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Recap: The Golden Knights came out attacking the Canadiens in Game 3. Vegas unloaded 17 shots on Montreal’s goaltender Carey Price but couldn’t hit the back of the net. The game was scoreless after the opening 20 minutes. 

Nic Roy gave Vegas the first lead of Game 3 with his third goal of the postseason 3:16 in the middle period. The Canadiens responded immediately scoring the tying goal 38 seconds later. The period would stay locked in a 1-1 tie. 

The Golden Knights regained their lead early in the final frame off a wrist shot by Alex Pietrangelo. The defenseman scored his fourth of the postseason and third of the series. With time winding down in the game Marc-Andre Fleury had a miscue trying to retrieve the puck and the Canadiens took advantage and tied the game 2-2. Montreal ended the game in overtime completing a late comeback victory. 

After losing 3-2 in overtime the Golden Knights now trail the seven game series 2-1. The series continues on Sunday evening in Montreal. Game 4 is scheduled for Friday evening at 5:00 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights had the game won. It really is as simple as that. Their d-zone coverage was brilliant all night. They had the neutral zone locked up for 99% of the game. They thwarted the Habs forecheck at every pass. But it comes down to the worst goal allowed by any goalie in the four-year history of the franchise. Sure, Vegas had a chance to win it after that, but they couldn’t pull it off and that error looms incredibly large heading into Game 4. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Tim

    It’s the old saying when you think you’ve seen it all something like what happened to Fleury happens. In a 100 years of hockey has any team been up with 2 minutes to go and our hall of fame goalie do what he did in the back of the net off his skate with an open net. Someday they’ll make a movie about the Knights. We’ve had more good and more bad happen to us in 4 years then any other team ever has. At least tonight we gave 100% for 60 minutes sometimes the hockey gods haven’t shinned there light on us.

    • ulf

      the answer to your question is yes – in over 100 years of hockey there have been plenty of stories that equal or beat the Knights in dramatic developments.
      the history of weird stories from Original Six teams alone would fill several books, and already have.

    • Pauly

      So is it Lehner or Bill Buckner for game 4?

    • Pauly

      So is it Lehner or Bill Buckner for game 4? Its a tough call…

      • knights fan in minny

        so bitter pauly what your sayinf if you ran this team they would be unstoppable remember you can always watch corn hole on espn

  2. Kevin

    VGK is completely relying on opponent errors to score goals. They are not converting on offense and to me, it seems they dont know what to do in a set offense when they have a puck. They instead rely on bad passes from the opponents to capitalize on those mistakes. They are very good at it for sure, but that’s not a reliable, sustainable way to continue to win games.

    It’s like a football team that can’t run the ball. You can’t do well relying on turnovers and 20 yard passes … you have to be able to do the basics.

    Ken used the analogy of unforced errors in tennis, which also fits. You’ll get points from the opponent double faulting, but you arent going to win Wimbledon without having the other parts of your game up to par.

    VGK cant run an set offense … which is further evidenced by their constant lack of PP scoring. There was one PP where the puck was left for dead … in our zone … behind Fluery!

    We didnt lose the game because of Fluery’s fluke … we lost it because the score was only 2-1 in a game that should have been 5-1 because of a lack of execution but the top 6, lack of scoring on the PP, and too many shots from outside that had little/no chance of going in.

    My 2 cents

  3. It was bound to happen sooner or later as Fleury does temp fate more often than he probably should. Unfortunately this was not the time for it to happen. He wasn’t particularly sharp on first goal letting that kid make him good pretty bad. He is much better when busy – what did he see 2 shots first period and not much more in second. I know Ken as mentioned he does think the pp is that important which l would say is totally not correct. The lack of pp will be the killer for vegas even if by chance they get by the Montreal series. This is not negativity this is reality.

    • DC

      HDB, Yup, when a goalie does not face shots in a while he will get soft and a bit careless. He is still a great goalie and a great guy and probably headed for the Hall of Fame. I’m sure he is feeling the weight of it all.

      • sb

        Another excuse. Guy’s making $7 million. Come on.

        • Pauly

          We have BY FAR the dumbest fan base in sports…of course you are correct…but most of these morons are fixated with plastic flamigos and small dog sweaters

          • Richard Santomauro

            Dumbest post of all time. Why do you have to be so negative. Be Kind. Make someone smile and stop being a j#rk.

          • Daryl

            Don’t you have a protest to go to? I heard they’re was a protest over killing frogs you might be interested in

    • sb

      It’s Lehner’s fault! No, it DeBoer’s fault! Always someone else’s fault except that guy who’s cashing that $7 million dollar check. I still remember that night in San Jose.

      • Daryl

        How many times has MAF bailed t his team out? You blame a guy who’s made one bad mistake! How many turnovers has Petra had which led to a goal? How many points does our Captain have? How about our entire 1st line. What about our PP unit? It’s easy to blame a player who makes the obvious mistake and completely ignore all the others who have done the same. If it wasn’t for MAF, we wouldn’t even be where we are right now

        • Pauly

          Spoken like the guy who brought that beach ball to the game…dumbest fan base in sports, and this fat mall security guard leads the way

          • Daryl

            If you say so Mrs Pauly Shore. You have had maybe two intelligent comments since you have arrived. You sound like an entitled 18y/o twat

            It’s funny you talk about this fan base but then say you are a fan which means you are also taking about yourself.

