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Recap: The Coyotes got on the board first in Arizona. Midway through the opening period Vegas left an open man in front of goaltender Robin Lehner for the 1-0 lead. After 20 minutes of play the Golden Knights trailed by one.

The Golden Knights couldn’t generate any offense in the middle frame. Vegas took only six shots on net and couldn’t get one past Arizona goalie Adin Hill.

The Coyotes doubled their lead 1:30 into the final period. Lehner was unable to control the puck and Arizona pounced on the rebound. The game was sealed when the Coyotes scored an empty goal with over two minutes remaining.

Vegas’ record drops to 35-12-2 after their 3-0 defeat in Arizona. victory The two teams will face off again tomorrow night. The game is scheduled for 7 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were faced with a trap game and they fell into the trap. Just didn’t have it in a spot where you’d expect them to possible not have it. Not a big deal… as long as it doesn’t happen again tomorrow. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Arizona Coyotes at Gila River Arena

  • VGK are great shorthanded, but not so great when shorthanded. (This will make sense tomorrow when I write it up)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Zach Whitecloud
* Brayden McNabb


Pacioretty: We All Thought We Were Capologists


Playing With Less Than 18 Skaters Less Than Ideal For Golden Knights


  1. Most inspiring thing the entire game was the body check by McNab. Other than that not much. They obviously did have the gas to get it done tonight. Onward and upward for tomorrow – they need to step it up and not slip into a negative trend as they have some tuff games coming up.

  2. Tim

    Everyone loses what I’ll never understand is a high octane team like Vegas gets shut out again by Arizona. Oh well tuff schedule ahead and Colorado having a cupcake schedule probably means we’ll play the Wild. What I did enjoy tonight was the Arizona telecast. I’ve got the fire stick and I pick up all the game feeds. It was a pleasure tonight because there announcers were very objective and didn’t give us any useless stats they just called the game. If possible I’ll always watch the other teams feed because I can’t take Dave Goucher anymore. I’m soooo tired of his nonsense stats one after another which for some reason he thinks are interesting.

    • Maria

      Agree about chatty Dave G. Half the time he is talking away about stats and stories and omitting the play description that leads to a goal.

  3. Brent T

    If Vegas could afford to scratch a player I would say scratch Carrier. His play last night was bad and he just defaulted to throwing hits that did nothing for the play. The main reason he should be benched is his awful backchecking. +/- is a terrible stat unless you watch a player float at the blue line instead of covering the player that they had who skates in to score (second goal if you were interested) . They should just make the plan that he skates to the bench when in the defensive zone.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    CRASH ………. BANG!

    Lazy effort ….. Got what we deserved.

    Must come back Saturday.

    Question: At 6’3, 210 lbs … Does #7 ever HIT anybody???

    • Tim

      You know Doc it was Petro’s give away behind the net that led to the first goal. That’s not the first time it’s happened. Your right he’s not aggressive that’s for sure.

      • Jeff

        Petro looks like McPhee’s and McCrimmon’s biggest mistake. Not only is he not playing well but he has created a salary cap problem which affects player management.

    • Tim

      I wish they’d tell us in the pregame that they don’t have there legs and they don’t plan on hitting anyone so we can watch something else. Post game they tell us they didn’t have it well it’s pretty obvious then. I love watching 60 minutes of hockey when the team is going through the motions.

  5. Does anyone hit anyone would be a better question. Other than the one hit last night by McNab nothing it was smooth sailing for Arizona. Noticed screening the goalie has slipped back as a forgotten trait.

  6. Walt23

    the vgk 4th line is a disaster. and not just in this game, but look at the season stats. They are minus players on a hugely plus team. and they play mainly against the other team’s 4th line, so there is no excuse.

    Carrier is minus 4, and Kolesar is minus 5, on a team that is plus 57 overall. even with a long winning streak, these guys are still piling up the minuses. and guess what, the dmen are NOT minus players, so it is totally on the weak forwards on the 4th line.

    this will hurt the vgk in the playoffs. they can’t get the puck out of their own zone. and they provide momentum to the opponent.

    remember, the Tampa Lightning traded 2 #1 draft picks last year to acquire better 4th line players at the deadline, and it worked, they won the cup. I don’t suggest anything close to that, but I do suggest that they need to develop and acquire better, more well rounded, 4th line players who are not one dimensional, forecheckers only, like they have now.

