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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a slow start conceding twice early in the 1st. They stuck with it though and scored a 5-on-3 power play goal a few seconds before the horn to head into the first intermission.

In the 2nd, Vegas came out flying with goals from Reilly Smith and Brayden McNabb on eerily similar plays. Both guys slotted a shot from the left circle past Thatcher Demko. A slew of penalties had the final few minutes of the period flipping between four-on-four and power plays for each team. Nils Hoglander scored to tie the game up.

The 3rd period was a wild one filled with Golden Knights goals. Vegas scored four times including the first career goal by Jake Leschyshyn.

The Golden Knights record improves to 9-6-0 winning their third game in a row. Vegas continues the six-game homestand on Tuesday with a game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Puck drop at T-Mobile Arena is scheduled for 7 PM.  (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A track meet at T-Mobile Arena resulted in the Golden Knights solving Thatcher Demko. VGK was just a bit better at finishing off chances than the Canucks and Vegas did well to hang in there despite the early deficit and a pair of blown leads. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks game at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brayden McNabb
** Jonathan Marchessualt
* Evgenii Dadonov


Golden Knights Being Disrespected In National Power Rankings


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Surprised Cotter was sent back down in favor of Amadio. Something tells Cotter would not have missed the open net that Amadio did. Obviously the play may not have developed the same way had Cotter been on the ice but still must have had DeBoer pondering the situation.

    • Daryl

      I was surprised before the game as well, especially considering how well Cotter played in the last game. I also think Cotter scores that wide open goal

      • Pistol Pete

        Yeah I like Paul I mean I’m impressed with his game. Physical, above average speed, drives the net and will be in front of it. Seems like he could be one of those who scores more at the NHL level than in the earlier stages of development; atypical but happens.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Watching the HOCKEY NIGHT N CANADA crew gives one an entirely different prospective. Pre game they were complaining about all the non calls, and all the inexperienced refs; especially non calls on big star players. Then come game call that they said turned the game around, the penalty on goalie for delay of game. Boy, they were whining about that ticky tack call. They were whining most of the game. Probably due to frustration because of the funk that their Canuck team was in.

      Ottawa and Montreal analysts had the most accolades for VGK, Toronto was most arrogant, and Canucks were most whiny.

      No. 17 didn’t play all that well in my opinion, he didn’t take his player out and let him score a goal when RL was fumbling around looking for puck.

      • Ice Warrior

        If you think the analysts were bad, you should have been at the game. We sat across the aisle and one row up from a group of Nucks fans. As the game got worse, so did they (no doubt fueled by copious amounts of overpriced beer). After the delay of game call on Demko, the one on the end let loose with a string of obscenities and purposely splashed beer on one of the VGK cheerleaders who was standing in the aisle cheering on her team. Next thing you know, security escorted them out of the arena. Ugly.

  2. Pistol Pete

    This has been going like VGK is a very well coached team and DEEP. From 1-4 to tied for third 2 points out of first. A big big test coming up Tuesday.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Dadonov is looking like the 20+ goal/yr. guy he can be. Something like Marchy.

  4. SMH

    Everyone – I just heard from both Daryl and Richie. They will not be posting tonight (for possibly the first time ever), because they are very upset that the Golden Knights won again. However, they did want me to tell you all that we were supposed to easily beat Vancouver (never mind that we were playing without 7 of our starters), and if anyone derives any pleasure, joy, or satisfaction out of this win, then you are just easily led sheep. Further, if you try to give any credit to the front office, coaching staff, or players that Daryl and Richie don’t like, then you are a “dumbass” who knows nothing about hockey. Finally, they wanted me to tell you that they are hoping & praying for some losses in the near future so that they can continue to troll this board with the same boring criticisms over & over with their usual 20 posts per day each. Again, very sorry about the win tonight, hopefully it was just another fluke.

    • Beautifully put SMH beautifully put!

      • Yeah SMH to reiterate, a masterful job of nipping something in the bud. Hopefully it pays off!

        • SMH

          We should be so lucky, Pistol Pete. Every board has it’s trolls (although I don’t understand the mentality at all – it must reflect on their lives and/or upbringing), but those 2 take the cake. As for Cotter, I don’t know much about him, but impressive that he was already playing in the AHL (Wolves) at age 19. Not a ton of scoring thus far, but he’s still quite young (22nd birthday coming up on Tuesday!). I believe he’s scored in his last 2 games for Henderson as well, so maybe VGK could catch some lightning in a bottle by giving him some more games with the big club?

          • SBH, tough to find room on this roster especially injury free or even relatively so. Nice spot to be in but don’t we risk our better prospects over there at Henderson moving on to another team if we can’t place them this season or the next? I guess that’s the whole point of locking a player up with a three year entry level contract. I believe this is already Cotter’s third year so if the VGK doesn’t place him he’ll probably look to move on. Leschyshyn looks like he is in at least his third (fourth but first was only a couple games). Rondbjerg appears to be just his second year a couple of games in a preceding year notwithstanding. Tough to make the NHL full time even for good players, good players meaning NCAA and major junior high performers.

