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Recap: Robin Lehner looked sharp in net to start Game 4 in Montreal. Only his second appearance this postseason Lehner was peppered with shots but kept the Canadiens scoreless in the 1st period. The Golden Knights had trouble offensively only mustering up four shots in the opening 20 minutes.

The tight play continued but the Golden Knights were able to generate more shots in the 2nd period. Late in the frame Vegas was awarded a power play but struggled again to capitalize. With 65 seconds remaining the Canadiens took the lead and held a 1-0 advantage after 40 minutes of action. 

Lehner followed up his strong play in the 3rd period snuffing out several rushes from the Canadiens. Midway through the period, Brayden McNabb tied the game burying a pass behind the net from William Karlsson. The score held and Game 4 would need overtime to decide a winner.

Nic Roy won the game in overtime for the Golden Knights. Max Pacioretty flicked the puck on net and Roy picked up the rebound and beat Montreal goaltender Carey Price. 

The Golden Knights tied up the seven-game series 2-2 as it shifts to Las Vegas. A pivotal Game 5 is on Tuesday night at T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop is scheduled for 6:00 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It took the Golden Knights 40 excruciating minutes to really get going, but the dam finally broke just in time from an unlikely finisher in McNabb. In OT, the Golden Knights continued the much better style of play they got to in the 3rd and the first high-danger chance of the game finds its way past Price to win it and even the series. VGK can and must play a lot better to win this series, but 2-2 is so much better than down 3-1. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Montreal Canadiens Game 4 at Bell Centre

  • Series tied, VGK must be better to win 2 more.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Roy
** Brayden McNabb
* Robin Lehner


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  1. Howard

    Look, VGK has been playing arrogantly, weakly. After Habs scored that goal and Lehner made that big save, they woke up and gave the effort. If VGK gives the effort, they’ll win the next 2 games.

    Also, I think Deboer should leave Lehner in there. What I saw from him tells me he matches up better against Habs, as Habs tend to shoot low and don’t play wide open. Lehner is a quiet goalie whose rebound control is better than Maf’s..

    Leave Lehner in there rest of this series. If we win, then we can talk about which guy gets the net.

  2. sb

    Lehner comes up big and helps tie up the Series. Who will “they” blame now? Isn’t it always, it’s Lehner’s fault, it’s Lehner’s fault, it’s Lehner’s fault. No! It’s Deboer’s fault. No, it’s the GM’s fault. No, it’s McPhee’s fault. No, it’s Foley’s fault. Time to admit that Robin Lehner is a very good goalie and start to appreciate this guy. His very presence on the Team is directly responsible for MAF’s much better season. It’s called competition. .962% save average tonight and maybe saved the season. The best $5 mil investment this team has mnade. Thank you, Robin Lehner. Welcome to the Golden Knights.

    • DOC (Go Knights Go)


    • Julie

      Your first sentence is correct. The other items you mentioned on who to blame are still true, especially the FO. That bit about Lehner being the reason Fleury had a great season is hogwash. Foley has already said Fleury isn’t going anywhere. They overpaid for Lehner and now that is common knowledge. But they are both stuck unless Lehner does a better job. I hope if he plays next game he can do well again.

    • Daryl

      That’s the first win he’s had the entire season against a winning team. I’ll give him credit when he deserves it and he did look great today. I agree you start him the next GA. E also. I find it funny that you credit MAF success this season to Lehner who has been out half the season. You can’t have competition when your other half is out.

  3. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    PDB is a genius !


    PDB & Lehner haters, eat their own bullshit, again!

    • Contact Tracer

      DeClown is no genius, has plenty of time to F$%K it up. He is proven to DO THAT.

      Robin Kneeler had a good game. Big effing deal. He has ALOT to prove.

      Eat your own shit pseudo doc.

  4. Richard Santomauro

    Putting this series into perspective…..


    Analysis. Despite a very strong defensive team, the VGK is by far the more talented and skilled team. They’re obviously playing down to the opponent’s level. The exception was last game where they pretty much dominated the entire game and still lost on Fluery’s faux pas.

    Give Montreal credit for playing up to their maximum potential and even beyond. The same cannot be said of VGK.

    Now the series shifts back to Vegas with an opportunity to go up 3-2 in this series.

