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Recap: The start of Game 6 in Minnesota was tight and difficult to possess the puck. Each team had less than 10 shots on net and both goaltenders were strong in net.

The 2nd period was even tighter. Vegas got quality chances from several players but couldn’t convert one into a goal. Marc-Andre Fleury didn’t see much action but stopped all five of the Wild’s shots.

Minnesota took control of the game in the final 20 minutes. The Wild scored three unanswered goals to force a Game 7 on Friday night.

After their 3-0 loss the Golden Knights are tied up with the Wild 3-3 in their seven-game series. The deciding Game 7 is Friday night in Vegas. Puck drop is scheduled for 6:00 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Well, the Golden Knights are headed into a familiar place, being up 3-1 in a series and now needing a Game 7 win to avoid embarrassment. Game 6 was a tight-checking game that just never saw the Golden Knights generate any offense. They didn’t get enough from the dangerous areas, they couldn’t get enough shots through, and the forecheck was non-existent throughout. A few moments went against Vegas and with it they now face this same scary proposition for the 3rd straight season. All is not lost though, VGK have played great in both Game 7’s they’ve participated in. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nick Holden
** Zach Whitecloud
* Nic Roy


Vegas Needs Mark Stone’s Greatness To Continue Tonight


Pete DeBoer’s Time Is Now


  1. Richard Santomauro

    Millions of dollars spent to bring in #67 and he doesn’t have a single second of ice time in the playoffs. Word has it he actually skated today. Great, but millions is an awful lot to pay for someone to practice skate. The injury must be pretty bad though to keep a leader and sniper like him off the ice. Don’t even get me started on #7 who in hindsight appears to be tentative and overly cautious on the ice. With that in mind it is hard to believe how often he turns over the puck at the most inopportune times. For the money, I’d take #88 back. #7 is an overpaid turnover machine who’s not as good as #27. Lastly, let’s not forget that we have been playing with some very young players out there with Roy, Whitecloud, and Hague all being on the big club consistently for the first year. The drought certainly has returned. I think that if we somehow find a way to win game 7 that we’ll have no energy left for the Avalanche who are resting up for whichever team moves on.

    • Howard

      Disagree Richard. Petro is considerably a better all-around DMAN than Theodore is. Petro just isn’t worth the money FO gave him, and certainly not worth a no move clause to boot, being north of 30 year old.

      Theodore is a little on the soft side but can score if u give him some net fronting in which besides Tuch and occasionally Smith, VGK players, ESPECIALLY THEIR CENTERS are soft when it comes to net fronting..

      Again, people will bitch at Deboer, but I think he’s done a great job with the talent he’s been given.

      • Richard Santomauro

        That’s why were fans and not GM’s or coaches. We can agree to disagree. When I look back at this season I don’t see any reason why VGK couldn’t have been just as productive with #88. I don’t have any issues with Deboer at all, but I’d be thinking about a goalie switch for Game 7. Fleury’s been great, but he looked a bit tired in this one. For game 7, it will be very frustrating if #61, #20 and #67 aren’t out there on the first line. I’d like to see #19, #71, and #89 on line 2.

        • Well Pistol Pete do you want to talk about Desire and killer instinct- or the lack there of on the part of Vegas.??? Their passing was poor, their physical activity lacking and they had no fire in their bellies. I believe that has some bearing on desire etc. Yes l know it was the long plane ride etc – that is just plain BS. They had no jump to their step and overall didn’t look like the better team. That has something g to do with a winning attitude coupled with the action to make it happen.

          • THE hockey GOD

            spot on, I was going along the same lines, not to mention that whoever does the ice, facility manager at T mobile blows golden eggs. The ice was BAD the last game, players were falling all over the place. For a franchise that wants to bring hockey mainstream in the desert they need to bring in someone who can lay a fast sheet of ice. Unless he did it on purpose per management instruction, then whoever made that call needs to go.

            Yeah yeah, both sides play on it, but gheez louise , the ice was poor.

      • Daryl

        I agree Petra is better overall but I don’t think it’s considerably. Petra us used to having a stay at home partner allowing him to play more offense, a partner who has bailed him out time and time again. Theo is no softer than Petra is either. Both will not block shots and don’t do a very good job of getting in the shooting lanes.