            On the posters issue, wouldn’t it be nice if all of them were sincere, interested in sharing good information and enhacing their understanding of the subject vs. all the BS?

          • Daryl

            You have an issue with our posts simply because they follow suit with your thinking…. Typical liberal attitude. It’s either I agree with you or I am wrong. It must be nice to live in a world where everything is so perfect and nothing is wrong!!

            I guess you think our PP is fixed also since we were able to score. All credit goes to the PP coach and PDB. Great job coaches!!!!

    • Daryl

      Hey Doc… How’s your pathetic old life? Glad to see you are still alive. And actually, you did nail it, VGK beat a pethetic VAN team. If you recall, I picked VGK to win this game 4-1. I must be a genius, how could I have known they would win. Of course I did say VAN would only score 1 goal, so not sure what happened there.

      I’m glad I’m always on your mind. But really, you don’t have much longer to live and I shouldn’t be taking up that much of your time.

      • SMH

        Nope, I am not “Doc” – but so nice to hear that you repeatedly wish an early death on this person, probably just because he doesn’t agree with your views on hockey. That is definitely par for the course on the misanthropic way you react to criticism of your perpetual negativity concerning the VGK franchise.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hi Doc, welcome back.

    • Blitz

      What’s really sad Doc is you whined and cried your way off this site, but then come back as an alias. I would be embarrassed too. I guess your little vgk happy forum worked out as well as your twitter.

      • SMH

        Nope, I am not “Doc”, but that does give me a great idea. Didn’t Doc leave to form a new board because he was sick of the negativity, political outbursts, etc. on this site? Well, how about you get with Daryl & Richie Rich (and a few others) and form your own board where you can just spew hate for the front office, coaches, & certain players, ridicule the fans who actually like the team, discuss animal torture techniques, and maybe some grooming tips? Then that would leave the remaining board as the “Level-headed moderates who love VGK and want to celebrate & enjoy our team and discuss ways to make the team even better”. I like it!

        • Richie-Rich

          I don’t spew hatred and I never talk disparagingly about anyone on this site.

          Just because I am a critic of Robin Lehner, don’t think much of McCrimmon or PDB? That’s a reason why I should leave and form another group?

          Give me a break. There is plenty to like about this team and I give praise and credit when its due to be given. I am not going to turn a blind eye to what I see as faults in Lehner’s game. I am also not going to heap praise upon this coach – yet. However, there has been a noticeable turnaround on the offensive side. I have seen quite a bit of improvement and much of that has to do with the fact that the new guys are beginning to gel.

          I actually think my critique of the team is level-headed.

          • SMH

            Richie, I am actually going to give you a bit of credit, because I do think you have slightly shifted your posts from the constant (and I do mean constant) DeBoer/Front Office/Lehner bashing ad nauseum to trying to balance this with some positive takes and more constructive criticism recently. I am sure that you think all of your critiques are level-headed, but I’m here to tell you that they are not – you have too much deep-seated resentment against the above-mentioned villains to give them any more than occasional faint praise. I do understand the root cause of these hatreds are that these folks are partly responsible for ushering some fan favorites out of town, and you are certainly not the only one who can’t seem to get past this. But again, to your credit, I think you have started to realize that to gain some more credibility amongst SinBin VGK fans, there needs to be a bit more objectivity and recognition that it’s OK to enjoy & celebrate the team’s success. Maybe you could help your evil brother Daryl take a step in that direction with you, but he appears to be much more hard-headed and clouded by meanness than yourself. Good day!

          • Daryl

            @Doc, I mean SMH. Our comments have absolutely nothing to do with MAF. People who continue to bring him up are just too stupid to understand anything else b/c you can’t get past your own thoughts. But go ahead and blindly follow the leader… That is what you do in your every day life anyway

          • Richie-Rich

            To SMH,

            Getting rid of some of the players who were the foundation of the 1st year success and the coach? Yes, I am never going to see the other side of that. But, that ship has sailed and I am no longer even focused on it.

            What I am focused on is results. Results in an improvement on the power play and the offense. We’ve seen some improvement in the past few weeks. Credit PDB and the players, especially the young rookies for bringing back some excitement to the offense.

            For me, Lehner’s a good goalie, not a great goalie. He’s very inconsistent. Posters like THG will deflect the obvious flaws and goals against to poor defense. My response is that a champion is going to stop at least half of those shots. Lehner has bounced around this league. If he is going to win me over he’s got to take his game to that next level. I have seen flashes of greatness in his game, but eliminating the inconsistencies will win me over. He also has to get better at handling his stick, poke checking away pucks and stopping breakaway chances. If he can do that it opens up even more offensive minded capability.

