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Recap: The Golden Knights came out strong responding well from their 3-0 loss in Arizona last night. William Karlsson gave Vegas the 1st period lead with his 14th goal of the season. The Golden Knights outshot the Coyotes 16-3 in the opening period and held a 1-0 advantage.

The Golden Knights top line doubled the lead early in the middle frame. Chandler Stephenson connected with Max Pacioretty who flipped a pass to a streaking Mark Stone. The captain’s 20th goal of the season gave Vegas a 2-0 lead.

Much of the 3rd period was spent in the neutral zone but the Coyotes were able to tie and send the game to overtime. Arizona took a too many men on the ice penalty and the Golden Knights took advantage. Jonathan Marchessault ended the game with his 15th goal of the year.

Vegas’ record improves to 36-12-2 after their 3-2 overtime victory in Arizona. The Golden Knights head to Minnesota for the next two games against the Wild. Monday’s puck drop is scheduled for 5P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were cruising through the first two periods but a few goofy hops and a couple undisciplined plays helped the Coyotes push it to OT. Vegas remains unbeaten in 3-on-3, which is likely the reason they are going to win the West Division. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Rob

    What happened with Max tonight? Didn’t see him in the 3rd

    • Left injured. No further update given by DeBoer.

      • For all the “KNOWLEDGABLE ” fans who have posted often on this site their idea that the PP is only a small part of the game and really not that important. – it was a PP GOAL by Arizona that sent the game into OT and also a PP goal by the knights that won it. If Vegas had a PP that was worth much would not have come down to an OT situation. They had many chances during regular time when they could have scored if they had a good PP but as usual struggled which is being kind. The Cup is not with in their reach unless they figure out a solution to the PP situation. Yes they won and yes it was a PP goal that did it (4 on 3) it is a necessity to clean up that part of the game and is absolutely essential to make the 5 on 4 a winning situation.

        • Daryl

          I completely agree… You hear all the time that games against top teams comes down to who can stay out of the box. VGK has a very good PK which helps them buy it still comes down to to the PP. Look at other teams who have won b/c of the PP. Look at SJS who beat VGK b/c of the PP. To dismiss the PP simply because it’s such a small part of the game is a HUGE mistake!!!

        • sb

          Absolutely correct. Scoring at a rate of 1/2 goal per game. A team that is a genuine contender is scoring at a rate of 1 goal per game (82 per 82 game season). That’s THE KEY to winning the Cup – capitalizing on the PP. There’s no hope to improve this season. What’s missing? A hi-end, talented, stickhandling and passing center. Think Datsyuk. Think Oates. Vegas doesn’t have that center – someone who can dangle the puck, play keep-a-away with the D-men and hit the open man w/the pass, 5 on 5 and the PP. The PP is a Chinese Fire Drill. Big wingers (scorers) trying to work the puck – they’re not good at this and this isn’t their job on the PP. Think Brett Hull and Ovie. Get open, get set, take the pass and one time it. I don’t see VGK winning the Cup and until they get the PP solved. And that’ll take a hi-end, playmaking center.

  2. Daryl

    Ken, you mention goofy hops, that is exactly what VGK first goal was. What bother me most is our offense, or lack there of (besides PP). Take away the complete lucky first goal, VGK scores one regular goal. As I said on twitter, minus about 3 minutes toward the end of the 1st, VGK dominated everything in that period. Petra had a wide open net and missed and Theo missed several shots on goal. And it’s not even that they didn’t score, its that their shots were contested or hard to stop.

    Otherwise, VGk looked great in that game. Unfortunately I missed the 3rd period due to work, but before that I liked the way they looked overall

    • I definitely have a bit of concern over how VGK generate offense.

      • Howard

        A you should Ken, because as we saw last year, the puck cycling game won’t work in the playoffs. I consider it a gimmick to cover the fact that Vegas has weak centering. However, because VGK does play top D, they have a shot at The Cup, but I don’t consider them the favorites, nor do I consider AVS the favorite anymore.

        I’m come to realize that AVS style of play is in fact over playing, over aggressive which will almost always lead to injuries. My Pick is The Wild to The Final this year – most complete team.

        • knights fan in minny

          wont happen howard it would be nice for the state of hockey to win a cup but we only win wnba titles

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Got the 2 points!

    About all you can say.

    • sb

      It’s imperative to get those points. Winning the President’s Trohy and getting home ice advantage will be especially big this season. With that PP, the Knights are gonna need a lot of help to make the Finals. Maybe in the off-season they’ll get serious about solving the PP deficiencies.

  4. Frank

    Enjoy the ride. Were likely to be the top seed in the division and perhaps presidents cup winners. Unless, we completely fall apart the last few games, and even then we’re still in the playoffs. In a seven game series I give the vgk an excellent shot against any team… Well see, but this could be the cup season we’ve been waiting for. Gosh, we’re lucky to be vgk fans. No expansion team ever has had this much success out of the gate.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Might get a shot at my dream 3rd:
    Best 4th to muster:
    This would make pretty solid depth.

    • Pistol Pete

      P. S. Kolesar would be fine on the 4th too, injuries providing.

      • Pistol Pete

        Tuch on Krebs:

        “Peyton’s a great kid,” Tuch said. “I think I know the type of player that he is. If he’s in the lineup tonight, he’s going to fit right in.”

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