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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Colorado to take on the Avalanche in the second round of the NHL playoffs. Coach Pete DeBoer gave goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury a night off and started Robin Lehner in net for Game 1.

The Avalanche looked fresh and rested to start the game and it paid off early. Colorado forward Mikko Rantanen gave his team the lead 4:55 into the game. Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog scored a second 1st period goal to take a 2-0 lead into the first intermission. 

The scoring really picked up in the middle frame. The Avalanche added three more goals to their total before William Karlsson finally got Vegas on the scoreboard 15 minutes into the 2nd period. Colorado regained their five-goal lead off Nathan MacKinnon’s second on the period.

The final 20 minutes was marred with countless penalties from both teams. The Avalanche were awarded an extended power play which they took advantage of. Defenseman Cale Makar scored Colorado’s seventh goal to close out Game 1.

With their 7-1 defeat in Colorado, Vegas now trails the seven-game series 1-0. The Golden Knights will have a chance to even up the series on Wednesday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 7:00 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: What an absolute embarrassment. The Golden Knights were terrible in every way to start this series and then they resorted to loser hockey trying to intimidate a team they trailed by five goals. They struggled in every area they needed to succeed in and before they knew it, it was too late. Luckily, it’s one game and the total score of the series doesn’t count. It’s only 1-0 and the Golden Knights still have a chance to win Game 2 and take control right back. (Analysis by Ken)

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  1. Frank

    Hope the boys are super embarrassed by that and come ready to play the rest of the series…. Or it will be a very short one. Oh, and let’s play MAF from here on out.

  2. Contact Tracer

    DeBoer ….. worthless

    Lehner … Worthless

    Reeves … Worthless

    DoBoer, being around years of Sharks, throws Lehner in the shark tank.
    Fleury looked plenty refreshed and rested on the pine. How do you NOT put your very best men on the ice in the playoffs? A proven Stanley Cup winner sitting there as a fan. Absolute effing joke! Not very hard to see DoBoer saw this game as disposable, and exposed his cards about his teams chances against the Avs. Un-effing-believable!

    Lehner … I feel sorry for him …. 2 weeks off and expected to perform solidly against the skill level of Colorado … is this a sick joke by DeBoer? He was a boy against men. They should have found that zamboni driver that beat Toroonto last year. Would have been a much better bet. Lucky it wasn’t 6-0 in first period.

    Reeves … gotta (faux) admire a “dumber than a box of rocks” guy that shits on the police, kneels in a foreign country against the country that gave him grand opportunities, and now gives the organization a garbage dump moniker tonight. What more can be said to see how much he hurts VGK on all levels? Totally classless move tonight, disgusting.

    VGK just stuck a big bear with a sharp stick. This is going to get ugly … Avs win series 4-1 …. possible sweep.

    • Tiki Owl

      This game might have been different if the Knights hadn’t needed to travel the day after Game7 vs the Wild. But DeBoer felt he needed to play Lehner against the Avs in the penultimate regular season game in Vegas. He could have played him in the last game against the Sharks. Everyone knew that this matchup against the Avs was coming and having home ice would be huge. It became even more important after the VGK had to go 7 in the first round.

    • This is the same shit that happened in the 3previous years ,Vegas getting screwed every way possible by these stupid referees who don’t no shit from shineola, they just don’t want Vegas to win because their a new team and they want them to pay their dues. Which I thick sucks!

      • Daryl

        Please done start that BS. You know bad it makes us look when we start blimgbtge officials? If you think Graves deserved 5, that’s fine but that would mean Reaves deserved one last series and Patches also deserved one last game. Officiating had nothing to do with the outcome of the last game

  3. Vic

    The game was sort of expected after the game 7 on Friday (oddsmakers thought so). So Doc doesn’t blow a fuse, it didn’t matter who was in goal. I’m an older guy so what Ken calls ‘loser’ hockey was normal strategy in playoff series before most of you were born. Games 1 and 2 were typically very rough if a team led by more than a few goals. It was an attempt to set a tone, and great fun to witness. Reaves could have handled it differently but he rarely could catch up to anyone. Interesting and ironic that Reaves pulled the old kneel on the other guy’s neck routine like the George Floyd arrest. So we had Reaves kneeling in protest last year and tonight he recreates that and we may have seen the last of him. Even the other kneeler, Lehner, was caught kneeling a few times tonight. Rest up boys. The Avs are good. but not that much better than you. Excellent drafting they have done.

    • Contact Tracer

      Yup, pulled the very same dirt bag move on Graves that he was protesting against in Canada. (Too cowardly to protest at home …. just like the management firing Gallant “on a road game” … effing cowards …

      Not the sharpest tack in the box; the only thing Reeves cares about, is Reeves.

    • Daryl

      Huge difference between this loser hockey and that in the past. Previous teams had goons on the squads and they were the ones playing loser hockey, on both sides. I wouldn’t compare hockey today to hockey of yesterday when we had more “men” playing the sport.

      The best thing that could come from this game is Reaves getting suspended!

    • THE hockey GOD

      i agree, since when is sticking up for a mugged team mate “loser hockey”?

      The AV player , by not accepting the challenge showed he’s yellow bellied coward and prolonged the pain that will be forth coming in rest of series. He’s a marked man and everyone knows it.

      If he can do the time, he shouldn’t do the crime.
      He shouldn’t write checks his A$$ can’t cash.