            Carolina is the next big test. I hope Lehner is in goal because it’s a huge test for him and one that I hope he will pass.

            As far as the Eichel trade is concerned. I was against it. I thought the risk was too great. Jack still has to recover and make it back to the ice. All of this happy talk about him returning to 100% production is pure speculation. Now that the trade is over, as a fan I am rooting for him to return, be that #1 C and help us to a Cup championship. Unlike most of you, my outlook is a lot more tempered and based on him just getting back to skating for now.

            You’re not going to hear me talk about MAF or the prior players, and you haven’t for a while now. You are the ones who continuously are bringing up the past. If you look at my posts over the past several weeks you can see that I am focused on current issues and the team as it stands today.

        • Daryl

          Again, it’s we either agree with you or we should leave. Sounds like all those who said they would leave the country if Trump became President, yet they are still here. How bout this Doc, if you have a problem with my posts you can leave… or ignore me, which would be just fine too. It’s not like you have provided anything to these message boards

          • SMH

            The fact that you can somehow interject politics into a discussion about hockey and VGK fandom is pretty incredible – but it does give me a piece of insight into your character, and actually helps explain quite a bit about your intractable disposition. Thanks for sharing!

          • Daryl


            The fact that you are too stupid to even understand the basics of an opinion based forum tells me everything I need to know about you. Maybe that’s why your other site failed

    • Tim

      SMH – Spot on analysis Daryl used to be an objective posters but something happened and now it’s negative posts or nothing. I brought this up to Daryl a few days ago objectively but of coarse he went into a rant that I don’t know shit. This Richie – Rich character is a new poster or an old poster with a new name don’t know much about him except everything about the Knights is shit so I just blow him off like a bad habit.

      • SMH

        Tim, I saw that exchange between you & Daryl and it is par for the course with him. He has another one on here today where Pistol Pete asks him a fair question about his posting, and he instantly becomes enraged & fires back with insults. Sounds like immaturity and/or anger management issues to me. There was a guy like this on another professional sports team’s chat site that I follow, and he ended up getting banned when he started making fun of another poster’s special needs child. I could see ol’ Daryl going down the same path. For instance, he now thinks I’m “Doc” (which I’m not), whom he basically wishes an early death on just because Doc doesn’t agree with his views. As for Richie Rich, that is the old Rich Santo-something – you can tell by the never-ending quantity of posts which mostly say exactly the same thing. Honestly, I have no problem if people want to occasionally post negative criticisms of VGK, especially if they’re constructive. But the daily barrage of negativity & hate by the same posters is just sad. I mean who has that much time on their hands, and chooses to spend it pumping out negative posts on a message board and making fun of anyone who actually likes & enjoys the team? It’s crazy, man!

        • Daryl

          OK Doc, if you say so. I mean I get it, you are embarrassed your other site isn’t working out so you have to hide behind another name on here. It will be OK.

          As for Pete asking me a question and I went off… PLEASE show me where that is. PP didn’t ask me a simple question. In fact the only negative response I had to him was a reply he had to you. He said something about posting positive replies… It was basically we shouldn’t post anything negative and act like everything is great. At no point did he even ask me a question.

          Tha KS for playing Doc

          • Howard

            Whats all this nonsense? The SMH guy seems a bit too smart to be that Doc person.

          • Daryl

            Howard… It’s really hard to tell. His comments are exactly the same as Doc. He comes on here out of nowhere and start attacking certain people who disagree with his thinking. If you go back and look at Docs old post and compare them to SMH, they are almost the same

          • THE hockey GOD

            you can put a goat on a tuxedo, but at end of the day, it’s still a goat.

      • Daryl

        Way to be selective in your posts. Congrats. I went on a rant because you brought up Engo, who u have not brought up in over a year. So, yeah I said you didn’t know squat b/c your post basically confirmed it. How can someone take you seriously when you say I bring up a player multiple times when I habemt brought him up for over a year????

        I have multiple positive posts. I have said RL is a good goalie and he’s played good games. When I see something positive I point it out. When I see something negative I’ll point it out as well. When I see someone make a stupid comment, like you did a few days ago, I will call you out. And if you habemt noticed, it’s you guys who respond to my opinion. Sorry I’m not as blinded as you and think everything is great. You are starting to sound like others on here who have the thought that their opinion is right and if you disagree you are wrong

  5. Disappointed to see Cotter sent back down for Amadio (per above would Cotter have missed that open net?) and with Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg both playing like keepers, can spots be found for any of them on this very deep roster when everybody is back from injuries? Carrier and Kolesar come to mind, especially Kolesar.

    • SBH, actually Cotter had just turned 20 when he started with the Wolves (20 is the AHL minimum). Played one year of NCAA and apparently decided he’d get better experience in the Canadian major juniors. He may just be a guy who continues to blossom beyond traditional scoring benchmarks ie. he gets to the NHL and scores more than before.