        I don’t agree with you on PDB though. I think he is a good coach but not a great one. He makes player adjustments but not in game adjustments. His style of offense was supposed to highlight Petra and Theo allowing them to jump up in the offensive zone more and be more productive offensively. Well I have yet to see it. I just don’t think he has what it takes to win

  2. Howard

    Vegas fans should be thankful for both MAF and PDB. Without them, VGK would struggle to make playoffs. If you think Vegas is a real cup contender, with all due respect, you simply do not know NHL at all and are just ‘fanboys and girls.’

    Vegas lacks depth scoring and you need that in a tight checking game like this – this game is more indicative of playoff hockey. You aren’t going to win much with a transition game as your only good chance to score.

    Karlsson on any other top team is a 3rd or 4th line center. He is soft, never net-fronts – can’t win a cup with a top 2 center who plays like that. Stephenson is fast but also not a top 2 center in terms of winning a cup.

    So, Vegas is forced to play from the half-board with their puck cycling. This system dictates your dmen have to be careful pinching in which is why Theodore keeps taking those long blueline shots. He took one chance with Vegas being down 0-3 by skating up and in.

    Petro is good, but not worth the money FO gave the guy.

    Front office had a chance to get center depth, they decided it was more important to add a NOT NEEDED DMAN, and an even further not needed 1B goalie = $14M in cap space that hamstrung them.

    For instance, because of that idiocy, FO could not trade for Carter who certainly could help here.

    Now, possible VGK can win a cup IF MAX WAS 100% (he wasn’t last year, so I call him “Glasserety”) because you can move Tuch down to 3rd line and add scoring depth there.. Vegas only real sniper is Martinez, a DMAN.

    Face reality here VGK fans – even if we win the next game, without a totally healthy Max, we have little shot to even win 2 games against AVS. a little shot with top 2 softie centers as well.

    If you say otherwise, you got a lot of hope, but not a lot of hockey knowledge 🙂

    • Julie

      Hey, Howard, question about PDB not bringing in Fleury and having 6-4 for their power play. Not criticizing (yet ☺️), just wanting to understand the logic there better. What do you think?

      • Howard

        Would have not made a difference being down 3 goals. If 2 goals, yes. Needed to first get a goal on PP 5 on 4, otherwise u giving an open net too early being down that much.

        Vegas weaknesses catching up to them again in playoff hockey. Minn is a good team, and if you think they’re tough, watch the drubbing AVS put on them or Vegas in the next round. AVS are real Cup Contenders, these 2 here are Cup Pretenders – both aren’t good enough UNLESS, UNLESS Max was 100%, and not just simply in the lineup. He was hurt last year and was shit, This year it’s the same injury (shoulder). He can play if they really wanted to push it, but would not be very effective.

        Now, I can care less if people think I’m full of it here or think I’m making this up – FIRE AWAY!

        Need to find a way to win next game and get Max back 100%.,, THEN AND ONLY THEN do we have any kind of real shot at The Cup.

        • Daryl

          I think MIN is a good team but not a great team. Their goalie has saved them multiple times. I really thought VGK was going to win the series 3-1

    • Well Howard – the beat goes on and gets louder and louder about the mgt’s waste of cap space with Petro and the walrus. I said from the beginning a very bad deal – a guy with his best years in the rear view mirror – obviously st louis knew what they were doing and an elite goalie no one would keep who he played for. It’s not over till it’s over but certainly isn’t looking promising.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Totally agree with you analysis Howard. VGK is an above average team who took care of the bottom dwellers during the season. After the season it would be smart to trade Lehner (he likely would bring in more) and to call up Logan Thompson to back up Fleury. That would hopefully free up some cap space. Not sure what restrictions are in Lehner’s contract though (no trade?). One has to wonder if we’d have locked this series up had we alternated goalies like in the regular season. I know, you go with the hot hand. Maybe starting Lehner tonight would have been smart to save Fleury for game 7 if necessary. Well hindsight is ….. Even with a fully healthy VGK bench it would be difficult to beat the Avs. Right now, the NYI and TBL are playing top notch playoff hockey. I used to live in Charleston and saw Jared Bednar play for the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL around 1992 or 1993. So, if VGK falls I will be rooting for the Avs.

      • Howard

        Richard Santomauro – Lehner is untradeable. If other teams wanted him, they’d have already given him term. All of them were rightfully afraid of his personal issues, and whether that’s fair or not, that’s a fact.

