be putting up McDavid numbers. For 2022, free up some cash and build a line around Tuch and move this team up to the next level.

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