      • Blitz

        I agree. I feel like every one has gone so soft in this sport. This *was* the sport of policing the game and equalizing bad reffing. If Graves would have got the penalty he deserved, a major or maybe even just a double minor it would have been different. If Graves would not have been a 2021 hockey player (ie giant pussy) and took Carrier (not even Reeves) on his challenge it would have been different. The dude is much bigger than Carrier. Drop the gloves, tie Carrier up, go to the ice and save face. He knocked a needed player out of the game, maybe the series (probably the rest of the season) take your god damn medicine and move on. On the flip side I don’t like the way Reeves handled it. He needed to go classic instigator, initiate a fight, and take maybe a one sided fighting major, if it came to that. Kneeling on his head, if that is what he did, and getting a match for it was dumb.

        Anyway, I am ok with “loser hockey”. It wasn’t as if the team goon’d it up broadly. They specifically went after Graves pure and simple. The rest was just fodder from that. Some chippiness from the Pacioretty reverse check. Hilarious reffing moment there, dumbasses.

        Other thoughts:
        -Brown was excellent on the 9 min penalty kill, for my eye test. I thought he played hard with the extra minutes he got in the game. He had a couple of scoring chances in the game as well. He plays with some grit and works hard.

        -Glad to see Hague get fired up and try to go with an Avs player that jumped on Pacioretty. He is a big talented guy who I think needs to play with more grit, but show some signs of it from time to time.

        -Lehner has never passed the eye test to me even though people like to smash the stats sheet in my face. Slow glove, doesn’t even move when he gets smoked over his shoulders, like no reaction other than put his head down. If he goes down he almost needs a teammate to help him up in a timely fashion. Frustrating that VGK lacks skill at other positions because we have bad backup but some how starting goalie.

      • Daryl

        And that attitude is exactly why COL will confine to embarrass VGK. I agree Graves chickened out on the fight and I’m OK with Carrier going after him but if he isn’t going to fight then you make sure he knows your age they’re with hard hits and maybe even a few late hits, your don’t do what Reaves did. That was loser hockey at its finest. That wasn’t even old school hockey

        Hopefully Reaves is done for the season

  4. George L.

    Hopefully Reaves is done, then we can replace him with a hockey player.

  5. I liked what Reaves did, he backed up a teammate, you guys understand loyalty ?? Oh, we were supposed to just blow it off, just let Janmark get crushed on purpose ?? Graves got what he deserved, he was smiling in the penalty box, thought it was funny. I have a big problem with Reaves taking a knee, but I wouldn’t want to play on a team that just let’s one of our guys just get hammered, on PURPOSE !!!!!! That’s pussy hockey and furthermore, I wouldn’t pay $250 to watch a pussy hockey team, would any of you ??? I just telling you my opinion.

    • George L.

      Reaves took a knee on Graves neck. Fighting Graves is one thing. Going Chauvin on Graves is a completely different animal. If you’re proud of that you’re an idiot too.

      • Chauvin did it for 9 minutes, Reaves for a few seconds, your comparison is dramatic at best and misguided !!

        • Mark – u are absolutely missing the point here. What Reaves did IS NOT HOCKEY in anyway, it’s not even the old school fighting. It was plain dangerous and unwarranted. What Max did was more in line with old school hockey.

          If u want to stick up for your guy, THROW THE GLOVES down and fight. Janmark hit wasn’t dirty, just a late hit that Graves mistimed. However, refs should have called a major there and because they didn’t, they are in part to blame for the malay ( we would have lost the game anyways, not the point).

          Personally, I think Reaves will be fortunate not to get arrested for that – just unacceptable in any era of hockey, PERIOD.

        • Daryl

          Chauvin also didn’t have the full weight of his body on his neck like Reaves did. Chauvin also didn’t push the guys head, face first into the ground. Reaves is just plain trash, get over it already

          • Duckboy

            First a PDB apologist now a chauvin apologist.

            Just stop.

          • Blitz

            Also Graves isn’t a woman beater, super high fentanyl.

          • Daryl

            Hey quack job, reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it?

          • Jinklu

            Daryl you don’t know what you are talking about regarding Chauvin. You are wrong about everything you said. Check your facts before you mouth off about something. Chauvin deliberately murdered George Floyd. I live in Minny, watched the trial and heard all the evidence.

          • Daryl

            Jinklu… Spoken like a true liberal. Did you actually watch the the trial? I call BS. You’re comments are hilarious. It is YOU who should learn the facts before speaking. Just b/c you live in Minnie doesn’t mean your automatically know more than anyone else. And the entire trial was live on TV so everyone was able to watch it. In the end a POS is dead and the world is better off. But look at the bright side, your President bright God fame to the Whitehouse

          • Duckboy

            My reading comprehension is fine.

            I think after reading your posts on this thread I know your real problem with reaves.

            You last post illuminates what kind of a dirtbag sociopath you are.

          • Daryl

            OK quack quack, if you say so. I spoke the truth which sometimes the truth hurts. You can call me whatever you, I have no use for POS ppl like Floyd. If that hurts your feelings so fucking be it. Get over it…. Or not I really don’t fucking care

          • Duckboy

            You are a sad despicable human being.

            There’s some truth for you, but you don’t care about anyone but yourself obviously.

          • Daryl

            I don’t care about the trash… Come at me with something a little more little boy.

            Just listen to these new little girl VGK fans… They think they actually know something about hockey or the world

          • Pauly

            You are a racist pig who society rightly hates

          • Daryl

            You so hurt my feelings!!! What am I going to do now? This little pissant didn’t like me

          • Duckboy

            if you don’t care why do you reply?

            you mom didn’t hug you enough?

            or is it daddy issues?

