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Recap: The Golden Knights came out firing the puck in the 1st period. Vegas outshot Anaheim 15-4 in the opening frame but neither team could break through and take the first lead. After the opening twenty minutes the game was locked in a scoreless tie. 

William Karlsson scored off the opening shift of the 2nd period to take the first lead of the game. Chandler Stephenson doubled the lead with his 10th goal of the season. With time winding down in the period Nic Roy flipped in Vegas’ third goal of the game. Robin Lehner held the 3-0 lead, facing only two shots in the period.

Brayden McNabb stretched the lead to 4-0 scoring his second goal of the season. Lehner continued to frustrate the Ducks and finished the game with his first shutout of the year. 

Vegas’ record improves to 30-11-2 after their 4-0 victory in Anaheim. The two teams will face off again on Sunday afternoon. The game is scheduled for 1 PM PT (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights are good. The Ducks are very bad. That is really all you need to know about this game. (Analysis by Ken)

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*** Mark Stone
** Chandler Stephenson
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  1. Vic

    Coach said there was no time to practice lately, but tonight qualifies as a 60 minute practice. Wow. The Ducks are off the rails.

    • Daryl

      Yeah, that was more like a practice than an actual game. Ducks looked like an AHL team.

  2. Daryl

    Ducks looked horrible… they couldn’t connect on simple cross ice passes. They would of had a tough time scoring if VGK wasn’t even on the ice. Who said this was going to be a good test for VGK??? That first period was horrible for both sides. VGK had a huge advantage in shots but only McNabb’s one shot was a hard save. A couple other shots from VGK looked tough but replay showed they really weren’t tough shots to stop.

    Unfortunately work got in the way of watching the 2nd and 3rd periods.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Avs hit hard by COVID. Miss next three games, starting back up on the road beginning with two vs. Blues then two vs. VGK. Might be tough.

    • Daryl

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to reschedule the game, especially if, at that time, those games will determine the outcome of the division.

      • Pistol Pete

        Pretty the three postponed games will have to be made up as back to backs after they play the four vs. Blues and VGK. Doubt there is any way around those being their first four after returning from COVID.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Taking care of business!

    Maybe easiest donut Panda will ever get!

    Not much else to say!

  5. Mike StG

    Game 2 and I like the Janmark add even better. I think the fact they only added and there was no subtraction from the roster is meaningful. Moving a player out always will have some sort of negative effect on the psyche of the group. As ineffective as Eakin had become I think trading a guy who had been there from the start had its impact on team chemistry and morale.

  6. Tim

    The Ducks went through the motions last night it’s just hard on the fans to watch that type of effort.

  7. sb

    I am very pleased to see MGT move the direction of the team to talented, well-rounded players and move away from the one dimensional palookas. Two games in and the improvement is obvious. Jurco should have been on the 4th line from Game 1 this season. Getting Tuch a couple of real NHL’ers is three years overdue. Actual secondary scoring from the 3rd and 4th lines! That’s the way the game is supposed to be played. Problem is, where will MGT find the money to keep Janmark and Nosek this July? Reaves $1.75 mil is a stumbling block. MGT should look to unload Reaves Jr. along with Reaves Sr. to Detroit or Kracken for a 7th round pick. Save $2.5 mil to pay players that produce and win games.

  8. Daryl

    I admit, I have a problem getting up for games like this. Pens are my team, but it’s not exciting watching them play Buffalo. I get they have to play those games but it isn’t very interesting to watch. I know I talk about this weak division and some of the games, but I feel the same with the Pens when they play teams like Buffalo, NJD (this year) and even the Flyers which used to be there biggest rivalry. SJS are just not a rivalry any more and some of these other games are just boring.

  9. The Achilles heel, their anemic PP , of the Golden Knights is going to be their death blow for ultimate success. I believe I heard the Ducks are one of the worse PK and the knights had three opportunities to no avail. As I have stated while not important last night there man advantage borders on being a disadvantage. Their competition going forward will exploit that as there are no consequences for taking penalties against the knights as the probably of it resulting on being score upon borders on zero. This guy – PDB buddy the PP gru rue is a waist of time and Zero value to the team. Why mgt doesn’t do something about that is truly a mystery as I am certain they are not that near sighted. Glad VGKs won but it wasn’t much competition (being kind). The difference between winning and loosing is small and a single goal from an effective PP makes all the difference.

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