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Recap:  Game 6 got off to a quick start for both teams. Colorado scored the first goal :23 seconds into the opening period but Vegas swiftly responded. Defenseman Nick Holden fooled Avalanche goaltender Philipp Grubauer with a screened point shot :52 seconds later. Later in the period William Karlsson connected with Alec Martinez for a one-timer to take the lead. After the 1st period the Golden Knights held a 2-1 advantage.

Vegas committed an early penalty to give Colorado their first power play of the game and jumped on the opportunity. The Avalanche tied the game 3:47 in to the middle frame. The Golden Knights picked it up later in the period when Keegan Kolesar deflected a puck and regained the lead for Vegas. Colorado evened the score a couple of minutes later but Alex Pietrangelo picked up a loose rebound and scored :13 seconds before the period expired. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights led 4-3.

Marc-Andre Fleury continued to frustrate Colorado stopping all 11 shots in the final frame. William Carrier added an insurance goal 11:46 into the period and Max Pacioretty sealed the deal with an empty-netter.

With their statement 6-3 victory, the Golden Knights won four straight to clinch their Second Round series against the Avalanche. Next up Vegas will face the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup semi-finals. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In an absolute wild game with back and forth action the Golden Knights kept digging into their bag of tricks to find goal after goal after goal and the Colorado just couldn’t outrun the “avalanche” Vegas was throwing at them. The Golden Knights have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they were the best team in the West Division and one of the best teams in the NHL. Now, a date with Montreal where they’ll go from underdog to heavy favorite. (Analysis by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Marc-Andre Fleury
** Alex Tuch
* Alex Pietrangelo


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  1. knights fan in minny

    how about that petro bring on the habs nice to get the 3 days rest

  2. Dang what a rollercoaster of a game. What a win, what a series! Congrats VGK.

    Thank you players you really proved your skill and character.

    Thank you pdb you proved you are a top coach in the league, you outcoached bednard, and this was a huge difference in the series.

    Can’t wait to see the posted apologies admitting they were totally wrong on here when they adamantly stated over and over that knights weren’t good enough to beat other top teams in the league, including co….

    Where are you, let’s hear from you …

  3. Ken, thank you also. Your analysis on what needs to be done to win these playoff games has been pretty spot on, and very insightful. Strong work from you sir.

  4. vgk21

    great victory! only a superb team like the Knights wins 4 straight over a topnotch team like Col. the Vgk are in the final 4 once again. well deserved.

    Petro proved his worth in this series, and Fleury and Stone and the Misfits led the way, but also the foot soldiers were brilliant, with Holden and the 4th line chipping in bigtime with 3 goals tonight.

    Big hit by Tuch on MacKinnon. now let’s give Montreal the same treatment

    • Pistol Pete

      Six goals on only 23 shots (perhaps a VGK goals to shots ratio record?). Certainly capitalized in the chances they got. Sweeping from 0-2 does not happen all that often. Attended the game, what a ride!

      Agree with Justin. Let’s hear from the doubters who said this was a weak division and that the VGK would never beat COL in the playoffs. Weak division except Avs who are one of the top teams in the league?

  5. Stephanie

    Thanks buddy ! But I kinda like marchy and company with a chip on their shoulder and feeling they have something to prove .We haven’t even seen montreal so easy killer ! Lol

  6. Richard Santomauro

    I am not sure what everyone saw tonight. I saw Marc Andre’ Fleury outplaying his counterpart while the team in front of committed 15 TURNOVERS to Colorado’s 1. I also believe this is the 3rd straight game that the VGK has committed the dumbest penalty in hockey, the delay of game tossing of a puck over the glass in their own zone. I am going to give Pietroangelo a pass on it since he FINALLY earned some pay with a goal with 17 seconds left in period 2.

    Through the large majority of this game the Avs played in the VGK zone. When the Knights did get the puck they tossed it down the rink. There was no attempt to control the puck, skate with the puck or even make passes for most of this game. Just clear it, clear it, ice it, ice it.

    We are likely going to have no problem with Montreal, but if this “putrid” play or game plan (if that is what it is) is the strategy going forward it isn’t going to be a winning one.

    Our Knights took advantage of every situation and you have to give the players credit for coming back over and over again in this game with timely goals.

    The biggest reason the Knights are moving on to the 3rd round has nothing to do with PDB, but everything to do with our future hall of fame goaltender, Marc Andre Fleury. If our Knights get to the final round they’re going to have to play much better than they have in rounds 1 and 2.

    Lastly, did you see McKinnon get so frustrated and almost rip Whitecloud’s head off behind Fleury? No penalty called on McKinnon for that. Should have been a 2 minute penalty for roughing. No call.

