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Recap: The Golden Knights were forced to kill a penalty a minute into the game which helped them build early momentum. Vegas’ Nic Roy scored his first of the series driving the length of the ice and flipping one past Minnesota goaltender Cam Talbot. Coach Pete DeBoer used his challenge for the second time in the series and successfully won a second reversal. After the opening 20 minutes the Golden Knights held a 1-0 edge. 

Alex Tuch left the game in the 1st period with an apparent injury but returned and gave Vegas a 2-0 lead in the middle frame. Captain Mark Stone added an important Shorthanded goal to stretch Vegas’ lead to 3-0 after 40 minutes. 

Vegas clamped down in the final period forcing Minnesota to take low-quality shots. Roy would put the game away with a late empty-net goal. Marc-Andre Fleury continued to frustrate the Wild’s top scorers and preserved his first shutout of the playoffs. 

With their 4-0 victory Vegas now leads the first-round set with Minnesota 3-1. Vegas will have a chance to close out the series on Monday night at T-Mobile Arena. Game 5 is scheduled for 730P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Like they did in the second half of Game 3, the Golden Knights settled into the game using their forecheck and puck management. They put constant pressure on the Wild which forced them into turnovers all over the ice. The Golden Knights took advantage of some more of the opportunities and took a stranglehold of the series. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    WHAT A GAME !!!

    Maybe not perfect, but damn close.

    Chief is a beast in our end (the kid is fearless) #s 7 & 27 are not.

    Stoney, crazy good. Tuch, flying. Roy started & ended it.

    We’re completely dominating Wilds #97.

    The boys skated hard all night!

  2. LVsc

    Beautiful! that is how you win road games. tight defense, great goaltending, and cash in on your chances.

    Stone is the fearless leader, and Fleury is the dude, the donut king. Tuch was unstoppable again.

    and Nic Roy was a beast tonight.

    now, lets eliminate these Minny smurfs on Monday

  3. THE hockey GOD

    the VGK is making their own puck luck

    let’s hope it continues.

  4. I keep defending Deboer, because he’s down a great job in adjusting to a team.. He ditched the puck cycling posession game in favor of outlet passing from dmen carrying speed into the zone. Last year against Dallas 5 on 5, VGK took a ton of blueline slappers. There’s been none last 3 games 5 on 5 = that’s the difference why they’re scoring now. However, that style likely won’t beat AVS if we play them.

    We will have to go back to puck cycling possession game, because AVS are deeper and faster than we are. Need to jam those guys up with a heavy forecheck and neutral zone physicality.

    • Howard

      Basically per my last post, VGK is destroying Wild in a track meet right now and with a healthy Avs team, we won’t beat them in a track meet. Dallas only beat them playing that way in the Bubble last season because AVS were missing half their team, lol = didn’t have the depth. Because AVS have home ice (hello vgk fo foul up), are deep, and play at elevation, if VGK tries to win a track meet with them we will get smoked.

      Must use our size and go back to puck cycling, more selective dmen o zone clearing long passes.

      • Pistol Pete

        Did you see the last game vs. the Avs, VGK short bench (15 skaters)? VGK outplayed them. Is how VGK played that game consistent with your analysis of how they need to play the Avs?

        • Howard

          Pistol Pete – kind of, but that was a regular season game and MacKinnon was out. I’d like to see more of the puck cycling possession game against AVS in which the last game was a bit more track-meetish than possession orientated. assuming we will play them. Both us and them STILL HAVE TO WIN ANOTHER GAME in our respective series to meet!

          • Pistol Pete

            Howard, actually MacKinnon/Landeskog/Rantanen played and were held to 4 shots (MacKinnon 2), however I believe it was MacKinnon’s first game from an injury so I’ll give you that. VGK deserved to win the game; Tuch missed an open net and who knows if it had been Fleury. Personally the second goal Fleury is in position to stop it and maybe would have made a glove save on the first maybe. If they play that well it’s not a cake walk for COL. Yes VGK has to get there first by taking one more from the Wild. Obviously one has to like their chances coming back to T-Mobile after two maiden wins in regulation in MIN.

      • THE hockey GOD

        spot on analysis Howard,
        push button Pete.

        I hope no. 3 is not out long. And I hope 27 shows up sooner than later.

        I just hope no one calls the AVS coach a “clown”. (jinx)

        PS btw the JETS are shutting down the OILERS . Look out.

        • THE hockey GOD

          push button pete, referring to VGK coach, not pistol pete.

        • Howard

          Easy to for Jets to shut down Oilers – Oilers are too small and lack depth. Jets are big and while they don’t have a lot of scoring, they’re more geared for playoff hockey than The Oilers are.

