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Recap: The Golden Knights gave up the first goal to the Capitals but quickly responded. Alec Martinez tied the game later in the period to make it 1-1 after the opening 20 minutes. After one, Robin Lehner was pulled in favor of Logan Thompson.

Alex Ovechkin scored the only goal of the 2nd period to give Washington a 2-1 advantage after 40 minutes.

Quickly in the 3rd period Evgenii Dadonov tied the game with his 20th goal of the season. Less than a minute later Chandler Stephenson gave Vegas the lead with a power play goal. Late in the period Washington tied the game 3-3 and forced overtime. 

Known for his dramatics, Shea Theodore scored on beautiful individual play to win the game in overtime.

The Golden Knights record improves to 42-31-5 defeating the Capitals 4-3 at home. Vegas picks up two points and trails Dallas by two points for the final Wild Card position. The Golden Knights get a chance to add another two on Sunday night against San Jose. Puck drop for another must win game is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In a game that the storyline will be dominated by the goalie switch in the 1st intermission, it was the Golden Knights’ turnaround in play that really led to the victory. VGK looked like a completely different team towards the end of the 2nd and into the 3rd as they snatched the lead from the Caps. Ovechkin being Ovechkin caused it to go to OT, but Vegas got a hero moment from Shea Theodore once again. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Washington Capitals at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Goalie Interference w/ Mike McKenna

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Evgenii Dadonov
** Shea Theodore
* Chandler Stephenson


Inaccuracy Plagues Golden Knights At Wrong Times


“Feels Like We’ve Been Down 2-0 For A Month”


  1. Objective: 97 pts
    Previous (game remaining) goal: 5-0
    Current (games remaining): goal: 4-0

    Definitely a long shot but this win was a step in the right direction, that is for sure. Just hope PDB starts Thompson for the remainder of the season until he shows he’s not up to it. So far he’s been great.

    I would never trade Theodore. It’s not necessary to get under the cap and build the 2022-23 roster. It’s a good thing to have two elite offensive D even at Petro’s cost. They’ll make the roster work and with enough depth. I’ve run the numbers. It’s doable.

    • VGK Fan


      Theodore is one of best contracts on our team. I never understood the interest in moving his contract makes as much sense as moving #20. About a month ago there people on this site saying how great Hutton is and we can move #27 salary out. There were also people trying to move #63 out, needless to say we would have already been eliminated from the playoffs if that would have happened.

  2. Frank

    Good VGK… 3rd period and OT. Bad VGK…. parts of the first and second periods. Good PDB… Pulling Lehner. Bad PDB… Starting Lehner vs NJD and tonight. Slimmest of chances but they still might make it. The $10 million dollar man needs to show up these last four games ….

  3. Just change you to team – the power of positive thinking does wonders for attitude – they desperately need to believe: Great win this evening – who knows they could slip in – attitude is probably as important as skill and potentially more so.
    If YOU, think you are beaten, you are:
    If you think you dare not, you don’t:
    If you think you you’d like to win, but
    You can’t
    It’s almost a “cinch” you won’t:
    If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost:
    For out in the world you’ll find
    Success begins with a fellow’s will
    It’s all in the state of mind.
    Full many a race is lost
    Ere even a race is run,
    And many a coward fails
    Ere even his work’s begun.
    Think big and your deeds will grow,
    Think small and you fall behind,
    Think you can, and you will;
    It’s all in the state of mind.
    If YOU think you are outclassed,
    you are;
    You’ve got to think high to rise;
    You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
    You can ever win a prize.
    Life’s battle doesn’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man;
    But sooner or later, the man who wins
    Is the fellow who thinks he can.
    Author Unknown

    • the hockey God

      Anthony Jay Robbins, willed the LA KINGS to finals in 1993 on his motivational positive thinking pep talks in lock room. Barry Melrose hired him to do so.