        • Pauly

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  4. It was bound to happen sooner or later as Fleury does temp fate more often than he probably should. Unfortunately this was not the time for it to happen. He wasn’t particularly sharp on first goal letting that kid make him good pretty bad. He is much better when busy – what did he see 2 shots first period and not much more in second. I know Ken as mentioned he does think the pp is that important which l would say is totally not correct. The lack of pp will be the killer for vegas even if by chance they get by the Montreal series. This is not negativity this is reality.

  5. Richard Santomauro

    Fleury just earned the Billy Buckner Award of Hockey. Period. Good night.

    • Jeff

      I was thinking the same thing. If the Habs go on to win the round, Fleury’s mistake will be right up there with Bill Buckner’s as a critical turning point in depriving the VGK of a chance at the cup. If they lose the round this will, unfairly so, serve as a major blemish on a sterling career.

      • Daryl

        VGK lost because they were 0-4 on the PP. Yeah MAF gave up a goal but he also rovvwd them of a goal. He’s has bailed out this team more times than I can doubt at some point the team needs to bail him out. I respect Stone fit the comet he made. I have less respect now for the comment PDB made. That is just another reason why I can’t stand him and think he is a shit coach.

        VGK is still of the mindset that it’s all about the number of shots than it is about the quality of shots. They’re are times when teams don’t shoot and look for the perfect pass to get the perfect the perfect shot…. and you just want them to shoot. VGK is the exact opposite.

        I predicted VGK would win this series in 5. Now I’m changing it to 6. VGK. VGK is the better team and should win this series

        • DOC (Go Knights Go)

          ha ha ha

          Look who finally shows with his hypocritical BIG MOUTH!

          Nobody cares or believes what you have to say.

          You already threw the Knights under the bus little man and didn’t have the balls to admit your mistake, eat your words, like you said you would.

          What a JOKE!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

          • Daryl

            Hey look who it is, it’s the old senile man. For the record, I said VGK wouldn’t beat the Avs and I still don’t think they should have. MAF made some amazing saves, more than the usual 1 or 2 a goalie makes in a game. I came on here and said I was wrong. I also said VGK would win this series in 5 games.

            As for not being around, I’ve been on VGK this past week and I don’t use my phone or even turn it on while on vacation

            As for the joke, that is all you. Ask your doctor to review your meds and update them. BTW, I thought you were leaving this place to go be with “real” hockey fans

        • THE hockey GOD

          welcome back Daryl

          here are PBD post game comments, which you triggered you?

          “yeah those events are tough to over come, we talked between third period and OT about trying to get our MOJO back. I don’t think we were that poor in OT but that (event) carried into OT. It was a little bit on negative side (for us) and it obviously gave them some pop going out there.”

          “that power play wasn’t great. Probably was the only piece of our game that wasn’t great. There are things that effect every team this time of the year and that is something we will need to continue to work at”

          “Ahh yeah I saw him (Fleury) in hall way between the third period and OT Said “let’s get this back “! We have handled that type of adversity before, goals like that before. There was on in Colorado. The guys (on our team) responded to him continuously thru the playoffs . That was the message let’s dig in, and get it back. ”

          OT goal question
          “yeah it was wrong line change with OT (2nd period type line change). Bouncing puck at the far blue (blue line) I think there was question on whether it was off side or played with a high stick. Bottom line we didnt get a handle on it. Those are those long change goals and mistakes that happen”

          “I will take questions on game, I answered question on that earlier. ”

          on this game for 58 minutes that they played well when looking at tape.
          “Yeah we have too. I love their game. If we can play like that for next week I have a hard time believing they will beat us two more times. But you know, we gotta go back and look at it (tape) particularly take a lot of the real good stuff we did tonight. You know IF we WIN the next game, we come up with a split and get home ice back. You know this series momentum shifts again.

          Going on power play can mess up our 5 on 5 play. It can but I don’t think it impacted our five on five tonight. Their five on five play was good all night. Our power play is work in progress, no doubt about it.”

    • Contact Tracer

      Such a stupid comment. VGK scoring some goals could have made it a moot issue. $60+ million worth of guys out there can’t put more than 2 in the net? Montreal is playing like a team that wants to win the Stanley Cup, period.

      • jinklu

        CT you nailed it.

      • ulf

        well said

      • Contact Tracer – Your last statement say it all – “Montreal is playing like a team that wants to win the Stanley Cup, period.” – unfortunately the same can’t be said for Vegas. Regardless of the money they spend management can’t buy the ingredient missing – a winning attitude. The Fleury error in judgment (no that is not giving him a pass) would be a moot point if the balance of the team was doing what they are paid to do – score goals, defend and walk proud. To not capitalize on the man advantage is a recipe for failure which Vegas, for whatever reason,( players, coaching etc can’t get an handle on) are doing their very best to prove that is the case – 1 goal in eleven chances ridicules. Ken is of the opinion PP is not a problem which is rather strange given he is pretty critical on other issues. Both losses by a single goal and they had 11 chances which could make all the difference just capitalizing on a couple. Even the announcers say not scoring is one thing but it gives the competition free reign with no concern for the consequences. They look at it simply a rest in the box with no worry.

