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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to continue their win streak by hosting divisional rival Vancouver Canucks. Vegas center Jack Eichel gave his team the first lead of the game with his 10th as a Golden Knight. Vancouver responded four minutes later with two goals in a :17 second span. After twenty minutes the visitors held a 2-1 edge. 

The Canucks offense continued to push the pace in the 2nd period pressuring the Golden Knights’ defense. Vancouver added two goals to their lead and took a 4-1 advantage into the second intermission. 

Quickly into the final period the Golden Knights committed another costly penalty that the Canucks took advantage of. Vancouver stretched their lead to 5-1 scoring their second power play goal of the game. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 39-29-4 losing 5-1 to the Canucks. Vegas ends their five game win streak and miss out on an important two points. The players will get a chance to rebound on Saturday night against the Arizona Coyotes. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas scored first yet again, but not much went well after that. Elias Pettersson completely dominated the game every time he was on the ice and the Golden Knights couldn’t stop him or themselves from causing problems in the VGK end. An absolutely terrible performance in a game they really needed. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Season on life support and front office preparing for the starting to be inevitable

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Jack Eichel (and even this is being nice.)
**  No one else



“Just Being Good Is Not Good Enough Right Now”


McCrimmon: If We Can Get In… We Will Be A Tough Out


  1. Pistol Pete

    Objective: 98 pts
    Previous goal: 8-3
    Current goal: 8-2

    A tall order. The window is closing.

  2. Galdom

    Very sloppy game. So many missed defensive assignments.

    • VGK Fan


      Funny how when the 3rd all time winning goalie NHL history gives up 5 you cant wait to post how bad he was, naturally you assume every goal was his fault.

      FYI, MAF debut against Carolina #3 in points in the league 38 shots faced 1 goal allowed try to not be so bias in your posts.

      • Daryl

        3 of those 5 goals were on the PP and 1 was on a 3-on-1 rush. Only 2 of RL 5 goals were on the PP. And here is another perfect example of how stats can be misleading. Some want to point out how many goals MAF gave up then say RL gave up 5 goals but none were his fault, the defense was horrible. Was the defense horrible against NASH?

      • Galdom

        My posts about Fleury will be biased because I hate him. Just like everybody hates Lennar and their posts are biased. feel free to call me out as I do the same to everyone else.

  3. Jim

    Season over. let the firings, trades and retool begin. maybe get some guys who don’t spend all their time on the IR.

    that game was a disgusting display of lack of urgency, lack of talent, and lack of hockey sense.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Has Lehner had bad luck this season or what? In the net a number of times with a poor effort in front of him. Not lack of effort out there just poor execution on the defensive side.

    • Emilio

      Picked up on that. Seems like guys leave him out there all on his own. Not sure if the guys don’t play with the same mojo when RL is in net but it’s happened a lot this season.

    • Daryl

      How about that flop on the 4th or 5th goal after the turnover? The goal wasn’t his fault bt he clearly wasn’t prepared. He was just standing there. Then, after the turnover, whatever he was trying to do, he looked hilarious doing it

  5. VGK fan in Summerlin

    About a week or so ago I said the absurd comment that when Lehner was healthy again they’d immediately bench Thompson and Lehner would proceed to give up 4 or 5 goals on 20 or so shots with 875-900 save percentage to knock VGK out of the playoffs with a bad performance, or at least something to that effect. Someone jumped all over my comment calling me stupid for suggesting this. Then whined he doesn’t understand the lack of faith in Lehner and that he never gives up more than 4 goals.

    Well…..yep I sure am stupid.

    • Pistol Pete

      It is tempting to blame Lehner but watching the game I don’t think Thompson could have won it. He may have gone with fewer GA however, anything IS possible. I would not have disapproved of staying with Thompson over the not 100% healthy Lehner. Hopefully he starts vs. ARI.

