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Recap: The Golden Knights were attempting to clinch a Game 7 for the first time at T-Mobile Arena. Mattias Janmark gave Vegas the early edge 5:09 into the game. The Golden Knights held the 1-0 lead for most of the period when Minnesota’s Zach Parise tied the game. The elimination game was even after the opening 20 minutes the game.

The scoring picked up in the middle frame. Vegas regained the lead 2:05 in but Minnesota tied it 2-2 a couple of minutes later. From that point on the Golden Knights controlled the game. In his first game since May 1st, sniper Max Pacioretty scored the go-ahead goal and defenseman Zach Whitecloud followed up with his first of the postseason.

Vegas held a 4-2 edge going into the final period and found a way to add to their lead. Janmark tallied his second and third goals of the game-ending any chance for a Minnesota comeback. Marc-Andre Fleury was superb in net stopping 19 of the Wild’s 21 shots.

With their 6-2 victory the Golden Knights clinch the series with the Wild and advance to the Second Round of the NHL playoffs. Vegas will travel to Colorado to take on the Avalanche for another best of seven series. Game 1 is scheduled for 5:00 PM PT on Sunday. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Game 7 started like a lot of them do, in a complete state of chaos. Vegas handled the madness much better winning puck battles all over the ice and hopping on the issues Minnesota was creating for themselves. A huge broken play goal by Janmark settled the Golden Knights down but a penalty gave the Wild life. Minnesota came into their own at the end of the 1st and tied it. The 2nd was everything and more you want to see out of Vegas in any game against Minnesota. They made it tough on the Wild to get zone time and as Minnesota pressed harder and harder Vegas took their mistakes and ran with them. The three-goal 2nd period gave VGK the cushion they needed to save their season. Now, they must dig deep to play four games better than they’ve played any of the seven against the Wild to beat the Avalanche. Game 1 is key with VGK coming off the huge win and Colorado sitting waiting for the last week.  (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Minnesota Wild Game 7 at T-Mobile Arena

  • What was different in how VGK created transition? (Opted to not write this article, because upon further review the answer was mostly Minnesota failures.)
  • Blueprint to beating Colorado
  • Carp’s Sunday column
  • Film study of Colorado’s offensive trick that VGK must be aware of

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Hague
** Zach Whitecloud
* Mattias Janmark


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Blueprint To The Golden Knights Beating The Colorado Avalanche


  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    HAT-TRICK ….. PATCH ….. AND THE KIDS !!!!!!!!

    Moving on … bring on the AVs!

    Now, this site will be invaded by the group that told us we couldn’t beat the Wild, telling why we can’t beat the AVS.

    It’s predictable, so get ready for all the HOT AIR that will be blowing here! ha ha

  2. LVsc

    YES !!!!!!!!!

    hey, did that Janmark trade work out great, or what?

    and 2 and 14, the d kids, came thru bigtime tonight.

    and Mad Max returned triumphantly with his snipe.

    Clinching a series is really fun, so, now, let’s do it again 3 more times

  3. Karrot Top

    Chief ….. Clam Chowda Man …. Sammy Hague-ar …. and the Swede! GREAT JOB BOYS!

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice nick names, I like them (clam chowda man ? kinda over the (karrot) top !

  4. Howard

    Lol @ giving Hague a star. I guess you missed how piss poor he was defensively in the 1st period. Stephenson actually should have gotten that star – he was all over the place on the forecheck and on the other side.

    • KT

      Who said anything about “a star” know-it-all Howard the Duck???

      After the goal droughts that VGK gets into frequently I give kudos to any Knights player that swishes one. It was a fab goal he scored and besides, I’ll give a damn star to anyone I want regardless of your smugness Howard the Duck … LOL.

    • Julie

      Howard, I think you have an eagle-eye on these games. I appreciate your posts, they help me look at the games in more detail.

  5. Howard

    If Max doesn’t re-aggravate his left shoulder again, we might have a shot against The AVS. He had same issue in the bubble last year and was ineffective – reason he was “game time decision,” as management didn’t want to “waste him.” Very important to have him mostly healthy as it allows better depth scoring on line 3, moving Tuch down there to play with Janmark.

    Personally, I’d love to see Reeves scratched. He really adds nothing of value but I know a lot of people like the guy here so….

    • Contact Tracer

      Agree with Reeves comment. He hurts more than helps. Tine for his dismissal.