      IT only got so far, well, to the point where the Kings had all momentum in final cup series until Marty McSorry was caught with his illegal stick. Then all the positive karma shifted to the Habs who went on to win the series. Kings were the better team that year.

    • Awesome— words to live and win by!! Thanks for that! The guys had the right frame of mind last night!! What a finish!!

  4. Just blood and guts all the way. Beautiful move by Theodore in OT. We got a shot if we run the table !

  5. Duckboy

    DeBoer must want out. starting Lehner tonight is a hostage crying for help.

    If and likely when they miss the playoffs he will be out

  6. JoeInHendo

    Simple eye test shows VGK players do not like playing in front of Lehner, as I’ve been saying for a while. Once RL was pulled and Thompson filled the net, it’s like a light switch was turned on and the team came to life. DeBoer had no business starting RL if he wants to make the playoffs. LT was what, like 7-3 in his last 10 starts? While RL was I think 2-2-1 (before being pulled from this game) since coming back from injury? PDB needs to stop with the shuffling of goalies and stick with the hot hand (Thompson) so VGK can try to build some team chemistry and have a shot at making the playoffs.

    • Joe, I agree! 1st Knights game LT played in, I felt he was ready for the competition– he proved himself and earned his starts. And he IS the goalie for the team right now. What an improbable situation to be in, but WHAT A STORY, IF WE ADVANCE!

    • have another donut

      Exactly right. as has been said before, the player’s contract, vet status, ego, and feelings take precedence to the clod behind the bench over winning.
      It was like a peewee coach giving in to a complaining parent.

      That was a stupid, losing, unnecessary gamble which was highlighted by the fact that he had to pull him.

      But hey, now if they lose all the RL sycophants have a built-in excuse. Their boy hit the iceberg, but he will be on the bench when the Titanic sinks.

      btw, that was a great move and goal by Theodore. he left Oshie in the dust looking for his jock.

    • Joe totally correct. But I think Lehner quit.

      • JoeInHendo

        I think Lehner quit too. He was never ready for this season anyway, too bad DeBoer couldn’t / wouldn’t / refused to see it until it’s danger close time (it might be too late). If my starting goalie was posting false BS accusations towards other teams (Flyers) he has no experience with, a week before the season starts, I’d listen to the alarm bells that this isn’t the guy I want as my teams’ most important player. Unnecessary, self-induced distractions and allowing a ridiculous amount of softie goals have become Lehner’s trademark at VGK, that’s why the other players play harder in front of Thompson, because they don’t trust Lehner. The proof is becoming undeniable. Thompson took Ochie and the Caps’ best shot last night, and VGK was victorious. Lehner was on his way to getting clobbered again, luckily an offsides negated a 2-1 deficit in the 1st period before Lehner was pulled / quit.

  7. the hockey God

    so much for “PDB doesn’t change things”.

    like I said earlier no 27 value to team is in OT.

    looks like too little , too late, too inconsistent.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Appears DAL is the best shot, LAK losing games notwithstanding.

    For all intents and purposes we need to sweep in any scenario.

    If we beat SJS and DAL loses to CGY we are tied.

    If DAL beats SEA we head into the DAL game two pts back.

    If we beat DAL and are tied and sweep CHI/STL we’ll clinch the tie breaker w/ DAL (DAL last games are ARI/ANA).

    If we are tied w/ DAL and lose a game we’ll need DAL to match each loss.

    NSH is sort of a wild card no pun intended. If we sweep and they lose 3 we’ll be tied in points @ 97 (as w/ DAL if one of the above scenarios plays out). Tie breaker is based on H2H per the link below. Before I thought it was ROW (maybe it is?…hopefully not). We would win tie breaker against either if tied @ 97 based on H2H. I stand to be corrected on any of the above lol.

    • Pistol Pete

      Shit, the tiebreaker rules I posted is for NFL. How dumb of me. I think it is ROW which is not good. In ROW we’re currently one point back of DAL and three of NSH. We’ll probably need an OTL from either to break an ROW tie or of course an additional reg loss. Damn.