    • Tim

      Richard you are so right what a perfect comparison.

    • jinklu

      How about Goodbye?

  6. Jeff

    It appears that our first and second lines are choking in this series. What can be done to get them out of their funk. I realize that missing Stephenson is a big loss but still and all the offense being generated is dismal. Finally Petro is earning his salary and playing excellent defensive and offensive hockey when it counts.

  7. Howard

    My analysis is simple. VGK doing what they did last year in the Bubble when they face a trap team – they force shots, take way too many low percentage shots, and DO NOT ELEVATE THE HIGH DANGER ONES!

    Tuch is particular poor at puck elevation. In terms of the PP, VGK doesn’t skate in it. What I mean is that they stand around instead of switching out positions – half wall, bumper,point, rotate, skate blue, switch out Dmen with forwards. Tampa does it right, watch their PP.

    Instead as I said, they makes passes, STAND IN SAME SPOT THEY PASSED FROM instead of rotating, take shots into traffic and actually give up potentially short handed rebounds from block chances.

    This team lacks centering depth and even if we get past this round, I guarantee you Tampa will smoke us.

    • Howard, I agree with the PP. Colorado also does a great job of rotating positions on the PP. The Avs are in constant flux and getting off high quality shots with a man advantage. VGKs need to improve in this area if they want to be serious contenders. The old days of stagnant D-to-D passing and getting off a so-so shot on the PP are over.

    • sb

      Absolutely. Same problem three years running. Badly missing a high-end, playmaking center for Line 1. Then move Stephenson to Tuch line. This missing piece points to the problems with Line 1 and the PP. D-Man aren’t supposed to be quarterbacks on the PP. That’s what a crafty center does – distribute the puck to wingers and D-men set to bomb one-timers. Stephenson gets hurt and it all unravels. I have said this many times – it’s the lack of a hi-end center and the failure of the PP that are the causes of VGK losing in the Playoffs. Tampa, a complete team, will systematically defeat Vegas 7 out of 10 times.

      • ulf

        I don’t disagree with your comment on the center! But D-Men have historically been quarterbacks on the PP going back to the founding of the league over 100 years ago. These days there are more times when teams go with 4 forwards (or even 5 in rare cases), but there are countless references to D-Men QBing the PP in media today for starters.

        • Daryl

          I agree… Several team use a Dman as their point on the PP (Pens). A Forward would take the puck deep and pass it back up to the blueline for a shot. Teams like the Caps don’t although they have at times with Oshie. Caps like to use a triangle. The difference b/n the Pens and VGK is the Pens have better players with their sticks and are able to deflect shots or getting rebounds. VGK doesn’t really have a sniper like the Caps so they would have issues with the triangle as well

      • ulf

        further to the point (pun intended – and it’s from wikipedia so take that for what it’s worth, was just the fastest reference:)

        “A player in the opponent’s end zone at the junction of the blue line with the boards is said to be at the point. Usually the players at the two points are the defencemen. On the power play the players playing at these positions are always known as the points, though one of the positions is sometimes played by a forward.

        The point’s responsibilities include attempting to keep the puck in the offensive zone when the defensive team attempts to clear (see also Offside (ice hockey)), receiving a pass from the forwards to allow the play to reset, and taking slapshots at the goal, hoping to score, create a rebound or a deflection. On the power play, one of the players playing the point is typically the “quarterback” – that is, the one who controls (through passing) where the puck goes, and also takes many shots.”

  8. Howard

    Concerning MAF…. He had a brain fart. If u look at replay carefully, he was looking up ice WHILE PLAYING THE PUCK and lost track of where the puck was.

    Reason I rack on Lehner more is because Lehner MAKES WAY MORE BONEHEADED mistakes. I hope we can win this series. I still think VGK will outplay every game, but they need a better PP as I mentioned earlier and they absolutely need to SHIT can all those wasted long blueline shots., Instead, work the cycle and pin Habs in their dzone.

    His goaltending has been good, not great, but good. VGK when they do have breakdowns, boy do they ever F UP!

    Btw, Refs were a disgrace both ways.

  9. jinklu

    Why does nobody talk about the fact that neither Stone nor Pacioretty has a single point in this series? If they were doing their jobs and earning their millions that fluke goal would not have mattered. IMO if they don’t get their asses in gear and start scoring the Knights will be playing golf next week. The D cannot nor should they be expected to do all the scoring. They have proved Price can be scored on. Now it’s well past time for our erstwhile captain to be a leader and for Pacioretty to get over whatever his problem is.