  6. Vic

    Ok Colorado, we all know you guys were rooting hard for Minn, and now it’s the VGK. Our guys have a day and a half to heal up from the bumbs and bruises tonight. Huge lift with #67 back which makes line 1 elite and line 3 so much better. The forecheck and the banging were the difference. The VGK overcame the Reaves bonehead penalty and Petro’s endless turnovers. Can someone have a talk with him? Thanks VGK for a hard fought victory which will be fun to look back at.

    • Howard

      Petro is what I’m sure you know is what we call “a paid fancy pancer.”

      He’s ok, worth about 2 to 4m per, NOT NEARLY 9M!

      Just sucks that front office here didn’t address their needs and look for depth instead of that shiny “OLD TOY.”

      • Pistol Pete

        Playoffs just beginning Howard! As I recall he got the lone goal vs. Avs in that last game. Let’s see what happens.

    • Julie

      My coworker is an Avs fan and didn’t hesitate to point out “how tired and sad” Vegas looked on Wednesday and it looked “pretty tough” for Vegas to win the series. I just smiled and said it wasn’t over yet. One game at a time. Janmark’s ROI at this point is a sight for sore eyes. Glad Pacioretty is back, and good for Whitecloud and Hague on the goals. That hit on Souter by Reaves was rough for me, as Souter’s face went into the goal post. You are right, the forechecking made a huge difference.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Putrid #7 and Janmark #26 should switch salaries. Putridangelo is that awful.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Was there ever any doubt?!!!

  8. Pistol Pete

    Nice work Marc-Andre.

    Through game 6:
    1.66 GAA/.935 SV%

    Don’t have the through game 7 stats but they held up.

    • Julie

      He was great and I am glad he was in the whole series. For all the people who counted him out last year and held negative vibes on him this year, I kinda hope the egg on their face is tough to scrub off.

  9. Richard Santomauro

    Playing zone defense against the scrub teams may work during the regular season, but VGK allowed way too much space to the Wild in this game resulting in way too many grade A chances. We’re lucky that the Hockey God’s looked down upon VGK in favor this “knight”! A lack of back checking, giving up too much space and the absolute ridiculous turnovers by Putrid had every fan nervous until we went up by 3 goals. Both Wild scores were also power plays.

  10. Daryl

    Reaves returns and makes a really stupid play and it cost VGK in the PK. This is what we have to look forward to with Reaves in the line-up. I don’t know what is up with Petra and please don’t give me this crap about still getting adjusted to his new team.

    As for next round, let’s just hope VGK has enough in its tank to play. COL is well rested, maybe too rested??? LOL

    • Julie

      Reaves escaped the covid-19 curse but not McNabb. I wish it was the other way around. :). It seemed like once Brodin got hurt, the Wild momentum started to decline, the the hits to Souter, Erickson Ek…did you see it that way?

  11. A VGK Fan

    Hey Ken, what was that stat again where we play worse with Reaves on the ice?? Ready to eat crow yet?

    • Daryl

      You mean where Reaves took a REALLY stupid penalty and it cost us a goal???

  12. Unlike Howard and Ken, I think Reaves has a role on this team. I love his intimidation, his presence. I be damned if I will ever watch a team get pushed around, It’s no fun, Carrier and Reaves forecheck can be intimidating, we rarely lose when the forecheck is working. We miss Nosek a little too, he was effective during the season. We definitely need Patches, he’s irreplaceable IMOP. I have no idea what’s up with Petro, I’m not giving up, but that guy needs to step up big-time, he’s disappointing, all that salary cap gone, but I try to remain positive, he can redeem himself. Whitecloud’s goal was tactical, he made that lane and buried the shot. We earned our way in, we need to get physical, our forecheck needs to be strong, we are bigger, stronger than the AVS, that’s the key.

    • Howard

      Mark – would you like to see 4th line on the road trapped in AVS last change – matched up against MacKinnon line? That’s a nightmare matchup – our 4th line can hit, but have no hands, poor sticks – very, very bad matchup. Nothing personal against Reeves but simply HITTING SOMEONE in hockey is not per se winning hockey. It’s when your hit causes a turn over.

