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Recap: The Golden Knights started Game 3 fast and hard carrying over their string play in Game 2. Vegas completely controlled the period outshooting Colorado 14-3 and earned two power play opportunities. The Golden Knights couldn’t convert either into a goal but they built some momentum heading into the intermission. 

William Karlsson gave Vegas their first lead of the series 4:38 into the 2nd period but it wouldn’t last long. The Avalanche quickly evened the score 1-1 a minute and a half later and drew a late penalty. Vegas killed off the two minutes and preserved the tie after 40 minutes of action. 

Vegas committed another penalty five minutes into the final period and Colorado pounced on the opportunity. The Avalanche scored immediately on the power play to take a 2-1 lead. 10 minutes later Jonathan Marchessault tied the game and Max Pacioretty gave Vegas the 3-2 lead. 

With their 3-2 victory, the Golden Knights get back in the series now trailing 2-1. Vegas will have a chance to tie the seven-game series with a win on Sunday. Game 4 scheduled for 5:30 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Once again, like Game 2, the Golden Knights did what they needed to do for most of the night. They made the game ugly and kept the Avs speed at bay. But, even with a great effort throughout, the scoring looked like it was going to be a problem. Jonathan Marchessault came up with yet another one of his magical monster goals. Then, moments later when the building was rocking, Pacioretty put a stick on a shot from the point and the Golden Knights restored the lead. 6-on-5 is a major mismatch in favor of Vegas, and they proved it in their first chance of the series. (Analysis by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado Avalanche Game 3 at T-Mobile Arena

  • Matchups matter, even if DeBoer says they don’t

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Tuch & William Karlsson
** Max Pacioretty
* Jonathan Marchessault



Blocked Shots Key To Series Turnaround


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  1. knights fan in minny

    hell of a hockey game

  2. Pistol Pete

    VGK 43-20 on the shots. Played similar to periods 2&3 of game 2, outshooting Avs 41-25 for the game. Should have won that one as well.

  3. Vic

    Obvious keys to winning the series…..Make Grubauer look human (score a few of the grade A chances) and allow their power play to score only 25% of the time instead of 50%. Teams are evenly matched and the VGK have outplayed them most of the time in games 2 and 3, and the last game of the season. You know the Avs are not sleeping as well tonight. OK VGK, the Avs peaked during the past two weeks, now it’s your turn to peak and win 11 more. Oh yeah, throw in some dumb puck luck.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    THAT’S ONE …..

    ….. Story continues Sunday!

  5. Game 3 was MAGIC for us Vegas fans! Against formidable AVS, surreal goal-keeping by Grubauer, and down in the 3rd period, the VGK pulled off a seemingly unreachable WIN! The boys were down 2 games, down in game 3, yet they found a crack in the AVS’ powerful game— CUDOS and RESPECT to the VGK for not collapsing, as they have unfortunately done in past playoff games. And they won WITHOUT Reaves, WITHOUT questionable hits, WITHOUT serving numerous penalties. GO KNIGHTS!!!

  6. THE hockey GOD

    coach has big decision to make, bring REAVES back and sit 55 ? or someone else ?

    team desperately needs to get 26 and 92 back into lineup , no. 10 has cost the VGK too much on PK (was on ice for two AV PP goals) when he wasn’t sitting in the box.

    • They need Reaves back in the line-up like they need a hole in the head. He is a liability to the team, unfortunately he wasn’t suspended longer. Rather than think about Reaves they need to figure out the PP if they expect to win – those are chances they can’t afford to miss – which they seem very good at. They can win again Sunday and even the series by playing like they have the last couple of games. They would just make it easier on themselves with a break or two on the PP which Colorado seems to enjoy giving them the chance knowing full well the probability of a goal is slim at best. The Avs message is we can man handle them without much concern – not scoring is one thing, the other has far reaching consequences.

  7. Jason Mason

    Vegas has given up power play goals in each of the Colorado losses, and the OT pp in game 2 killed them. As good as they were at killing pp’s in the regular season the playoffs are a different animal. They really need to stay out of the box. Fleury has done his usual great job, and has had help in keeping the CO shots to a low number, but playing short will catch up with them.

    I’d hate to think that loss at the end of the regular season might be the difference in the end.

  8. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    So, last Knight, I wasn’t feeling vert well. I was trying to make thru the end of the game. But after the AVs scored in 3rd, off went the TV, took my Knight time meds, and went to bed.

    Before going to sleep I’m thinking: This is bad, this is bad. HOW are we gonna get one puck, let alone, 2 pucks past Gruber? Man, this is bad.

    This morning I turned on the game where I left off. For 8-9 minutes no change, the clock is running down. THEN, in 45 glorious seconds, we tie and WIN IT!

    I kiss my wife, my dog, our cat! ha ha THIS is why we follow our favorite team as fans. Nothing before or what comes later matters right now.

    For an old sick man, this kind of stuff is what keeps me going, Gives hope! Thanks boys!!!!!!

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