    • ulf

      Good points – I keep saying that Patches isn’t historically a playoff performer, but he does have 2 post-seasons where he was more than his usual 0.5-0.6 points per game:
      2012-13: 0 points/4 games
      2013-14: 11 points/17 games (0.64ppg)
      2014-15: 7 points/11 games (0.63)
      2016-17: 1 point/6 games (0.16)
      2018-19: 11 points/7 games (1st with Knights, his best at age 30)
      2019-20: 8 points/16 games (0.50)
      He has been scoring this post-season, but Patches will be 33 this fall. Management and fans have been overvaluing VGK talent for a while now, we need to open some eyeballs up and demand better.

  10. Jason S.

    VGK vs MTL (Series Price)
    VGK -155
    MTL +135

    The books still believe in the VGK.

  11. Pauly

    Fleury is over the hill…not the first time he has mishandled the puck while trying to be fancy…Patches amd Stone are worthless…the power play is a laughing stock…most VGK supposed fans know nothing about hockey, and cover that ignorance with small dog sweaters, plastic flamingo toys and looking like tools in 300 dollar oversized jerseys…

    PDB is a disaater. The front office sucks.

    Welcome to VGK hockey. The Petro contract will saddle this team for years with cap issues – get ready for 8 years of LA Kings style drought…

    • Jason S.

      THIS has happened to just about every goalie that’s ever played the game.

      Reminder to those getting so emotionally involved. Even the winner of the Cup gets thrown back into the pool of 32 teams at the end of the season, and no one cares who won the Cup the previous year when the new season begins. I learned this the hard way when my favorite team (yes, hockey was played before the VGK entered the league) won the Cup.

    • knights fan in minny

      pauly your a bone head you said vegas would not beat the lanche who would listen to you your such a genuis

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        PLUS, look who’s back, minny.

        The guy who said the Knights would lose to Colorado.

        Never admitted his mistake or ate his words, as he swore he would.

        ha ha ha, more laughs!!!!!

        • Daryl

          Wrong dumbass…. Maybe your old eyes are too blind to see clearly. I’m also not the only one who said VGK would lose to COL. It’s great living in that old senile head of yours rent free

    • knights fan in minny

      this coming from the bitterest man on the planet pauly go kick your dog or yell at your neighbor

    • knights fan in minny

      pauly you must have a black cloud over your house how about those lanche

    • Daryl

      The goalie who is over the hill has saved this team over and over again all season. You can’t make me a HoF goalie who hasn’t done something similar, even in the playoffs. He deserves to be ridiculed for his mistake and he is getting lose to retirement time, but he is still one of the best goalies in the NHL. I can’t really argue with most of your other points

      • jinklu

        ITA Daryl. I saw Patrick Roy who I believe is the best goalie in the history of the game do something similar. Fleury did not cost VGK a win. Lack of scoring by Stone and Pacioretty is the major problem IMO.

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Little man, no one cares about anything you say!

        • Daryl

          I’m surprised you didn’t have a heart attack after that last game old man. Great to see your still alive!

          • Pauly

            Loser mall fake cop with a super fat wife…dumbest fan base ever

        • Daryl

          You must care since you always have something to say to me moron

          • Daryl

            A fan base you are apart of…. Love your entitled little twats.

  12. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    We won, didn’t we?

    The boys played as we asked, dominated.

    We were ahead, with 1 minute left.

    We won, right?

    Why is everyone so sad?

    Wait, WHAT HAPPENED ????????

    • Yes Flower screwed up bad 2 minutes left don’t leave your net but more so comes down to need to quit playing keep away. If you’re up 2-1 never enough make it 4-1. If up 4-1 not enough make it 6-1. Don’t try to take the air out of the ball so to speak it’s playoffs no one is going to screem because you ran up the score when the clock is at triple zeros is when you stop putting pucks in the net.

  13. Arnold Rothstein

    The FIX is obviously IN.

    The mob has gotten to this team – the VEGAS BLACK SOX ! If the goalie gaffes once, you pass it off. But twice? No. These players are paid off ! This team is so much better than the Canadians there is no other explanation. Fleury Bill Buckner? That is rich. More like Shoeless Joe Jackson. Just like last year this team passes a non contender for the Bolts (likely) to beat. It’s over folks, there is no way this team recovers when they not have only to play a team on other side, but deal with beating players on their own team.

    The REFS knew what was going in, they turned a blind eye to many Vegas obvious penalties. You can say they have themselves only to blame. But when they look at their bank accounts they will realize that winning three out of next four against the team of destiny is not likely.

    Arnold “the BRAIN” Rothstein

  14. Arnold Rothstein

    The FIX is in.

    The MOB has gotten to the VEGAS BLACK SOX. It looks like Hockey in VEGAS is not a good idea after all.

    Goalie makes one gaffe, you give them a pass. But two gaffes ? At major point in game? These players are getting paid to throw the playoffs. This team is so much better than the Canadians, it’s laughable. Comparing Fleury to Billy Buckner, now that is rich. I would say more like Shoeless Joe Jackson.

    At the end of the day the only thing getting richer are their bank account, the likelihood of winning three out of four is slim and none. And Slim just left town. Looks like the Vegas Black Sox are jokers and chokers. The odds makers are wheeling in the dough. Did you see the odds the line makers put on? Someone is pulling in some nice trim. Most of the key players are sleep walking out there. Tuch could elevate NOT if he got into an elevator at Trump plaza hotel and pushed all the buttons. Remember in finals against Caps when the goalie made what the press called THE SAVE?