      Reeves hits to hit and many times is seriously in bad defensive position. Ken knows what I’m talking about 🙁

      • Daryl

        Reaves would rather make a hit than make a play… He goes for hits and puts himself out of position instead of playing the puck. I love hits and I love fights, but can’t stand it when players take themselves out of the play to make the big hits

  13. Howard

    Kind of brief analyses on AVS series… VGK CANNOT play transition game with them or we will get smoked. AVS have 4 lines of SPEED, we do not. AVS are not a physical forechecking team, but a LIGHTNING FAST first-forechecking team. They get on you fast in your zone, I mean blazing fast, but this is also their weakness…

    Because AVS literally go balls out at times, they get tired, so VGK NEEDS to play Deboer’s puck cycle possession game, which Ken calls “Shot suppression” (the result of wining possession). AVS love to pin you in your own zone and they change REALLY FAST so VGK Dmen need to make QUICK decisions, fast passes and when AVS make mistakes and they will, that’s when you hope you have the right line out there matched up.

    I honestly think both teams 3rd line play might be the key to this series.

    1. VGK needs to slow game down, lots of puck cycling, control possession time, AVOID A TRACK MEET, but pick carefully times to rush out. AVS will trap you if you get sloppy in this. This keeps AVS trapped in their own zone where they can’t change and that is their primary game – fast, furious, fast changes, fast first forechecker, fast sticks. VGK needs to cycle and cycle to win this series – avoid turnovers.

    2. Must hit AVS hard in their own zone and get first forechecker in hard. AVS will turn it over quite often when you tightly check them. Their series with Blues was a joke, Blues weren’t able to do any of these.

    Year one team would have no chance against this current AVS team. They are beatable, but they won’t be beaten in a track meet – this series is key why Deboer is here, I believe his style can beat The Avs whereas Gallant’s would get killed.

    VGK 4th lines with Reeves here worries me when we don’t have home ice ad.. Last change can really favor AVS in this regard.

    AVS are more talented and deeper, but I do believe Deboer’s system could be the difference in this one. Whereas his system can hurt against a D team like The Wild, it WILL HELP against an aggressive risk-taking team in The AVS.

    AVS get frustrated when you pin them in their own zone so, I like VGK structure better, but like AVS talent better.

    This series is too close to call IF VGK sticks to PDB system. However, this series will be over fast if VGK gets caught in AVS trap game like in year one against Caps.

    • Mike StG

      Howard, I agree with your analysis, and your concern about Reaves. I can see the benefit (minimal) of playing him against a heavy Wild team, but his skills (hitting) aren’t enough to offset his liabilities against the Avs, especially the first two games where the Avs have last change and can exploit the vulnerabilities. I don’t know who besides Kolesar could take Reaves’ place, but even if it’s Keegan I’d play him.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Howard, Howard, Howard ——- If PDB was in fact the difference then surely we wouldn’t be the 2nd seed nor would we have a split season record. One of the keys to a win would be to bench #7, Putridangelo. Mark my prediction, Putrid will turn it over leading to multiple grade A chances and goals.

    • Great breakdown. It’s going to go down to the wire. We are bigger and stronger, their faster and more talented. I totally agree with the 3rd line theory, my boy Tuch needs to really step up, get some one on one open ice chances, nobody can hang with him on a one on one situation and he really finishes off well. The only thing Petro has done that I like is his longer passes, he’s caught guys open and nailed some longer passes. He seems to give up easy when fighting for a puck, it’s baffling. Should we rest MAF in game 1 ?? A guy at work also said our 3rd line needs to jell too. Would you keep Janmark for next season ?? Betting ?? With a 5 1/2 over/under, what do you like ?? I appreciate your expertise !

  14. thechosenone

    The better team won!! I was so happy seeing Patches on the ice!! I knew our chances to advance shot through the roof when he made an apperance!

    I just wish Nosek came back too! McNabb is also dearley missed, but at least Holden is a good substitute.

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Haters just wait until they are given any opportunity to throw that hate.

    Today, Revo is the target. Because he got a penalty? (He gets very few).

    Haters can never revel in a great win. Their hate won’t allow them to.

    If Lehner gets thrown to the wolves (AVs) Sunday, they are just waiting to pounce.

    It’s predictable and a sorry shame.

    • Daryl

      And everything said is so true… Wish we all could live in your world of rainbows

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Hey everybody ! (I just crawled back in my cubby hole from the Strip)

    Guess what ?????


    (And I’ve been knocking but no one answers
    And I’ve been knocking most of the (week and all) day
    Oh and I’ve been calling, oh hey hey Miracle MAX !
    Can’t you come out to play)

    • Julie

      I don’t know why, but I figured you more of a Doobie Brothers fan.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i like the doobie brothers ! I like all kinds of music !

        I just couldn’t find anything in their song list that comes close to miracle max !

        (i was going to use something from Neil Young, about Oz never gave anything to the Tin man that he didn’t already have regarding all the talk about lack of heart. But I passed on that one.)