      • Mike StG

        Pete & Daryl, I suspect that waivers had something to do with Cotter being sent to HSK, given that Amadio would have to be put on waivers and Paul did not. I don’t think it’s a lack of confidence in Paul. Besides, Amadio plays a more complete game and is a solid NHL player, like Hutton on defense. They’ve been playing too many rookies and needed a little more experience on the roster, at least until the starters return.

        Plus, HSK has been short on their roster with VGK’s calling up several players to fill in for injuries. HSK lost several players from last year’s team, who signed elsewhere because they weren’t getting the opportunity to play on the Vegas team. Typically the players being sent back to HSK are playing immediately, as Cotter did Friday night.

        As much as you don’t want to suffer the injuries, this is giving VGK a good look at their AHL prospects and as a result several of them will probably get the chance to play more often. That should also alleviate some of the pressure on the FO to augment the roster with players at trade deadline. Which, theoretically, should help them preserve future draft picks.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Sweet for now to see Dadonov playing up to that salary. Frankly, I suspected he would. Like Gary Lawless said postgame, he’s a finisher.

    • Pistol Pete

      How I do love Reilly Smith, he’s all you can ask for in a hockey player and he’s roughly the same money as Dadonov. A very interesting situation as far as who stays and who goes.

      • Pistol Pete

        Dadonov has the edge in scoring incl. goals %:

        Dadonov: .66 pts/game (goals of pts = 47%)
        Smith: .6 pts/game (goals of pts = 25%)

        Smith has a way way better +/-:

        Dadonov: -12
        Smith: +111

        It would be great if they both stay, however neither belongs in the bottom six IMO.

      • Mike StG

        Trade for dead LTIR contract, like TBL did. (Seabrook $6.9M from Hawks). That’s how they were $18M over the cap. Trade Kolesar or Janmark, or a draft pick.

    • Daryl

      I never questioned his offensive skills, but I am worried about his defensive side. So far he hasn’t been bad in the defensive zone

  7. Mike StG

    Pete, it’s taken Dad 10-15 games to get going. Better than Patch, although I think losing Stastny the first 40 games and having Eakin at 2C didn’t help Max. I think it’s a little ironic that Stastny’s injury was a result of Eichel falling over the back of his outstretched leg near the goal in the early season game against Buffalo.

    One thing is painfully clear though – Kolesar has ZERO finishing ability. McKenna said that in the last GI pc. I had hoped it was just that he wasn’t playing at NHL speed, as he always seemed a fraction of a second slow on all the slot and doorstep shots that goalies were blocking. But he just has no finishing ability at all. They say he’s great in the locker room, but I really think there are better options once Max and William and Nolan return. We’re seeing them now in Jonas, Jake and Paul. It’s not like last year when they were short on forwards and didn’t want to lose KK to a waiver claim.

    Maybe they should trade him to acquire a dead LTIR contract that will help them to keep Reilly and Brayden when Eichel is ready to play. That’s what TBL did in the Seabrook deal with CHI, which gave them ~$6.9M in LTIR.

  8. knights fan in minny

    sweet snipe by smitty

  9. Pistol Pete

    Mike that sounds interesting in the LTIR deal but how much of the $9m could that cover? It’s my understanding with Eichel off LTIR it’s $9m. Completely agree on KK unfortunately. Also wondering about Cartier as there is a little cap there and as big and fast as he is just can never seem to get over the goal scoring hump although he’s off to about as good a start this season as we have seen. It would be nice if Leschyshyn, Rondbjerg and Cotter can deliver some scoring punch heading into the cap crunch.

  10. Richie-Rich

    Well, my analysis is and was spot on. VGK has to average 3 to 4 goals per night with Lehner in net in order to be successful.

    This is NOT to say that Lehner sucks. He was absolutely fantastic “at times”. The problem is that he is simply too inconsistent. If he’s out of position way too slow to react and just doesn’t seem to be 100% focused for 60 full minutes.

    Again, another breakaway goal further confirming that he has to have a solid defense in front of him. A breakaway is almost a guaranteed goal. No aggressive poke checks, stays close to the crease.

    Kudos to the offense! Dadanov has won me over! Congratulations to Lechyshyn for his 1st NHL goal. Marchy and Smith played outstanding as well.

    Look, I know those of you who believe Lehner is the goalie to take VGK to a Stanley Cup disagree with my analysis. I offer last night’s 4 GAA versus a rather milk toast Vancouver team as proof. The evidence continues to pile up supporting my points.

    • Pistol Pete

      The proof this season is 2.83 GAA .918 SV%
      Respectable numbers. 2.83 is a bit high but the LA game was tough and besides yesterday two of the other 4 G games came against EDM and TOR elite scoring teams when playing well, as they were. The other 4 G game ANA, the blown 3 goal lead, I would have to go back and look at it. Lehner would have won the Dallas playoff series his first VGK season with more offensive support. No matter how it’s sliced Lehner is good, good enough to go all the way IMO.

