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Recap: The game in Colorado couldn’t have started any better for the Vegas Golden Knights in Colorado. Max Pacioretty scored immediately on the Golden Knights first shot of the game. Marc-Andre Fleury looked sharp in net stifling the Avalanche in the 1st period. After the opening twenty minutes vegas held a 1-0 lead. 

However, Colorado’s offense took over in the 2nd period. The Avalanche scored four unanswered goals in the middle frame. Vegas commited three penalties in the period and it caught up to them. After two periods the Avalanche led 4-1.

The scoring continued in the final period as the Avalanche extended their lead a few minutes in. Vegas thought they had a second goal late in the game but was waived off for being offsides.

Vegas’ record drops to 22-8-1 after their 5-1 loss in Colorado. Both teams resume their two-game set on Saturday. The matinee game is scheduled for Noon PT (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: About as forgettable a night as you can get for the Golden Knights. They scored first on a broken play and then proceeded to get their butts whipped for 59 consecutive minutes by a team that they are supposed to be equal to or better than. Saturday becomes a big one now as Vegas has to show they have the ability to push back on a healthy Colorado team. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Mikegron32

    But do we really know if Colorado is good since they play in a mid major division??

  2. Pistol Pete

    Avs bounced back nicely after blowing that third period two goal lead to lose to Arizona in OT (SO).

  3. Sullivan

    Trade Lehner or Fleury and fix the roster already. I’m done watching this team getting torched by COL or MIN.

    • Normbob

      Blame the goalie as an easy target. If you score one and lose by 4 it usually isn’t the goalie but crappy play be everyone else. Just sloppy play with no heart.

      • Daryl

        What are you talking about. That isn’t blaming the goalie at all. Maybe you need a refresher in reading comprehension. What he 8s saying is there are needs and those needs can’t be fixed until they free up cap space by getting rid of one of the goalies which comprise of almost $10m in cap space

        • sb

          Ahhh, $12 million in cap space.

          • Normbob

            Maybe you should slow down in your idiocy and get the numbers right the first time. Without Fleury in while Lehner was out I am sure Vegas would be on the outside looking in. Yes $12m is a lot but the team needs to step it up as a team and individually. Before you show your ignorance again you may want rethink your reading comprehension comments.

      • Daryl

        Again you show your ignorance. This Division is so bad VGK could still be in 3rd place without Lehner or MAF. And I said almost $10m which, $12m is almost $10m. VGK would be in a whole lot better shape if they didn’t have Panda or MAF and that money was used to fill real needs.

        Without either goalie VGK makes the playoffs. With both goalies, VGK makes it further in the playoffs, but still can’t win it

  4. Let’s caution all to not overreact, as hard as that maybe.

    It’s really hard to compete against one of the best teams in nhl when you do it your 4 players vs. 5 of theirs… What the hell, knights got called for 3 straight penalties in the second period which led to several goals, and then the onslaught was on. Hard to take for sure, but knights can still compete with the Avs. Let’s see what happens next game. A split of these 2 games would be encouraging, and I’d be surprised if knights didn’t show up with a strong one on Saturday.

    • sb

      Taking penalties is an indication the Team is playing from behind. They’re being outplayed. Dominated into mistakes. Tripping, holding, slashing.

  5. Colorado was faster, better passing and finishing the play – obviously a simple formula for success. They have escaped in the past killing penalties but not tonight against a team like Colorado. They allowed Colorado a pretty much free rein and neglected to get physical with them even after they had little to no chance of catching up. As PDB indicated they got a good old fashion ass kicking which pretty well sums up the situation this evening. Hopefully they come with more spunk on Saturday. It certainly wasn’t one of Fleury’s better games but he had lots of company. Disappointing performance all the way around not unlike the loss to the Kings.

  6. !Tim

    We got whooped move on. It’s no secret Tampa and Colorado are probably the two best teams so why the shock. Were penalty prone and usually don’t do well on the PP so that’s not a good combo to win a cup. I’d say the Hurricanes, Capitals, Maple leafs, Bruins, Islanders, and us are the next tier down. In reality anyone of those teams it would be 50/50 for us to win or lose. Support our team but please take off the rose colored glasses.

