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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a great start against the Winnipeg Jets. Vegas outshot Winnipeg 22 to 10 in the opening 20 minutes and took a multiple-goal lead. Forwards Michael Amadio and Evgenii Dadonov both scored giving the Golden Knights a 2-0 1st intermission edge.

Winnipeg responded quickly into the middle frame tying the game 2-2. The Jets scored two goals in a :20 second span evening the game after 40 minutes. 

The visiting team continued to control the game adding two more to make it four unanswered goals. Mattias Janmark capitalized on a turnover to get Vegas within one late in the final period. Janmark later evened the game in dramatic style with :09 seconds remaining in regulation. Winnipeg ended the game in overtime but Vegas earned a point in the standings.

The Golden Knights record drops to 22-12-1 falling to the Jets 5-4 in overtime. Vegas will next face the Nashville Predators at home on Tuesday night. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK took advantage of the rusty Jets in the 1st period jumping all over them towards the end of the period and building a two-goal lead. But defensively the Golden Knights left a lot to be desired and subsequently allowed four straight. The Golden Knights did not give in though and did well to come back and used their continued 6-on-5 dominance to send it to OT. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • With and without Chandler Stephenson
  • VGK’s entry success on 6-on-5

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Laurent Brossoit (I know he allowed 5 goals)
** Evgenii Dadonov
* Mattias Janmark



Iole: Navigating The Upcoming Muddy Waters


McCrimmon Gives Update On Eichel, State Of The Team, During Sunday’s Game


  1. knights fan in minny

    patrick does nothing for me

    • Blitz

      That was his 6th game of the season and only his 2nd in forever. Give him some time to gel a bit. Technically he has one less goal than Kolesar in 29 less games. LOL

  2. knights fan in minny

    whats wrong with hauge

    • Julie

      Undisclosed injury is all I can find on him. On another topic, did you see the Minnesota/St Louis game today? It was -9 I believe. Geez, that’s cold.

  3. Galdom

    Good luck getting any injury information!!

  4. Blitz

    Could have been a better game. I am pissed we blew a 2 goal lead, but super happy we came back 2 goals to force OT and 1 point. Shake it off and move on to the next one. Good to see Schmitty back on VGK ice.

  5. Galdom

    Prediction for the this year.

    Pacioretty will be back for game one of the playoffs. Nolan Patrick will be hurt probably from sneezing or standing up off a chair or something. We will not have to trade anyone to become cap compliant. After we knock off a wildcard team in round one (Anaheim or Nashville) we will have the most talented lineup we have ever had that will look something like this……

    Pacioretty – Stephenson – Stone
    Marchessault- Eichel – Dadonov
    Janmark – Karlsson – Smith
    Carrier – Roy – Kolesar

    Pietrangelo- Hague
    Theodore – Martinez
    Whitecloud – McNabb

    This team has never had a player the calibre of Eichel. They have never had top six forwards like this. This will be the best third line since their inaugural season, I think it’s even better. And I would also say this is the best fourth line we will ever have. No disrespect to Pierre Eduard Bellmare but Nic Roy is better. Kolesar is better then Reaves.

    Nick Holden, Deryk Engelland and Jon Merrill we’re nice bottom pairing defenceman that did a good job here but in our top six we don’t have any bottom bearing defenceman.

    With the exception of David Perron leaving via free agency, this extraordinary front office has continually upgraded the roster. Nobody overstayed their welcome. James Neal, Erik Haula, Nate Schmidt, Ryan Reaves, Cody Eakin all removed from the roster at just about the right time.

    I’m so pumped!! For four months to figure out The issues with Mark Stone’s back and Robin Lehner’s injury.

    • trade

      Pacioretty will be back long before the season ends. and they won’t need to trade any top players.

      and here is why—— from the Fourth Period—

      The Athletic’s Jesse Granger provided some options in his article on Friday that would help the Golden Knights trim $2.225 million in space by waiving Ben Hutton, Michael Amadio and Adam Brooks, leaving the team with roughly $6.95 million in cap space. They could waive or trade another player to give themselves even more breathing space. But that doesn’t fully solve their problem.

      Enter Ryan Kesler.

      Well, Kesler’s contractual rights, that is.

      The Golden Knights are not afraid to spend money. They’ve got the pockets to do so. By acquiring Kesler’s rights from the Anaheim Ducks, they’d still have to pay him the balance of his $6.675 million salary, but they’d be able to utilize his $6.875 million cap hit in LTIR overage space and exceed the cap by that amount – something teams have done and continue to do.