    Something stinks folks, the team is not playing like they should be playing.

    Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein

  15. Arnold Rothstein

    The FIX is in.

    The MOB has gotten to the VEGAS BLACK SOX. It looks like Hockey in VEGAS is not a good idea after all.

    Goalie makes one gaffe, you give them a pass. But two gaffes ? At major point in game? These players are getting paid to throw the playoffs. This team is so much better than the Canadians, it’s laughable. Comparing Fleury to Billy Buckner, now that is rich. I would say more like Shoeless Joe Jackson.

    At the end of the day the only thing getting richer are their bank accounts, the likelihood of winning three out of four is slim and none. And Slim just left town. . Most of the key players are sleep walking out there.

    Something is wrong folks, the team is not playing like they should be playing.

    Arnold “the Brain” Rothstein

  16. knights fan in minny

    the fluery flub hurt stuff happens some of you on here have already thrown in the towel its only game 3 get a grip nicky roy and riely had fantastic efforts

    • Pauly

      In a sea of know nothing VGK fans, you stand out as the dumbest yet!

      VGK fans are so embarrassing

      • knights fan in minny

        hey pauly do you enjoy being a jack ass

        • Pauly

          So dumb! You represent the plastic flamingo, don’t understand hockey fan base perfectly!

          • knights fan in minny

            pauly do you enjoy being a piece of sht what the hell are you talking about flamingo i bet you cant wait for the raiders to start so you can tell everybody how they can win you should get your own sports show in vegas you claim to be a know it all have you ever played hockey

        • Pauly

          Thanks again for bringing that beach ball to the game…dumbest fan base ever

          • Daryl

            First it’s a dog sweater and now it’s a beach ball…. always ending with the dumbest fan base ever.

            This child is hilarious. Welcome to the new generation. We have a vision of what will come to this world. Your mom should have swallowed

          • knights fan in minny

            pin head pauly were you dropped on your head as a kid

  17. ulf

    A lot of comments on the Knights’ problems going deeper than the Fleury misplay, and gotta say they’re right on the money.
    Firstly, that mistake can’t even be pinned 100% on Fleury. Bad play he made? Absolutely. He has a history of doing that going back to his early Pens days. But what about the rest of the VGK letting 2 Canadiens players get that deep in the zone that late in the game? Anderson just walked right in there and had nobody on him. In the last few minutes of a one-goal playoff game you simply have to back check like you mean it. From VGK? Nothing.
    Secondly, the lack of depth on the VGK is starting to show again. You can have only so many “Donut lines” (no center) and expect success. That’s on management.
    Thirdly, the players that are here aren’t getting it done. Most of the goals are from the Knights’ defense corps. What about Patches, Stone, the misfits, the list goes on. I mean Patches has never been a great playoff performer (with 2 post-season exceptions) but at some point you’ve got to earn your money in the playoffs. Part of this is on management for expecting too much and overvaluing players. Part of it is on the players for not making it tough, and part is absolutely on PDB whose history has not been great either.
    Montreal get slagged but they have players who have won more Stanley Cups than Vegas has, more Olympic medals and lord knows what else. We have to respect them, not keep dismissing them as beneath the Knights.

    • THE hockey GODv

      PDB got them this far, he’s not the problem. He is doing the best he can with the hand that has been dealt.

      Check back later after they get no. 20 back and start playing better.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PDB got them this far, he’s not the problem. He is doing the best he can with the hand that has been dealt.

      Check back later after they get no. 20 back and start playing better.

      • Ulf

        Unfortunately look at PDB’s history and he’s not a super flexible coach. And if we’re counting on Chandler Stephenson being the difference maker in this series we are in real trouble.

        • THE hockey GOD

          don’t put words in my post that aren’t there, I didn’t say “difference maker” he is a key part of the team though. They won game one when he played, and they lost next two games when he didn’t play.

          do the math, it’s pretty simple.

          check back later when he returns to line up

          • Daryl

            A great coach can make adjustments and win. PDB is a good coach but not a great coach. His record will decline each year.

    • jinklu

      Exactly, ulf.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    I feel bad for Fleury, he deserves better than to be playing on a team that is going down in history as the Vikings/Bills of the NHL. (first season – THE SAVE on Tuch, second season SHARK BITE, third season – dallas.

    It’s not over until the FAT LADY SINGS, and she’s warming up. Someone get a sock ready.

    At least the home fans get to see their team play at least one more time.

    Habs will be coming out like crazy at start of game four. You can count on it. They have the scent of blood. They know they can beat this team.

  19. Winnipeg swept the Oilers. Montreal swept Winnipeg. These Canadiens are a good team. You can’t let down your guard when playing them.

  20. THE hockey GOD

    i remember when Rich Karlis missed a sure shot field goal for the denver broncos at the buzzer losing the playoff game. Next day all the major restaurants in town put up gigantic banners “ALL BRONCO PLAYERS WELCOME EXCEPT RICH KARLIS.