    • Galdom

      I don’t remember if I called you stupid but you’re a fucking putz. Just because he let in five goals yesterday doesn’t mean he lets in five every game moron. The team was awful yesterday. And where were you the other night when the team won and he only letting 2 goals. Schmuck!!! Yes goalies on occasion will give up five goals if their team plays bad. Andre Vasilevskiy widely regarded as the best goalie in the world just let in six goals against the Leafs this week. Marc-André Fleury who is better than even God let in five goals against the Nashville this week. The team was awful yesterday. Robin Lehner has a 2.81 goals against average which means on average he lets in 2.81 goals per game. If you think Robin Lehner is the reason why they lost yesterday’s game and then you’re really stupid. God help you.

      • VGK Fan


        This was your exact words about the 3rd all time winning goalie in NHL history,
        “Minnesota outshot Nashville 49-33. Fluery had six goals get by him on 33 shots. Would have been nice if Fleury wasn’t a sieve on this night. Oh well.”

        It was 5 goals and you assume everyone was his fault.

        • Daryl

          And none of the goals RL let in were his fault?

        • Galdom

          When I said the Fluery was a sieve for letting in five goals against Nashville it was because of clear bias and me not liking him. I AM ADMITTING THAT. Deep down I don’t think Minnesota lost the game exclusively because of Fluery. Even before the Minnesota Nashville game I made the statement that “if they lose I will blame Fluery, LoL” it was said tongue and cheek because we really needed Nashville to lose. VGK lost last night no matter who would’ve played in net because they were absolutely terrible in all aspects of their game. But because fans like yourself hate Lehner you blame him. I’m not standing on some high moral ground not saying I did the same thing with Fluery but at least I’m admitting it. VGK was disgustingly bad yesterday. Most of Vancouver’s goals were basically empty net tap ins from missed assignments by their defence and forwards.

          • I have never posted i hate Lehner. I only post facts and give honest opinions.

            I admire Lehner’s courage and how he stands up for people who don’t have a voice. I don’t always agree with him but a respect the fact he try to protect victims.

      • VGK fan in Summerlin

        Yes, keen observation I’m probably just too stupid for my own good, you have me figured out.

        Well I have nothing untoward to say to you in return, so I wish a good day sir to you and yours.

        • Galdom

          No disrespect intended but if you truly believe that they lost that game because of Lehner then I actually do think you are stupid and don’t know what you are watching. If you feel like they lost that game because everyone was bad then I would agree.

          • Lehner wasn’t the reason they lost to the Canucks on home ice. This was a complete team loss. A complete team lack of effort, lack of desire and a shit show for the home fans. Most would blame the team Captain, but he’s injured. The next obvious is the Head Coach, because he is the one overall responsible for the outcome. Lehner? He did nothing amazing. He got scored on, 5 times, period. Not a stellar performance at all. There wasn’t a star on this team last night – period. I hope that this is the worst we can expect, because I cannot imagine it being any worse than what they gave us last night.

  6. Pistol Pete

    The injuries to Pacioretty and Stone have been a complete disaster this season. There have been many but these were the most impactful. Really think they need acquire somebody big to play with Eichel. Dadonov, Stephenson or anyone else on the the roster won’t cut it.

  7. This game was an embarrassment! The lack of coordination between players was absolutely unbelievable. There is a backstop here that we are not aware of and I think it’s a problem in the room. Don’t know who or why but my guess is the lack of unity by management in the lack of loyalty to the players. Doesn’t matter how good you play the management team shows no loyalty and you and your family are uprooted. Just my 2 cents worth.

  8. DC

    There’s weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth in Vegas.

    • Scott Yardley

      That’s for sure!

    • THE hockey GOD

      there is no joy in mudville

      for the mighty
      has struck out!

      ER was sent to owner’s box last nite, they were pulling
      out people in gurneys with sheets covering them head to toe so media
      couldn’t see who was who, or what was what.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Over the cap only fully deployable in the postseason but compare this full lineup to the current one:




    The addition of Eichel makes the above lineup undeployable in the regular season requiring for example the trading of Smith and Dadonov which would probably move Janmark up to the second line and bring in Amadio. All in all workable and still Cup contending when healthy or reasonably so. Injuries destroyed this season.

    • Pistol Pete

      If instead of trading Suzuki and Tatar they kept Suzuki, be sure would not be worth $8m. Suzuki is decent but he’s got a long ways to go before he’s a Marchy.