    • Pistol Pete

      Not as much the last two games but VGK did a good job shutting down COL for much of this series including the top line. DeBoer is a smart coach. No one can deny Fleury has been important but so has the Lightning goaltender during the whole run the last few years. What else is new?

      • Richard Santomauro

        I saw MAF shutting down COL. Yes, VGK did frustrate the top line for 3 games and you have to credit that line for the effort in games 3 and 4. They didn’t do as good a job of it in games 5 and 6. MAF was the difference. PDB is an okay coach. I am simply not going to give him the “elite” status until and if he coaches this team to a Stanley Cup given the circumstances of his hiring.

        • Richard – PDB doesn’t need an elite status – look at the walrus who was often referred to as an elite goalie what a joke that is. Lets just hope he turns out to be a great coach and the Knights raise the Cup. The Montreal series is going to be interesting as no one has told them their not suppose to win. LOL They marched thru a couple of pretty good teams. Some one referred to them as a bunch of boys versus men – not sure that is a very good comparison. I am sure you remember yr 1 Vegas was a bunch of misfits who had something to prove and nearly succeeded. Vegas may win but it won’t be a walk in the park IMO.

    • Pistol Pete

      I’d like to call you on your icing the puck point. It’s true but when you are faced with that kind of pressure sometimes getting a face off is the best you can muster. You win hockey games all kinds of ways with or without hall of fame goaltending. That guy over there in Tampa Bay is damn good and has bailed the Lightning out all day long.

    • Ahhh.another doubter. Every team makes bonehead mistakes. It’s how they react to them that makes or breaks a team during the game. In past playoff years, the VGK folded under pressure. NOT this year. They are playing the BEST hockey since their 1st year. They have come from behind again and again. THEY WILL NOT BUCKLE THIS TIME. They KNOW they can win!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Right now PDB = GOD.

      Push button Pete is making all the right moves, his players are responding, and the real question is : is there anything left in his magic bag of tricks ? GG would have folded by now.

      • Julie

        Oh, HG, why you gotta be all down on GG? He got VGK this far as well. It’s all good right now.

        • Julie

          :). I’m smiling when I posted that, HG.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i hear ya ?Julie, why can’t we all get along !! I can’t stand it when people knock these professions due to their inner hate . Doesn’t make sense. I take back the GG comment. I spoke to him several times, he’s a nice person (off the ice).

    • THE hockey GOD

      did you see McKinnon’s post game interview comments, very dejected. Couldn’t blame him. And couldn’t muster much more that “what ever”, “what ever”, “what ever”. His cheap shot notwithstanding. Of the three messiahs of hockey (Mac, McDavid, and Matthews) I like McKinnon the best and hope VGK can get him one day.

      Young team yousted again, learning how to lose before they can win. Too bad the idiot SALARY CAP is gutting their successful team build, just plain stupid. This is a really good team and it will likely be broken up. Socialism sucks.

  7. Richard Santomauro

    Just to put my analysis in perspective. Through 6 games the Golden Knights turned over the puck to their opponent no less than 55 times.

    55 yet they still won this series

    • Pistol Pete

      This game they had 34 blocked shots to 18 and 20 takeaways. I will concede they had 15 giveaways. Anyways how many turnovers committed by COL the series? Not sure how much the volume of turnovers really matter when you’re defending well and winning games. No matter how one runs the stats down, VGK won four straight.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Pete, totally agree. VGK is moving on and COL is headed to the golf course! That’s all that counts today. On to the semifinals and beyond!

    • Pistol Pete

      In game 1 Avs committed 7 turnovers to VGK’s 3. Does not seem like turnovers are always determinant of who wins the game.

      • Pistol Pete

        If a giveaway is a turnover, turnovers were 32 Avs 62 VGK. Guess if a team wants to lose a series you commit fewer turnovers lol.

        • Richard Santomauro

          Or you have #29 in goal!

          • Pistol Pete

            To win a playoff series you need good goaltending. Don’t forget, games 2,3 and 4 VGK out shot COL by a huge margin so goaltending plays both ways. Grubauer is one of the Vezina finalists too is he not?

        • Pistol Pete

          Clearly what matters more than the turnover itself is how you defend once it’s committed.

    • Julie

      Richard, I definitely see your points. I can’t decipher all the plays as they happen, but I can tell if we pass it to the opposing player a lot. It also appeared Colorado was in the Vegas zone more. I know others are waiting for apologies about PDB, but I prefer to hear the naysayers about Fleury since last year admit they were wrong about him. I have a better chance winning the lottery, ha ha. I will change my mind about PDB if we get to the SC. Petro goofed on the puck over the glass, but he made up for it like you said. As long as they put in the effort to redeem themselves, it’s good. Looking forward to Montreal.