        VGK is stuck with Lehner for the next 4 years, for better or for worse!

        Pens wanted MAF back (I bet they wished they went thru with that trade considering Jarry was horrifically bad against Islanders) but weren’t in the position to pay up MAF’s salary as they had some cap issues of their own.

        Petro is a very good DMAN, but as I’ve always pointed out, paying DMEN big money in every case has resulted in those teams (with kind of exception of Chara) going downhill and downhill fast. Dmen like Petro are A WANT, not a NEED.

        Good scoring Dmen will help you in regular season win a lot of games but come playoffs because the checking is tighter, they can’t afford to over pinch up too much less u give up odd-man rushes other way.

        I agree with leaving in MAF. Perhaps in hindsight being up 3-1, they could have started him at home in game 5, but that’s water under the bridge now. They will not be starting him in game 7 – sends a really bad message to the team. MAF was ok tonight with perhaps goal 3 being a bit bad.

        • Howard – Lehner – just another stupid move on the part of Vegas management – you would think they would be smarter than that. Lehner got his retirement package so he is obviously brighter than Vegas Mgt – which given some of the other things they have done over shadows the few right things. They say fools and their money are soon parted and it appears vegas mgt is out to prove that correct . If come Friday night and they loose, which sad to say is better than possible, does your inside scoop forecast some serious mgt movement?

  3. LVsc


    3 years in a row they have choked a 3-1 series lead vs lower seeded teams, and let’s just hope that this game 7 turns out like the Vancouver game 7 last year.

    • Richard Santomauro

      LVsc – Let’s not forget that the Wild have beaten our VGK consistently. It sure will be disappointing to blow a 3-1 series lead! One game at a time! Let’s hope that Max, Reavo, Nosek and McNabb all back for game 7.

    • Duckboy

      We are the Vegas sharks.

  4. Richard Santomauro

    I’d better see #61, #67 and #20 on that 1st line Friday night.

  5. Well Pistol Pete do you want to talk about Desire and killer instinct- or the lack there of on the part of Vegas.??? Their passing was poor, their physical activity lacking and they had no fire in their bellies. I believe that has some bearing on desire etc. Yes l know it was the long plane ride etc – that is just plain BS. They had no jump to their step and overall didn’t look like the better team. That has something g to do with a winning attitude coupled with the action to make it happen.

    • Julie

      HD, I saw PDB challenge that call about the goal and it cost us a PP and the Wild got a goal. I didn’t think PDB should have challenged it because Tuch was in the blue paint, but I think the argument was that Tuch couldn’t get out of it. Did you see that the same way?

      • Daryl

        I thought it was the right call, Tuch put himself in that position and got caught

        • Frank

          Bs. Horrible call. Tuch was pushed in and impeded by wild defenseman. Good goal all the way.

          • Daryl

            If you say so…. Some fans always see things go against them lol

      • of view he was pushed backward and couldn’t get forward. That said not sure how hard he tried however. It was called no goal immediaty on the play and l would have been very surprised to see it overturned.. unfortunately it turned out to be a two goal play – vegas lost one and th be wild scored one. In reality the wild man handled vegas who seem to have forgotten assuming they ever knew there is such a thing as strong solid body checking.

        • Daryl

          I agree he was pushed but not very hard and he made no attempt to stop the push or remove himself afterwards. He knew what he was doing and it backfired

      • THE hockey GOD

        it was right call, Tuch has been bad in critical games making bonehead plays, the way the series calls have been going he should have known better

    • Richard Santomauro

      With the exception of game 5 period 2, the VGK haven’t shown me that they can play a full 60 minutes of hockey. Unlike the 60 minutes of total effort put out in year 1 under Gallant up and down the ice. We’ll never see another team like that or repeat the excitement of the Misfit Season. VGK fans (including me) have been spoiled rotten. The VGK FO began dismantling the Misfits almost immediately in year 2 and I have to say that the team has never been as good as that first year. It’s quite possible we won’t see another season like that in our lifetime.

      • Julie

        I agree with you. That first year, nothing has compared since. I think right after, that’s when they got the idea they could buy the cup. Maybe that is the reason he was fired because he disagreed. Not sure, but I never could figure that out other than maybe that dreaded SJS fiasco in year 2.

        • Julie, Gallant u mean? >>>

          “We have a suggestion Gallant.”

          “I’m the coach, it’s my team.”