    If I’m PDB (and I am not), but it is fun to play to coach:

    1- You go with the hot goalie. Lehner starts game 5, 6 and if necessary 7. It isn’t time to go back to alternating goalies right now.
    2- Fix the damn Power Play. Unless Stephenson is 100% and ready to go, try the following:
    #1 line and PP Unit: #61, #71, #67
    #2 line PP Unit: #19, #9, #81
    3- Move Tuch back to Wing on the 3rd line with Roy and Brown.
    4- Move Kolesar back down to the 4th line with Nosek and Carrier.

    I still think PDB is holding this team back and is too focused on defending. That strategy is hurting the offense which is used to fast play. When they’re skating fast the passing is more crisp.

    • Daryl

      I say start Lehner next game and then go from there. One game doesn’t make a player hot and to ride. VGK needs to fix their offense… how many high danger chances did we get? That is on the coach

  5. Julie

    Glad for the win, but it’s one game, Vegas were outplayed by Montreal, and Lehner moved his butt. He didn’t save the series, but he was better than expected given his ability to rest between games. Roy stole the game And this is all good because it boosts the ability to trade Lehner later if he doesn’t go back down again. Consistency is not his strong suit. But hoping for the best. If he can help now to win rather than be a liability in this series, great. However, we will need Fleury for anything after.

    As far as goalies go, it’s better to give up one goal and your team still be able to win than 7 and not give your team a chance. Not to mention Fleury carried the team and Lehner many times. So, still no comparison, sorry to anyone who is beating Lehner’s drum. It’s not hate, it’s fact.

    • Richard Santomauro


      I hear you! I think MAF is the better goalie but he is 36 and he’s been fantastic. Giving him a rest is probably the smart thing. I think the future is bright at the goalie position with Logan Thompson coming on strong in the AHL. If VGK can rest MAF for the Cup Round then that would be best as he will need to be well rested against either of the east coast teams.

      Long term, I see Fleury playing another 4 or 5 years. As he gets older he’ll need a top young goalie and I personally think that Logan Thompson is that guy.

      I was never in favor of the Lehner trade, but having him alternate with MAF this year with the compressed schedule is the reason why they did so well in the regular season.

      • Julie

        Richard, I like Logan too. My feeling is that if Fleury can end this year on a high point, he may very well retire by next year. Vegas will need Logan and if lucky, trade Lehner. Basically start fresh in that department.

    • Howard

      Julie – u say u like my commentary, ok here goes; VGK is not “playing down” to Habs, it’s just that Deboer isn’t making the adjustment, or his team isn’t listening. Habs like to play really heavy. Their DCORE is very big, but slow. AVS Dcore is very fast, but small.

      AVS like to generate chances from their Dguys speed, but their dcore can get blown off the puck whereas Habs dcore too strong to blow them off, and their forecheck is way heavier.

      The adjustment VGK did make from middle of 3rd on is more cross ice passing. When a dcore and forwards are playing trap hockey, YOU DON’T FALL INTO THEIR TRAP, and VGK has been doing this.

      Habs set up at their blueline either 3-2, 2-2-1, or 1-2-2 traps which they rotate. To beat this, VGK must make cross ice passes while leaving their dmen back and only activate them to come in to receive a CROSS ICE PASS.

      VGK must stop the straight stretch passes to break out of their zone. Instead, make a cross ice pass, then another so Habs cannot set up their trap.

      In other words, need more passing, less forced shots, and faster decisions. VGK has been making very slow decisions with the puck, which allows Habs slower dcore time to get up on the blueline, then get down on the forecheck.

      Tuch isn’t passing enough when he generates speed into the zone. Instead, he takes way too many low % shots.

      Again, look for faster passes accross the ice in all zones, leave your dmen back, and activate/pinch them up into the passing zones for high danger chances. Habs will not be able to defend this because they lack the dcore speed.

      Habs plays “gimmick hockey” as I like to call it, but teams in NHL been doing this for years, and it’s only chance a weaker team can win.

      Also, Theodore needs to be better, his decision making has been poor last 2 games, and he’s frequently out of position.

      Petro has been great.

      To end, I agreed with starting Lehner tonight, and said so in the other thread. Lehner’s style more suited against Habs than Maf’s.