      When they signed everyone up for season 2 including Marchy, Karlsson and Smith they should have signed Perron. That was one mistake they made. I get buying big names like Pacioretty and Stone though. This is where I don’t understand the criticism. After the first season they would have slid into mediocrity if not for trading for veteran talent. It just takes too long to develop an expansion team how SEA is doing it, watching paint dry. That is not Foley.

      • Daryl

        But, if Seattle wins a Cup before VGK, you can say VGK did it the right way

      • Ulf

        Unfortunately this desire for immediate success is what’s going to make the rebuild worse.
        Large money commitment to a few players and no prospects of note in the system – combined with already beat up ageing players like Patches. means VGK are in trouble.
        We can complain about Seattle’s method but choosing to play the long game like they are may bring them more consistent success than the VGK will in a few years.
        With nothing in the system VGK will make paint drying look fun.

        • Pistol Pete

          It’s true SEA if they can get there they stand to have a long term foundation, IF they can do it. VGK instant gratification is good for the fans initially. Who would argue with year 1? We can debate this indefinitely but it’s merely academic given that Foley wanted to get it done more quickly so for better of worse the fans are stuck with it. No Cup in the first 5 seasons but one final and two conference finals is an accomplishment. And there are some prospects in the system btw.

          • Pistol Pete

            I admit VGK faces challenges at this point cap constrained and with fewer high end prospects than what is more ideal. It’s the mission Foley gave McPhee and McPhee was more than happy to oblige. It’s been a nice ride these first five seasons. I’m not yet calling it over for the next few years. Challenges yes, dead I the water not necessarily.

      • PP ,- IN ALL do respect you don’t know what your posting. They had the model for winning year one but didn’t realize it. Hungry, something to prove not loaded with fat cats making tons of money. What makes you believe that spending tons of dollars on a limited number of players will make you a winner. How do you know year two would have been bad as you referenced – you have no idea that would be the case. Teams win championships individuals in hockey don’t. The knights are two wo teams and you never know which one will show up. They haven’t been constant all year so to thing otherwise is dreaming. They will not make the playoffs which isn’t the worse thing and could be considered positive if the lesson is learned.

    • Daryl

      I would still question how good the team would be…. Janmark is a 3rd line player at best, you move him up to the 2nd,that is a huge drop off. Stephenson moving to the 3rd line you think would be a huge improvement but when you look at his linemates, he has nobody to stay worth him so his production drops off majorly.

      I do like Amadio though

  10. After winning a few, I expected a letdown. It seems a pattern–play like your season depends on it, then shut down and blow an easy( well, guess not..) game. UGH– WE’RE ON LIFE SUPPORT!! THG: BRING THE GUAZE AND OXYGEN..STAT!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ TS MORE
      COTTON !!!!

      PS smartest comment of the night !

  11. THE hockey GOD

    turn out the lights
    the party is over

    see you all next season !!!

    same bat time
    same bat channel

    PS no. 81 needs a haircut, looks like a girly boy out there.

  12. Daryl

    Is Doc going to survive VGK missing the layoffs?

  13. A former season ticket holder

    Yeah..forget the moniker, The Panda…it should always have been, The Turtle

  14. Jim

    Veterans like 23 and 3 just shit the bed in the last 2 games. they were both beyond horrible in their decision making, giveaways, and dzone play.
    with “leadership” like that, it is no wonder that the whole team is inconsistent as well.
    meanwhile, their old team in LA is going to make the playoffs with Doughty out, and kids like Durzi showing more leadership than McNabb and company.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Jim , 23 and 3 you got that right. 17 wasn’t any better, and ten million dollar man
      played more like a 1/2 mil or
      1/2 of 1/2 of that.

      Neither marty or mcnab looked 100%, probably came back to early, not at full steam.

  15. Put this into perspective. The ONLY skater qualified to be called a true 1st liner is Eichel. The rest are C+ at best. Shut down Eichel with this AHL filled roster and put Lehner in net — that’s a recipe for losing. It’s really that bad folks.