  7. Tim

    For the life of me I can’t see what they like about Kolesar we can’t put him on waivers because someone will pick him up for me good riddens. We need some players not warm bodies how much worse could Krebs and Dugan be who in there own way are having good seasons.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    HSK goalie is having a terrible time right now, can’t stop anything thrown at him

    • Tim

      I think Oskar Dance is doing most of the goaltending. Las night we tie the game 5 – 5 and in the last 2 minutes we give up 2 goals now that’s butt ugly.

      • THE hockey GOD

        last goal was empty netter, DAnsk has played the last two games, i think their regular goalie is on taxi squad, can’t find much on the movement of the roster. D man Bischoff took a shot and hasn’t seen seen in over a month. Wish there was a news link for HSK with updated roster moves.

  9. Tim

    To continue with my Kolesar rant we’ve got Jack Dugan down on the Silver Knights leading the team in scoring 27 points in 31 games who at 6’2″ 210 who led all of college in scoring last year and he’s sitting down there when Sikura and Kolesar couldn’t score in an open net. I would think you’d want more firepower but I guess they know best.

  10. sb

    Regarding Pacioretty’s comments posted yesterday, it was very revealing that he said, “everyone wants to come to Las Vegas to play.” Now that’s quite a different take, coming from a player, which is exactly contrary to the scenario a couple of contributors and commentors were pushing just a few months ago. The bloggers said that because of the experience of the two Russina players and the MAF situation, that it was the feeling around the League that players DID NOT want to come to Las Vegas. That the VGK management were seen as backstabbers and couldn’t be trusted by the players. Many, many commentors also jumped in making these claims. I didn’t buy this line of c___ at all. That did not line up with the Pac/Stone/Petr/Lehner signings. Those players ABSOLUTELTY wanted to come to Las Vegas. And these bloggers keep pushing this false agenda against MGT and it got picked up by the national sites – ‘players don’t want to come to Las Vegas’. Now Pac sets the record straight. He – a player – says that EVERYONE in the NHL WANTS TO COME TO LAS VEGAS. It’s time for the bloggers who pushed this false agenda against management to apologize and retract their false stories.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)

      Well …. Thank you SB!

    • THE hockey GOD

      perron/ neal/ and the russians beg to differ- no cap issues then, opinions and rumor are like underwear- they get changed daily

      the fluery situation was bad, i don’t think it impacted players wanting to come here or not because at the time there was (and is) cap situation so players can say whatever they want without having to worry about being moved due to stupid NHL cap situation rules.

    • Daryl

      You can’t really take what a players says either. You mention Petra and Lehner and let’s be honest, no other team offered what they received. I think if you flash deals like those players would almost be happy to go anywhere. I know Engelland decided to retire instead of taking a contract offered from another team but his situation was a little different. Petra got a deal of a lifetime and Lehner finally found a team that offered him a long term deal.

      I’m not saying the prior rumors were true, just that you can believe the current one also

  11. SB – l heard there is a bridge for sale in Alaska are you interested as you obviously believe everything you hear. No one shots themselves in the foot when they got what they wanted. No one is that stupid. Do you know any other club that would give a guy past his prime 8.8 mil a year for 7 yrs. Not sure any apologizes are in order for some of the mistakes they have made. They have done some good but don’t make them out like they are hockey geniuses

  12. sb

    Back to the point. This has nothing to do with buying or selling a bridge in Alaska. The point is this: the writers of this site and some commentors pushed an agenda a few months ago that players in the NHL DID NOT want to come to Vegas because they believed MGT were disloyal, backstabbing and couldn’t be trusted. So, is this true? Pacioretty settled this issue by stating in an interview that every player in the NHL WANTS TO COME TO VEGAS. So, who should we believe? The bloggers and no-nothings who claim that players don’t want to come here or Pacioretty who says players do want to come here? All these lies about MGT. Why always looking for something bad to say about successful people and well run businesses. Be thankful your team is the VGK and not Buffalo.

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