      • Julie

        Howard, I totally get what you are saying and I was wondering anxiously why the forwards were not doing more. Your points about the dcore being heavy and the adjustments PDB still needs to do/get through to the team make sense. It’s Game 5 coming so now is the time for the adjustment. Also, you mentioned in another post or two about Fleury not doing well in Montreal, were you referring to the style of play? Watching NYI/TB, they play quite differently it seems, so whoever makes it to the SC will have to force the other team to play their way or play the opposing team’s style. I guess that’s true every series though.

        • Howard

          MAF has a well-documented history of bed shitting while playing in The Bell Center. Also, Lehner better suited against Habs because their shooters tend to shoot mid-low – they don’t make a lot of side to side passes, so IMO, it favors you to have a bigger goalie in the net whereas against a team like The AVS who shoot everywhere and often, u better with a smaller more athletic goalie.

      • THE hockey GOD

        so far this year the VGK have shown ability to adapt to other team’s style, albeit maybe not as fast or as in game as you like it.

        PBD has recognized his deficiency in line number one center. Note somehow in OT he had no. 10 and no 67 out there at same time. Maybe it’s time to move 61 down to third line ? or split up 67 and 61. No. 61 seems like a ghost out there, he passed up many body checks and was out stick checked several times.

        I expect forwards to step up big time in game five with lots of energy at home ! It’s going to be a barn buster

    • Julie – The Walrus lovers can’t deal with fact – that is far beyond their comprehension. Vegas was lucky to win last night as they were out played the majority of the time – actually just the opposite of game 3 where they were the best but still lost ( yes an error in judgment didn’t help). Where was the defense on the OT winning goal game 3 thinking about lunch I believe as they were no where in sight. The walrus stepped up last night and we are all thankful for his effort, that said he is not the reason nor ever will be the reason for Fleury’s success carrying the team this year. Fortunately for the FO he is a pro in the first order he could have taken a different approach. One game doesn’t make the walrus the savior some want to think. If Vegas prevail and wins the series it will be because of a team effort with everyone finally stepping up. Actually the hero last night was Roy who hesitated just long enough to lift the puck over Price for the win. Obviously the Hab fans sure don’t like Patch based on his reception. Here’s to win Tuesday night regardless who is in goal!!!!

      • THE hockey GOD

        where was defense i game OT goal by MTL in game three? They were coming off a very slow and poor line change from the far side of the bench due to fact that first period of OT is played like normal 2nd period from bench prospective so they had to skate farther to reach their own defensive blue line. That play looked off sides to me. It was very close but they reviewed it and said it was good.

  6. Tim

    Not playing like Stanley Cup champions but good enough to squeak out an overtime win. Game 5 Lehner or Fleury that’s when the shits going to hit the fan. Fleury has carried us most of the year but that gaffe and you can’t minimize the damage it did we’d be 3-1 tonight. All that being said it happened it was unfortunate but to laugh it off the next day was national news and not in a good way if you know what I mean. Know one knows but I’ll bet management didn’t take to kindly to it.

    • Howard

      Tim – u are misinformed. MAF laughed it off while Lehner in practice was in the starting goalie net. The team already made the decision to play Lehner BEFORE you ever saw MAF laugh at anything, so you are very wrong.

      • Tim

        Howard, If it was no big thing why did every hockey news agency carry the story from TSN, ESPN etc. To me thats national negative news.

        • Howard

          Tim. seriously? Why does national news lie constantly all the time? So, instead of doing your own research, you just believe what ‘news’ tells you? What I said is a fact, and I’m sorry news orgs, especially these days can care less about facts.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Tim , the real media, the “social media” time line of videos from practice session as well as real time tweets by our own local media guys painted a much much different, and realistic time line.

          now you know who all this anti VGK FO crap gets started by mob media morons trying to stir the pot.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Lehner was unbelievable tonight. 27/28 (.964) including the third period Caufield breakaway. Shrewd move by DeBoer. Fleury was beginning to struggle after a tough COL series and a strong start to this one. A softie in game 2 and the huge lack of focus mistake blowing game 3. DeBoer might not agree with me on all that but Fleury needed a breather.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^^ right on PETE Fleury needed a mental and physical break^^^^^

      time for redemption TUESDAY NITE !

  8. Thank goodness the nhl and betman want Vegas in cup final
    If the referee were calling real penalty, vegas would be in so much trouble. But the golden referees are there Honestly it’s sad to see that the league has to be bias for the golden knight to reach the final.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Stop crying and whining. Montreal just simply isn’t a very good team. Big slow D, plays great defense with an excellent goalie. You got a fluke goal to win game 3.