          “Team doesn’t need its coach acting like one of the players, we need better structure.”

          YOUR FIRED Gerad 🙁

        • Julie – u can BUY a chance at the cup but not in totality. Adding pieces you need while keeping the ones you WANT works.

          Vegas front office is terrible because they think they’re smarter than everyone else – they meddle too much and IMO, both GM and President need to go. I’d keep PDB, I think he’s a very, VERY UNDER APPRECIATED COACH. Love his structure and what he tries to get his team to do.

          Players both like and respect him. I like him as well. People knocking him for not winning a cup? LOL. like Trotz? The CUP is super hard to win and PDB been close before. He’s a really good coach, and I’d hate to see him take the blame for a shitty front office here.

          • Daryl

            He is a good coach but it’s not about winning a Cup. His teams have always gotten worse. If your listen to fans from every team he’s coaches they all say the same thing… He doesn’t make adjustments. He’ll change up his line combos but that is almost the only change he makes. He even said so himself.

            To me, he’s too much of an owner/GM coach

          • Julie

            Yes, sorry I did mean Gallant.

            On your previous post about Gallant, shouldn’t a coach be able to coach his team the way he sees works?
            Is PDB not coaching the way he wants? I’ll have to keep digging to see more positives on PDB. I do agree that McPhee and McCrimmon are a problem. PDB has a history of getting teams to the cup his first year with them, and then nothing from his NJ and SJS days. But he didn’t with Vegas last year and this year looks iffy right now. There’s a reason he got fired too. Gallant had a team of misfits and took them all the way to the cup in the first year, division winning and playoffs again the next year. Maybe misfits don’t respond well to structure or the FO.

            PDB has a team that he helped to change a lot rather than develop the existing team and struggles to get to the cup more than Gallant did. That is part FO, but a lot of PDB. It is what it is now. The way it’s looking, if the McBoys are still there, PDB will be out soon unless he plays their game.

      • Richard – the misfit s had something that money can’t buy – a team with an attitude with something to prove to themselves and .management benefited from that attitude of each and every player.

    • “Their passing was poor” Right, that will happen when your opponent decides to check tighter and give Minn. credit, they did so and jammed up zone entry, forcing VGK to play that crappy puck cycle half-board AHL shit. VGK also forgot the importance of the first-forechecker – first forechecker – centering crash net – scrum = how u win in playoffs.

      Karlsson and Stephenson don’t know from that, both of them tonight were non-existent on the forecheck. Instead, they were content to stay near the half-board.

      If VGK wants to go anywhere in playoffs, need better FIRST FORECHECKER in there and fight for net front. I’ll give Smith credit for this – he gets down and dirty in there but u want YOUR CENTER DOING THAT and your wingers on the board-to-point.

      Perhaps Karlsson should give back his “nice guy” award and get filthy in there? Karlsson doesn’t totally suck, he’s a good backchecker but his forecheck, him and Chandler have been HORRIBLE.

  6. Vic

    Game was like a chess match until the 2 on 1 error with D men trapped up the ice. I was 100% certain the VGK goal was toast, and coach created the power play goal that sealed the game. A no-brainer that the call on the ice would not be changed after Minn lost one the other day. Both were ticky tack calls. PK looked tired with face off losses and no clearing. Most of the forwards again were missing in action. The missing players really hurt tonight, but credit Minn for using the template showing how to beat the VGK. Are we all still worried about the Avs when the VGK can’t solve Talbot?

    • Richard Santomauro

      Vic, This shortened season is just about over. Even if the Hockey Gods smile upon us in game 7 this team will be shredded physically and emotionally. The chances we’d survive Colorado are pretty slim given what I have seen in round 1.

    • Vic clearly knows NHL hockey 🙂

    • Howard

      And, why were the dmen trapped up ice Vic? There is your VGK issue. Dmen have to pinch in when your forwards refuse to aggressively forecheck. I guess VGK forwards don’t know what it means to be FIRST FORECHECKER?

      • THE hockey GOD

        “Dmen have to pinch in when your forwards refuse to aggressively forecheck” that was Glass, and he didn’t aggressively back check on this goal either. Too many AHLers on the roster right now.