    Stone, Marchy, Stephenson and even Dadanov are at best 2nd liners on their best day.

  16. Complete lack of coaching and leadership last night. Also add in a complete lack of physicality. Canucks were pushing VGK off the puck all over the ice for 60 minutes. It was embarrassing to see this happen at T-Mobile, which by all measures was about 75% capacity. Anyone have the actual attendance?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ RR
      coaches weren’t having mental lapses on ice.

      GROW UP, PDB will be BACK NEXT YEAR you can count on it.

  17. Take away the C’s and the A’s from those jerseys. Not deserving at all. No leadership on this team.

    Watching Eichel? I think he’s an ass headcase the way he acts on the ice. Eichel is all about Eichel.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Eichel got his rubber neck disc jarred pretty hard early in game, after that he was useless.


    • Daryl

      Exact same Comme t has been made by Buffalo fans for awhile now. Seems some VGK fans are willing to overlook this due to his hockey play, but his issue roll over to what happens with others on the ice and effects their play. You can see the looks he gives some of his teammates after certain plays. He acts like they aren’t worthy enough to be on the ice at the same time he is

      • After scoring you see Eichel doing “his thing”, he’s not skating over to his teammates to embrace. He’s gliding around the ice pumping his fist and his chest asking for the crowd to shower him with glory. Fuck that…

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR like jerry steinfeld walking down the street with his fur coat and man purse, saying “everyone look at me, look at me”

          • DC

            Hockey God,

            Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉

        • THE hockey GOD

          “He’s gliding around the ice pumping his fist and his chest asking for the crowd to shower him with glory. Fuck that…”
          watch any of goal scorers last nite ? Mathews, MOORE, everyone else except the dallas capt. did the same thing. So Fuck you. LEARN TO WATCH THE FUCKING GAMES.

          Most unsophisticated idiotic fan posters in the league. Bunch of whining, crying two year babies. Totally clueless.

          • And a good morning fuck off to you too…. You’re such a caustic fuck.

          • Daryl

            Did you forget to take your meds???? Funny how Buffalo fans have talked about baby Eichel and his attitude for years but his followers on here want to defend him in everything he does! No, not all scorers skate off by themselves with a look at me attitude. You win the game with a last minute goal, I get it I, yeah that does happen. But Eichel scores early and instead of a little fist bump then turn to his teammates, he skates off by himself. He’s a look at me player

          • That’s exactly what happened in the last game. Eichel scored in the 1st period and acted like it was a fucking game winner. That’s what triggered me and leads me to wonder if all of the stories about him coming out of Buffalo have some truth in them.

  18. Rondjberg and Lechyshyn looked totally lost out there last night. They’re obviously not ready, which begs the question why Doroyfev and Cotter haven’t been battle tested.

  19. goalie trade

    Whatcha gonna do, Bill Foley?

    bring back the same Gm, same coach, same goalie, same lame duck team?

    good luck with fan interest if that happens.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ GT
      What options are out there?

      Coach and FO will come back, they are not to blame. You can count on that.

      Maybe Foley should fire himself , the buck stops with him.

      They need to get under the SAL CAP. They are stuck with injured veterans, they bought high and will need to sell low. Re build ? Dumping SAL CAP is not re building. Need to get something of value in return, they won’t do it.

      They took a shot, they lost. Deal with it, EVERY ONE KNEW THE PLAN. The plan failed, stop whining. Move on.

      IR and COVID
      useless back up goalie
      on and on and on,

      only MONTREAL had more injuries and lost games; for the coaching staff to even be contending with this AHL crew is a tribute to them. Anyone bashing them has cocoa cocoa puffs for brains. And they are crazy for cocoa cocoa cocoa puffs.

      • Daryl

        PDB is a joke… Accept it and move on

        • THE hockey GOD

          we have already established that the only joke here is you and your relentless stupid stalking with idiotic brain dead posts.

          go fuck yourself, stalker moe

          • Daryl

            The only joke here is what’s between your legs…. Good thing you are too old to use that little thing

            Someone is losing it, look at all these curse words…. True signof a very weak man

  20. Tim

    No one mentioned that yet again a home loss. Be careful Knights Vegas is a fickle town you don’t win we don’t show up it’s that simple. Look no further then the UNLV football and basketball team which couldn’t draw flies. I say this as an old time Vegan I know how quick they’ll drop you.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tim, ready for that move to Regina yet ???