      Having said this, who knows perhaps DeBoer will run Brossoit on Tuesday just to start a more equal rotation. There’s a lot of season left.

      • RIchie-Rich

        There’s just enough questions to keep the goalie situation spot lighted. That’s the only point I have been trying to make Pete. I will be surprised if Brossoit is in goal Tuesday. Where we disagree is on #90 taking us all the way. We are in agreement on everything else in your post.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he’s more consistent that the rest of league goalies, the remaining 2/3rds or so are even worse. The Canucks goalie is just one example.

      It’s all relative, I was not happy with his play last night , nor with his defense in front of him. Stone took a bad penalty leading to goal, then he had a bad turnover leaving to another goal, Hague lost his stick – goal, no. 17 didn’t check his man behind the net – goal. Your goal tender is only as good as defense in front of him. Plus they gave up nearly 40 shots on goal, VGK is leading (or close to doing so) league in number of shots allowed

      • Richie-Rich

        All relevant comments, which is why I said that VGK has to score at least 4 goals on average to be successful. Lehner made some great stops or the Canucks would have had 8 goals last night. Two of the four goals could have been stopped. Lehner was fantastic most of the night. Simply not consistent enough and this issue with his inability to stop breakaways is really a huge problem. Some aggressive style goaltending and poke checking practice is definitely in order, don’t you think?

        • THE hockey GOD

          well the semi break away was from far out, between his five hole; he did stop that one half break away but lost the puck in between his skates/pads (most old time goalies would go down immediately and lay on the puck- he doesn’t ). His style is not orthodox to say the least. Sometimes he’s too mobile for his big frame, sometimes he is slow to get into the butterfly, sometimes he holds his glove hand too high. I think he studies players and tries to move according to their tendencies. When he does poke check , he loses his stick, and when he gets it back he holds it upside down. I really don’t know what to say. Plus in yesterday’s game he took at least three pucks off his head, and one he tried to “soccer ball” it to this defense. I don’t have an answer.

          • Daryl

            It seems like RL takes more pucks off his mask more than any other goalie I’ve ever seen. Not saying it’s a bad thing just am observation

  11. phantom major

    great comeback win….

    BUT, some other things to “pond”er. Pun intended.

    the wide open, pond hockey style of play is not conducive to winning in the playoffs. It most certainly is not the way to hold a lead……………..Remember, Lehner said it himself, it was in his words “pond hockey”

    Also, the 3 guys who are most mentioned to be shipped out for cap space all had big games…3, 19, and 63

    oh, and I notice that the Colo Avs also have gotten going AFTER MacKinnon went out with an injury. So yeah, hockey is a team game, and some role players can step up in a crisis and lift their contributions with the added ice time and responsibility, as the Vgk are now seeing firsthand.
    for instance, the misfit line looks pretty productive with Roy at center. He gives them the size they need and the added forecheck ability.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like 20 and 63 on same line.

      • Richie-Rich

        How does this look for the forwards?
        LW, C, RW
        #61, #9, #67
        #19, #10, #81
        #15, #20, #63, or #43, or #46
        #21, #71, #28, or #55, or #41 or #22

        #41 Patrick is right handed and could play that 4th line.

        The way things are shaking out, it will be tough to keep #15, #43 and #46 on the big club if the team is fully healthy.

        The team is very deep, especially at RW with a lot of options. Dadanov has been playing great lately, better than Kolesar and Carrier. The other question would be to take the above lines and match in the salary cap to see how that all falls out.

        • Pistol Pete

          Dadonov can finish. He’s best used in the top six which can only happen if they trade Smith and keep him. If they figure out a way to keep both him and Smith I could see him on the 3rd centered by Stephenson. That would be a top six line on some rosters.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i would be surprised if we see patrick any time soon.

  12. Pistol Pete

    Mike StG, so Amadio can’t be scratched without being put on waivers, or scratched multiple times or consecutively? I ask because I assumed he was scratched for Cotter on Thursday.

    • THE hockey GOD

      PPete i believe it was roster issue, STONE came off IR and came back onto the roster therefore in return someone has to come off roster. Cotter was one who came off because he can pass without being subject to waivers and they returned him to AHL on Friday and he played on SAturday with HSK and scored a goal. Amadio can not come off the roster, he would have to go through waivers. He could be a healthy scratch though. The same is true for EF Hutton I believe (but could be mistaken since they signed him and did not claim him off waivers). Unless I am reading the league rules wrongly. No wait
      he did come off roster before. So since he was signed and has contract I thing they can remove him from roster, but I don’t know if they can assign him to AHL.

      Ben Hutton D, Vegas Golden Knights
      Ben Hutton
      Ben Hutton has signed a one-year contract worth $750,000 with the Vegas Golden Knights.

      Hutton skated in 38 games last season with Anaheim and Toronto. He posted one goal, four assists, 54 shots, 39 blocks and 44 hits.