    • Howard

      Tim has the absolute correct view – Vegas is a very good team IMO, but not a true cup contender unless we get very lucky. IMO, AVS are best team top to bottom in NHL.

      • Daryl

        COL is a very good team but not sure they are the best in the NHL.

        • knights fan in minny

          do you think there top 5 daryl they showed it last night

          • Daryl

            Honestly I’m not sure…. it’s hard to tell based of their competition. And one really good night when another tram shot themselves in the foot multiple times doesn’t make a team better than they are.

            It’s really hard to tell when you look at other teams like TB, NYI, Caps, Pens, TOR, WPG, and CAR. Can COL beat any of those teams, absolutely. Would COL beat any of those teams in a 7 game series, I really don’t think so

        • sb

          Colorado is not the best. Tampa, Islanders, Washington, Carolina, maybe Florida.

  7. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Very ugly game. Throw it in the trash.

    Come back Saturday. Maybe Panda can lead us to a split!

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Oh, those rose colored glasses. What are those, something they sell at VGK gift shop? If so, shouldn’t they be GOLD colored?

    Anyway, back to my binging of “DEXTER”. You know, that guy that takes out idiots and assholes! (I can only dream). 🙂

  9. THE hockey GOD

    walrus starts next.

    attribute loss to
    – team coming down off high from Blues game
    – travel (team hasn’t traveled that much this year in what some call

    “this stinky college AA level division” )
    – too many days off between games , timing off
    – higher altitude
    – coach (too many men on coach)
    – dead cat
    – VGK didn’t eat their Wheaties

    Expect a dead cat bounce in next game or heads will roll –
    “HEADS WILL ROLL” Major Hofstetter*

    * fyi Major Hofstetter= Kriminalrat Wolfgang Hochstetter (1900-1944) is a fictional character who is the leader of the local Gestapo and the feared rival of Colonel Klink in the 1960s sitcom, Hogan’s Heroes. He was famous for saying “who is this man” and “why isn’t this man in prisoners barracks” referring to Col Hogan who was always is Klink’s office as “most dangerous man in the war”. He also liked to say heads will roll a lot.

    • Foppa

      Hockey fans who think too many men is on the coach are pretty close cousins to hockey fans who think every goal is on the goalie. Too many men is rarely, if ever, on the coach. It’s on players slow to get on, players slow to get off and guys throwing pucks over to the bench area during a change forcing one of the guys just getting on to play it.

  10. Foley Toffoli

    If they lose again to Colo on Sat there probably WILL be a trade or 2 before the deadline. No way that McCrimmon and McPhee and Foley can look at that embarrassment of a game and say that they are going to get past their own division in the playoffs with this current group, if they can’t beat the better teams in a 7 game series.

    the Karlsson misfit line stunk out the joint, MINUS 2 for each one of them, and MINUS 3 for Theodore, the rover who allows more breakaways than anybody.

    and of course the bottom six guys besides Tuch are so slow that they do not match up well with a mobile defense crew like the Avs, and thus they did not forecheck their dmen at all. Bellemare, Compher, and O’Connor were all plus 3. yes, the Avs 4th line no-names walked all over the Knights. how pathetic is that?

    a repeat on Sat SHOULD mean some changes are coming.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Every team has a bad game once in a while!

      That’s no reason to say the “sky is falling”!

    • sb

      Change definitely is needed. One big problem: no cap space. Boxed into big corner with two starting goaltenders at $12 mil and one All-Star D-man at $9 mil who was a luxury the Team could not afford. The obvious holes were (at last year’s trade deadline) (1) back-up goalie, (2) hi-end No,1 center, (3) 5 NHL level forwards below Tuch. No money left. Enjoy the remainder of the season and Round 1 of the Playoffs. Better than being in Buffalo.

  11. knights fan in minny

    i thought here we go this should be a good game patch with the sweet back hand goal then boom makar undresses holden that was a nice goal

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