    I remember working out on Sunday, at the health club, it was great. 20,000 sq ft club, with whole works. No one was there. When I was leaving I had to pick up badge. The girl at front desk said

    Aren’t you watching THE GAME?

    I said what GAME?

    She said THE BRONCO GAME, aren’t you a BRONCOS FAN. EVERYONE in Denver is a Bronco fan.

    I said , no I guess not.

    Now that is real sports city.

  21. THE hockey GOD

    Knights have had four different first-line centers in the past two games.

    It’s broke and needs fixing, only OTHER one to play decent in regular season on no. 1 line was no. 9, better than four we saw last two games.

    Will no. 9 be recalled ? If no. 20 isn’t ready, Or will Krebs get a chance ? Or will they give no 14 (skirora or however you spell his name) a shot, he’s fast but weak on puck.

    75 needs to sit. Wasn’t used in third period, not an asset at this point in series.

  22. Frank

    Calm down people. Three games have been played this series and in two of them the VGK were clearly the better team. Horrible misplay by Fleury on the game tying goal and two defensive mistakes are the difference between 2-1 Montreal and 2-1 Vegas. Yes, our PP is horrible right now. That is a problem, but if we have a complete effort, we’ll come away winners on Sunday and head back home series tied.

  23. knights fan in minny

    frank you need to tell mr bitter pauly that the way he talks he could run this team better after all pauly is the answer man how is the lanche doing pauly boy

    • Pauly

      Go knit another small dog VGK sweater…,most ignorant fan base is sports

      • knights fan in minny

        i dont own a dog stupid take your mask off and get some air pauley its affecting your brain bitter clown how are the lanche doing

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        You need new material pal. Your dog stuff is old.

        Just ask the guy who sports #5s pic.

        He’s got loads of BS!

        • Daryl

          Listen to the old man with dementia, he kind of sounds like our president

  24. Tim

    I’ve thought about this and I’m half serious. Can you refuse to take a Power Play is there anything in the hockey rule book. It’s a given were not going to score on a PP so to waste 2 minutes when were playing good at 5 on 5 why break our rhythm going on a PP. I just wonder how much the gaffs in the last 2 games will effect him in game 4. He may be shell shocked and then what? In my opinion we were better then Dallas last years and Montreal this year but we can’t solve the goalie and as in yesterdays game if were that close to victory and it’s not the goalie then it’s some crazy play thats our downfall. Even going back 2 years to the Sharks series who gives up 4 goals in a 5 minute penalty even though it was a bogus penalty only the Knights.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yeah I thought about that too, I don’t think so. The only way you can “refuse” is to put five men out there that are all defensive men. Or play four on four, you don’t get a penalty for playing one man short. You certainly don’t put two forwards on D and you don’t put one forward on D. Sometimes you don’t want the other team to score on your PP, especially the HABS who have scored , I think they have scored more short handed goals of any team in playoffs.

  25. Mike StG

    Center depth is irrelevant to the current situation. Chandler is what makes L1 go, and they don’t have a replacement with the speed & finishing to replace him. ANY playoff caliber team that lost either a C1 or C2 would be adversely affected. BOS without Krejci or Bergeron, NYI without Barzal or Nelson, TBL without Point or Stamkos/Cirelli, etc.

    Vegas L4 needs to be more of a scoring threat, to offset the loss of Stevie on L1. Sikura is probably the best option to replace Reaves. Other than that, they don’t have any good options to replace Stevie. You take Karlsson off the Misfit line and it might help the Stone line, but Misfits play so well together as a unit it’s hard to see how that would have an overall benefit. Might be worth a shot though, as Vegas last 2 games they scored a total of 4 goals, 3 by Petro.

    PP issues seem to be rooted in their troubles entering the zone. They should probably stop the drop passes, which have been sloppy and disjointed. And they should consider NOT letting Shea carry the puck thru the NZ on PPs. He’s been extremely careless with passes (and blueline shots). They aren’t entering the zone with speed and as a result they’re not even able to set up half the time.

    With Price standing on his head, they have to generate something when they have the man advantage.

    • THE hockey GOD

      habs beat the jets and loser leafs , both of which lost their no. 1 center. Anyone see a pattern here ?

    • Richard Santomauro

      I still believe that Tuch is going to take his game to a higher level.

      • Howard

        Ya, and he can start first by SHOOTING THE PUCK AT A HIGHER LEVEL, LITERALLY.

        • Julie

          Howard, your post had me laughing envisioning that you used caps as if to send the message really to Tuch..
          Like, hey, Tuch we are with you, but try something different, it will probably work. 🙂

    • sb

      That’s the problem with the PP – not entering with speed. There are only two guys on this team who can do that – Tuch and Stephenson. The short-term solution is to come down the ice five across and fire the puck in off the boards. the three forwards crash in. Do this enough and the Habs will back up abandoning the blue line. VGK PP entry is so predictable and defendable. Same bumbling, fumbling every single PP. This off-season, get a new PP guru.

      • Richard Santomauro

        The PP is definitely a weak spot that needs attention. A new PP guru is needed badly. VGK is returning to the same playoff goal drought that they suffered through last year.