      • Pistol Pete

        Not ThG. I assume they are still way under the cap with Stone back. That should mean they would not have to remove Cotter for any cap reason? Don’t see why they can’t scratch Amadio or anyone else and bring up Cotter.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i don’t think it’s a “cap issue”, I think it’s a numbers and wavier issue.

  13. phantom major

    Cotter can replace Janmark. Janmark had no points, no shots, no hits, no blocks, and was a MINUS 3. to say he is playing poorly this season is an understatement.

    • Pistol Pete

      Possibility. Scratch Janmark for Cotter. I like that idea.

      • THE hockey GOD

        PPete Janmark is still dealing with covid related issues. Again I don’t think they can scratch Janmark for Cotter, it’s a roster issue. A numbers game. Cotter is not on the roster now.

  14. Tim

    Paul Cotter sent down plays two games against Stockton scores a goal in each and a little more frosting on the cake Pavel Dorofeyev and Lucas Evelens each registered a goal. I can’t argue with Deboer’s decisions on who plays but if I was the coach it would be hard to keep Cotter out of the lineup for Amadio and it would be hard to keep Miromanov out of the lineup for Hutton. Another move I’d make is what the hell is Kolesar doing on the PP. as we saw again last night he can’t hit an open net. Like I said it’s working and maybe they don’t want to completely decimate the Silver Knights but the fact is if there decimated it’s a good thing for the Golden Knights. Personally Howden, Amadio, and Hutton aren’t in our present or future so if there worried about losing them I don’t see the problem.

    • Pistol Pete

      Agree on using HSK players in lieu of Amadio and Hutton, however Howden a first rounder I would give him more time as he is just 23. Agree on Kolesar, however Howden as already shown he can score a few more goals. His first two years with NYR he scored 15 goals total but he was very young. Last season was weaker. I know it’s probably a long shot but there is still a chance he scales up. His only goal this season, he was not going to miss that one.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete, of the three I mentioned I agree Howden would be the mostly to succeed, Keep him in the lineup but add Cotter and Miromanov instead of Amadio and Hutton.

        • Pistol Pete

          Tim, agree! Howden went full time with NYR at age 20, 21 and 22. I think they were pretty much a bad team. He was a pretty hot prospect. Looks like he was allowed to play AHL playoffs at 18 because the junior season was over that year? AHL is a 20 age minimum for the regular season. And those were the only AHL games he played. He went right up after one more season in the juniors.

          That one VGK goal he scored, that was a good goal.

  15. knights fan in minny

    lets just say the squad is doing better then a lot of us thought they would at this point and hope for the best hurricanes game will be a tough one

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes they are, go back a few weeks ago and the negative nillies had one tie at this point in time. Lots of them posting, now they are not showing their faces any more.

      • Daryl

        Not saying your post was directed at me but VGK is doing exactly as I thought they would. They are beating the teams they should, and that is what’s needed to get past this rough stretch.

    • Tim

      Kights fan from minny, Let me say your posts are always good whether I agree or not agree isn’t important but there objective and I just wanted to give you a shout out. But there’s always a But when people get on the Doc sucks bandwagon you jump right in and I’ve never been one for beating people down and I think it compromises your objectivity. In other words you don’t have to stoop to that level as some of these other posters do to bully someone who’s not around and I believe to have serious health issues.

      • Daryl

        Who is bullying anyone who is not here… You’ve been around for awhile but it appears as though you may have forgotten all the posts from Doc. And SMH says he isn’t Doc but his posts are exactly like his, so much that about 4 or 5 others have made similar comments

        • Tim

          Daryl I’ve been on Sin Bin since the start I’ve seen many come and go but Doc is gone and why anyone keep bringing him up now is that a fare question. Like I told you the other day you’ve had many good posts but somewhere you lost your objectivity why I don’y know. Only you have that answer. Examples Petro was a bad pickup objective thought but now he’s turned into our best player have you ever given credit to Petro or management No. You didn’t like the Dadenov signing you may be wrong again no problem that was your opinion not looking to bad once he adjusts to the team, Lehner a lousy goaltender again your opinion no problem he’s not doing to bad any credit No. DeBoer sucks that’s been your standard line I’d say best record in NHL since he took over but he sucks. Kelly M. sucks needs to go any of this sound familiar? The coach has made his share of mistakes and so has management to to dwell on the negative constantly is non-productive. I won’t go into how many times you posted about D.E. a lot of these posters haven’t been here that long but I know. As Joe Friday used to say ( Just The Facts Ma’am )
          Your last comment about were just beating the teams we should lets take a poll How many thought we would beat Colorado and Dallas on the road and Minnesota at home. So you thought those were 3 cupcakes? Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit. That kind of says it all.