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah fans can be brutal in some cases. Love you one moment, hate you the next. No loyalty. Won’t stay with you through thick and thin like in Toronto for example.

      • Pistol Pete

        I will always remember how the organization backed the city following Oct. 1. Much of that remains. Like being able to go watch them practice and skate on their/our ice. You can’t do that with most teams is my understanding. The AHL team is here which is a good gig.

        • Pistol Pete

          I like the Knights. If they gambled and it did not quite work out beginning year six, I will stick with them, stay loyal.

          • THE hockey GOD

            “nobody promised you

            I beg your pardon
            I never promised you a rose garden
            Along with the sunshine
            There’s gotta be a little rain some time
            When you take you gotta give so live and let live
            Or let go oh-whoa-whoa-whoa
            I beg your pardon
            I never promised you a rose garden

            I could promise you things like big diamond rings
            But you don’t find roses growin’ on stalks of clover
            So you better think it over
            Well if sweet-talkin’ you could make it come true
            I would give you the world right now on a silver platter
            But what would it matter
            So smile for a while and let’s be jolly
            Love shouldn’t be so melancholy
            Come along and share the good times while we can

            I beg your pardon
            no one promised you a rose garden
            Along with the sunshine
            There’s gotta be a little rain some time

            I beg your pardon
            promised you a rose garden

            I could sing you a tune and promise you the moon
            But if that’s what it takes to hold you
            I’d just as soon let you go
            But there’s one thing I want you to know
            You better look before you leap, still waters run deep
            And there won’t always be someone there to pull you out
            And you know what I’m talkin’ about

  21. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    I don’t think Lehner has looked very comfortable in net tonight, but I also don’t fault him on really any of the goals.

    The team is being dominated. The goals have mostly been slam dunks.

    ^^ knows what he sees when watching the game.

    • Daryl

      That’s a way of putting some of the blame on RL without coming out and saying it so he doesn’t hurt his feelings and he has another mental breakdown

      • THE hockey GOD

        no it isn’t stalker moron

        go back to mayberry you non vegas resident , not a real fan

        a hater, your posts say as much all the time

        STALKER you are mentally ill

        • Daryl

          Where do you live???

          And no, I’m not mentally ill, that’s your boyfriend RL

  22. Pistol Pete

    Stone was still young when they acquired him, 26 as I recall. Bad luck with the back.

  23. Galdom

    I still say it’s hard to assess a team with all these injuries. Did anybody think that they would go 11-0 down the stretch. It’s the first loss in six games and yes they were awful yesterday but they are in a huge hole because they’ve played with a skeleton of their real roster all year.

    • Daryl

      Even the healthy guys when playing alongside healthy guys, they aren’t looking good. Who are we missing on defense? Why does the defense look so bad (top 2 pairings)? Injuries are very important, but at the same time, the healthy players aren’t playing so well

      • Daryl

        They were missing 1 defenseman, so what’s the excuse for how bad the defense played? You can use injuries. You can’t use new pairings? Inhuries are a good excuse for the 9min you have the AHL players on the ice but what about all the other minutes?

        • What you’ll get from PP and ThG is that it takes 20 games or so for these guys to regain their legs and form. LOL. The excuses NEVER end, EVER.

  24. Henderson One

    VGK showed no passion or effort last night especially for a team on the cusp of making or missing the playoffs. Looks like PDB and the FO has lost this team. It will be interesting to see how Foley reacts as the owner of what to this date has been a very successful franchise. Many here have posted the lack of loyalty to the players as part of the problem. While it is a ruthless business I suspect there is truth to the broader question of how the players on this team are treated by the coaching staff and the front office. Are they individuals or just commodities to this FO and coaching staff. This is the first crisis in the history of the franchise and it will be high drama to see how they work their way out of this.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yep every game they lose
      they “lose the team”

      then they bounce back and get it back.