  26. Richard Santomauro

    So, now that the frustration and shock has worn off, I would like to say that despite the Bill Buckner moment our Knights are still the better team on the ice!

    A true fan supports the team. That’s me.

    As frustrated as I am over the Buckner moment, there is no doubt that the Golden Knights are the better team. Whether they earn their spot in the Stanley Cup Finals is completely up to them as a team.

    We all know what the pros and cons are to this team. If they are going to succeed it is completely on them . It doesn’t matter what we think. What’s going on in that locker room is the only thing that matters.

    I believe.

  27. Julie

    Well, if an error like Fleury’s was going to happen, better it happens when they can still win the series. Let it be a reminder, and I am sure no one is humbled more than MAF right now.

    However, while Vegas blocked a lot of shots, they couldn’t get a handful in with all the shots they took. That is scary. Seems like we need to figure Price out and keep Fleury engaged. I believe Vegas is the better team.

    I still believe Vegas will win the next game. Yes, I do. Btw, if anyone saw the NYI/TB game Thursday, I was blown away. The fans started singing the national anthem over the lady paid to sing and she stopped while they sang, smiling and encouraging them. And while this may fit in with the dog sweater comments I have read here, I thought it was a positive display of community. Vegas fans are some of the best fans out there. When the team comes home, after they win Sunday, it will be spectacular.

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads out there! Even the cranky ones.

    • knights fan in minny

      spot on julie

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Julie, the hockey fans on Long Island always do that during the national anthem, they are true patriot fans. Here the people are wowed by electronics , flash, and instant gratification. If you tuned out Carnell you could hear a dime drop. The only word they know is “knights” and that isn’t even in the right word in verse. And I believe they call it the star spangled banner. It’s a positive display of patriotism. Community is for commies, “it take a village” dumbchits, and organizers who aren’t qualified to do much else, yet alone run a nation.

      Back east fans’ have one drum and one horn, and sometimes the house organ. They make up their own crazy chants, they have them for moments in the game. No cheer leaders wearing more make up on their face than the clothes in barn. They have real old time hockey barn noise. Not some contrived electronic thug bangster who says “clap your hands’, and little kids twisting around contorting to get on screen who are clueless about what is going on. They have no business being at game , a violent game, with fighting, and blood. BAck in the day you’d never see children at game. Everyone dressed to the nines, and ladies were all class. Not jumping around like they have jumping beans in their pants.

      Here’s out back east fans think of Vegas , an email from a friend ” “will be in Vegas. Not really interested in shelling out big bucks to watch a fake hockey experience. Got better options.”

      done with rant, got off track there, sorry.

      • Daryl

        Agreed…. mostly

      • Julie

        Hi, HG, you are right about Vegas calling it “The Star Spangled Banner”. And I probably could have used a better word than “community”. I meant that such a large group of people doing something nice was a great site to see. I wish I got into hockey earlier than my twenties. I lived on the East Coast mist of my life, from NC originally. I lived in the DC area for awhile and got to the Caps arena but that was to see Pavarotti…not quite the same thing. :).

        • THE hockey GOD


          u r ok

          ahhh Pavarotti, put on the clown jacket !

          HA ha ha



  28. Richard Santomauro

    There is no doubt that the Golden Knights have the better talent.

    I think coaching has been a bit of a problem. It took a long time to figure out that Tuch (or Janmark) needed to replace Stephenson on the top line.

    Also, the power play is non-existent. It’s just shit, and it doesn’t get much worse than feces, does it? Get just 2 of those 10 power plays and this series is 3-0 VGK, not 2-1 MTL. Period.

    The Lightning power is so good because they cycle their players clockwise in a fashion that causes confusion and creates opportunities. The VGK power play is too simple and not complex enough to fool anyone.

    • Daryl

      Be careful talking about the coaching, old man Doc will come after you?!!!

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        You are such a coward!

        Hid for days and never have eaten your words.

        Little man, you are a scurvy little internet trolling insect.


        Everyone knows WHAT you are.

        You missed the many comments directed at you, by many, about how gutless you were on throwing the Knights under the bus, then not living up to it.

        My work to expose what you are, is complete!

        • Daryl

          Please…. You can’t stay away. Your dementia will cause you to remember what you just said…. besides thought you were leaving anyway. It’s funny….. you are like all those who said they were leaving if Trump got elected, and yet here you are

    • Mike StG


      Stevie had only been out 1 game. It made sense to try Roy and KK first, as they’re both centers. Tuch not being a natural center and the faceoff % issue would make him more of a last resort. I think after Game 2 they realized that the upside of Tuch (speed & finish) outweighed the potential downsides. Janny has the speed but isn’t a great finisher and his f/o% is not great either.

      Sounds like they were happy with Tuch at C1. PDB said they put Nosek there later in the game because they were ahead and Nosek’s defense and f/o were important factors. That makes total sense.

      I agree they need to cycle the player up top on PP, as even when they DO get set up they’re too predictable and don’t create any movement in the Habs’ D. I’d like to see Marchy in the bumper more. He may not be a great passer (or screener or shot deflector) but his quickness could lead to better rebound opportunities.