      It is an option the Golden Knights are weighing and one that would help them hit their mark, get Eichel in a Vegas sweater and keep Smith without cap concerns. And those options are fairly limited.

      Buffalo acquired Johnny Boychuk’s rights this season to help them get cap compliant. The Sabres would still be over the $60.2 million lower limit if they dealt Boychuk and his $6 million cap space now, so he could be worth a conversation.

      Dallas goalie Ben Bishop’s playing career has ended, and he carries a hit of just over $4.916 million this season and next, but the Stars are in cap trouble themselves and Bishop’s LTIR overage allowance is helping them out.

      Chicago’s Andrew Shaw and his $3.9 million LTIR usage could be a nice combo add if Vegas wanted even more cap flexibility after acquiring Kesler or Boychuk’s rights.

      Kesler does own an eight-team no-trade list, but I can’t imagine he’d get in the way of a paper transaction, one of which lowers his overall tax payout in Nevada. And while the Ducks are in the thick of things in the Pacific Division, they aren’t deviating from their plan — adding young assets and/or draft picks would fit that narrative.

      McCrimmon and Co. drew up plenty of scenarios when they acquired Eichel back in November, so at least internally they did their due diligence. They have about a month to figure this out and we’ll likely hear more on this subject as the weeks progress.

      • Daryl

        I read the article also and don’t quite see how this helps VGK at all. Dropping those 3 players isn’t going to help their Cap issue and bringing in Kesler doesn’t do anything

        • trade

          what are you talking about? Kesler’s contract would allow them to add $6.875 million in LTIR cap space. Just like other teams have done

          you are wrong, wrong, wrong

          • Alex

            He’s dumb dumb dumb, too

          • trade

            why do you think that Tampa acquired the contract of Brent Seabrook? it gave them an additional $6.875 million of LTIR cap space.

          • Blitz

            Doesn’t make sense to me either. Wasn’t buffalo trying to get the the minimum cap not the max cap? It totally makes sense if you are talking min cap.

            So waiving three 750k players then adding a 7 mil player on LTIR gives you ability to go above your cap?

          • Daryl

            Like Blitz stated, it would help come playoff time but how does that hp with Cap issues

  6. The hockey GOD

    spoiler slert.

    Jimmy is cowboy.

    Jaimie goes to the train station.

    And Beth owns Jaimie.

    • TS

      Another extra innings hockey game! Im learning so much!

      • knights fan in minny

        all of us have learned your still a dumb ass

        • TS

          I’m still unclear (just as you are) on the “you’re/your” thing

          • Daryl

            One thing all of us are clear on is you are a mutt who is nothing more than a keyboard warrior. I’m still waiting for your kind to replace me!!!!

          • knights fan in minny

            let your 3rd grade education figure it out dip shit

  7. Tim

    Lets see they score 2 goals in 20 seconds and later 2 goals in a 1;38 seconds and we tied it with 8 seconds left I’d say I’ll take our 1 point and run. That was one of those crazy games. My man Kolesar he scraps but he just can’t put the puck in the net. Actually I see Nolan Patrick and there’s things I like. He’s only been back two games but I see potential. Like I said yesterday Janmark is playing himself in a good position to stay on the team. Think about it with Stone, Eichel, Lehner, Hague, Martinez, and Patch out were not doing to bad. I think we have 7 more home games lets just keep racking up the points.

    • Daryl

      You do realize other teams have star players out as well… I only say this because I keep hearing how we are short this player and that player but nobody ever mentions the other team being short as well.

      As for Janmark, right now it’s better to be lucky than good. He’s scored 3 goals that he really shouldn’t have and they weren’t scored on skill but on luck. Those are goals that are great and needed but they can’t be counted on

      • Tim

        Daryl, No one has had near the amount of injuries we’ve had. The Penguins have had there share and maybe one other team but we lead the pack I guarantee you.

        • Daryl

          Besides the Pens, I would agree with you. My point is every team has had players out, star players, so the excuse of playing short isn’t completely valid. Usually we are short 2-4 players while other teams are short 2-3 players. But yes, overall VGK has been short more than others

  8. THE hockey GOD

    no.7 had a terrible game

    • John W

      Agree…..not a good game for Petro.