            Go get some help.

          • Daryl

            That’s the problem with the new generation… They always want to blame someone else for what someone does

        • It’s not the time it’s the intent – while Graves was chicken and not fighting with Carrier whether you want to admit it or not it was a Tom Wilson act and cowardly to boot. Wilson while a thug is capable of playing hockey the same can’t be said for Reaves. Yes teammates need to protect one another, there is the right way and the wrong way and Reaves over stepped the line. If he is not suspended there is something wrong with the system.

        • Mark – intentional and/or stupid time aside pick your poison – Reaves was wrong plain and simple.

    • Contact Tracer

      Care to comment about the dirtbag move by Pacioretty?

      Did Colorado have the right to horse collar Patches to the ground? By your logic, yes.

      The VGK “class” level needlessly dropped quite a few notches tonight …. looked like sore losers of a minor league organization …. I just telling you my opinion.

      • Daryl

        I completely agree with you!!! Everything you just said is spot on

    • Daryl

      You mean the same type of hit that Reaves administered last game against MIN??? As for the hit itself, it was a late hit worthy of 2min. Janmark turned his head and if he wasn’t watching his pass (or whatever he was looking at) he would have seen the hit coming. Reaves throws a weak crosscheck/punch to the back of COL goalie then grabs Graves around the neck, throws him down, uses his knee and both hands to push him in the head face first in the head in an obvious attempt to injury. He is a POS and should be suspended for the remainder of the season!!!

      I love physical hockey and you won’t find a fan who believes fighting is a major part of the sport that should never go away, but there is no place in hockey for what Reaves did. It was an attempt to injure and should never play hockey again!!!!

      • Contact Tracer

        Absolutely correct Daryl! The Graves hit was a good hockey hit, as they say. Nobody mentions the obvious height difference of the two players. Graves skates were solidly on the ice. The hit was a bit late but Graves wasn’t lining Janmark up to hurt him. These type of scenarios happen in a split second, faster than a human mind can think ….. the call was appropriate IMO.

        • Now your a mind reader ????

        • Duckboy

          A good hit? This is a joke right?

          Janmark gets rid of the puck at least 1 second goes by and the guy hits him in the head with his shoulder and his head hits the boards?

          Who has duty of care? Janmark after he gets rid of the puck?

          Get real

          • Daryl

            I don’t think he meant a good hit as in not a penalty but as in not a dirty hit. As I said before, Janmark was looking back when the hit came and should have seen the hit coming. It was a late hit that deserved a 2min penalty, not a dirty hit that deserved a 5min major.

          • Duckboy

            It was a dirty hit mate. Build a bridge and join the rest of us in reality land as opposed to hockey snob fairy land which u live in.

          • Contact Tracer

            Hits like that one are normal in hockey. It was a late hit and appropriately called. It was not dirty, Graves was clearly not targeting the head. His skates did not leave the ice. He is a good foot taller than Janmark. Do you suggest they make a rule to force guys like Chara to get on their knees before making hits?

            It was a minor penalty and nothing more. Vegas focus went from scoring to making sure Graves (and possibly his career) was destroyed. The Avs have dealt with this thuggery before with Bertuzzi and Moore.

            VGK took the low road and looked like chumps in the process.

            Get real Duckyboy! (as you say …LOL)

          • Duckboy

            What are u talking about contact high?

            Graves is 6’5 and Janmark is 6’1. A perfect explanation of what caused the taller guy to bend down and connect the TOP of his shoulder to Janmarks jaw ramming his head into the boards a full second after he played the puck away?

            If he hits him with an elbow MAYBE due to the height difference.

            He bent down and targeted his head

            That’s dirty filthy play. Just say it and it will all be ok.
            You can still hockey snob in this forum and act like u know it all.

            You better stop smoking your own supply as well.

          • Charlie Randles

            Graves hit him .67 seconds after he released the puck. Looked longer but that’s the speed of the game. You try and change direction in .67 seconds. That’s why in hockey they say “don’t admire your passes”

          • Daryl

            It’s called being a homer… Take off your glasses and quit crying about the hit and learn something about hockey

          • Duckboy

            I have plenty of hockey knowledge and valid points.

            Spoken by the dirtbag sociopath hockey snob.

            Maybe you should take off those glasses and become a human.

          • Daryl

            OK little man…. Get your feelings hurt

      • Graves will never do that again with Reaves on our team. He thought it was funny, he thought he was going to get a pass. He didn’t get a pass, he will think twice next time !!

        • Daryl

          Wrong again… .Graves and the ENTIRE Avs team was laughing at us the entire game. And they will continue to laugh at us until we beat them on the score board. Nobody gives a shit about Reaves anymore. He is a nobody and is useless.

          • Oh, so they get to laugh and delivery cheap head shots ?? That’s pussy hockey, count me out on that !!

          • Excuse me, Graves stopped laughing !!!

          • Graves isn’t laughing anymore !!

          • knights fan in minny

            at us what do you mean i thought you were a penguins fan the team thats on the golf course

        • Daryl

          No where did I say Graves or COL was laughing at the injury. I said they were laughing at VGK for how stupid they looked afterwards. I’m sure Graves is laughing right now considering how embarrassing VGK looked. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit is it???