    • Julie

      Hey, Richard, how are feeling about Petro? It seems he wants to play now. 🙂

      • Richard Santomauro

        I have to admit, Petro has upped his game. The biggest problem right now is putting in a full 60 minutes in the playoffs. VGK took the first period off in games 1 and 2. In game 3 they played a full 60 and would have won if not for the fluke goal.

        The next problem is the power play, or lack thereof. VGK is 0 for their last 12 (24 minutes on the man advantage)! If they get just 2 power play goals VGK is likely up 3 games to none in this series.

        I am also just dumbstruck by PDB’s decision to put Roy and then Kolesar on the top line with Patches and Stone. Both belong on the 3rd or 4th line. It would have been better to Janmark, Brown or Tuch up there. He finally put Tuch up there and they played much better, but still didn’t score.

        • Julie

          I think maybe PDB realized he had to do something, and he had a 1 game cushion to try something out. Hopefully, he will keep Tuch up there and they sort out Price. I really like Janmark and Brown is good too. Something seems to be holding Tuch back on scoring, but I am surprised more from Stone and Pacioretty isn’t happening. The MC message board I saw recently mentioned Stone had a fractured foot at some point and that may be troubling him. But can’t find anything on that to confirm. I agree on Game 3. MC got lucky. I also agree Vegas can win this thing.

    • THE hockey GOD

      if it wasn’t for PDB coaching you’d be watching loonie toons cartoons, re runs of Simpsons or CSI MIAMI, or sitting on some beach listening to Zac Brown Band right now.

      He’s a good coach. Better than prior one by light years, and is dealing with lack of depth, a tired team, COVID protocols, and more things than you can imagine.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Sorry THE-hGod,

        DeBoer is a good coach, no doubt. But, this team is doing the same exact thing on offense that it did in the playoffs a year ago – WITH BETTER TALENT.

        Roy on the 1st line with Patches/Stone? DUMB
        Kolesar? Just as DUMB

        0-12 on the man advantages? That’s over an entire period of hockey on the man advantage without hitting net even once.


        We have agreed on a lot in the past, but he’s far from being “light years” better than Gallant. In fact, Gallant took this team to game 5 of the Stanley Cup. When Deboer does that only then will he be his equal. Right now, I am still not a PDB fan.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Thanks for kind words RS (I ignore the Pauly dude, he’ll probably not let me cut in line at Palms any more if I tick him off)

          I met GG at practices several times, he is a good coach. Better than half of others in league. And much better than Rick Tocchet. Met him too, whoa! Not going there.

          I am happy that NY RANGERS hired him. But what took him so long to get a job?

          The best coaches in my opinion in league are in no particular order. The panthers coach, the caps coach, the islanders coach, and i am not impressed with coach who won “coach of year” this year. GG won that didn’t he?

          Yes VGK needs improvements, every team this time of year needs to work on something. The team looks tired to me. They used to go to 23 on every PP. They got away from that for some reason.

          It’s easy to pick on coach. But he brought them to semi finals two years in row. That is hard to do.

          I suspect GG got into it with FO more than once, just rumors.

          • Pauly

            Knit another small dog sweater! Dumbest most laughable fan base in sports history

          • Richard Santomauro

            There is no doubt that GG pissed off the FO. Never a good thing to do, and I imagine that it was one of those deal breakers for GG. I don’t think he liked the way the FO was handling the roster in terms of trades. I can’t remember the player, but word has it that when he was traded he found out when his FOB card to access the facility no longer worked and he had to be told by a teammate.

            That’s some bad shit and no way to treat human beings.

            I think Foley finally stepped in when they were getting ready to shaft MAF as well and put a stop to it. Good thing too because bringing Lehner in never made any sense to me at all. Now the team is stuck with that baggage. To tell you the truth, I am surprised that MAF didn’t just say get me the hell outta Vegas. I think he really likes the Owner and vice versa.

          • Julie

            Hg, I believe Gallant just managed a team to win a big prize, world championship for Canada in Latvia. So, he has been busy. 🙂

      • Pauly

        As dumb and ignorant VGK fans go, this guy is among the dumbest…dumbest fan base in all of sports

        • knights fan in minny

          hey pauly do you enjoy being a dick head

          • Emit

            Just because he has a different opinion than yours doesn’t make him dickhead Grow up dude

          • Daryl

            @Emit….. No, he is a dickhead

          • Pauly

            Stupidest fan base in sports history…amazing the level of hockey ignorance

          • Pauly

            You are all being replaced

        • Daryl

          Oh no… All of us VGK fans are being replaced

          • Pauly

            Just the white racists like you and your disgusting family

          • Daryl

            The sad part is, you NEED so bad to have this hate or your whole world would just go away. You need the hate so bad your reading comprehension is nonexistent. I have yet to say one racist comment on here but your hate and your own racism blinds you. You have to have hate in this world or you are a nobody, a non-existant twat. How much do you think the government owes you for slavery that ended before you were even thought of? Here’s a racist comment, shouldn’t you be watching the thugs playing basketball???

  29. Jeff

    Does this team have the heart of a champion or does this team have a “Country Club” culture playing only when it wants to and just well enough to win most of the time

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