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Recap:  Colorado took an early 1-0 lead 1:16 into the game. Vegas fought through the 1st period and Alec Martinez tied the game with a power play goal. The game wouldn’t stay tied for long when Colorado scored a minute later. After the opening the period Vegas trailed 2-1.

The Golden Knights got some much needed depth scoring in the 2nd frame. William Carrier tipped in the game-tying goal with his second of the season. Marc-Andre Fleury was strong in net stopping all nine 2nd period shots from the Avalanche. The game stood 2-2 heading into the second intermission.

Both teams were held scoreless in the 3rd period forcing overtime. Max Pacioretty won the game scoring his fourth overtime goal of the season.

Vegas’ record improves to 23-8-1 with their 3-2 overtime win in Colorado. The Golden Knights travel back home for a four-game homestand beginning with two against the LA Kings. Monday night’s game against LA is scheduled for 7 PM PT (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas played a lot better defensively and forced a high-powered Avs team to work much harder for their opportunities than Thursday night. A step forward by Will Carrier made a huge difference, as well as the Golden Knights depth, held their own. Huge win in the race to win the division and own home-ice in the inevitable playoff series between these two teams. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Alex Tuch
** William Carrier
* Zach Whitecloud


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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Yep, we can play with these guys ….. and BEAT them!

    Outshot them. Outhit them. Outplayed them!

    Yep, we’re just fine!

  2. Mark

    We poured it on the 3rd period, outplayed them. The bottom 6 produced, we have to be on our forecheck to be on our game. Nobody can push us around, we are too big, too fast. Kolesar, Carrier, Roy and Reaves must be intimidating because that opens up our top 6, whenever they get physical, we usually win, it helps when other teams are looking over their shoulders. Patches, what can you say, he’s been a producer since day one, he’s a top player and Alex Tuch is a talent, a awesome player and all the other teams know it.

  3. vgk21

    great game…Big win for the Knights….great OT goal by Tuch and Patch…and I thought that 4 guys really played a lot better today than in the last game, Carrier, Smith, Nosek, and Theodore…and good to see Fleury get rewarded for his play this year

  4. Interesting the walrus wasn’t in the net. Nice win after the disastrous performance Thursday night.

  5. knights fan in minny

    good game to watch sandwiched in between a bunch of good college puck this weekend i missed the ot goal the damm cable went out

  6. LVsc

    LA Kings just acquired Brendan Lemieux from the Rangers for a 4th round pick. They play the VGK next

    Eric Staal was traded to Montreal for a 3rd and a 5th

    let the NHL trades begin

  7. Daryl

    Still don’t understand why Lehnee wasn’t in net. Either way huge win

    • Pistol Pete

      He was dressed? Have not seen the game yet but am looking forward to it!

  8. THE hockey GOD

    pb pdb
    pB pdb
    PB pdb
    PB PDB

    push button coach ! Yeah !

  9. Pistol Pete

    Canes beat the Lightning 4-3 in regulation. Nobody is invincible.

    • There’s a HUGE difference between invincible and “will beat in a 7 game series”. No one says Colorado or Tampa are the best teams in NHL history or that they can’t lose a game here or there. People are saying VGK will have a very very very difficult time against either in a series.

      • Mike StG

        And vice versa. If COL or TBL play VGK “they will have a very very difficult time against them in a series”. Because that’s how it usually goes among top tier teams in the playoffs. VGK was superior in 5v5 play – they played THEIR game today against the Avs, who BTW are playing at full strength while Vegas is still without their #1 defenseman and PP1 QB. It’s not so lopsided as you suggest. What would the games look like if Makar was out? Plus the Avs are vulnerable in goal. If Grubauer goes down they’re toast and he’s already played more games than any other goalie this season. Vegas has Fleury and Lehner. I’m all for some offensive upgrades at TD, but this team is better than last year’s team that reached the WC finals, and is definitely NOT a 2nd tier team.

        • I don’t think it’s as lopsided as you are making it out to sound like I do.

          I think VGK have about a 30% chance of winning a series against Colorado as a 20% chance of winning one against Tampa (all teams as currently constructed).

          The fact that you are banking on Grubauer getting hurt tells me you are not far off from where I am either.

          As far as a 2nd tier team. If there can be 1 team in a tier, VGK are a 3rd tier team. Tampa is 1st, Colorado, Carolina, and Washington are on a 2nd and VGK are a tick behind them.

          • Mark

            I agree with most of that. The problem is when you have $12 million of salary cap with 2 goalies it can become a weakness. It could cost us in a playoff run. But, if both produce, stay fresh, any team has a shot with those 2 guys in net. Does anybody have the quality of goalies we have ?? Based on that, I think we have a 40% chance of beating Colorado, not 30%. If we play them, I will be wagering a futures bet on that series !!