      VGK battled back in game 4 and cracked the MTL D.

      You should be pumped that MTL has made it this deep into the playoffs. Regardless of who wins this series the east teams are both better and will likely win the Cup.

      Credit MTL for still being in the race even with the FLUKE goal in game 3.

    • Howard

      Mister Mister <, u what I hate about most hockey fans. The non calls were going both ways. Habs were cross checking all over the place, but being a biased fan, u must have missed those and only saw penalties VGK got away with. Watch video of game again without being an ignorant bias ass.

      • And on the other side there is fan like you who think that a high stick that broke Perry face and that Mcnabb punch to the face for nothing is totaly acceptable and does not deserve a penalty i must say that Mcnabb is starting to show is true colors as a dirty playet

        • Daryl

          McNabb returned a favor for the cross check he received. Yes it should have been called as a clear penalty but that doesn’t make him dirty. He’s a big player who likes to hit. What other play from him dirty? Maybe Canadians are just soft?

        • knights fan in minny

          go cry some where else pin head mister mister

    • Daryl

      I saw one blq tant missed call and that was on McNabb. Yes it should have been a 2min roughing call. It was obvious and a horrible missed call right in front of the ref. But if you think the officiating has been in VGK favor you are sadly mistaken. In fact I think it’s been very even. I don’t think either team has had the advantage

      • THE hockey GOD

        Carrier was smashed into the boards first face, the announcers were all over that, saying that set the tone for the game, it should have been a penalty, and could have been a serious injury. Same set of REFS that swallowed their whistle in prior game. Not calling penalties definitely favors the HABS.

        • Let’s be honest, referee are freaking horrible for both side. I saw that hit and it’s definitely a penalty yes. Like the 4 min that should have been call for highstick in game 3 with Perry bloody face and the cheat punching shot in the face of Suzuki. Chris lee is showing that he is one of the worst referee in the game. I’m not a complete blind fan, i saw cheap shot from both side with Chris Lee Jerking off on the side

          • THE hockey GOD

            i expect a different set of refs in game five, and more calls too

            wait for it

            and you are right, the refs swallowed their whistles. Why have rules in book if you don’t enforce them. You left ONE obvious call out, that I ALWAYS STATE. And that is WHAT KIND OF MESSAGE DOES THiS SEND to PLAYERS on both sides? Not good.

            Someone is going to get hurt, that is why they put rules in first place, and not enforcing them emboldening both sides. That is why I expect 75 back in the game forTuesday nite, to temper some of this stuff should the refs again swallow their whistles.

          • phantom major

            you have an effing nerve trying to claim that the VGK get ref favoritism. Just look at 2 years ago when the Knights were CHEATED out of the playoffs in SJ in game 7. Eric Furlatt was part of that cheat, and he is still working in the playoffs this time around too.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Thank goodness the nhl and betman want Vegas in cup final. If the referee were calling real penalty” Not calling penalties favors MTL. VGK was all over MTL on 4 and 4. MTL could not keep up. That is pretty obvious. I expect in Tuesday’s game that the REFS will call penalties at the most inopportune time to favor the HABS. Like make a non call, HABS score, then call a penalty on HABS right after that as a “make up” call.

      It is always more difficult to score a PP goal under those circumstances, and announcers always say “there they evened it up” when it’s not even close to “evening it up” because all the pressure is on the team down a goal.

      NExt time learn the nuances of the game before posting nonsense.

    • knights fan in minny

      hey mister mister pin head go watch corn hole on espn and stop flapping your lips

  9. Daryl

    So, who will be in net?

    • Howard


      • I agree…. He played great and you go with him until he has a lapse.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I am thinking that you go back to rotating the goalies like in the regular season. Throw the fluke away and we win game 3. We were the better team in game 3. In game 4 Montreal was the better team for most of the game and yet when we turned on the jets we came back. Let’s keep both goalies rested, engaged and with a positive mental attitude.

          • Daryl

            I do have a problem with the comment Lehner made… he said he arrived 2hrs early just to ready the hate. Why is he reading anything on Twitter? He said he uses that for motivation but I don’t see it. Similar Comme ts were made about him before the 7 goals allowed in a previous game so why was. The motivated then? For someone with a mental issue, he should be ignoring comments, not seeking them out

    • THE hockey GOD

      no. 29, payback time.