      • Pistol Pete

        Actually to create an ROW tie. We’d have the H2H over both.

      • Mike StG

        PP – First tiebreaker is RW, then ROW. Hard to see jumping NSH. DAL is their best shot now since Kings have an easy schedule. Both NSH & DAL have a game in hand on Vegas, but DAL has 4 fewer RW – so if they tie in points VGK is in.

        Still don’t see it happening though. Vegas would have to match DAL in wins PLUS beat them in regulation head to head. STL is on a heater and they are the final game of the season. They won 9 in a row before last night’s OTL to BOS, and are on a 13 game point streak. They’re also in a dogfight with MIN for home ice advantage in Round 1.

        But hell, the Caps game was great fun. They gave us that. “We’ll always have Paris”

  9. Pistol Pete

    Tonight Thompson got his clock cleaned by one the best goal scorers in history, a guy with a hugely powerful shot. Might not be such a bad thing to experience on your way up.

    • Thompson almost gloved that game tying blast too. He got his glove on it but it skipped on through. Had he snagged it, that would have been a career memory moment!

      • Pistol Pete

        Yeah R-R J saw that. As I implied above his experience getting beaten by Ovechin the premier scorer and shot in the game and that he got a piece of the second (no goalie touches the first) could be a big confidence builder moving forward ie. he was attacked by the best and handled himself. He also practices with Eichel who can really shoot and deek.

  10. Pistol Pete

    Yeah Mike StG after all that above I was just stupid because I was treating OTL like it advances the ROW but does not. OTL adds a point to points but not to ROW. I thought first tie break is ROW not RW. I’ll take your word on it!

    I think beating SJS and DAL with DAL losing to CGY is doable tying us with DAL. But you’re right STL will be tough but not sure how much more so than WSH. You saw what Ovechin did to Thompson and we still win. STL is not out of reach!

    • Pistol Pete

      Mike StG are you sure on the RW? Here it states ROW.

      If teams collect the same number of points, the one with more regulation and overtime wins (statistically abbreviated as ROW) jumps ahead in the standings. Shootout wins DO NOT COUNT for tiebreaker purposes.

      ROW is currently:
      NSH: 41
      DAL: 39
      VGK: 38

      If VGK sweeps: ROW = 42
      If DAL loses 2 of last 5: ROW = 42
      If NSH loses 4 of last 5: ROW = 42

      VGK wins tie break on H2H either team

      • Mike StG

        Pete, I use the NHL app. Go to Standings tab and scroll to bottom for tiebreak rules. To see RW, ROW, etc turn your phone 90 degrees and you see several columns not visible in normal mode.

  11. Pp, but HEY, Ovy is ” okay”, according to LT, post-game! He held his own, considering the Ovy attacks all game. I have a LOT of respect for Ovy( as a player, thg)– did you see Ovy himself waving off a tripping call against us?? THAT IS CLASS. When Caps beat us in 5 for the Cup that 1st year, the Caps team sent VGK that letter, letting the guys know what a MIRACLULOUS 1st season they had, to be PROUD of what they accomplished, even though they lost…

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah TS great point I admire Ovy as well. Great confidence builder for Thompson potentially weathering as great a scorer and shooter. I remember hearing a teammate describe the force of his shot. Comparable to Al MacInnis possibly!

      • Pp, I feel Ovy IS the gold standard for Hockey, as long as he plays. He could have had KIDS the ages of some players,, and yet he still dominates. It was fun to watch the best last nite! And WE BESTED THEM– HOO-RAH!!

  12. the hockey God

    wimbleton steps up to plate and bans russian and belorussian (white russian, meaning in russian) players.


    everyone knows it. No. 8 for Caps , is complicit, a putin sympathizer.

  13. Kelly to Pete> We’re paying Robin to win these games, if he’s healthy he should be in net.

    Pete to Kelly> Roger that sir. Lehner it is.