  8. Tim

    After a tuff series with Minnesota and then a tuff series with Colorado a 3 day rest is well deserved. In any sport to win you have to be good and also a little lucky. I know there going to talk up Montreal but it will be boys playing against men. Carey Price better get a lot of rest because he’s going to be busy. Say what you want there is no way Montreal can beat us 4 times with us having home ice. I hear a lot about turnovers well #1 Colorado has a pretty good all around team were weren’t playing Buffalo. Secondly how many blocked shots did we have? How many poke checks, how many hits? You can always be critical but you need to look at the overall product to balance the good and the bad. Picking up Janmark was a stroke of brilliance the kid can play. Petro is playing on a different level and the rest of the team has overall picked it up a notch. The team generally like each other so led by our leadership group we have a strong bond and that’s so important. Montreal all I can tell you is you better put on your big boy pants it’s going to be a rough ride.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the HABS are the anointed ones, everyone knows that , they are team with the legends steeped in hockey lore and glory; BETTMAN and NHL will make it so.

      Wait for it, it is NOT going to be easy street.

      • Hg – you’re right it’s not going to be easy street that’s for sure. It would be a huge error in judgement by the knights to think other wise. When steam has something to prove never underestimate what could happen. There are a couple of teams sitting home that can attest to that.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i hear ya biker dude,

          keep on trucking.

          no. 14 on HABS has something to prove
          no. 67 on VGK ditto.

  9. DOC (Go Knights Go)


    Just some of the things I have been called believing in. Mostly by one person. The same person who said the Knights couldn’t and wouldn’t beat the AVs.

    Funny, don’t see him or any of the other doubters on here yet. He said he would eat his words. Will he man up? Doesn’t matter, all saw his comments.

    For me, the Knights and the many many real fans ….. REDEMPTION !

    Oh, what’s that? Rainbows stretching over the valley this morning!

    Victory is so sweet for those who believe!

    • knights fan in minny

      doc i would like to see vegas and the islanders in the final the doubters wont speak or they will say they knew all along vegas would win

      • jinklu

        ITA kfim. Knights/Islanders could produce the most memorable SC Finals in years.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    A NEW MAGIC SHOW on the STRIP in VEGAS !?!

    by the HockeY God (the hockey ‘guy’ was already taken)

    Millions of visitors come to the Strip every year. Tens of thousands go to a myriad of magic shows to see Penn n Teller, Copperfield, Mindfreak, Burton, Shin Lim, the likes of Houdini and Blackstone and Doug Henning. But last night we were treated to a gigantic show of shows. Some same the likes of which have never been seen ! And not in venue of some dark, dank, smokey theater where you can’t see the behind and below stage mechanics, nor the props of disappearing ladies, or assistants seemingly cut in half disappearing behind smoke and well placed mirrors, blinded by flashing lights.

    NAY NAY NAY say I (shout out to great John Pinette-RIP).

    Last night’s venue a fully lighted stage, in form of a slick fast ice hockey rink! Viewed by tens of thousands and broadcast live to millions. And our performers have names and wear numbers on their backs so you can not confuse them. Smith, Stone (not Blackstone), Max Patches, the Chief, the Flower, JM, the Fourth Line, et al. Add to that an opposing team hellbent to stay alive, playing with reckless abandon . A roster filled with high round draft picks, skating with skill and velocity faster than light speed. Not to mention a top notch goalie between the pipes. There’s more , tilt the ice to one end with wave after wave of attacks on the defense sort of like that table top game but without that spot where the slot- hinged little metal players can’t get to the puck.

    The principle mainly involves that simple concept of keeping your eye on the moving object. Which in this case is that shiny little black thing called the puck. Most of what we saw last night was much like that shell game. Every one knows it, three shells, move the pea around, and guess which shell it’s under. Only in this game our pea is the puck.

    Our first performance of the night goes to no. 19, the DUKE OF JUKE. Up along the boards in the o zone this guy plies his well honed skills , not an amateur move by any means. He jukes his head towards the red line, but alas the puck doesn’t go there. It ends up on the stick of 22 at the blue who deftly directs the flying object towards the net. Meanwhile the illusion is complete. Tens of thousands are fooled including the opposing team’s goalie and the puck shows up in the net ! This was no power hockey move, this was a trick right out of Felix’s magic bag.

    Next up you have the flare for the dramatic, the chief performer plays the goat. Flings the puck into the crowd, showing all that this thing is no illusion, but the real thing. Violating the no. 1 rule in game of trickery and tomfoolery. Which is never let the the audience touch your main prop! But then the dramatics come later.

    When ?