  10. VGK are lucky to have won Game 4. Little offense through 2 periods. Lehner kept the team from EMBARRASSMENT. Team finally woke up in 3rd ( desperation set in?). Luck allows the VGK to eek out a WIN.
    Game was hard to watch, with so little production and intensity. the boys dodged a HUGE deficit in series. Game 5 HAS to be a better-performing one, or chances of pulling this off will be next to NONE. The teams all have TALENT, but it is indeed DESIRE that wins these tough games. WHO WANTS IT MORE????

    • THE hockey GOD

      as expected the HABS threw everything but the kitchen sink, it is almost cliche and predictable (and it was reverse of prior game) and it is typical of old time playoff hockey (without the necessary fighting which Bettman removed from the game).

      The HABS COULD NOT FINISH THEM OFF ! And they SPENT a lot of energy doing so. This series is one of puck luck , mOjO, and momentum. The HABS top two D men, and they is all they have, have logged a lot of minutes. It’s piling up.

      I expect the VGK to come out flying in GAME FIVE at home with a LOT OF ENERGY. I expect our forwards to be flying and winning the battles along the boards. Something that they have not been doing. I expect to see no. 61 to step up. The last game turned on the WALRUS save on that CC, then the VgK next shift they finally started body checking the HABS , then they began generating offense.

      Game five will be a barn buster, looking forward to it.

    • Richard Santomauro

      We were the better team in game 3 for sure. We didn’t play well in periods 1 of games 1 and 2. We should have won game 2 as well. Montreal has playing at the absolute maximum potential throughout this series and VGK has been taking time off (IMHO). As soon as they turned on the jets in game 4 you could see the difference talent wise. Montreal isn’t good enough to win this series unless the VGK continue to play down to their talent level.

  11. knights fan in minny

    lucky win need to play a hell of a lot better tuesday lehner was solid it his net now nice to see the best forward the past 2 games score the winner

  12. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Their campaign of hate on twitter, and here, yesterday, was beyond the pale.

    Now, come excuses and more negative about Lehner.

    Even the Canadian fans on twitter couldn’t believe that kind of hate being leveled on their own teams goalie, starting a very important playoff game.

    Well, they embarrassed themselves completely, as PANDA played a tremendous, brain-fart free, game!

    I told ya to show em’ big boy ……….

    ……..AND YOU DID! HA HA

  13. THE hockey GOD



    PUSH BUTTON PETE puts series on line with GUTSY call and the VGK come through as they done ALL SEASON LONG !

    The VGK will as a TEAM and they die as a TEAM !!

    What IRONY. The last two games were nearly identical ! Except each team reversed roles. We had a weak goal let in third period by each team.The ONLY difference is that the so called experts on TV were reigning down accolade after accolade on EVERY SINGLE one of the CANADIAN players from their mothers and fathers to their first grade teachers !! IT WAS PATHETIC display of bias by these HOMERS completely DISRESPECTING the VGK. They certainly weren’t doing that in the prior game about the VGK players when they were all over the HABS for 58 minutes. The only relatively “good’ thing they had to say was about misfit line, and they still managed to botch that up.

    I expect no 29 back in net (a fresh no. 29) , and no. 75 back in line up for Tuesday’s game. Then I expect them to go back to the WALRUS, WALANDA, for game in Montreal. It’s time for 29 to regain redemption. The TEAM will be playing HARD at home for him. And we need 75 to start bashing the bigger opponent players and wear them down. And give life to the fans in the barn !!

    THE VGK FINALLY CRASHED the net, with game winning goal. No. 10 had PRICE out to right so bad that the goalie in last desperate attempt THREW his stick in hapless display of frustration. That surely would have resulted in penalty shot should no. 10 have missed it. No. 10 had so much time and open space he could have unpacked his lunch, sat down, ate it , have a beer , and still pocket the puck in the net.

    (will the HABS coach follow suit and start their back up goalie in game five?)

    We have a series baby and it’s anybody’s ball game. Now to my friends back east, stop texting me and e mailing me GO HABS GO after every game. OK?