      The coaches have done great to keep the team in playoff contention, look at Montreal. In same boat , injury wise. Fell right off the map. Not with VGK. Coaches have NOT LOST THE LOCKER ROOM.

      anyone who says so, is Kook kook for crazy puffes, opps, I mean cocoa cocoa puffs.

      Capt. Krunch anyone ?
      What ever happened to Trix ?
      And cheese tidbits, I went to store and wham they are gone! That is WHAM, a ham sandwich with a W in front of it. WHAM !
      da gone

  25. Blitz

    I get home team pride and all, but as a betting man I bet VAN last night and it paid off for me. To me it was obvious VAN figured the knights out from the previous game. Boudreau is a good coach and he adjusted well in the first matchup, forced OT after going down 2 and basically shut VGK down for 2 periods of regulation. That shut down continued in game 2, it’s not a shocker and home ice means nothing these days. So was it Lehner? Was it the defense? Was it lack of offensive firepower? Injuries? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and maybe. I only say maybe on injuries cause this type of shut down and lack of offense IS the Deboer Golden Knights no matter who is playing. It’s the system and the inability to adjust when a team takes away your mojo. Sure with a full roster of your best talented guys, some times, this team can over come the shut down (and maybe they would have), but even with a full lineup it still happens to this team as shown in playoffs the last two years.

    Hell what is full line up any more? If you look at cap space, you are almost maxed, so I would argue you are close to full strength now, otherwise if you truly want your injured talent back it is chop chop chop. If you think this team is *better* without Theo or Wild bill I don’t see it. Have they been great? Not up to expectations for sure, but replacing Theo with cogs/hague/hutton/etc or Wild Bill with an HSK guy doesn’t make this team *better*. It makes it worse, so the net gain of Stone or Patches is no where near as good, when they come back. Super top heavy, ugh.

    Anyway, the moral of my post before the rant was that the game out come last night was super predictable and obvious. When this team gets figured out, it gets shut down. Lehner with his super amazing stats and his ability to cover the bottom 12″ of net, 5 feet in front of the right side of the crease don’t matter. The defense back a full strength doesn’t matter. Jack Eichel, best offensive guy on the team (defensive liability), doesn’t matter. When the system gets shut down the team fails.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      good for you
      take VGK on dead cat bounce, if the odds gods are favorable

    • THE hockey GOD

      23 is two steps slower
      17 is clueless

      7 and 27 are not d men

      52 played forward and what, three minutes ?

      hague is out
      and no 3 is obviously not 100% , D not back all the way, yet.

      • Blitz

        So that is your excuse? The D aren’t back yet? Excuse, excuse, excuse, excuse, excuse… Keep em coming. We are past the trade deadline dude and the only d man not active is Hague and you are not going to convince me he is the savior. The d is playing as good and probably even better than they were in Oct. #52 playing forward isn’t a D thing, it is a Deboer thing. Deboer could have had one of the top remaining HSK scorer in that spot, he chose a 7th d man.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ blitz, not making up excuses, telling it like it is. Two games in a row MArty flubbed plays, he’s slow to puck, a lot slower. And his shot isn’t there yet. His timing is off. He hasn’t played in a real game in months. Like baseball, hockey is a timing game. You just don’t get it back like that, over night. PRetty obvious.

          McNab isn’t hitting like he used to, made several bad penalties in a row. FACTS. They obvious are not 100% , a blind person can see that.

          “#52 playing forward isn’t a D thing, it is a Deboer thing. Deboer could have had one of the top remaining HSK scorer in that spot, he chose a 7th d man.”

          Maybe that is because HSK scorers suck and aren’t ready for NHL? They had chances in NHL in recent games, they didn’t show much. They didn’t light up the board. They were sent down. They are young too. Younger than 46 and 15. They will get their chance next year after they put on some more muscle and turn from boys into MEN. Gain more experience. I expect of bunch in AHL now maybe ONE will stick with team. The rest are not much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the trade Cotter back to detroit area where he grew up to the Red Wings. He would make a good homer red wing player.

          2 1/2 men !!!