          • sb

            Absolutely. You hit the nail on the head. Those four teams have better balance from Lines 1 through Line 4. They’re deeper on offense and have first rate D and goalies. Toronto should be in there also. I really feel for Tuch. He’s had to be a one man line since Year 2. Imagine Stephenson on the wing with Haula centering. Could be the best third line in hockey and a gamebreaker.

          • Mike StG

            I’m not banking on Grubauer getting hurt, just pointing out VGK’s advantage in having two goalies. And it’s not just injury it’s overplaying him so that he’s not as sharp come playoffs.

            When I say tiers I’m using the same definition as most. Not best, 2nd best. It’s cup contenders, playoff teams but not quite contenders. Most here seem to feel they’re not really a contender but just good enough to make the playoffs but not advance very far or at all.

            I think that’s really pessimistic, especially when you look at their ability to stay focused and poised in 3rd periods when they’re behind. They used to get rattled and fall apart when behind late. They’ve matured a lot as a team. That said, they DO need some upgrades. It’s likely other teams will make upgrades too and fill some areas they need improvement. Sounds like Avs may go for Ryan Miller or Bernier as a veteran backup goalie. And they’ve been mentioned as possibly in on Nick Foligno or Bobby Ryan, as if their F group needs any improvement!

        • Daryl

          5-on-5 COL wins 2-1. Ans yes we were without Petra but he hasn’t been a dominating force yet, in fact he hasn’t made much of a difference yet. That’s not to say he went turn things around and become a major factor.

          I agree that VGK looked very good and it would be a great series against COL that either could win… but I still believe VGK/COL is a tier behind some of the other teams. And I’m not being negative, it’s just how I see them

        • Daryl

          I don’t think I’m being pessimistic when I say I don’t think VGK is a Cup team. I think they make it just as far as last year, unless they play COL one series earlier where I think they lose to COL in 6. I absolutely hope I am wrong but that’s how I see it going

      • Tim

        Agree Ken, to beat them we need to improve our third line. Garland and Haula with Tuch would be cheap and a big improvement. The problem is you’d like to make the trade now but most teams still have a mathematical chance and there fan base would scream bloody murder.

        • knights fan in minny

          would love to see garland on the 3rd line what would it take to get him reading other sites the leafs like garland a lot i would guess more teams like him to best time of the year coming up trade deadline day better then xmas

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        What people? …. YOU?

        • Daryl

          Most of us who understand that VGK still has needs if they want to win the Cup

      • I’m pretty stoked VGK won the game so I’m probably releasing a little hyperbole on the TB loss. You have been pushing hard in your ongoing analysis that Vegas must learn and adjust to maximize their potential. They did some of that in this game proving they are a handful, I think potentially for any team.

        Belaboring a point I have made that may dovetail some with your point about a team needing to be all they be, if one can’t bring it in the playoffs like TB did not 2018-2019, then all is for naught.

  10. Pistol Pete

    I’m pretty stoked VGK won the game so I’m probably releasing a little hyperbole on the TB loss. I agree with what you have been saying that the Knights must adjust to maximize their potential against these top teams. Belaboring a point I have made that may dovetail some with your point about a team being all they be, if one can’t bring it in the playoffs like TB did not 2018-2019, then all is for naught.

    • sb

      Tampa is deep. Solid Lines 1 thru 4. World class goalie. Great D. That explains why they are the defending Champions. Carolina is right there also. Expect to see these two go at it in Round 3.

      • Actually couldn’t it be round 2? Assuming TB and Canes are the top seeds in their division I believe they will face eachother in the second and final interdivisonal round, upsets notwithstanding, and upsets are always possible that is for sure.

        Team strength analysis is all well and good and there is an ever growing body of insights to be gleaned from the discussion, but how many times have we seen top regular season teams fall flat in the post season? Happens some across many sports.

        • Daryl

          PP… while you are correct about to teams falling flat as both you and I have already pointed out a couple teams, it all didn’t change the fact that they are the favorites

  11. Mike StG

    Well, as we know it’s not the best team that always wins, it’s the team that plays best (TBL-CBJ 2019). Having 2 excellent goalies could make a difference, as could injuries, and upgrades. I just think that saying a conference final team is not a contender is pessimistic. And measuring the team constantly by negative assessments of division strength and the like is pessimistic as well. I think a better measure of the team is their ability to come from behind and win against good teams. It’s a sign of maturity and their intestinal fortitude – something they lacked before this season. There’s a reason they say the Cup is the hardest trophy to win in sports. It’s a grueling test for teams and EVERYTHING has to go right to take it home.

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