          • Daryl

            Tim, here’s the problem with your post. It appears as though you don’t actually read my posts which is evident from everything you just posted!!! I’ve never said Petra wasn’t a good player. In fact I said he was one of the best defenseman. My biggest issue with Petra was the signing and his contract. That has nothing to do with Petra. His signing is basically screwing VGK majorly in the years to come. Petra will be around 38 and still costing VGK $9m/year and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. As for Petra himself, my biggest issue with him is trying to do too much. He scores a goal but will then force a pass which results into a TO and a goal. He also jumps into the offensive zone leading to odd man rushes. Some of it is probably due to so many young guys and trying to generate more offense.

            My only issue with Dadanov is his defensive game. I wasn’t worried about him scoring goals but he loses sight of his man in the defensive zone and he’s been out of position quite a bit. So far it hasn’t really cost us and hopefully it doesn’t.

            RL is a good goalie and I’ve stated multi times on here. I think his signing was a rush reaction and not a smart move by VGK. He is good but I don’t think he is good enough to get us to or even win the SC.

            As for PDB, you are right, I don’t like him (as a coach). And it really isn’t about not liking him, just not thinking he is a very good coach. Look at what he did in NJ and FLA. I’m just not impressed.

            And again with the D..E. thing… I haven’t brought him up in over a year so I’m not sure what you are getting at with him. But like I said, the FO wasted about $1.5m by signing Holden only to put him on the practice squad.

            Now, as for VGK record, we aren’t talking about what everyone else thought it would be, we are talking about my thoughts. And yes VGK is doing exactly as I thought they would be doing against the teams they are playing… And I’ve stated that multiple times before the games. I’m not sure why you see that as negative comment.

          • SMH

            Tim, our good friend Daryl has shown his true colors by out-of-the-blue bringing politics into several of his responses to me, and bizarrely trying to use this as a weapon against me, even though he doesn’t know my thoughts or beliefs. In my opinion, anyone who aggressively brings politics or religion into a discussion about a totally unrelated topic has been radicalized, and there is no point in trying to have a reasonable discussion with them. Intelligent debate, constructive criticism, facts, statistics – these are all the enemy to a radicalized person, especially this one who seems to carry so much hate & loathing in him. Anyway, I think we just have to accept that we have a VGK-hating troll on our board. On the bright side, I have found my discussion with Richie Rich to have gone much better. I think there is actually a legitimate VGK fan lurking under that mountain of constant anti-DeBoer / Front Office / Lehner posts. His recent posts have been getting more balanced and objective, and he can at least partially admit to his strong biases against those that are seen as having broken up the inaugural team. Good for him. I do realize that similar biases are present in a significant percentage of the VGK fanbase, but I usually tend to associate them with fans who aren’t that versed in professional sports, and hockey in particular. Hey, I loved that inaugural season team as much as anyone (my office is a complete homage to them), but nothing stays the same in this world, and this organization (arguably the most successful expansion franchise in the history of pro sports over these first 4 years) deserves our support. I suppose if someone wants to spend hours of pretty much every day of their lives hating on a sports team, that is one sad individual, and it’s best to just ignore them.

          • Daryl

            @Doc (SMH)
            Anyone who starts off a conversation by throwing insults, as you have done in just about every post to me, basically means you have nothing intelligent to say and are just going to spew your hate toward that person. You lose any validity you might have.

            And yet again, you post another comment directed at me instead of about VGK.. You really do have an infatuation with me don’t you. I’m glad I can freely take up so much space in that little brain of yours

        • SMH

          Daryl Baby – 2 others made similar comments to yours (not 4 or 5). You repeatedly change the facts & statistics to embellish any argument that you try to make, which is a really weak move. Anyway, I have told you that I’m not Doc (I don’t even know him, nor have I ever checked out his new site) – if you refuse to drop that narrative, then you are just being an immature baby. Hopefully it’s becoming clearer to you that there are several on this board who have grown tired of your negativity, hatred of the front office & coaching staff, biased agendas against certain players, and kneejerk hateful reaction posts to anyone who questions you. I know we are not going to change your overall hatred of the franchise, and despite your repeated war cry, nobody has ever said that you can’t have opinions that differ with our own. The truth is that there are many here who are true VGK fans and want to discuss the team in a positive way with constructive criticism. Tim told me that you used to be a reasonable & objective poster, but something apparently changed to make you into a hater. Has something gone wrong in your life? Do you need an outlet for a lot of hate & misery? I don’t expect you to tell us about that, but for what it’s worth, we all get it that you hate many things about the VGK team & franchise, and don’t seem to have the capacity to enjoy all of the great things that this team has done. We just get tired of hearing it over & over from you every single day. I mean, after every win, you have to tell us why the win was meaningless and why they should have won the game easily, even though they are playing with several scrubs who don’t belong in the NHL. Some of us feel that it is actually remarkable & amazing that this team is 9-6-0 with the plethora of injuries to key players that we’ve had. Please allow us to enjoy it without bashing us, even though you can’t enjoy it for some reason. It’s hard for me to comprehend why someone would want to spend so much of their time hating on something, but if there’s an underlying problem in your life, I sincerely hope you get it addressed & improved.