          Tom Wilson is the one who laughs at players after he’s injured them

          • Daryl

            Minnie…. Are we not allowed to be fan of two teams or root for two teams? Back in the day when players played for one team I could see it, but now players just move around freely. Engelland had been my favorite player since day one and I used to live near Burgh. I was also a MAF fan. So yes the Pens are still my team but I root for VGK in every haha they don’t play the Pens

      • Would you feel that way if Janmark had a brain injury ?? How about a swelling of the brain, is that ok ?? A broken jaw, is that ok ??? Tell me, what is your limit with someone else’s jaw or brain. What Graves did was intentional. Question, would you rather have a guy, a world class athlete, not a ballerina, skate at you full speed and take an elbow square in your head or someone for 15 seconds put a knee on your neck ?? I don’t like how you guys are so willing to give Graves a pass, it’s unbelievable. Give me a knee to the neck over an elbow crushing my face anytime !

        • Contact Tracer

          What about Reeves crushing that guys face off the post the other night? Feel sorry for the victim at all? Did you send him a “get well” card?

          • Oh bullshit, that was minor, my God, have you no shame ???

          • Blitz

            Sutter didn’t miss a shift. Not sure how that compares.

          • Daryl

            Blitz… It’s about the hit. Reaves hit was a complete blindside hit. Graves hit was from the side on a player who would have seen the hit coming if he wasn’t admiring his pass

        • Daryl

          Get over yourself. As I stated earlier, Janmark SHOULD have seen the hit coming. He was looking back before Graves made contact. You also threw in there a bunch of “what if’s” well, we don’t live in a world of what if’s. Reaves putting full weight of a knee on neck is a lot worse than the hit. Using both hands to push the face of Graves into the ice is worse than the hit. Keep defending that POS Reaves. He deserves to be suspended indefinitely and I hope that’s what he gets.

        • Daryl

          It was minor???? He didn’t even see that one coming. Again, Janmar should have seen this hit coming. and the guy Reaves hit didn’t return either

        • rgangue

          For you Vegas fans who may not know an Avs player Jost threw an elbow and broke a the orbital bone of Robert Bortuzzo knocking him out of the series. He was penalized but was not suspended. It was much worse than what Graves did. More like what Patch did. Graves is a punk for not answering the bell after taking the hit. Kaddri later concussed Faulk and was suspended for 8 games. It will be interesting to see what the league does and how teams respond to the over the edge? hits.

          Did anyone see petro imitating a couch as Saad threw him down on the ice after Petro tried to start something? He is so soft.

      • Pauly

        You dirt bags that think its cool for police to murder people are the worst…you not only don’t understand hockey, you dont get society…thank goodness you are being replaced

        • Daryl

          If you say so… I’m still waiting for someone to try and replace me!!!

          Floyd was a POS and his actions started everything that happened. The officer was wrong, charged and convicted. What more do you morons want??? Stop believing the BLM bullshit and do a little research of your own. You might find out that this d giant happen very often and all the BS stats liberals and BLM try to use are just that, BULLSHIT!!!!

          • Pauly

            So glad you old racist aholes are dying out…so out of step

          • Daryl

            I’m racist b/c I call a POS and POS? You are so smart. Not sure how old you think I am but I’ll be around a for a very long time. You only wish you could replace me.

          • Pauly

            HAHAHAHAHA. You are getting defunded and replaced! And there is NOTHING you can do about it

          • Daryl

            You stupid young liberals… Nobody is getting defunded. You can beep, boop, bop my ass. Keep trying.

    • Bill

      Vegas got the appropriate retribution for the Graves hit during game one. They would be wise now to get back to the Vegas hockey that they played in the regular season and round one. There is a reason they were tied with the Avs for most points in the league this year and went 4-4 vs the Avs. If they go searching for further retribution this plays into the Avs hands.

  6. This isn’t ballroom dancing, this isn’t playing jacks or handball or breakdancing. These are grown men playing a man’s game that requires teamwork and cohesion and loyalty to one another, remember that. These guys rely on one another, Reaves pulls down 1.9 million dollars a year, probably has $10,000,000 to $15,000,000 locked up, plus assets and interest, why ??? To score goals ??? To skate very fast ??? To make friends ??? To hug AVS or Sharks of Blues ??? No I say, his millions are earned by delivering payback, by protecting teammates, to keep everyone safe. That’s hockey, always has, always will !!

    • Daryl

      WHEN??? Where was he when Stone was hit? Where was he when several other “star” players were hit. He chirped from the bench but when he came on the ice he didn’t do shit. Same tonight, he comes in after the hit and doesn’t do anything until he decides to hit the goalie in the back of the head then drag down graves from behind. Reaves is a POS that nobody is scared of. Hit totals do not drop just because he is on the ice. He does more talking than he does anything else. Then he takes stupid penalties, like last series, which directly lead to goals against. At least after this game he will be done for the season

      • He bidded his time, waited for the right time and made his move !!

        • Contact Tracer

          The Graves hit was a minor, my God, have you no shame ???

          • Preposterous, just absolutely ridiculous comparison. Quit ripping of my cheesy quotes, who are you Joe Biden ??

        • Contact Tracer

          C’Mon Man … LOL …. The call on the ice was a minor penalty just like the Reevo cowardly “back checking a players face into the goal post” . Both monors. Your drivel eher tonight proves to me your illogical Nancy Pelosi line of thought …. Marko Pelosi … LOL

          • THE hockey GOD

            please leave Nancy Smellosi, out of this.

            Now I have to retch and it’s too early in morning for that sort of thing.