    • Pistol Pete

      It’s about time Canucks beat VGK in regulation. Was that not the first time in five years?!!!!

  26. Galdom

    Did anybody really think they would go 11-0 down the stretch? They win five in a row and then lose one and everyone wants to jump off a bridge. They will probably win another three or four in a row before inevitably losing again and then everyone will lose their mind again. They were in a huge mess to begin with for a variety of reasons but the main one being the one they couldn’t control which was injuries. If Dallas loses tonight against Toronto then Vegas could still control some of their destiny a bit since they still have one game on the schedule against the Dallas. If Dallas beats Toronto then it’s likely lights out.

    • Blitz

      I bet against them last night so clearly it wasn’t me. I personally don’t think they will make the playoffs and haven’t thought they would for some time now. Doesn’t mean I don’t want them to win and make it to the dance. I think last nights disappointment was just how bad they were destroyed by a team that “should” be inferior. The problem is VAN is not inferior to this current team.

      • THE hockey GOD

        vancouver played desperation hockey
        they still think they can make the playoffs
        and they have been playing lights out recently

        just like seattle turned up their game

        VGK needs to catch a break and hope someone like jets, kings, smashville etc hit the skids. Smashville has toughest schedule, they are by far the dirtiest NHL team, and on other hand play a lot of remaining games at home. But they aren’t very good.

      • Pistol Pete

        Easy to say that after that first and only loss to VAN. The first in regulation ever. Earth calling Blitz lol.

        Take a look at FLA, CAR or TBL. You’ll find a blowout to a lousy team somewhere in there where it’s hard to believe the team could be so bad that night. It happens.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Did anybody really think they would go 11-0 down the stretch? ”

      i did, I was really hoping they would, and then bam Canucks came into town, spread some magic dust. Then they lost the locker room. I don’t where it went. They are still looking for it. Maybe it moved over to the Rhino and the girls over there thought they were in twilight zone ?

      They put out a BOLO
      Female Reporters hanging around the door.

  27. Pistol Pete

    VGK’s method to build a Cup winning roster worked. The injuries is what killed them.

    With some shrewd moves in the off season they will be right back. Just hope these Vegas fans can remain loyal to their team through thick and thin. We’ll find out what they are made of so to speak.

    • Daryl

      That’s pure speculation. Remember, VGK would still have to remove 2 top tier starters to get Eichel on the ice and there is no telling how that would affect the team.

  28. Pistol Pete

    Love to watch Jack score. His trademark arms up glide followed by the teammate embrace. Definitely a team player and good man in the dressing room.Our future captain.

    • Daryl

      Not so sure about that… He is a great hockey player no doubt, but a team player??!!

  29. Eichel was captain over there at Buffalo. Captains are team players by default.

  30. VGK pts %:

    2017-18: 109/164 = .6646 (Gallant)
    2018-19: 93/164 = .5671 (Gallant)
    2019-20: 86/142 = .6056 (Gallant: .5510/DeBoer: .7272)
    2020-21: 82/112 = .7321 (DeBoer)
    2021-22 (through game #72): 82/144 = .5694 (DeBoer)

    Note that despite more injuries 2021-2022 is currently running neck and neck with the “weak” 2018-19.

    • The above results including one Cup Final and two Conference Finals are exemplary for any team and unprecedented for an expansion team. There are moves to be made this upcoming postseason to set a Cup contending roster. If I can come up with a plan, they surely can.

    • Daryl

      They also sopposedly have much Beyer players now

  31. Eichel was ostensibly acquired to fill the void of elite 1C, however I suspect it was also a hedge against the uncertain future of Pacioretty and Stone. Pacioretty had been suffering chronic injuries and Stone’s back issue first surfaced in last season’s playoffs and persisted over the summer and through camp.

    Just something to consider when evaluating Eichel’s high cost. He stands to become the face of the franchise and captain, a guy you build the roster around.

  32. Pistol Pete

    Like how Eichel handled himself after the game. I had been meaning to say besides his experience captaining BUF which gave him team player experience, the word is that he is extremely competitive.

    • THE hockey GOD

      wow he sounds like it is all about me
      me and


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