  7. Vic

    Richard, I respectfully disagree and believe the VGK match up better against the Avs. Obviously, the disaster was losing first place so Minn would have been grinding it out and likely losing to the Avs. I’ve been around a while, and I’ve seen teams come right back from the edge of death to roll all the way. That said, getting out of round one will be difficult as the Wild can feel it. Our side has too many guys sleepwalking and creating nothing. The trend of letting decent goalies become God-like is irritating.

  8. Hdbiker7851 – Correct and players had massive chip on shoulders and so did Gallant. I’d compare year one expansion to the movie “Major League.”

    U can buy a chance to win a cup. but u got to be smart and disciplined about it, not like a 13 year kid with Mommy and Daddy’s credit card going on a spending spree.

  9. Vic is right once again, VGK would match up better with AVS because they can jam them up a bit better, but would likely ultimately lose in 6 games.

    • Daryl

      Avs have a better goalie and are a faster team… I don’t know if VGK really matches up well with them. I do think VGK could steal two games and lose in 6

  10. Tim

    It’s no secret when you have a team down 3 – 1 at home and don’t put them away your looking for trouble. When it happens year after year and in whatever 7 games series were in the goalie plays out of his mind there’s a reason. We lack center men with speed who can put the puck in the net. Talbert is making 1.5 million and we have 12 million in goalies that is really out of proportion but who am I to question management. In my opinion Martinez is a better all-round player then Petro how are we paying Martinez 4 million and Petro 8.8 million but who am I to question management. This isn’t all on DeBoer who I think has done a decent job there’s plenty of blame to go around. Patch skating just in time for vacation even if he plays in game 7 how effective will he be?

  11. Contact Tracer

    Much lower paid Martinez would have dove onto the ice with his stick extended to block the pass to prevent the first goal from happening. It seemed #7 didn’t want snow on his jersey and didn’t help MAF at all.

    The #7 was on the ice for all 3 goals. It’s probably just me, but I see many poorly paid players that play with way more guts than the #7 (especially so in the post season). Or could it be he’s overrated? Yes I think so ….. too much of a softy ….

    That said, I think Vegas is going to win it Friday night ………. Stone is going to leave his guts on the ice ….

    • Julie

      You and Tim are right about Petro and for sure about Martinez. I saw him go after Dumba after hitting Tuch. Martinez is all heart, loyalty and backs it up with his instincts. I had the misfortune of having to watch the game on the Bally Minnesota stream and they were defending Dumba all the way from Tuch’s hit to Martinez going gloves-off and Dumba backing away. They said Dumba is a very emotional guy. I think that’s a nice way of saying he can’t control himself.

      • Jeff

        I understand why Martinez did what he did re Dumba but was that a wise move losing your best defenseman for five minutes?

  12. Jason S.

    Step off the cliff Knights fans. This is a league of parody. Game 7 should not come as a surprise. What happens in Game 7 is the only thing that matters. Games 1-6 are now water under the bridge.

  13. Pauly

    Laughable…VGK fanbase consists of 10% hockey knowledgeable people and a split of the remaining 90% at small dog sweaters, plastic flamingos from china, and “oh Flower is so cute” morons.

    Truth is PDB is a terrible coach – can’t motivate, tinkers way too much, screwed up other teams in the past…the front office is also terrible – overpay overpay overpay…

    Key players failed to show up in the most important games of the year – they should have won the division and faced a soft Blues club while the Avs and Wild bewt each other up – nope, failed to show…they should have won game one of this series – nope, failed to show up…and they have been totally embarrassed these last two games…

    Time to clean house…they are a decent team, but NOWHERE near a championship team…

    • THE hockey GOD

      Pauly, you churning the siren again in pre game 7 at the fortress ?

  14. Pauly

    LOL! I will be there, but I am pretty sure the season ends that night

    • THE hockey GOD

      I have a call in to MIRACLE MAX, since Moses is still busy in the Middle East.

      I wonder if MM will pick up ? VGK can use some of those pep talks (and maybe a magical pill or two)

      Applicable Miracle Max axioms ‘ Miracle Max: “There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. With all dead, well, with all dead there’s usually only one thing you can do.” Miracle Max: “Go through his clothes and look for loose change.”

  15. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Great game …. by the Wild.

    Just clogged us up.

    Now what?

    Start a tired, magicless Flurey or …

    … A rested Lehner?

    IF we don’t play like we want it, from the begining, it won’t matter who’s in goal.