    • Do you know the name of your owm player? No 29 no 10….Fleury, Lehner and Roy

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Mister mister, let me make it easy on your eyes.
        from my OP(i always us players numbers if you read my posts)

        “I expect no 29= fleury back in net (a fresh no. 29= fleury) , and no. 75 – REAVES back in line up ”

        “with game winning goal. No. 10 (Nic Roy, not patrick wahhhhh) had PRICE out to right”

        THE WALRUS (= lehner) aka panda aka WALANDA (walrus+panda)

  14. THE hockey GOD



    you are a great guy , the team needs you !


    • Daryl

      And here I thought he was vaccinated?

      • THE hockey GOD

        The Arm Jab doesn’t work , my friend. The same thing happened to NY YANKEES in April. Seven players came down with the VID after the arm jab.

        RNA based vaccines modify your DNA and introduce unwanted extra “protein spike cells’ that accumulate and produce bad reproductive cells , keep your genetics RNA vaccine free. Best pick up line in future will be “my sperm/ egg cells are RNA vac free, that is worth something”.

        Corner store Masks and the arm JAB do not work. Only N99 masks or full front face shields are 99% effective. Everything else is cheap chicom cr ap.

        Check the CDC adverse effects website that has been scrubbed and drubbed after 4000 deaths and over 100,000 complications have been reported. They won’t tell the public the truth. And you certainly won’t get it from Carson City and goobner Blockhead Sissypants.

        • Howard

          “RNA based vaccines modify your DNA and introduce unwanted extra “protein spike cells’ that accumulate and produce bad reproductive cells”

          That’s an ignorant lie, and I work in this field specifically. While there may be theoretical long term neuro issues with MRNA (not RNA) based vaccines, THEY DO NOT ALTER DNA in any way.

          PLEASE stop spreading disinformation based on politics and other nonsense. Man, I just despise people who are ignorant of science.

          • Daryl

            I don’t know about any of that but what I do know is that the NHL is a very small sample size and there seems to be A LOT of personnel who have been vaccinated testing positive. If science is so right, then why isn’t there an explanation for this? Why is the CDC changing their guidelines so often?

            CDC said that if you contracted COVID you were good for about 3-5 months. Then they said if you get vaccinated you would be good for 6-9 months. Does the CDC and this great doctor really have a clue?

            Sorry, don’t mean to get off topic (hockey) but in a way it is related seeing how many vaccinated players are testing positive

  15. Walt23

    happy for the win, BUT the vgk top 6 forwards should be ashamed of their piss poor performance in this series.

    not one goal in 4 games by a top six forward, very little forecheck pressure, and an awful PP that even Reilly Smith is criticizing.

    will the Knights go to the final? it completely depends on whether the top 6 forwards wake up and do their job in the next couple games

  16. Julie

    Question:. What was the difference between Game 3 and all those shots Vegas took and hardly scored and Game 4 being substantially lower in shots and hardly scored?

    • I’m working on figuring that out. Likely an article or video for tomorrow.

      • Howard

        Again, it’s called trap hockey Ken. Surprised you haven’t figured this out yet. If you try to skate into various rotating traps. you won’t gain blueline much, and you will give other team a ‘counter punchers’ chance.

        What you aren’t figuring out here Ken is why you erred in picking VGK over Caps in final in 2018.

        VGK isn’t making fast decisions in the ozone. When they do gain it instead of MAKING A CROSS ICE PASS, they just take low % wristers – same thing they did against Dallas and Vancouver last year.

        Just watch video how Habs start at centerline, then backwards stack blueline with either 3-2. 1-2-2. or 2-3. VGK is also making way too many direct line to line stretch passes instead of CROSS ICE PASSING where Habs dcore is just too slow to cover that. In other words, Deboer is lousy at adjusting to trap hockey – same issue he had in his 2 final appearances in the past – it’s a big weakness/stubbornness of his as a coach.

        This somewhat worked against AVS dcore because they aren’t very physical on the puck whereas Habs are very physical on the puck, but VERY SLOW DCORE whereas AVS are very fast dcore = stylistic changes.

        VGK needs to stop trying to skate directly into traps, nor should they chip and dump, nor should they HOLD THE PUCK TOO LONG or shoot too quick. Rather, gain entry by forcing Habs to rotate cover – make their slow dcore guys SKATE, MAKE CROSS ICE PASSES and VGK will easily win next 2 games.

