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Recap: Game 5 was intense right from the opening puck drop. For most of the period Vegas matched Colorado’s chances and held strong defensively. As time was winding down the Avalanche got some luck with a last second shot that slipped by Marc-Andre Fleury. Colorado took a 1-0 lead 0.8 seconds before the first intermission.

The tempo picked up in the 2nd period but neither could gain momentum. Late in the period the Avalanche broke the tie and held a 2-0 edge after 40 minutes of Game 5.

The Golden Knights played with urgency to start the final frame and it quickly paid off. Alex Tuch got Vegas within one 1:03 into the period and it didn’t end there. Jonathan Marchessault scored the game-tying goal three minutes later. The rest of the period both teams traded chances but the game needed overtime to decide an outcome.

The captain Mark Stone quickly ended the game quickly :50 into overtime to take the series lead. 

With their 3-2 overtime victory, the Golden Knights can clinch the series on Thursday night. Game 6 is scheduled for 6:00 PM at T-Mobile Arena. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The response that was expected from the Avalanche came and the Golden Knights appeared to be withstanding it, but a late horrendous goal allowed by Fleury put them in a hole that would soon get much bigger after a tough 2nd. VGK stuck with their simple style though and waited for the Avs to hand them chances. They did twice in the 3rd and then again in OT and Vegas steals the game they had stolen from them in Game 2. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado Avalanche Game 5 at Ball Arena

  • Too pumped to figure this out right now

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Mark Stone
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Alex Pietrangelo



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  1. Howard

    Some amazing shit right there. Maybe it’s our time? Avs gave that game away so I suppose we are even now in games given away. We got outplayed tonight for most the night. Hockey is a strange game, need to close this out on Thursday, give AVS no hope and just pressure them to death at home. Can’t let up!

    • THE hockey GOD

      not quite, they still owe us one ! The VGK “gave away” first two games.

  2. Howard

    Also, AVS for some reason took way too many risks being up 2-0, they for some reason didn’t understand to settle back into a D game – their over playing style finally catching up to them as they are playing a VGK team that destroys teams that make mistakes..

    AVS never slow down and often times play really low IQ hockey – super talented players but again, they grossly over play and likely need a new coach.. VGK on the other hand plays super high IQ hockey, stick to structure and rarely take dumb forced chances. I think that’s the big difference here so far in this series.

    I expect AVS on Thursday to continue to overplay – must continue to make them pay for over aggressive style.

  3. Vic

    Fleury not a star tonight??? Are you insane? A historic win with #29 keeping them in it for 61 minutes.

    • I just couldn’t do it cause that first goal. But he really should have been.

      • Howard

        I’ll give you a star Ken for being one of the best hockey analysts around.

    • Vegasbaby

      Right on, Vic. Fleury right away signaled that first goal was wrong, but he more than made up for it the rest of the game. That 2nd goal, he had no chance. For all the times the team has trouble generating a game, he keeps them in it. He is the first to admit he makes a mistake. No bs. To understand SinBin’s reasoning, you have to go back to last year’s articles and see how they treated Fleury. Another poster pointed it out in previous articles. There is a drawing they posted that rivals Allan Walsh’s tweet with the sword. That was before they argued ditching Fleury because of the cap. You can even go back more recently to the article about how Vegas is better off without Fleury and even more better off without Lehner. This was while Fleury was in the top goalie spot this year. Baffling.

      • THE hockey GOD

        half truths, media BS, and over come by events

        ownership cleared all this media frenzy nonsense, BS by clearly stating that Fleury was key part of organization.

        Oct 2020; LV Review Journal
        Foley wants Marc-Andre Fleury to stay with Golden Knights. “Key part of our franchise”.

        Next time try to get it right. Don’t believe the hype and fake news (you probably though biden got 80 million votes too, and Trump is evil)

        • Julie

          Hey, HG! Hope your vacation was great! I think VB is referring to the posts from SinBin specifically. I myself have gone a few rounds here on the Fleury topic and it might even be me they are referring to about “another poster”. Just search for Fleury on this site, especially during the playoffs last year. I was very happy Foley came out and said Fleury would retire as a Knight, etc. It shut down the trade talk. Btw, looks like Maricopa is setting a precedent. Excited to see how it goes. ☺️

          • THE hockey GOD

            HI Julie, hope everything is going bananas. Nice opinion. There were many other false sources. “rumor has it” “trade deadline deals may pick up” the infamous “anonymous sources”. No one from organization outright confirmed any rumors. co GMGM even said that organization respects Fleury.

            Maricopa, you talking about the audits ? Yes it is spreading across the nation and some people are trying to impede it for some reason. What are they afraid of ? “The TRUTH shall SET you FREE”

            see you in the funny papers.