      • mcart

        not a good game for 7, and also Karlsson, Mr weak backhand. and Stephenson was off his game too

        Whitecloud was both good and bad, as he gave away the first goal for Winnipeg and got them going.

        and the Vgk have to be leading the league, at least among playoff teams, with giving up breakaways. the coaching staff needs to start benching guys for a few shifts who do it, no matter how bigshot they are. a message needs to be sent.
        for instance, 81 turns it over after circling back to the blue line, a totally unnecessary blunder to provide the opponent another breakaway. and the same for dmen who roam and are not in position to prevent breakaways in the first place. see #7

        • Daryl

          The reason we have so many breakaways is b/c of the system. PDB wants all his blueliners jumping up onto the offensive alone as much as possible. We have offensive defenseman and he is using them to fuel our offense, even if it means we give up plenty of odd man rushes. I guess PDB has faith in RL to stop those rushes

  9. Daryl

    VGK absolutely dominated the 1st period but have no idea what happened after that. Both goalies made some great saves that kept both clubs in the game

  10. Henderson One

    Do we have a goalie problem? Is Lehner’s injury a lower body or upper body injury? I know, I know they say it is lower body but can you trust them to be honest.

    • THE hockey GOD

      He got hit in head by puck in last game he played. Whether or not that was real injury, hard to tell. But he did take a shot to the head.

      Most injuries you can tell what happened to player by watching the last game they played in and see if they took a hit, a puck, awkward fall, fight, or “tweaked’ something.

  11. Excellent depth scoring sans the big guys ie. Stone, Pacioretty and Eichel. Going to have to hang tough until Stone returns and of course Eichel is cleared to play. Appears Pacioretty will remain on LTIR past Eichel’s return making it an lot easier to get him in under the cap. I attended the game and because I am wowed by Eichel’s skill and ability I could not help myself from imagining a number of scenarios where having him on the ice would have resulted in additional scoring including during the OT. Obviously the same is true for Stone and Pacioretty although neither’s ability quite matches up to Eichel (he’s younger too). For those who endlessly berate me for being bullish on Eichel’s return, they should know by now that I do temper my expectations, at least I have attempted to assert as much.

    • Nipping it in the bud lol, I meant “could have” resulted in additional scoring, not “would have”. What Kyle Conor did in OT was Eichel-like.

  12. Preds will be another test for this Stoneless, Patchless, Eicheless roster. They sit one point behind the Blues in the Central, third most points in the conference behind VGK and STL. Cody Glass was called up for two games the week before Xmas (0 pts/3 shots) and gots sent back down. Nick Cousins is on the roster.

  13. Tim

    Pistol Pete, I’m with you I think Jack Eichel will play gangbusters will it be enough to win a cup who knows. Patch broken foot, broken wrist he might just be broken 33 and on the downward slide. I’m worried Mark Stone isn’t getting accident prone which would really suck. Lehner the oysterman whether he’s playing or not he’s always a mystery. Alex Martinez a warrior for sure but 50 stitches shouldn’t keep him out this long. Maybe other complications or fake complications who knows but if it benefits the team I’m all in. With 7 more home games before we go on the road is our chance to get some separation from the pack. If we don’t we have no one to blame but ourselves. I’ll say one thing going to a Knights game has been very exciting to say the least.

    • I was there yesterday Tim. Sad to see that OT win streak (16?) come to an end. I did think of what it might have been with Eichel in OT and of course Stone or Patch. Brossoit made some really good saves, but what separates him from the top starters is a few extra get by him.

  14. Did anyone mention Stastny tipping in the third WPG goal? I don’t think anybody did not like Paul’s time here. Great guy and an excellent hockey player. Played a bit in his father Peter’s shadow (77 pts/year) but at 50 pts/year that’s a very respectable career. His rookie year straight out of college onto the Avalanche was tremendous with 78 pts (his second best year by just one point). He could not maintain or improve that pace…had he, he would have compared even closer to his dad who is among the greatest players of all time. I love watching Paul. Not the fastest skater but quick within the framework of a play and extremely surefooted.

  15. sb

    Count me as one that was not paticularly happy with Stastny when he was here. Maybe the Stastny from 5 years earlier, but not the Stastny that was here. Way, way too slow. How this guy slowed up Pac and Stone! Like dragging an anchor. Stastny was the WRONG guy to center these scorers. Great passer for sure. But way behind Stone and Pac entering the O-Zone. VGK game is based on speed. Like Neal, too slow. OK on the PP when in the O-Zone. But the 200 foot part of the game ….. both guys way too slow. Signing Stastny was a Year 2 mistake.

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