        If you were watching Tampa/NYI, that is basically what Tampa did to destroy Islanders trapping in game 5. VGK needs to properly utilize their speed and sticks. Stone is standing around way too much, trying to be over fine – same issue on power play btw.

        • Richard Santomauro

          This is exactly what is going on. AVS D small and fast. How many times did you see Stone, Patches, and Tuch just outmuscle them into the O-zone? A lot. Not so with Montreal and it will be much much worse when we get to the Final against TBL.

          We match up pretty well with TB if VGK can figure out how to adapt to zone entry issues. We’re pretty solid on defense regardless of who we play. VGK must adapt its offense to counter the opposition and you’re right Howard, DeBoer is either resistant to do so or just believes that we can outlast and outdefend opponents.

          Take a look at the winning goal in game 4. Patches throws a puck on net from about 15ft that bounces off to the opposite side where Roy is IN PLACE and takes advantage of being in the right place! The goalie is defending to his right and the puck shot comes from his left. Roy even has time to settle the puck down and lift it. Why? MTL D is slow.

          Lesson over.

  17. Pistol Pete

    I don’t think VGK has really been playing all that bad this series, below their level or whatever, yes some but the sky is not falling. Hockey is hockey and sometimes things don’t click as wanted. I have not finished watching game 4 but the second period was stronger than the first. Bear in mind, MON came back from 1-3 vs. TOR and swept WPG. Clearly they were doing some things right, perhaps good defense and man to man coverage. Whatever they did has continued to work some for them this series. Really should be 3-1 if not for Fleury’s lack of focus at the end of game 3 so in that sense VGK is rolling over MON basically.

    Fwiw, the other series is very similar in terms of goal scoring. Each series has one 4 goal winner and a 2-1. VGK has actually scored one more goal than TBL (10 to 9), so I would not say it’s been a scoring drought for VGK, not really, mostly D are scoring but that’s fine, DeBoer has them playing like forwards. VGK and TBL have each averaged 3 goals for their 2 wins.

    Btw, MON is a career nemesis much like MIN. VGK is 1-2-3 vs. MON regular season. 4-2 against both TBL and NYI.

  18. Jeff

    The following from the Pittsburgh Tribune Review is interesting fodder for the VGK goalie discussion

    “More from Marc-Andre
    Discussion has picked up in regard to the prospect of former Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury perhaps returning to Pittsburgh.

    This after Fleury was once again displaced in the playoffs by Vegas Golden Knights coach Peter DeBoer, who seems to favor Robin Lehner whenever circumstances allow a choice.

    But it sure sounds like Fleury would like to stay in Vegas.

    Marc-Andre Fleury-

    “I haven’t put much thought into the future, but it’s always been in my heart to hopefully finish my career here (in Vegas).”

    — Jesse Granger (@JesseGranger_) June 26, 2021

    And Fleury insists there is no static between him and Lehner.

    Fleury on his daughters writing letters to Lehner: My two girls love arts & crafts and they love writing letters. They give me lots of those. It was a big game in Montreal for Game 6 and in their hearts they wanted to send Robin some love. It was very sweet of them.

    — Vegas Golden Knights (@GoldenKnights) June 26, 2021

    But that’s not going to stop Penguins fans from wondering if there is a way to get Fleury back to town, especially given the concerns about Tristan Jarry after his failure in this year’s playoffs.

    That said, there are also issues when it comes to the teams swinging a deal with each other, given that both franchises have significant salary-cap concerns.”

    Doesn’t sound like the Penguins would be a landing place for MAF but who knows?

  19. Richard Santomauro

    MAF to the Penguins? Not going to happen.

    I am pretty sure that Foley has said no to the M&M brothers regarding dealing MAF. That means Lehner is the one being shopped. As everyone knows by now, I am not in favor of shopping for any more 30+ year old Centers.

    Lehner will bring in a nice couple of picks and maybe a couple of AHL prospects as well.

    I know Daryl would love to see it, but the chances are quite small that MAF is going anywhere for the next season.

    • Daryl

      You are probably right, BUT if VGK keeps both next season MAF could always sign with the Pens the following

      • Richard Santomauro


        Always a possibility. I am a big MAF fan despite the 4 goal major penalty issue and the Buckner moment. He’s got 3-5 years left in him barring injury.

        As for two goalies? NHL is returning to the prior schedule and format. I don’t see a need for two high paid goalies. But you never know!

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