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Recap: Game 4 got off to a quick start at T-Mobile Arena. Colorado took the early lead 1:50 into the game but Vegas fought back and evened the game 1-1. Jonathan Marchessault scored his first of the game and third of the postseason.

Max Pacioretty broke the tie 1:11 into the middle period scoring his third goal in five postseason games. Marchessault added a second goal extending Vegas’ lead to 3-1.

Leading 3-1, the Golden Knights continued to control the game in the third period. Six minutes into the final frame Marchessault recorded a postseason hat trick with his third goal of the game. Ryan Reaves and the fourth line got involved offensively late in the game. Reaves found linemate Patrick Brown to stretch the lead to 5-1.

With their commanding 5-1 victory, the Golden Knights even the series 2-2. Vegas can take control with a win in Colorado on Tuesday night. Game 5 is scheduled for 6 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: We knew the Avs were going to come with some sort of a push after they were challenged by their coach. They did, but the Golden Knights answered the call and then some. Vegas continued playing the exact same style of play and the Avs kept feeding them with turnovers in the defensive and neutral zones. These two games could not have gone better for the Golden Knights. The series is tied and the Avalanche are the ones that need to find a few game plan. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado Avalanche Game 4 at T-Mobile Arena

  • The Avalanche were determined to make Game 4 different, and they couldn’t, VGK have them right where they want them.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Karlsson
** Max Pacioretty
* Jonathan Marchessault


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  1. DOC (Go Knights Go)




    Good games from Petro, REVO, Marchy & many others.

    (The negativity cult will have to expend a lot of hot air, to find something wrong with this game!

    WAY TO GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!

  2. knights fan in minny

    marchy on a mission misfit line dominating petro a hell of a game good to see brown get rewarded with a tally works his butt off reaves kept his head

  3. Vic

    To repeat the keys….Make Grubauer look human…..check. Don’t allow their power play to score 50% of the time….check. Everyone worked very hard for this win, and out shooting them and outplaying them for 3 straight games. Aside from a few spurts, the Avs looked tired in the 3rd, and their body language told the story. The Avs should have played some so-called loser hockey in the 3rd as they let the VGK stay strong and confident. Onward and upward.

  4. Whoever says pdb is a bad coach really needs to reassess. He is a master it seems. His strategies, game planning, adjustments have been on the money nearly every time. He deserves a lot or credit for this, but gets lost in the accolades.

    Being honest the Avs have arguably a better roster than VGK with tougher matchup problems, but pdb is out coaching bednar. Combined with an accountable, positive group of players it is a good combination right now.

    It will be interesting to see if bednar, who will have last change at home, gives up and tries to cheat by matching up his line 1 against our other lines. All of our lines can defend well, the only one I worry about is 4th line w Reeves who is probably too slow to defend against their #1 line. Perhaps pdb will play a faster player instead of Reeves.

    Man it would be nice to get Janmark back ..

    Get ready for a war in co…

    • Howard

      Justin – u are right. I keep telling everyone he teaches the best structure game in The NHL. How many coaches can get an entire team to buy into that kind of exact structure?

      I hope AVS don’t figure out that they can skate out hard of their zone, pass red line THEN CHIP AND DUMP in, instead of trying to skate into the OZONE. For AVS to win this series, they’ll need to get close to VGK on puck possession.

      Honestly,. I think AVS have the talent, but are lacking the structure game that VGK has.

  5. Howard

    There is a clear adjustment I can see the AVS need to make;

    Dzone possession SKATE outs with speed, DONT TRY TO SKATE in with puck thru neut zone, chip at red line, dump, send in first forechecker hard and win possession battle. Right now, AVS are playing right into VGK hands, and this series really should be 3-1 VGK now if not for break out flubbed shots.

    Now, VGK was really good this game, but AVS did some good things to start the 3rd. They started skating out of the DZONE instead of trying to stretch pass everything and began to stop trying to skate thru the zone.

    They hit a post, and had another pretty decent shot before that when they just missed the entire net.