          • normbob

            Trade talks will probably start up again but who will they be about? $12m in goalies will be the question along with other needs.

          • Daryl

            GMGM said they respected MAF after the sword in the back. Not once did they come out anytime before that and comment on the goalie situation. Not once did they come out and state they were not looking to trade MAF when all the trade rumors started

        • Daryl

          Fake news? VGK did everything they could to get rid of MAF? They kicked into having to keep him and because of that luck they are where they are.

          As for the stars of the games I get Ken’s reasoning and I’m OK with it. I have no doubt MAF thought that first goal was going wide and simply tried to catch it it to end the period. Yes that was a horrible goal but without a doubt he made up for it the rest of the game

          • THE hockey GOD

            Yes fake news, media generated frenzy, no substance. Fake news BS Too bad people like you believe the hype without facts. Articles all based upon “rumors”.

            Or maybe you are talking about McKenzie who wrote;

            “The Pittsburgh Penguins apparently want Marc-Andre Fleury back. The Vegas Golden Knights haven’t, and aren’t, budging.”

            or maybe this one:

            ” This might turn out to be the best non-move the Golden Knights have done. … Report: Jim Rutherford tried everything to bring Marc-Andre Fleury back to … and it’s turned into the best non-trade Vegas has made to this point.”

            Most of these “writers” begin with “anonymous sources” or “As of Saturday afternoon, a move was not believed to be imminent, but trade talks could pick up”

            TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported the Penguins have tried “very hard” since the offseason to re-acquire their former three-time Stanley Cup-winning goalie. The Golden Knights have passed on multiple occasions.

            Former Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford was at the forefront of those talks during the offseason. Interim Penguins GM Patrik Allvin tried as recently as “a couple of weeks” ago, but Vegas has insisted on ‘no.’”

            Some writers in VAlley are just shitstirrers. Get used to it. n Don’t fall for the fake news and hype.

          • Daryl

            And what facts do you have that they didn’t try to trade MAF? Or are you going if the remarks made after the fact? Anyone with half a brain cell knows VGK tried to trade away MAF. Maybe it’s from that inside knowledge you always claim to have

            I also don’t have a problem with it. I didn’t agree with it but at the same time it was stupid to keep 2 goalies for that price. Yes it worked out for them but only by luck.

        • normbob


    • normbob

      only a lunitic would not have him as a star! without him it is 8-0.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Fleury won this game for the VGK, star no.1 . He kept the AVS in this game when they could have busted it wide open. Easy star no.1. Players really came back to save him after soft first goal.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i mean he kept the VGK in game, not AVS, freudian slip of gigantic proportion !

  4. Jeff

    Good to see Graves victimized by VGK.

  5. Richard Santomauro

    This was the exact opposite of what happened in game 2. VGK looked slower and moving Landeskog to the 2nd line appeared to be the magic Colorado needed to create more offensive chances. For most of the game Colorado outskated, outpassed and made better puck decisions. If games were decided on these three factors alone the VGK wouldn’t even be close.

    The difference in this game was provided by hall of fame goal tending by Marc Andre’ Fleury (with the exception of the 1st period gift). Credit the Tuch and Karlsson goals, plus the OT winning goal by the Captain Mark Stone and the huge pass by Max Pacioretty!

    This goes to prove that you need to be good in every facet of the game to win at hockey. Vegas took advantage of break aways, turn overs and tonight they had the better goal tender who saved multiple high danger chances.

    The Knights now have a chance to close out a series on home ice for the first time in team history.

    Tonight I absolutely loved the way Kolesar played the game. Donskoi outplayed Carrier on the 2nd Avs goal. Carrier is much better along the boards.

    It’s fitting that two misfits, Tuch and Marchy, were responsible for tying this game up in the 3rd period. I absolutely think Tuch is a top tier player. Get him some help on that 3rd line in the off season and VGK will have 3 #1 lines to roll.

    • Howard

      “The Knights now have a chance to close out a series on home ice for the first time in team history.”

      I see you forgot 2019 game 6 against SJS when we were up 3-2 and lost in overtime on a softie goal :)

      • Emilio

        It feels at this point Fleury just has to get that out of the way. Lets hope from now one it’s in game one or two lol

      • Rob S.

        And Game 6 against Minnesota *this year.*

        • Howard

          That’s right Rob, I thought he meant a game 6. We have had one other chance to close out a game 6 at home and we all know how that went :(

      • Richard Santomauro

        I meant to say “actually close it out with a win”! Let’s get it done Knights!