    Credit Pete for recognizing that we all now know, and what I figured out in mid-January. Lehner’s not the goaltender to take us (or any team) to the Stanley Cup. At best he’s a 1B/2A. The fans know it, and most of you on SinBin have come to recognize it as well. The players know it, and now PDB knows it.

    I am no fan of PDB, but he had a lot of balls to make that move last night. Had Thompson fell flat it could have been the end of his tenure here in Vegas. PDB says Lehner is 100% healthy. Is he? I don’t think so, but if so then his confidence surely has been rocked by his below average performance this season. That’s not a good foundation to build your playoff hopes on this late in the season when you have to win out to possibly get in.

    For sure, Logan Thompson gives the Golden Knights the best chance to get in. We can discuss the goaltending situation after the season is over and the playoffs begin.

    • VGK Fan


      Great post, I was actually thinking the same thing. I personally blamed Pete for Monday’s loss but I was clearly wrong I think Pete’s hands were tied and he was told to start RL. I remember in a post game interview about a month Pete said he would go with the hot hand in goal to me it seems management is now calling the shots.

      Lets rewind a few years back management wanted Gusev playing in the playoffs, Turk refused he is later fired. I can see Pete getting fired too if he goes with LT the rest of the way.

    • the hockey God

      figured out in mid january ??? you were on the RL hate list at the beginning of season.

      RL got injured on MARCH 8th, not in mid january.

      Called out for revisionist history. Your BS won’t fly here.

  14. LVsc

    even though he scored a goal, Martinez had a less than stellar game. he was caught up ice out of position several times, and on a couple of goals, although one was called back for offside.

    the outrageous thing about the d corps is the fact that 2, 3, and 23 are supposed to be the “stay at home” defensive dmen on whatever pair they play. yet, they constantly get caught flatfooted at the ozone blueline, giving up a breakaway when they should be backing out of the zone and playing “centerfield”, which is the term for reading and anticipating where the puck is going to go, and then covering the area to prevent any breakaways.
    Ryan McGill has plenty to answer for, too.

    I like the fact that the d corps scores plenty for the Vgk, but let’s do it responsibly without giving up breakaways and 2-on-1 breaks for the opponent.

    • ulf

      Good observation – for all the whining about any goaltender (folks here were piling on Fleury for letting in a goal in the playoffs last year, when Montréal simply blew by 2 Vegas D and Flower couldn’t see the shot), it’s the defensive system that’s really at fault here.
      After Mike McKenna explained the Lehner goal v. NJD (goal 3) yesterday maybe people are starting to see the light. It’s a team game, sometimes you hope your goalie will make a key save but the question everyone on the team asks is ‘why did I miss my check’? These are big boys.

      • the hockey God

        ulf was it the d who forced 29 to deposit the puck into his own net ?? via a montreal stick/? FLUB OF CENTURY. Face of franchise went to FARCE, as the farces just piled up one on another on another.

        At least RL isn’t crying like MAF about not playing, like MAF did. At least he’s not whining with cartoons back stabbing the coach. RL is professional team player. MAF is NOT by far.

        you brought this up, you left out all the relevant FACTS about the FARCE of franchise, deal with it. Stop your whining, stop being a cry baby and MAF apologist. He was here long enough to win a cup, he blew it, more than ONCE. RL never blew a playoff series like MAF did (CAPS SERIES- completely out played by by Caps goalie, SHARKS series , everyone knows what happened there, HABS series- billy buckner moment) . Who was billy buckner? He blew the sixth game of world series against the amazing mets. Handing them the game, mets won; then next day won the game seven. Analogy is very similar.

        • ulf

          Jeez louise, I’m not defending MAF, I think both he and Lehner are good goalies. My point is many folks -not everyone, but many- on this board and especially SinBin Twitter complain about the goalie when games are lost.
          Not the right way to look at it, you have to look at the whole structure to figure out why VGK is spotty defensively. It doesn’t absolve MAF, Lehner, Thompson, whomever for a gaffe they might have made. Mistakes happen. But DeBoer’s team is looking worse and worse defensively as we go on – similar to what happened to his other teams.