        Now I am just going to listen to the music ! 🙂

  17. Vic

    THG…Tin Man was America….but the vocal does sound like Neil. Welcome back. If our guys play with as much heart as Janmark and the banged up guys last night, then they will win. It’s a fair fight with the Avs, but many things to focus on….Top line, Donskoi, Makar and Grubauer to name a few. Then we have Pierre-Edouard Bellemare who only seems to score against Fleury. Missing Nosek’s defensive and PK skills will be tough. Coach may need to work Lehner in there to avoid him getting stale and give Fleury a break….maybe Game 1?

    • Mike StG

      Vic, add Compher to that list. He’s a thorn in the side of Vegas. Usually on L3 but now on L2 with Donskoi since Kadri is suspended. Maybe that’s a better matchup for us, so out top 6 can defend him.

  18. Tim

    I was concerned but so happy we made it to round two. What a difference with Patch in the lineup all our lines had a cohesive feel to them. It amazing how one player can change the dynamics of a team. I guess that’s a lesson to be learned this summer pickup one good sniper or center men as an insurance policy otherwise our team is pretty well set. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kolesar on that fourth line instead of Reeves but I don’t think it will happen. The big question is do they start Lehner in game one? He may be fired up and it would give Fleury some much needed rest. Excluding last night you could just see Janmark had good hockey sense and good hustle and puck control so I’m happy for the kid. Last it’s hard not to mention Petro he seems to be getting worse his passes are atrocious and overall flow of the game isn’t there.

  19. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Yea, it’s true. I live in a world, where I said the Knights could beat the Wild ….. and …. THEY DID.

    I obviously don’t live in the alternative reality, where those who said the Knights wouldn’t beat the Wild. ha ha

    Rainbows are so cool!

    • Tim

      Doc your definitely a true fan no question about it. My only concern with the Knights there’s to many games they take a period or two off. A good example playing Colorado up two with less then 10 minutes to play and lose The Presidents Trophy that’s not a champion. Last night we played like a championship team. The question is can they go balls to the wall and win 12 playoff games or do we here the routine line we didn’t have our step tonight. Actually if we beat Colorado and next step could be a lot easier . We would have the best record and play the worse record still standing.

      • Daryl

        There are hard core fans and there are delusional fans… Doc is the latter

        • Tim

          Now now Daryl be nice to Doc. I do agree with you Reeves serves no purpose I’d much rather have Kolesar in his spot much younger and hungrier. I wish I was as confident as you were in game 7 Patch coming back made a world of difference but can he stay healthy?

          • Daryl

            As I stated several times throughout the season, I really didn’t think MIN was that great of a team. They do, for whatever reason, have VGK’s number though. I think their strong goaltending really helped them. VGK outplayed them for he most part every game so I thought they would pull it out in the end. Having Patches return solidified my thoughts.

            What worries me now about COL is their speed. VGK doesn’t have the speed on all 4 lines that COL does. Our bigger, slower guys, like Reaves won’t be able to help us. I get with fast teams you want your bigger players to wear them down, problem is, our bigger, stronger players aren’t good enough to play enough minutes to accomplish that feat

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        Yes Tim, I too get frustrated at times that they seem to “wait” to turn up the game. But, I have seen other good teams this year, do the same sometimes.

        Also, as they showed last night they can play a complete game. I study hockey and watch lots of other games and I am convinced the Knights have every bit as good of chance to win it all.

        Not saying they will, way to many variables, but they can.

        And don’t worry about those that call me names and the like. Some of them are not the sharpest tools in the drawer. That’s all they know how to act. Some NOW say, that they said they thought the Knights would beat the Wild. Differs quit a bit from what was said 2 weeks ago!

        • Daryl

          Doc…. you can go back to the start of this series and I said VGK wins in 6. You can go back to before the last game and I said VGK will pull it out. I get you have short term memory loss and don’t remember much so I’m trying to help you out.

          You can quote me now as saying I don’t think VGK beats COL. Yes I could be wrong, but overall I think we are a step behind them talent wise. If VGK beats COL, I’ll be happy to eat my own words

    • Daryl

      Yeah, rainbows and unicorns…. it must be nice. A lot of us on here, including myself, felt that VGK would still beat MIN. That doesn’t change anything about the waste of money and space Reaves takes up. He comes back, get’s no points, get’s a stupid penalty that led to a score, and didn’t stop ANY of the foolishness that went on. Yeah, he really scares other players lol

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