    • THE hockey GOD

      well said VIC

      waiting for article on how the “experts” will “analyze this” and “analyze that”, waiting for stats on impact of bald players on team versus teams with no bald players, etc etc etc

  6. Wow what an incredible win. As far as I’m concerned this game was just a return of the game co stole in game 2 where VGK outplayed them and then refs called a total BS penalty that lead to pp goal. This game was similar in knights got outplayed most of the game but stole it in the end in incredible fashion. Now we’re 1-1 in stolen games so no whining co fans.

    Fleury was nails. After giving up a total softie with one second left in the first, which was quite deflating, he totally manned up and made up for it the rest of the game. Co spent the entire 2nd period in vgks zone, firing away high danger stuff from 10 feet in front of him and he was incredible. After the second it literally would have been reasonable to be 4-0 co I’m being honest. Just outstanding stuff.

    Next game gonna be tough, tough, tough. Interesting how co adjusted and started dumping it into our zone, rather than trying to skate it in. Very predictable. Now it will be interesting to see how pdb adjusts to their new strategy, which frankly worked very well tonight. So far pdb has outcoached bednar, and I expect he will be pushing buttons skillfully and intelligently in prep for the next game in Vegas.

    Fingers crossed….

  7. Howard

    Justin – agree with everything u said except the refs penalty call. That will be called every time when you in the ozone and slash away a stick out of an opposing players hand after a face-off.

    • I don’t disagree that the refs will call it Howard, you are correct for sure. I call it bs because I really question whether or not they SHOULD call it. On this one, Reilly barely touched the other dude, and the co embellished imo.. dropped his stick and whined.

      But the fact that the refs basically got highly involved in deciding the course of the game. This shouldn’t be the case. In other sports like football, basketball the refs try not to decide the game in the final moments if a hard fought game – swallow that whistle if it’s a marginal call. The players on either side deserve better after a war than to have the game tilted by an extremely soft call in crunch time.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Last knight at 9:00 pm, local time, I went stark raving mad, for about two minutes!

    I could not control my emotions. My dog was upset and my wife thought I was going to have a heart attack.

    After I settled down, I just sat speechless for about five minutes.

    Finally WE won a game, we probably shouldn’t have. just like the AVs did on May 10th and in game 2 of this series. Payback is a bitch!

    Because of my situation, this situation is more urgent than for most people.

    I have been saying for months that we have a team that CAN win the cup. I have never said they will win it and of course have never said they couldn’t/wouldn’t win it, as some have.

    I’m just so proud of our team!

  9. THE hockey GOD

    sheer will power
    never say die
    overcoming adversity
    team work
    altitude adjustment
    matching lines
    goal tending
    face offs
    blocking shots
    clogging the passing lanes
    game time decisions
    no 22 over no 14 on road
    no 14 over no 22 at home
    no embellishment
    crowd noise
    sticking up for your goalie
    push button
    rolling four lines
    good refereering (except of linesman who keeps kicking 71 out of FO circle)
    no 2 THE CHIEF on defense
    AVS no. 7 and no. 8 logging heavy on ice times
    no 26 returns
    no 75 sits on road
    full house at FORTRESS !
    (did I miss anything ?)

  10. Vic

    Sometimes it’s as simple as ‘the puck just needs to go in the net’. Tuch’s baseball swing goal gave our guys much more jump and urgency, and then things clicked. The Avs had target practice for most of the game, but still lost. Seemed tough for our guys to catch them and hit them. On the flubbed first goal, of course Fleury wants it back, but if you ask #23, he would tell you he should have angled Saad into the boards without even letting him shoot. Onward to game 6, and time to step on the Avs and be done.

  11. THE hockey GOD


    “And what facts do you have that they didn’t try to trade MAF?” There are no FACTS to support that. Only brain dead and brain washed people who believe fake news buy that shit.
    What part of the following IS NOT CLEAR TO YOU.

    “As of Saturday afternoon, a move was not believed to be imminent, but trade talks could pick up”. TSN.

    As stated repeatedly above all the articles mentioned “rumors”, “anonymous sources”, ‘trade deadline deals” Go back and read the quotes from McKinzie and others.

    You completely forgot the time line and buy into the fake news media hype.

    “Oct 2020; LV Review Journal
    Foley wants Marc-Andre Fleury to stay with Golden Knights. “Key part of our franchise”.”

    SN’s Bob McKenzie reported the Penguins have tried “very hard” since the offseason to re-acquire their former three-time Stanley Cup-winning goalie. The Golden Knights have passed on multiple occasions.

    Former Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford was at the forefront of those talks during the offseason. Interim Penguins GM Patrik Allvin tried as recently as “a couple of weeks” ago, but Vegas has insisted on ‘no.’”

    Some writers in VAlley are just shitstirrers. Get used to it. n Don’t fall for the fake news and hype.