        • Daryl

          You mean a pussy move by grabbing a player from behind and pushing his face into the ice with the full weight of his body???? That move???

      • Howard

        Daryl – don’t argue with this Mark guy as he clearly has little clue what hockey is and what hockey isn’t.

        Reaves is a thug
        Tom Wilson is even a bigger disgrace, why? BECAUSE TOM HAS TALENT, Reaves doesn’t.

        If you want to be an enforcer in The NHL, u throw down the gloves and fight, PERIOD. U do not CHEAP SHOT and try to hurt people as “payback.” Only a truly weak man would think that way.

        • Daryl

          You are exactly right… I’m done with this moron!!! I can’t stand homers, even ones from my favorite teams. This guy is clueless

      • That’s exactly right. Spot on. Reaves is a Real Loser. Whom VGK TRADED FOR. Then RE-SIGNED. And it sure seems all the management, coaches, players go out of their way to kiss his ass and overhype him, too. Makes it hard to be a VGK fan anymore. Real hard. Loser. Owner is probably a similar Psychopath. Finance World loves ’em…

    • Contact Tracer

      Did you enjoy Reeves bouncing the face of that dude of the goal post the other night. Pussy enough for you?

      Reeves is like the guy in those old Western movies that would shoot you you in the back. A proverbial coward.

      • I slept all night and thought about it. We are going to be a good, woke hockey club. Anthony Fauci is now our team trainer, he can flip flop all day with training procedures. We must have gay, transgender and non binary players now, no players who chase skirt, ok ?? Oprah Winfrey will be principle owner now, no more Foley, Jesus, think about it, he was in the military, he’s out. That phony Prince and fake Duchess will own 30%, no more Maloof’s. Your buddy, Obama will be GM and he will hire Barbara Streisand as asst. GM. Dr. Phil will be team counselor, because when we get buried 60 to 0, our feelings will be hurt. Our goalie will be exempt from being gay or non binary, a great American, by God, Al Sharpton will be our goalie, instead of a hockey stick, he can use a blow horn. Before every game, our new woke players will warm up with Vagina hats, smiling knowing they make Vegas proud, we are a full woke hockey club now. When we get hammered by Wilson, we just crawl off the ice, after all, we are now woke, we are playing pussy hockey now.

        • Dylan

          Barbara Streisand, eh? Didn’t PUSSY TRUMP whine and moan and “fight” with her…over Twitter?


          You’re bitter that Fake Alpha Male lost, I bet.

          Happy Memorial Day. Hope those TRUMP heel spurs don’t flare up today…

          • I see what’s going on here, racism rears its ugly head. If Graves were half somoan you wouldn’t have a problem with this. Well I’ve had enough of half somoan racism, it ends today. This kid Reaves could of been a contender, could of been heavyweight champion of the world instead of a bum, let’s face it, that’s what he is. I ask not what I can do for my hockey team but what my hockey team can do for me. You sir are a bigot. I know half somoan’s, half somoan’s are friends of mine and your no half somoan. In your world half somoan’s would sit at segregated lunch counters, drink out of seperate water fountains, drive half somoan’s women into back alley abortions, well that’s not a hockey world I want to live in. If not me standing up then who ?? Geraldo is busy with the border, so I lead now. I just wish that after this series can we please all get along,

  7. Tim

    In my opinion good move starting Lehner game one now there is no doubt he won’t be in net again. How would you know that if he wasn’t tested. Now we know we ride Fleury to the end. A lot of bush league stuff going on and the Vegas mystic was clearly damaged. All you can do is come out Wednesday and play with passion.

  8. Jeff

    What!! Nobody talking about the absolutely horrendous performance by the entire team tonight.

    • Contact Tracer

      I think Ken’s three stars took care of that ….

      • Blitz

        I think Brown gets a star. He was the only one I noticed. He was all over the place on the 9 min pk and had a couple of good looks on offense. It was a shit show game, but our bottom player was playing hard.

        • Daryl

          I wore agree with that… He continued to play hard while everyone else just went thru the motions

  9. Howard

    Ok, I put this on another post on this site on how to win against AVS, I’ll relist it here again because it’s basically the same thing Ken is saying. Let’s see if VGK followed any of it.

    “VGK CANNOT play transition game with them or we will get smoked. AVS have 4 lines of SPEED, we do not. AVS are not a physical forechecking team, but a LIGHTNING FAST first-forechecking team. They get on you fast in your zone, I mean blazing fast, but this is also their weakness…

    <>> Petro was terrible, did not make fast decisions, tried too many breakouts which is what Ken means by “loose with the puck.”

    I honestly think both teams 3rd line play might be the key to this series.

    << Still believe that and if Janmark is really hurt, we can have some issues here.

    1. VGK needs to slow game down, lots of puck cycling, control possession time, AVOID A TRACK MEET, but pick carefully times to rush out. AVS will trap you if you get sloppy in this.
    This keeps AVS trapped in their own zone where they can’t change and that is their primary game – fast, furious, fast changes, fast first forechecker, fast sticks. VGK needs to cycle and cycle to win this series – avoid turnovers.

    << exactly what happened and didn't happen in game 1. VGK got caught in the trap game going for faster strikes = LOSING THE TRACK MEET.

    2. Must hit AVS hard in their own zone and get first forechecker in hard. AVS will turn it over quite often when you tightly check them. Their series with Blues was a joke, Blues weren’t able to do any of these.

    << neither did VGK, AVS did a good job reversing the puck away from the forecheckers. 4TH line did a better job with this again, what Ken means by "boring hockey."