    Additionally; to me MAF looks a little shaky out there fundamentally. He’s a bit too “noisy” in the net and he went back to his being too far out of the blue paint as well as going away from fundamental goal tending – his splits are yuck (over kicking), his butterfly is yuck right now.
    – that worries me a bit since we have a very unreliable 1B.

    • Julie

      Howard, why do you have to go and tell the Avs how to win? :). I heard something similar from K Hrudy about Fleury from Game 3. Hopefully, it’s just him adjusting and/or over thinking a bit. I was glad to see McNabb. Petro must be getting the message which I hope keeps up. Ditto for Reaves. Lehner was suited up as a backup which was right, he was in a regular suit for the last game from what I saw on Twitter. PDB may still pull him just because he’s a 25m man. But I am confused on this: Is it all PDB’s decision who plays a game, or do the Mc Boys have a say/pressure PDB at all?

    • THE hockey GOD

      “this series really should be 3-1 VGK now if not for” poor goal tending in games 1 and 2.

      For the AVS to get back in game three they need to channel the spirits of Joe Sakic and Patrick Waaaah !! And that loser hockey guy- (peppy ) le pew, I mean lemieux.

  6. Pistol Pete

    I knew Bednar’s call for his squad to play harder was BS and this game proves my point. Avs did get off to a stronger start but as the game quickly wore on it became clear Bednar does not have an answer for DeBoer. He may find one but the issue is not competitiveness of his players, it’s their positioning.

    • Howard

      I think I got the answer for The AVS (i listed it in another post), but I’m not their coach, lol! They didn’t look at how Wild played us – hint, hint.

  7. Howard

    I’ll admit it. Reavo was good tonight, he properly finished his checks and didn’t get out of position too much.

  8. Tim

    Today by far was Petro’s best game he was a force. Maybe he’s been reading our posts about what a mistake it was to sign him. Friday was Patches best game it seems like everyone has stepped there game up a notch. The misfit line reminded me of our first year. Just a great team effort and Tuesday game 5 is huge we have a chance to take home ice advantage.

    • Howard

      Petro was very good in his decision making and possessions. He needs to keep playing this way 🙂

  9. Duckboy

    Knights have been good since second period of game 2. (Would have said great if they had better finishing)
    Pdb has done a good job too. Players are all in on this system against Colorado
    Thought we were in for repeat of last year.
    Petro finally played very well.
    Let’s hope they can keep this going and win 2 more!

    • Play like they have since period 2 game 2. Stay out of the box. Slow Denver down without committing penalties and they potentially will come out the winners. Their goal performance yesterday can do alot for their winning attitude confirming what hopefully they believed. Winning in Denver will be tough for a number of reason the altitude being a big one which anyone who lives there realizes.

      • THE hockey GOD

        National City Arena / Summerlin elevation around 3500
        Denver around a mile which is 5280 ft above sea level. Not as significant
        as teams coming from LA or Anaslime where the kings and ducks play at sea level for all practical purposes. I don’t expect it to make much of difference at this time in season. If it goes to game seven take the over and take the team with the mo and puck luck (VGK) –

  10. THE hockey GOD

    the AVS are going to throw everything including the kitchen sink at the VGK in opening five minutes of GAME FIVE. The crowd will be going nutso. The question
    is will push button Pete have his team prepared and not have a let down after two huge home wins. In what so far has been a homer series.

    PBD still has more in his magic bag of tricks. Hopefully no.92 and no. 26 will play in this series and bring some fresh legs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat 14 and brings in 22 to avoid mis matches on his defense since 14 seems to be beat much to often with speed to his left side more often than not; and 22 is more of positional d man.

  11. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    Flurrey has played good, but a little “nervous” it seems.

    He must clean up allowing rebounds.

    The boys have done a great job of limiting SOG.

    Hopefully Flurey can find that “magic” glove work he displayed early on in POs.

    He needs to keep up with Gruber, if we are going to advance.

  12. Daryl

    This was the best I’ve seen VGK play all year. I have no complaints from anyone, even Reaves (although he is still useless). VGK will need another complete team effort to win the next game. VGK showed how good they can be when everyone is on point, I do wonder if it’s a one time showing or a showing of what’s to come?

  13. Daryl

    New Season starts today!

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