    • DOC – probably the most intelligent thing you have ever posted – if you don’t play like you want it, from the beginning , it won’t matter who’s in goal. Probably could have left of who’s in goal but the other is dead on. I believe despite what Pistol Pete thinks that has a great deal to do with desire and or the killer instinct and attitude.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Let’s face it, the VGK dumped a lot of spectacular players who not only played great in Vegas but are difference makers on other teams like Haula, Perron, Bellemare, and Nate. Instead of making minor tweaks in years 2 and 3 the FO went out and threw the baby out with the bath water. There were even rumors of Marchy and Wild Bill being shopped around the league as well. The move to bring in Lehner was a bad one IMHO. Fleury has 3-5 years left in him and we have a top notch goalie in Logan Thompson (#36) playing for the HSK. I am not sure how bad Lehner’s contract is, but if we can move him and bring up Thompson that would set the goal tender spot for 3-5 years. I am not even sure that, with all the recent crappy moves, that this team can even be fixed in the short term. The Macbros gambled and tomorrow night will be the first major test of the brain trust.

  16. Thomas Pilkington

    I see several problems, in addition to the many mentioned above. And to read some of these comments you’d think we didn’t have the season we did. In any event, last night we had 4 starters out…..Patch, McNabb (way underrated), Nosek and Reeves. All bring different elements to this team. I realize Patch is the main one but it has its effect on team cohesiveness in addition to mixing up who is on what line. The Wild have shown greater desire throughout most games, quicker on pucks, winning puck battles, etc.. last night there was, in addition to that, a total lack of forecheck and a lack of commitment to crash the net consistently. They looked lost at times with hurried passes, poor positioning and weak backchecks. Coaching seems fine to me as you can’t coach desire….and with a team with this much talent and overall experience they should be self-motivated. I’m certainly not very confident going into game 7…….oh, and btw, it would be nice to see Shea or Petro actually check someone.

    • Daryl

      Can’t use players out as an excuse… I used that theory during the regular season when we beat the Avs and was crucified for it. Besides, only 1 of those players really matters. Reaves is useless. He was out for awhile and VGK played great and won without him. They’ve had time to adjust with him out of lineup. I agree McNabb is important but is overlooked and when the game is in the line he isn’t out there anyway. Plus all the other Dmen have had lle ry of experience

  17. the Vegas Goldbrickers

    I hear that the Knights are going to “Kucherov” Pacioretty next season. They will put him on LTIR for the entire season, so that he will not be injured when the playoffs begin. Plus, that would give them an additional $7mill in cap space during the season.

    Max has a sprained hangnail, and he is day-to-day

  18. Walt23

    one glaring problem is the Knights dmen HESITATION with the puck. They do not move it quickly, they do not pass while the opponents are out of position. Instead, they hold onto to it too long, dusting it off, faking and hesitating, they allow the opponents time to regroup and get into best defensive position, and then they try a long stretch pass that is more hope and prayer than smart hockey sense.

    “He who hesitates is lost”

    all of them do it, and even Whitecloud does it all the time. 7 is the worst of all.

    and notice that when they put 7 and 27 together for offense, it only creates offense for the opponent team. they were both MINUS 2 last night.

  19. Contact Tracer

    What I’d like to see is the NHL go to a jersey numbering system based on salary. The #7 would wear 8.8 …… #61 would wear 9.5. #2 gets 0.725.

    #81 , #19, and #90 would have a conflict but that could be settled with 5.0A, 5.0B, and 5.0C. Flip a coin, have a lottery, draw straws, etc.. to decide the alphabetic ranking.

    I’d rather enjoy that system ……

  20. Jason Mason

    Alex Martinez is, I think, an unrestricted free agent after the season, and one of the best D’Men in the league, so I’m sure he’ll have options. The VGK need to find a way to sign him, and if he chooses to go elsewhere I have to believe it’s because he wants to win, and knows it won’t be in Vegas. It’ll be hard to find another guy that blocks over 100 shots a year and has the workman like attitude he has.

    Just my opinion, but if Martinez leaves it will say a lot about the organization and how it’s being run.

    And management had to know his free agent status was coming up when they signed the players they signed last off season, so future salary cap issues should have been well known.

  21. Richard Santomauro

    The McBros put all on the line when they signed #7 Putridangelo. One bad move after another. I really wonder how much better we would be with Stephenson, Stone and Perron on line 1 and the Power Play unit.

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