    Year one team would have no chance against this current AVS team. They are beatable, but they won’t be beaten in a track meet – this series is key why Deboer is here, I believe his style can beat The Avs whereas Gallant’s would get killed.

    << Game 1, VGK played like the year one team – didn't cycle, didn't SLOW the game, tried to break out too much with too many line to line passes = YOU WILL NOT BEAT AVS this way.

    VGK 4th lines with Reeves here worries me when we don’t have home ice ad.. Last change can really favor AVS in this regard.

    << I hope Reeves is suspended for the rest of the season. He is useless, lacks the talent, and if he wants to be a dirty player, I hear the Texas league is looking for an "enforcer" and he's not an enforcer anyways. CROSS CHECKING OTHER GOALIE on his neck? Jamming a player's face into the ice with his glove and bashing on it? He's lucky to not get arrested. It was horrifying to watch to be honest.

    AVS are more talented and deeper, but I do believe Deboer’s system could be the difference in this one. Whereas his system can hurt against a D team like The Wild, it WILL HELP against an aggressive risk-taking team in The AVS.

    << Right, need to slow down the game, play the boring game that Ken says which is PUCK CYCLING, HARD FORECHECKING, POSSESSION BASED "BORING HOCKEY."

    AVS get frustrated when you pin them in their own zone so, I like VGK structure better, but like AVS talent better.

    << VGK never did this nor did they try really.

    This series is too close to call IF VGK sticks to PDB system. However, this series will be over fast if VGK gets caught in AVS trap game like in year one against Caps."

    << If VGK insists on remaining in a track meet type of game with loose puck control, it'll be over in 4 games.

    • Julie

      Howard, surely PDB knows how to beat Colorado, correct? If so, was the game last night a throw away game so to speak, meaning he could afford to put in Lehner, and coming off of Game 7 Friday, the team had to have a game to adjust physically and mentally to the style of Colorado? And it just was ugly? It seemed like Vegas was chasing everything. I didn’t see the Reaves stuff, my network stream was intermittently buffering a fair bit. But I have noticed that they don’t sing the National Anthem , they sing “The Star Spangled Banner”.

      • Ken

        A throw away game in the playoffs? C’mon no excuses

        • Julie

          Just trying to make sense of the game. I know this team has it in them to win, and to go hot & cold so fast ( I mean warmer last game to freezing this game). But, I definitely understand your point. It’s the playoffs – play up or shut up so to speak.

    • THE hockey GOD

      nice write up Howard, I would add one more thing.

      (and no more cow, I mean panda, I mean Walrus in net)

  10. Pistol Pete

    That’s a really good hockey team over there. VGK will need Fleury to stand on his head and then some. Reset for game #2.

  11. Pauly

    PDB must be fired…Reaves must be cut…Lehner also cut…

    The VGK brand suffered a fatal blow last night…sore losers…out of control clowms…spoiled little kids…

    PDB has made us SJS and NJD just as I knew he would…

    The mystique and aura of the best expansion team in pro sports history is gone forever…

  12. DOC (Go Knights Go)




    • Pauly

      You remain so ignorant about hockey…

      • Julie

        Pauly, you probably didn’t mean it this way, but you had me laughing about the dog sweaters, pink flamingos, etc. from your earlier posts. I have not been to a VGK game in Vegas, I saw them in AZ a couple of years ago when tickets were affordable. So, I’m guessing you go to the games in Vegas and this is what you see/hear. I can’t say I’m a fan of PDB, but I do like the team and their story. The FO seems to have their head up their a$$ in several things here, but loyalty in Vegas whether on the ice or at the casino is an illusion, so it’s right on par.

        • Pauly

          The fan base is 90% local idiots who don’t know anything about hockey…they name their cats after players, knit small dog VGK sweaters and go on and on about how cute Fleury is…

          The FO is atrocious…they fell into something special with Gallant and the misfits right out of the gate…then they dump pure success for PDB, and didn’t vet him – he ruined SJS and NJD…

          The mystique and allure of the Misfits officially ended last night…The PDB ruining of VGK is complete…we are just a goonish above average team with a group of loud, ignorant know nothing fans

          • THE hockey GOD

            Pauly, PDB didn’t ruin anything. He had little say in the core make up of this team. The goons were there before he got here. Players get old, you realize that don’t you? The misfits are four years older, and three steps slower , more prone to injury as they age. Such is life in NHL.

            The misfits allure ended along time ago. If the lost to caps didn’t do it. Then the loss to sharks and to Stars certainly did it.

            I agree with first paragraph, and add to it that they could hold an original cheer or chant without some idiot churning a siren or some sign saying to MAKE SOME NOISE or some moe telling them to CLAP THEIR HANDS.

          • Pauly

            All fair comments, Hockey God…good points in there

          • Julie

            I guess the silver lining there is that at least the locals like/love the sport enough to cheer the team on, however they know how, and they provide revenue.

  13. Ken

    Make all the excuses y’all want the outcome will be no different

  14. Dylan

    The bigger problem is that Vegas “resorted to loser hockey” the moment they traded for (?!) and then re-signed (??!!!) an Absolute Sociopathic Goon called “Reavo”. Every time they trot this donkey out there, they are “resorting to loser hockey.” They sure seem to love him, however. From the top on down, all the way through the roster. Both Gallant and DeBoer seem to love this loser, too. Maybe they’re afraid he might kill them if they don’t kiss his deranged ass?