    Enter the masters of misdirection, not once but twice ! First off we have no. 23 with his no look pass, and head fake towards opposing goalie, to no. 71 who pockets that elusive puck into the back of the net. Then his partner in crime going the other way, no. 89 plays back board banko to no. 7 who again flips that elusive puck for what ended up being the game winner into top of the net. Making up for his goat play completing the drama. So the uproar of the crowd sees right through the irony ! Goat to hero, zero to hero. What ethos, Aristotle couldn’t write a better script.

    But there’s more. Let’s not forget the fourth line playing their game of Panchinko. Set up not once but twice. First by the deception of no. 27 and then by that zero to hero no.7, this is not misdirection, this is shear ACTS of STRENGTHS and deception. Not seen since the likes of FEATS of STrength in George Costanza’s living room during Festivus (for the rest of us). Strength you say ? Yes the power shot from the point. And more strength from 55 and 28 to gain position. Then there is misdirection. This is clearly the main point of anyone watching FOOL ME , or is it FOOL US. Penn, or is it Teller, one talks , one doesn’t. Always getting them missed up. His favorite point is “your misdirection didn’t fool us”. Well this display of misdirection was pure PANCHINKO. Bingo, bango, bango, ping pang pong ! FOOLED. Two goals.

    Last but not least we have the THIEF of the NIGHT , and his supporting cast , the D men. One of which is known as the CHIEF. The Thief is AKA as the FLOWER. The top performer, the coup de grace, the cake and the ICING on the cake. Another master of illusion. It takes a great artist a master, well honed in his craft. His specialty, along with is crew. Taking away TIME AND SPACE. Do do do doo. Twilight zone stuff. Stealing the puck nearly every time with save after save after save. Now you see it now you don’t. What do you see? Well that easy. An opposing team member with a high quality sure score, back in the net with the puck. Then his cohorts come in. No. 2 goes down, covers the bottom of ice. No. 3 back ups the net , a whole score of defenders come down. The shots are blocked. The magic opportunity is gone is FLASH.

    We are not seeing hockey players, we are seeing FOOLERS, MASTERS of MISDIRECTION and ILLUSION, pick pockets, thieves, scoundrels. Certainly this was not a display of your normal brand of power hockey and sharp shooters. And their leader , the master mind behind all of this all of this is no more then a meek, slender, wily, mask wearing man, his push button control station, and deep pocketed magic bags of tricks.

    Next up, the team of hockey lore, the once great dynasty filled with the many legends the likes which the “game’ will never ever see again. Half way there, and the bottom half is always the toughest half.

    – THG

    • jinklu

      The Habs have not won a Cup in 28 years. I think making it 29 would be fitting.

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Wow! That may be the longest post in sinbin history! 🙂

    Even surpassing Howard the Duck’s long winded marathon comments.

    Much to long for these old eyes to read in one setting.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Howard is my VGK fan based friend, be kind to him

      • DOC (Go Knights Go)

        I have no animosity toward anyone.

        Just love , for the Knights!

  12. Vic

    Thank you THG for the coffee time game summary reading. The secret to stealing game 6 was PDB stole the 2020 Dallas playbook….dump it in, block endless shots, get completely outplayed, and score a few. Scoring a few changes everything. It also helped that #29 was there to stop almost everything that wasn’t blocked by the defense. Now it’s time to focus on the Habs with our old friends Suzuki, Merrill and Tatar. Then throw in our former west rivals Toffoli and Perry (a known cheap shot artist) along with the flaming hot Talbot. Should make for a fun and dangerous series.

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are welcome fellow VGK fan base friend, you hit the nail on head. Tater may not get in, replaced with red hot Caufield – who I was hoping that the VGK would have picked but HABS picked ahead of them.

      Tomas Tatar LW, Montreal Canadiens
      Tomas Tatar was on Montreal’s fifth line at practice on Thursday.

      Tatar has been scratched for the last six games and it looks like he will remain out of the lineup when the Stanley Cup Semifinals begin if these combinations remain intact. He has one assist in five postseason appearances this year.
      Source: John Lu on Twitter
      Jun 10, 2021, 12:25 PM ET

  13. Virginia Santomauro

    So, with VGK coming into the semis as massive favorites, what are the odds that PDB tries to rest MAF for the Finals and plays Lehner?

    • knights fan in minny

      settle down

    • jinklu

      OMG Virginia that’s the stuff of nightmares. pdb got away with it once. I for one don’t want to see him pressing his luck by trying that again.

  14. rgangue

    They Knights outclass Montreal by so much they could probably win with Lehner. Or go for the sweep with Flower.

    • Pistol Pete

      Habs are not to be underestimated. Elite goaltending, heavy in the D zone in front of net, scorers. One game at a time, every game is a hill to climb.

      • PP – one of the more insightful posts I have seen on this site. Anyone who believes this is a no brainer should check in on how the maple leafs & jets feel.

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