          • the hockey God

            i think we are on same page,l was pointing out defensive flaws for months.\\now some people are finally getting it. Has more to do with injuries and covid, than with
            coaching. A roster half full of AHL players , and PDB doing well enough to keep them in playoff hunt. While other teams like HABS fell right off the fence months ago. People should be giving coaching staff credit in face of all these injuries. But all the negative nillies here are bunch of know nothing whiners

    • the hockey God

      @LV Marty, 67 and y61 have not been playing up to par. Is this the coach’s fault too ? Or players fault for coming back too soon ? Put 90 in with that group too.

      Maybe’s it is FO fault ?

      I say players who are not ready to go, have only themselves to blame. And is one of main reasons that VGK are missing the playoffs for the first time.

  15. Tim

    Logan Thompson will have a nice story to tell his grandchildren about how he gave up goal 49 and 50 to tie Ovechkin with Mike Bossy and the Great One for the only 3 players with 9 years of 50 goals.
    I’ve been telling you about Lehner and putting a guy with his issues in the most critical position is ludicrous but you of the politicly correct conviction state he’s working through his issues. I only told you all then he’s fucked up but I was to harsh and got trashed for it. Like I told you then I’ll call a spade a spade I don’t pussy foot around. Did you see that look after giving up that goal last night he definitely looked spaced out. There was something not right and how many goalies are taken out after one goal if not hurt ( Not One ). When they went to the locker room after period one something happened. I’d say it’s a given Lerner will be wearing a different sweater next year.

    • VGK Fan


      Pete didn’t have a choice he had to start Lehner he was told by management. Also, Lehner gave up two goals the only reason one was called back was because they entered the zone to early just a lucky break because the Great 8 slowdown prior entering zone. Give Pete credit he took a chance making the switch and going against management to start LT in the 2nd period.

      Also, Lehner isn’t going anywhere no team out is going to want to pay his remaining 3 years at 5mil unless they receive multiple picks also the MC boys don’t want to admit they were wrong.

      • the hockey God

        he was told by management ?

        More bull shit from most unsophisticated fan base in history of NHL.

        conspiracy BS reigns. There is NO PROOF what so ever, anywhere, that that is the case. That is same as saying in 1968 World Series Mayo Smith was ordered by management to start a clearly fatigued Denny McClain in three games. A bunch of nut jobs here posting.

        • VGK Fan


          Sorry, I’m just reading the tea leaves a month ago Pete said he was going to go with the hot goalie. Now all of a sudden he has to go with the highest paid goalie you could be right maybe he is just a flip/flop kind of a guy.

          I must thank you in the past you have called people retarded and used racial slurs when they have different opinions other than yours. Thanks again for being so kind to me. I feel somewhat honored.

          • Vgk fan, I HOPE that was sarcasm re Thg, LOL!
            He is a Grumpy Old Man. Highly combative.. An equal opportunity offender. Charming!

          • the hockey God

            i only respond to people like in kind

            if they treat me like shit and stalk me, then they get the full treatment in return.

            And you are welcome (putz, jk )

      • Julie

        I didn’t see anything saying PDB was forced to do anything. But I agree Lehner isn’t most likely going anywhere.

        • Julie – it’s possible, POSSIBLE (note “possible” lol) that management is trying to get RL so messed up in the head, that he quits – only way VGK is getting out from under this bad contract.

          I think it’s possible (again possible, not factual) based on this front office history of throwing players under the bus.

  16. Howard

    Good win; PDB pulled the ole ” throw the trouble causing tender under the bus,” and it seemingly worked, so kudos to PDB – at least he’s trying anything he can to get this team to skate for 60 minutes which is hard because of the many factors I’ve posted on here recently, and won’t continue to harp on them.

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