          • Pistol Pete

            SMH. I don’t think I really know who Doc is maybe I forgot, but if his posts resembled your’s then he was ok with me. Keep contributing, please!!!!

          • Daryl

            Thanks for your concern Doc, but I’m actually doing great. I’ve got no complaints. I’m out enjoying life and not wearing a mask.

            How childish is it to call others names? Yet you start every post calling me a name, which bauscally tells me you’ve lost your argument so you have to resort to name calling. And let’s be honest here, do I give a shit if you or anyone else is tired of any negative comment I make???? There are multiple people on here who have questioned management, coaches and players. But just like Doc you want to call me out. I think you secretly have a crush on me. Really, look at how many posts you have made that didn’t include me in them! Are there any???

            It’s obvious you don’t have the capacity to think for yourself. If PDB or someone from the FO makes a comment, then it must be spot on. They never could make a mistake, at least not in your eyes. You blindly follow and defend them, just like Doc. Now, none of us expect you to come clean and admit your are Doc, and that’s OK. We completely understand

          • THE hockey GOD

            @SMH, it’s a free country last time I checked and first amendment provides free speech. If you don’t like free speech perhaps Russia or North Korea, or Cuba, or Venezuela would better suite your ideology.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    after the game was over, HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA, vancouver feed, had HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA “after hours” . They did two great interviews. One with Kelly co GM GM. That was a great interview. Revealed his 27 years Western Canada experience as player development- only one of four living now, one of which is Ron Hestall. Also, talked about VGK philosophy of “win now”, fan base issues with “falling in love with the 2017” team. The Eichel trade, trading Tuch. They put up a slide showing all the no .1 picks and who they got for the trades. Overall an excellent watch, if you can find it on Ytube, highly recommend. The second interview was with RL and how he’s become of vocal advocate for players mental health issues with the league. Another good interview.

    da da da da daaaaaa da

    moderate march : C F E flat , C F E flat , c f E flat, G something or other,

    that is theme music of hockey night in canada playing in background.

  17. Tim

    Janmark is definitely not pulling his weight so trading him is an easy call if anyone wants him. Carolina Tuesday is a mountain to climb there at full strength and were not. Lehner will have to stand on his head if we have any chance of pulling this out.

    • Tim, perhaps DeBoer will surprise us by starting Brossoit as he did against MIN. MIN was also considered a tough match-up.

      • Daryl

        Don’t know if I would sit RL for this game but they definately need to give him more down time

        • Because he needs more rest (it is three days between games) or because his performance has been below par?

          Fyi DeBoer indicated in a postgame press conference that he had not played Brossoit enough (too much downtime between starts) and is looking to a more equal rotation. I think there was fairly widespread surprise on the Brossoit start vs. MIN. Based on that it should not be entirely surprising if he gets the nod vs. the Canes. He did play way better vs. MIN than DET, probably because there was not as much time between prior starts.

          • Daryl

            Neither… I wouldn’t want to burn him out by using him too much, similar how they did MAF

    • THE hockey GOD

      Janmark made a good play in prior game, on his back check. I believe he’s dealing with an issue. Other than his playoff game last year, he’s been mostly a veteran presence not contributing much offensively. I’d like to see him replace 55 on PP.

      • Daryl

        I don’t understand why 55 is on the PP. It’s not that I don’t like him but he struggles to score and that’s what we don’t need

  18. I am hoping Cotter is put back on the roster for the Canes game. Howden looked excellent centering Cotter and Rondbjerg vs. MIN. I’m fairly sure the rules allow the scratching of Amadio, Hutton or any other player for that matter. With Patch and Karlsson on LTIR I can’t see cap being an issue. Miromanov for Hutton also.

    I notice Dorofeyev is continuing his scoring ways this season with 5G/5A/+4 in 12 games. I just know with his scant 36 AHL games and how he must look playing that the skills evaluation staff has deemed his defensive game not ready for the NHL, however he is scoring more than anyone on the roster and I remain hopeful he gets a callup this season.

  19. We have enough centers.


    Stephenson more than any of them can be a winger (Roy is now said to do way better at center).

    I can’t see both Smith and Dadonov being traded as that woud leave a hole in the 2nd line, although it would cover the cap. Maybe Martinez or less preferably Theodore. This is where HSK D need time on the roster. Scratch Coghlin once and a while, and/or injuries of course?

    Or as Mike StG suggests an LTIR acquisition?

  20. Assuming Smith and Martinez go:



    There are many potential “wildcards” such as Janmark or Kolsar being traded, HSK players and players picked up in the cap trades.

  21. Eichel gets the better of Eriksson Ek:

  22. “Eichel dazzles in win with all 4 Bufflalo goals”

    To go with his size and stride, Eichel has just got such a deadly shot.

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