  5. I think so much credit goes to McPhee and McCrimmon, think about it. I mean what an eye for talent, think about it. Examples ??? Roy, a throw in for Erik Huala trade, I loved Haula but Roy is a true talent, fast and physical, he never quits. Stephenson, he was underappreciated in Washington, given a little room, he’s got blazing speed and a terrific passer, he’s a true talent. Tuch, but excuse me, excuse me on this, nobody in this league is as talented as he is, McKinnon couldn’t hang with that bad ass on his best day and it’s painfully obvious, he’s just a pure beast, I don’t care what the stats say. Unlike McKinnon, who is constantly being fed shot after shot, Tuch is just a piece of our puzzle, really, anybody disagree ?????? Kolesar’s pass to Roy on his goal was perfect, he’s really has untapped talent, he’s just getting his legs in this game. Picking up Stone and Patches were brilliant moves, both have been stellar. Whitecloud and Hague are really top young defenseman, they seem never to make mistakes. Carrier is just unrelenting, he just pounds away, he plays as if he’s about to be cut. The 2 Mac’s really chose well, they picked up gutsy, never quit guys and they are jellying now. This is a true team game, we definitely have the group of guys to make it all the way. Anybody on this blog if they could would the swap Tuch for McKinnon, anybody??? Tell me why !!!!!

    • Howard

      Mark – what you wrote about Vegas is why I really dislike Vegas fans. To say Tuch is the most talented player in The NHL is probably the most ignorant bias comment I’ve seen on any site. Tuch is very good, and belongs in the top 6, but he has some areas he needs to work on, like stick control for one.

      “Anybody on this blog if they could would the swap Tuch for McKinnon, anybody??? Tell me why”

      Are you totally insane to even ask that question?

      Why? LOLOL… Mackinnon is a speed and power CENTER who is probably the best skater in the league (no, that doesn’t mean fastest, means most a combo of speed, balance, skate control).

      Mackinnon is no shrimp either, and while not as fast as Tuch (quicker though, Tuch faster once he gets going), he’s a better passer, better checker on both sides, better goal scorer. Enough for you?

      I beg some Vegas fans to PLEASE LEARN NHL HOCKEY!

    • Howard

      Also, see

      U want a mulligan about swapping Tuch for Mackinnon? Mackinnon is like legendary great in the post season. Maybe Tuch one day reaches that status, but now? LOLOL!?

      • It’s opinion. Tuch is not our feature player, he’s just one of the guys. But when he flashes his abilities, I think, he stands above everyone. Think about it, if Tuch just parked his ass in front of the net like Ovechkin, or was constantly being fed puck after puck, night after night he would for sure have similar stats. If you had a gun pointed at your head and you had to pick one of them on a breakaway, your life depended on a goal, who would you pick ??

        • Howard

          Lol, did you just compare Tuch to Ovechkin? Seriously? Ok, on a breakaway? I’ll go with Mario Lemieux 🙂

      • Howard

        But, between Tuch and the Great Ocho on a break away? Tuch, hands down. O’s game has always been BLASTER hard one timer wrist rockets, best ever in the game. He’s really not a great speed guy as Tuch.

  6. Tim

    Mark agree but I think Janmark has also turned out to be a nice pickup.

    • Agree, very good, I didn’t mean to miss anyone and he’s a pure team guy. I hope we keep him, he fits nicely with our guys.

  7. Frank

    Whoa. Alot of talk about Colorado here…. Let’s take care of business first vs the wild and then let’s talk about the Avs. Personally I think we can wrap it up in 5, but I am not counting the wild out.

    • Howard

      Frank – of course no team should be counted out in The NHL until the series is actually over. SJS was down to us 3-1 as well and came back to win (although the 3 games they won in a row, 2 of them including game 7 was on their home ice, if Minn came back here, they’d have to win 2 games in Vegas home ice).

      Minn is getting out track meeted here, and it’s that plain and it’s that plain and simple. VGK Dmen are executing clean passes out of their zone and right into and thru the neutral zone with very little Minn checking there, generating speed into Minn O-Zone.

      Minn decided to play off our dmen and Deboer made a really good adjustment going away from the puck cycling chip and dump, then cycle. Minn. is currently being overwhelmed by crisp passing and fast entries into their zone. VGK as mentioned, isn’t holding the puck on the half board to control o zone possession time – they’re one or 2 shots, then out of the zone, getting fast line changes and jamming up Wild in neutral zone.

  8. Howard

    What Minn. need to do to try to get back into this series is put tons of pressure on our dmen when they are clearing the zone. Only chance they have to make this a series otherwise we will win in 5.

    What I really love about what Deboer is doing is getting team to engage really fast changes. We did that in Avs game when we were stuck with 15 skaters and he’s continued that and I can’t say enough good things about that adjustment.

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