    Go back and read my posts. LEARN TO READ ENGLISH. Stop believing the rumor mill and fake news garbage. When RUMORS came out MANAGEMENT addressed it. Boy some people have English reading comprehension issues. And to directly answer your question THERE ARE NO FACTS TO SUPPORT YOUR MISGUIDED PREMISE. You can’t point to a single article or dated article that says what you have been brainwashed to think. I listed my REFERENCES. You have nothing but conjecture , rumor mongering, VGK FO hate, and whatever tripe these so called simple minded valley girl “writers” throw at the gullible public. You probably believe Biden won.

    • Daryl

      You are funny ALL KNOWING ONE. So, it’s rumors that VGK was going to trade MAF but you state several inserts from articles that were all speculation but you believe them. To be facts. Maybe it’s YOU that needs to learn to read.

      If honestly believe VGK signed Lehner with the intention of keeping MAF, then you really are brain dead. NOBODY except for a very select few VGK fans, yourself included I guess, right VGK planned on keeping both goalies. I would ask, are you really that clueless, but seeing how your actually believe this, I already know the answer to that.

      Back to learning to read, you didn’t answer my question, you gave a response to a question that wasn’t asked. You have no prood that VGK want shopping MAF around. Your area only speculating… The same thing you chastise others for doing. It’s funny how it’s only a rumor if it fits what you want it to.

      Here’s another question that k km sure you won’t answer. How many players have been traded where we all knew it was going to happen except for the times when players all for a trade? Every trade is a rumor until it happens. We often times hear about what caused trades after a player is traded or after they retire but for the most part players and Owners don’t talk about trades before they happen.

    • Daryl

      I agree with most of that article. The Pens were right to keep Murray over MAF even if the outcome didn’t work out. Jarry outplayed Murray but I’ve never been a fan of Jarry and have stayed since day one tge Pens won’t win with him in net. Before the trade deadline Jarry want playing very good at all and the talks of the Pens going after MAF picked up. Then Jarry had a great month and those talks disappeared. I knew at that point the Pens season was doomed.

      As for VGK, I didn’t like it but I was OK with VGK going after Lehner and reading MAF. Lehner isn’t a bad goalie, he’s younger and cheaper. It made sense. VGK was just lucky they couldn’t find a taker for MAF

    • THE hockey GOD

      Jason, fake news is real. The alphabet soup news outlets are no more than an arm of the liberal democrat party, spewing 1930s neoNazi like propaganda to the masses. The public who are uneducated (mainly due to secular public school training. our GOOBERNOR Blockhouse Sissypants is prefect example of result of our public school “education” system). I’d hired anyone educated by home schooling or private or charter qualified schools any day over a public schooled putz.

      • jason mason

        You’re politics get in the way of the meds you’re obviously off of. Anything you deem not of your belief can be called “fake” whenever you choose to make the call. I’m ok with it since you’re the one that has to live with it and constantly do the “explaining.”

        As to the article, it serves multiple purposes. First, the trade story wasn’t just a story being floated here in Vegas, it had coverage from the Pittsburgh side of the equation as well. Further proof would be to read the Pittsburgh article about the Rutherford interview from a month ago….after he was no longer with the Pens. He stated that he offered “a lot” for Fleury. “A lot” can be construed many ways, but they were having somewhat similar salary cap issues as the VGK, so it was suspected that a lot was actually high draft picks, that don’t impact the cap. More importantly, when 2 sides are actually talking that means there’s something to talk about, and had the offer been determined of value to the VGK they would have pulled the trigger. Regardless of how much Foley likes Fleury. Secondly, the idea that the VGK would not entertain AT ALL the idea of trading Fleury, especially after signing Lehner to his deal, implies that the VGK management has always been completely and fully aware of their salary cap issues and chose to live with them….whatever the cost.

        That cost, in my opinion ( I’m a mere mortal, so it’s not worth much), is management was willing to lose home ice advantage by playing a short bench in the last CO game of the year, which we lost, and now face a potential 7 game series against a team we basically allowed to win the President’s Cup, and home ice for the entirety of the playoffs. Good thing we’re in Vegas, because that’s a big gamble, and if it pays off good for them, but it still doesn’t mean they’ve made the best salary cap moves. I’ve always thought of management’s main job was to put the team in the best possible position to win. I could be wrong.

        I’ll be pulling for the VGK (the team) to pull the VGK management’s fat out of the fire, but in the meantime, I’m going to get a real estate license for the Flat Earth Community. I hear they’re all looking for corner lots with a double edge view.

      • Howard

        HG, sometimes you say interesting things, while often other times, you babble incessant nonsense.

  12. knights fan in minny

    great pass by wild bill on the marchy goal janny with a nice play on the tuch goal

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