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Recap: It was the finale of a four-game series for the Golden Knights and Coyotes. Marc-Andre Fleury got his third start in net looking to remain perfect on the season.

There wasn’t much action in the first period. VGK served up 10 shots but couldn’t get one passed Arizona goaltender Darcy Kuemper. Fleury stopped all four 1st period shots by the Coyotes.

The 2nd period was tight just like the opening 20 minutes. Both teams had power play opportunities but couldn’t convert. Fleury and Kuemper continued their strong play and held a scoreless tie through 40 minutes.

Like the first two periods, the goalies were unstoppable in the final 20 minutes. By their performances, both made it clear one goal would be the difference. William Karlsson gave Vegas a massive 1-0 lead with :42 seconds left in the game.

The Golden Knights win three of four against the Coyotes and improve their record to 5-1-0. Vegas heads back home for two games against the St. Louis Blues. The game is schedule for Tuesday night at 6 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A little bit of a snoozer actually, but the game started to pick up as it goes. Earlier this year Max Pacioretty mentioned tighter checking games as the two, three, and four games series go on and we saw it today. The Karlsson, Marchessault, and Smith line was excellent throughout and they made the big play to grab VGK two more points (even though it very well may have been icing). (Analysis by Ken)

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  • Tighter checking as the series wear on

Jason’s Three VGK Stars
*** Reilly Smith
** William Karlsson
* Marc-Andre Fleury


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  1. Peter Brown

    Petro 3 points 6 games not too shabby. 4 shots today getting up to speed as a Knight. Expect more.

    • Daryl

      Not to take away from the 3 points, I’ll definitely take that, but I’ve expected more from him offensively, which is why VGK picked him up. He scores a goal the gets lost and squeaks by the goalie and he has 2 secondary assists. I know it’s early also but he needs to step it up for as much as he is getting paid. His PP has also been horrible and his defense not so great

      • Peter Brown

        He’s +1 for 6 games. I did not expect optimal performance immediately on a new team.

        • Daryl

          I agree with you… I didn’t expect greatness but for the price I did expect more. Don’t really care about the +1 as our goalies (MAF more so than Lehner) have been playing extremely well

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Knights held Yotes to about 15 SOG. Donut for MAF! Great job!!! I’m really looking forward to the upcoming games with tougher & bigger teams. I hope those games will bring out more emotion and physical play from the boys. 5-1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tim

    Some people say the Coyotes and Ducks aren’t very good well after watching John Gibson and Darcy Kuemper I’ll have to disagree. Believe me there not a soft touch and the league will find out as we did.

    • Peter Brown

      Any team can possibly beat any team any game without regard to W/L record.

    • Daryl

      Sorry, but the Coyotes and the Ducks are NOT very good teams. VGK is still having some of the same problems as last year, shots directly in the center of the goalie’s chest. At first I thought VGK took some nice shots but replays from different angles shows the shots are not being screened and really aren’t hard saves. That’s not to say both goalies didn’t make some really nice saves at times, but overall, he didn’t face many tough shots…. even shots during scuffles in front of the net, goalie goes down and the shots are right at them. Yes I understand it’s sometimes hard to get air on those types of shots but it doesn’t change the fact of them not being hard shots

      • Tim

        Ducks beat Colorado tonight, San Jose beat Minnesota , and LA whooped up on St. Louis so Daryl say what you want but it is what it is. Know ones a pushover and our 5-1 is looking pretty good considering we played two of the better goalies.

        • Daryl

          Yes I know Ducks beat Colorado… We are talking about Pro sports and any team can be any team on any given day. That doesn’t make a team good just b/c they beat a better team. Last year VGK should have won the first two rounds without a loss but for reasons I stated above I didn’t expect it to happen.

          And yes we’ve played two of the better goalies but not two of the better teams, not even close. I’m happy with the 5-1 record, don’t get me wrong, just saying we still have a lot of work to do. I’m happy with the wins but I also take into consideration who those wins were against.

  4. Vic

    Why is #10 out there on any power play?

  5. TheSeeker

    Hopefully the naysayers and doom prophecies can stop now. The VGK are a great team!
    Their only problem right now is Fleury’s contract which needs to be moved.. either him or Lehner….
    That way, they got some wiggle room to have 7 defensemen on their roster at all times with 6 of team on the field everday!
    With 7M, they could even get one more player for their wings or center position, the last key piece that they are lacking in right now.
    Oh Gusev and Suzuki.. how I miss you guys!!

  6. You forgot to mention the winning goal was on a clear icing that wasn’t called. It cost the Coyotes a point or more. REALLY BAD CALL!

    • Tim

      They we looking for off sides not icing and it wasn’t ref made the right call. Moral of the story you don’t quit playing until you hear a whistle.

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