    VGK made their bed with this Berzerker Bad Beermaker. Repeatedly. Now they’re gonna get buried in the bloodstained sheets. Karma, maybe. Dumb, surely.

    Hopefully we never have to see 75 suit up again for Vegas. An utter embarrassment. Always. At least Tom Wilson has some hockey skills.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    Memorial Day Massacre

    Avs player is a coward and does not step up to the plate when challenged to a fight prolonging the inevitable.

    Graves refused to fight when challenged multiple times after injuring a VGK player in at a time in game when such a hit was unnecessary. Then he laughs it off when 28 repeatedly challenges him to fight.

    Then GOON and THUG Reaves comes in and does his dirty work after GRAVES yellow bellied and passed up multiple chances to take responsibility for his injuring a VGK player who had to be helped off the ice. No other player in this game needed assistance other than injured 26. There are no excuses for what happened. 26 coulda , or woulda , or shoulda done this that or other thing to avoid the hit. It happened , deal with it.

    Reaves is done, likely suspended for the series, good riddance. Don’t approve of his actions in this game at all and VGK management should immediately suspend him if NHL BETTMAN, the idiot, does not do it. Both Graves and Reaves belong in jail. There is no excuse for Graves action at that point in a game well in hand. And there is no excuse for REAVES actions either.

    Since Graves didn’t do the manly thing, the issue is still on the table.

    VGK police should issue an arrest warrant for GRAVES. That is how they do it in real hockey towns. Toronto , Montreal , and Vancouver have done it more than once. And Marty McSorley was charged and convicted of assault.

    • Mike StG

      Hg, you make a lot of good points. PDB is right about one thing though – no one on the Avs was really hurt. The Reaves incident looked worse than it was – if it was all so vioIent as being claimed they would’ve carried Graves off on a stretcher. I think Girard and Graves should be commended for great acting. Both lay motionless on the ice for extended periods as if they were unconscious or badly hurt. BOTH of them were back skating within a few minutes. Oscar-worthy performances.

      Janmark was legitimately hurt. It WAS a blindside hit by a player not even engaged with him. He was engaged with another Av trying to get control of the puck and after he succeeded he looked over his shoulder toward the direction he moved it and got hit by Graves. Not high, but it was a blindside. It was totally unnecessary and late. He probably won’t play the rest of the series if it’s what it looked like – a concussion.

      Good thing goal differential doesn’t apply in the playoffs. But regardless, I can’t see Vegas beating this team. They’re just too good, and they don’t have any real weaknesses. The best Vegas can do is stop the stretch passes, go back to their traditional breakout with strong-side short passes to centers, carry it in to the NZ and then dump and chase to get it deep in the Avs’ zone – play north-south. They’re losing the puck trying to carry it in across the blue line, or via intercepted stretch passes, or by cross ice passes lost in the NZ, and the Avs are able to attack with speed before Vegas can get setup to defend. They need to at least force the Avs to go further and through 5 players to get into the Vegas zone.

      I honestly think no one will be able to hang with the Avs – not the Bolts or Bruins – so barring injury they look like this year’s Cup champs to me. Thank goodness they won’t be in our division next year.

    • Daryl

      I think it’s funny you say the hit was unwarranted yet the hit was axruskky less than a second after he had the puck. A second is not very long in hockey. And as I said earlier which you tried to elude to, it wasn’t a hit in the back, it wasn’t a blind side hit. Janmark decided to admire his pass which is why he got hurt. You talk about old time hockey, well getting your clock cleaned b/c you are watching your own pass is old time hockey. Reaves also took a cheap shot to the back of the goalies head. Two COL players missed times in that game from cheap shots from VGK players

      I agree that Graves should have accepted the challenge from Carrier but you can’t make him fight. I would have been OK with Carrier making the challenge and dropping his gloves then it would be in Graves.

  16. Julie

    Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and peaceful Memorial Day today. While I have many veterans/active service family members, I have not lost a family member while serving in the military. But if you have, my thoughts are with you today.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    I try to find positives in that game. One thing is that the vGk goalie did not let in a goal off his helmet and he didn’t hold his stick upside down. He’s getting better in that department. But being totally and completely UNPREPARED is unacceptable and inexcusable. And completely unprofessional considering the amount of money these “pros” make. There have been multiple times in this play off series in which stone cold came into a game and stood on their head. Including rookie goalie for Panthers by the name of, coincidentally, Knight. Terry Knight.

    And Push button pete screwed up by not having a back up goalie on beach ready to play. Why dress Fleury when PBD obviously had no intention to play him. Several of AHL goalies saw recent action that could have been brought up. I would have had a back up ready and on the bench and pulled the goalie after the first three goals.

    After this game, you won’t see the Cow, I mean the panda in another game in this series barring , well I ‘m not going there.

    • THE hockey GOD

      spencer knight that is

    • This post made me laugh. Kudos. This part was the best:

      “One thing is that the vGk goalie did not let in a goal off his helmet and he didn’t hold his stick upside down. He’s getting better in that department.”

      This guy really isn’t that good, or so it sure seems. Big Oaf Olaf. Regardless of what the stats suggest sometimes. Amazing how Petey Pie rode him over MAF in the BUBBLE too, isn’t it? Moron Move.

      VGK Management made many great moves to build this org. They keep making several dumb ones more recently. I’d take Schmidt (he’s OK, not what he was hyped to be, but was great team guy), Stastny (killing it now) and some more cap room over PETRO the Honda SUV Model, wouldn’t you? I’d take MAF and some Certified Backup over MAF, Alleged 1-A Cow-Panda and Endless Drama, wouldn’t you?

      I’m not sure I’d take Gallant over DeBoer. But DeBoer seems to endlessly be taking a big step forward…then two clumsy stumbles back.

      I don’t know about this org. Not sure I can really stay onboard with them much longer.

      I don’t get it with Lehner. At all. He’s not that good. Yet look at how they’ve done MAF so dirty for this guy. It’s absurd.

      MAF is already a VGK Legend and they don’t respect him, still. It’s not right.

      Classes owner, it sure seems. Yet all he talks about is…class. Honor. Knight Cod Shit. Blah Blah Blah…

      They’re a mess!

      COL is gonna pants them and expose them as a mess, too. Oh well. More important things in life.

      RIP to all those who served. Especially those who died in battle.

      Real battle, not hockey nonsense. And surely not West Point Grad Fake Soldier Finance Pirate Foley waxing poetic about combat and battle and knights and BLAH BLAH BLAH…

      Would have been nice if “The Creator” had followed his High and Mighty Talk by paying all the serfs who work under him during the pandemic, but hardly surprising.

      All talk. Like REAVO.

      Lame. Late.

      • *classless owner

        *Knight Code
        (though I hear Knight Cod is edible atop $28 T-Mobile Arena Nachos)

        Maybe “The Creator” (who backed another Real Loser named TRUMP) can pressure his Management Underlings into trading for…

        Spencer KNIGHT

        • THE hockey GOD

          Daryl, that is wishful thinking. A nice marketing ploy, but I doubt it’s going to happen.

          I remember during the draft the “expert pundits” were bashing the Panthers when they took him.

          Hope you have a good Memorial Day

          • THE hockey GOD

            opps I meant DYLAN , but same message goes to DAryl.

          • That’s my point, Good Sir.

            It’s all marketing. Show. Talk.

            VGK Org seems to have less class by the day. There is no Warrior Code in actual play here. No respect for those who can’t defend themselves (DAMN YOU, lying Year One Plastic Cup!!!). Certainly not at the hands of Ol REAVO, that’s for damn sure.

            Do y’all ever notice how the org is perceived/talked about by fans and observers around the NHL?

            It’s not good. At all.

            Should have been The Black Knights all along. Bet “The Creator” is still PISSED he couldn’t use his $$$$ to bribe off West Point for that name.

            Oh well. Life.

            Happy Memorial Day. To all. Maybe one day humanity can evolve. Hockey players and goons, included…

            Peace out.

            Oh well.

        • knights fan in minny

          dylan i hopr some of those illegals come and live in your neighborhood you know the ones joe blunder dementia joe who cant walk up a flight of stairs with out falling 3 times and the media blamed the 7 mile an hour wind the scumbags joe is letting in for future votes you must be proud

          • Daryl

            They just arrested 10 sex offenders trying to cross the boarder…. Maybe he can get one if then to come stay with him

          • Dylan

            Good meth?


        • knights fan in minny

          dylan you can always watch cornhole on espn

        • Daryl

          No reason to bring up Trump when we have a President who hasn’t done anything since being in Office

    • Julie

      I think we’ve gone from Walanda to Cowalanda! Cowalanda, dude! 🙂

    • Jinklu

      HG he is not a cow or a panda or a walrus or a goalie. He is a Lump of dung who ducks when a hard shot comes at him. He was not unprepared, he is just totally inadequate. You are right that they should have brought up an AHL goalie as backup so they could have pulled The Lump.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    cowalanda ! Good one Julie 🙂

    I completely forgot about Walanda, someone is paying attention.

    HAVe a nice Memorial Day ! Take care.

  19. Tim

    We have bigger problems then just losing in ( Little Big Horn ) fashion yesterday. Lehner 4 more years at 5 million, Petro 6 more years at 8.8 million just shy of 14 million that’s a problem. Going all in to win the Cup is fine but when you put your money on the wrong horses you will pay. George and Kelly have been creative and this summer will be there biggest test. Will Krebs comeback ready or will he be gun-shy, can Glass get his shit together, can Dugan make the jump, not much else in the pipeline with immediate help. Some moves need to be made and I’d start with Theadore everyone raves about his speeding and ability personally his defense sucks getting the puck out of the zone sucks and I can live without his 60 foot shots that rarely go in. If people value him that high trade him for a quality center. Easy decisions would be Reeves, Carrier, Holden, that only saves us about 6 million but it’s a start. Patch being hurt last year in the playoffs and again this year I could see dumping his 7 million he still have value but getting older and probably more injury prone. The Karlsson, Smith, Marchy, line somehow need to become our third line where they belong and would do a good job. We’ll see what management does.

  20. A VGK Fan

    Funny how Ken is silent on Lehner letting in a few softies. If it was MAF Ken would be ripping him a new one. I just want Ken to admit he was wrong about trading fleury and we are better off with MAF in net

    • Tim

      VJK Fan we’ve all been wrong at one time or another believe me Ken and I argued for months on that issue. Ken wanted to keep Lehner and I wanted to keep both from the start. In hind site if we traded Fleury we would have been in big trouble. It’s a two edges sword 12 million for 2 goalies or one good goalie and a center. In Ken’s mind that sounded good at the time but the way the season went it would have been a bad move.

  21. Tim

    Ken bye the way I know your besides yourself with your new video format and you should be it’s very cool. I’ve never seen you smile so much.

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